WMSCOG in the Eye of Sandy (Highlights) World Mission Society Church of God

WMSCOG in the Eye of Sandy (Highlights) World Mission Society Church of God

Hurricane Sandy crashing on shore, winds now
at 90mph and this storm is so big so vast, 60 million Americans will feel its power. “Oh my god” ” There was loss of power, but then this fire just erupted” “It’s destroyed, it feels like, it’s like the apocalypse is…” ” What is your profession.” ” Ahu, Ahu, Ahu” “Ridgewood resident, and so thankful that the Church of God people just came here with great energy, great love of people and I just really
appreciated them, thanks guys, thank you” “I’m walking around town and I’m seeing smiling
group of people and energize the town with their giving and spirit and we’re just so
appreciative for what they’ve done for us, Thank you very much.” “And I noticed their vests, and noticed they’re on Godwin Ave, and I was aware of their team because of the Autism walk in Paramus” ” I got chill bumps when I saw the magnitude of you guys coming in and doing what you’re doing out of the goodness of your hearts, and it’s pretty tough, and I’m sure you’re all kind of in the same spot that we’re in
but you’re out here doing it for us” “We’re so proud of you that you came out and
you’re volunteering, you’re just giving up your time for this, thank you, no one from the town has really helped us yet so we thank you… Church of God, woo!” “You’ve lost almost everything?” “Everything. Not almost everything” “I saw these cars coming in which maybe a hundred people all in the uniform, I saw them quickly get out and start going to houses
and helping out and I’ve gotta tell you that’s probably one the most emotional parts of the entire week was to see people…” “Today when I came home from work and drove down the road and saw these people, said maybe they can help me, they were sent from Heaven to help me, so thank you.” “These beautiful angels from World Mission Church of God came and helped me clean out my basement which it was a huge huge help to me and I love you all, thank you” “And out of nowhere, angels from heaven like yourselves came here to help us also” “These people that lived here are devastated, they have no power, no water, no food, no heat,
nothing.” “Very happy I can say that they’re a God send,especially from the Church of God, no better organization to work for, I would think” “To all you girls and you guys who work so hard, I never saw people work so hard for strangers in my life.” ” And they’re going house to house and helping all the people here…there is a God.” “Thank you Church of God, World Mission Society…Hoorah!” Hoorah!” ” I can’t believe the amount of …I mean
I was just gonna turn my back and leave.” “Thank You.” “This is amazing, I can’t believe the action
that just happened.” “and I cannot thank you enough, all you lovely, lovely people…for helping us, we were wondering how we were going to get everything moved. But you people are so gracious and kind and your Christianity shows, the way you behave,
you’ve been so good and so helpful, you didn’t refuse to do anything… whatever I asked,
you did. And we’re so grateful, thank you so much.” “God bless you.” “Is there anything else we can do?” “No, you have no idea how big this was for
me, thank you” “And I have to say that God sent you because
right before you came I was feeling so alone, and then you came and I want to thank each
and every one of you, please, thank you for coming. “Just give me a second…” “Without your help today, it would’ve been
devastating, I know now my father can come back in here safely and walk and that’s all
he want to do is to come home, they were independent …it was as if angels from the sky came down and all of these were there, I didn’t even see these walk up the street, and i mean I was at the driveway and then all of a sudden, 12 of you were all in front of me with your green jackets
on as if you came right from the heavens, right down…it was a miracle.” “All the volunteers, they were great, the
best people in the world….Give you all a hug…thank you very much I don’t know what I’d do without you.” “You do a fabulous job when people are in
distress and I think it’s about the best thing I’ve ever had happen to me…I know that” “You’re good people, all of you….I can’t
thank you enough.” ” It’s been true blessing what we thought was a catastrophe and then you just gave us hope and new life, and we thank you very much.” “You’re angels from God, you are baby angels” “We love you, We love you, We love you.” “We love you, We love you, We love you.” “We love you, We love you, We love you.” (applauding) “Omoni….” “They took care of a lot of folks, up and
down the state who desperately needed help, thank you guys…” “listen, listen, I want to say thank you at everyone at the Church of God for what they did for
our entire state and all of our people during hurricane sandy they were here, they volunteered
they gave with their hearts and their prayers and their love and we appreciate it.” Thank You, Heavenly Mother!

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

21 thoughts on “WMSCOG in the Eye of Sandy (Highlights) World Mission Society Church of God

  1. Lets just serve one another and find our lost brothers and sisters who scattered on this sinful world! ANIMO BROTHERS AND SISTERS! GOD BLESS YOU!

  2. Thanks to Father and Mother and thanks to American brothers and sisters whose devotion in volunteer work moved us…and we too are trying to comfort the people of Nepal after and a great disaster devastated it.

  3. The members of World Mission Society Church of God carry out the love of God the Mother through various Volunteer service. They look so happy. God bless you!!

  4. Good Job so happy to see Father and Mothers great work of salvation is being done Animo We Love you.. 👍💕🙏

  5. you people are really the hope of suffered people . god the father and god the mother may bless those brother and sisters . cheer up , we love you

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