Will the 1% act on inequality before the riots start? | Jared Diamond

Will the 1% act on inequality before the riots start? | Jared Diamond

Inequality is one of the big problems of the
United States. But it’s also a big problem of the world. To start with a problem for the United States,
inequality with the United States, everybody knows by now the numbers the 1% or 0.1% of
the people have 80% of the money in the United States. One might say if you’re rich, you might say
well, “Isn’t that sad? But those poor people, they’re poor because
they’re lazy and they’re not trying hard and the American dream is rags to riches. They’re poor because it’s all their fault.” Well, the big reason that they are poor is
because they are getting crummy educations, because American support for education has
declined, because where you live is tied to the quality of the school where you’re at. And if you get a crummy education, you’re
going to end up with a crummy job and you’re going to end up poor. In the United States the correlation between
the income of parents and the income of their children when they grow up is higher than
in any other country in the world, meaning that if you want to be rich, if you are a
child and you want to be rich, the best thing to do is to be born to rich parents. There’s is a cruel joke which says if you
are a baby, choose your parents carefully, because that’s the best predictor of whether
you end up rich or not. You can say so what difference does it make
for the rich people if there are all these unhappy unproductive poor people? Well, in my lifetime in Los Angeles, twice
I’ve experienced riots in my city of Los Angeles, where the riots broke out in the center of
the city where there were lots of poor people, miserable, recognizing that they didn’t have
any long term prospects. And they started rioting and they burning,
they started burning. Sections like Beverly Hills that the rioters
would spread out of the center of Los Angeles and start wrecking Beverly Hills. So what did the police do in Beverly Hills? The only thing they could do was to string
up strips of this yellow plastic police tape across the main boulevards with signs that
said rioters keep out. Well, at the time of the last riots, the rioters,
it happened, did not invade Beverly Hills. But you can bet there will be more if there’s
Inequality continuing in the United States, there’ll be more riots. And the next time the rioters are going to
invade Beverly Hills and they will be burning and doing other bad things there. And yellow strips of plastic police tape will
not keep them out. So what does inequality mean for the United
States? It’s really bad for those Americans at the
lower end of the spectrum, but it’s going to be bad, and maybe fatally bad, for rich

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

100 thoughts on “Will the 1% act on inequality before the riots start? | Jared Diamond

  1. This is the most intensely stupid thing I've ever heard. And based on the ridiculous premise.

    Americans are getting weak minded enough to believe this nonsense.

  2. You're environment does play a part, but people are individuals and they have the ability to choose which path they take. Vilifying the rich is not the solution. The solution is to empower the poor with opportunities and outreach. Education and judicial reform are good starting points.

  3. I always used to joke that the show "the walking dead" was actually about the zombies being poor people. Some uncanny parallels if you really look at it.

  4. No. They will hop on their private jets and fly to another country while we kill each other in the streets over bread crumbs.

  5. Riots? I don't get why there is not murder? We have random shootings. I'm surprised there are not targeted murders.

  6. This guy doesn't know what he's talking about. We are uneducated because of our CULTURE, we dont value education.
    I know plenty of poor Asian families who's children get great grades and move out of the shitty areas their parents raised them in.
    All of my friends parents didn't value education, and make it a priority. 20 years later it shows…

  7. the key is to keep some of the poor slightly less poor and you can use them against the real poor,

  8. The thing is that what happens when their money loses its value? And I'm speaking of the uber rich who dwell in Richistan, a nation within America and other nations, a place forbidden to those of lesser means. A place where they enjoy their own military and police, healthcare, doctors and pharmacy, air and occasionally ground transportation.
    What happens when all of these luxurious prerequisites evaporate?
    When they, like maggots roiling within a bloated carcass that has burst asunder, find themselves dazzled by the harsh light of reality, and subject to the cruel elements and set upon by the famished ants, birds and all manner of hardship from without?
    What happens indeed?
    I hope that this makes it's rounds and they get to read it and this seed of truth sprouts in their minds so that they start losing sleep over it and start thinking about change before it's too late, if it isn't too late indeed already.
    There is a painting of the fall of Rome, the frantic patrician class trying to get their women atop of pillars and edifice as the skin clad Visagoth barbarians with naked swords in hand swarmed the city looting, raping, pillaging and murdering at will.
    They should look long and hard at that painting, at the looks on the faces of those vanquished elites.
    You are making your own bed.

  9. The bottom line of all big corporations is based on tax breaks not profits. Without them they wouldn't be profitable. Why? Because the CEO sucked all the money out.

  10. I’ve always wondered this, like if people really got tired of the 1% and organized then started destroying stuff, what could anyone do to stop it, sure you can get get soldiers and cops deployed in some area but even with guns and tanks how long would this country hold up wave and waves of its on violent citizens were attacking? This could be what destroys the USA in the long run.

  11. I guess this guy doesn’t believe in genetics or heredity. The only possible link between a parents success and a child’s success is privilege and nepotism.

  12. Beyond work ethic, our governments oppressive income tax structure prevents poor people from becoming rich. It prevents people from transcending the class they were born into. Rich people are rich because they already have money. Money in the bank isn’t taxed. Poor people are poor because they don’t have money in the bank. If they make a lot of income, the government takes most of it and they are still poor.

  13. We can start by naming names. Legal names. Don't let them hide behind the names of "rich" "1 percent" "oligarchs" etc. Let's figure out their names, let's make them all household names, and go from there. No more hiding.

  14. AMERICA IS IN ITS END STAGE RIGHT NOW…IT WONT BE MUCH LONGER..JUST TO MUCH ALL HAPPENING AT THE SAME TIME ..WE CANT HANDLE ANOTHER WAR AND NO ONE WILL WANT TO FIGHT AND IF THEY TRY THE DRAFT AGAIN ITS OVER…but afterwords maybe there will instead of strong rule and ignorance a true chance at being something as a species before we go extinct….because we will someday go extinct…have a nice day

  15. There are so many ways to go to college for free and pull yourself up…you just need some parental guidance and caring to nudge you in the right direction. So at the root of the issue of the underprivileged is parents not raising their own kids/and or kids having a lack of a positive role model to guide them. Join the service =free school. Work at Starbucks =free school work at McDonald’s and go to community college part time and use a scooter for transportation…stop trying to live a life you haven’t earned yet. And well that would solve a lot…no goals and nobody to guid them towards goals and a bunch politicians blaming people that worked hard and achieved success, brainwashing people that successful people are the problem….this dudes not wrong their will be riots eventually and the cause stupid parents, & politicians

  16. Because humans have complex social structures, inequality will always exist, and in a complex system it gets worse over time

  17. They're going by the numbers in the bible.

    They're cool if almost no one lives; don't expect them to help.

  18. They will not, in fact they are driving it because they want to kill off the vast majority of the world's people.

  19. imo
    Will the 1% act on inequality before the riots start?
    The odds on American sheep rioting are low.
    The 60s/70s are long gone.
    I hope I'm wrong.

  20. Nope.
    French Revolution
    American Revolution. …et AL
    So rarely is there an economic revolution that comes with a velvet glove.

  21. Not really education as much as corruption. If there are different sets of rules for different kinds of people then inevitably there will be inequality built right into the system.

  22. It's okay to have steak when there's a chicken in every pot. But if you're eating steak and the majority of people have nothing, it doesn't take long for you to look like a chicken.
    —Freefall.purrsia.com (webcomic) fc02843

  23. The Untied States is rapidly moving towards feudalism with all of the power held by the robber barons and a peasantry with nothing.
    When you have nothing left, you have nothing to lose.

  24. It’s not the education. You can do most things on your own apart from medical and study and learn on your own. The problem is the pay, pay pay pay pay pay. No where near enough to get a home for a large portion of our working populations. People are trying, there just isn’t money because it’s a race to the bottom

  25. I can assure you, the police didn't just (feebly) string up some yellow tape and post RIOTERS DO NOT ENTER …..nonsense!

  26. Those were rioters wearing shoes that cost more money than some people in third world countries have never seen in one place at the same time. And those people are happier than the richest men in America. If you are free, you are not equal. If you are equal you are not free. Who is this communist anyway? They should rename this channel The Big Stink.

  27. "Will the 1% act on inequality before the riots start?" No, they will after a few of them have been bashed or had their entitled brains blown out, along with the germs that protect them.

  28. Inequity will not end. It will be solidified by Führer Trump and the Republican Fascist Party. All riots will be suppressed by the Trump militias, cheered on by the deplorables.

  29. Will the one percent act before the riots start? NO! After all, why would they?


    Walk off your jobs, quit paying rent and use the time to go scream at the Statehouse, the Governor's mansion, the Federal Building until they understand that they cannot ignore ALL OF US TOGETHER!

  30. Freedom breeds "inequality" because there will always be some that are willing to work 80 hours week and others who won't or some that will do the dangerous job that pays well and others who won't. Would it be nice if the average person could earn a higher minimum? Yes, it would. The thing is, outcome isn't about equality, it's about equity and those aren't the same thing. You don't want to pull others down, but lift people up, for a rising tide lifts up all ships and the same is true the other way around. There will always be "inequality" in a free society because while we might be equal in terms of human value, we're not the same in how we think and behave in the world. Don't be so sure that one's motives for certain things are noble, we're a lot more self serving than people want to believe and can often have darker reasons for wanting changes than we realize.

  31. There have been other 1%s in history and they failed to curb their greed at their own peril. What makes us think today's 1% is any different. Greed is a sickness. They can't help themselves. Balance will be restored, but not by them.

  32. Its not the riots but the civil war that develops. When people are oppressed they turn to where ever they can. Americans are feeling the poverty their government imposed on others, then when they turn to Socialism it usually results in a military operation. To stop socialism you need to stop inequality.

  33. There's at least a 4k year inequality in evolution between the top of the food chain to the bottom. #CultureMatters Being poor does not make one a thief.

  34. There are many factors that can increase your chances of success.. grownup in a two parent home, finish high school, read (a lot), don’t have a child out of wedlock, etc.

    Stop making excuses for your failures, stop binge watching YT videos and stop blaming some false narrative about “inequality”. (You’re just blaming others for your failures)

  35. No matter how hard you try and teach them the 1% do not understand the existence of the other 99%-George Orwell

  36. No ,the shylok parasites want you all fighting while they sit and tell eachother how smart they are.🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🙊🙉🙈😳😀😂😨😁😏😠😵😎😬

  37. When the riots finally start, the 1% will climb into their private jets and fly away to Europe or Australia and sit sipping Champagne while they laugh at the chaos they caused.

  38. If we look at history we can see that the top 1% has always preferred to resort to totalitarianism than lose their wealth and leverage over the rest of the population.

    This means that if inequality ended it would not be by them but from the people who salvage their democracy from the 1%'s claws.

  39. They say life is not fair. It can always be fairer. Not perfect, but better. The perfect is the enemy of the good. Right now, we are far from the good fair wise. Life is not just either but we don't give up on justice. We still have cops and courts. I'm just saying. Fair makes life better.

  40. Waaaa!!! I didn't get an education like everyone told me I should. Can you send me a waaaambulance and a bigger welfare check?

  41. Is a Psychosis a serious mental disorder? Can it correct itself without external forces? There's your answer.

  42. You have the Biden Law (co-signed by Bigot Bernie) that poured $35 BILLION into prisons…imagine if we’d used our tax dollars towards education…healthcare…employment…

  43. INEZ Qtaish will never signno contract for settlement or compromise and no deal with evildoers. I will fight my illinois worker's compensation case all the way to the supreme court.

  44. Injustice is a bigger factor in riots than inequality. If you have economic equality you still have mental inequality, physical inequality, life experience inequality, personal motivation inequality…………

  45. It doesn't matter much what "they" (the rich) do. There "Mother" is our (poor & middle classes) Mother too! And she's becoming more and more like her sister. Venus! So poor and rich alike will ultimately share the same fate.

  46. Inequality is a bad way to talk about this. We should just say rich people are hoarding majority of the money and keeping it from everyone else. This is why everybody is broke as fuck. It's almost impossible to go and buy things without purchasing stuff from humongous multinational corporations. The the fact that they are multinational tells you all you need to know. They don't give a fuck about you!

  47. Yes, you are right . There is a reason for everything .who introduced " core education" ?? Right , the COMMIES

  48. If automation can't be stopped, if globalization can't be stopped, if giant wealth and/or income inequality can't be stopped, if the Neanderthal part of our brains can't be suppressed, I suggest we replace a lot of politicians with artificial intelligence rather than risk future nuclear apocalypse. "Winning is everything," said the doomed Neanderthals.

  49. Too many zebras and not a horse in sight – environmental determinism must be the answer – not genetics, not industriousness – according to Diamond. Bah. Humbug.

  50. No The rich do not want to help the rich want it all, The rich will hire private police and we know the police are ass holes. No riots start killing these rich bastards

  51. History repeats itself. You know what happened 100 or so years ago??? Successful and wealthy people were all murdered, like the Romanovs. Nobody feels sorry for what happened to them to this day, so if you think it won’t or can’t happen, pick up a book. Bolshevism CAN and likely will happen again. It goes like this, STOP looting the treasury and STOP letting Evangelicals (tools of the elite, their useful idiots) continually infiltrate our government to be used as a mob), and you can actually STOP what IS coming. Nobody will regret it until it’s too late. I’m so glad I’m not in the USA now.

  52. Why would they? This is the scam that built racism, white supremacy and a legacy of social order based on heritage

    Just keep telling your peasants their problems are caused by Muslims, immigrants, Black people and the Jooos and never mind the ruling class oligarchs that control all your resources both real and imaginary

    Hell, give them a rifle and the promise of social status over others and they will willfully go off and die fighting battles for their rich masters in the name of some dubious patriotism

  53. It has absolutely nothing to do with poor life choices, like not caring about education, early pregnancy, or allowing themselves to become drug addled. Those damn one percenters control even what happens in our minds!

  54. Stop with the 1 percent bullshit the problem throughout the world , especially in the USA is that whites are not human beings and everywhere they have ever dwelled you have enequality , racism , sexism and genocide against others. You are the problem !

  55. Will the “1%” act on inequality? Almost certainly not, and why would they? Sure, their #s are far lesser than those of increasingly frustrated working class people, but they have the favor and protection that comes with wealth, and that equals a great deal of power. Frustrated, angry, confused hoards can’t effectively do very much against that power, if they don’t know what would improve their situation in the first place. You could go as far as killing all the most wealthy people (let’s say, all billionaires and hundo+ millionaires), expropriating all of their wealth, and equally spreading it out, but that wouldn’t solve the problems we face, especially not in the long run.. The problem(s), which unfortunately Jared doesn’t mention here, come down to structural/systemic challenges. The ultimate answer to that inequality, which is far from the only issue that matters, is serious, long term, systemic/structural change.

    Jared mentions education, and he’s right to do so (I don’t think the weakness of our education system is even remotely accidental), but fixing our education system is quite literally only the tip of the iceberg. We can imagine a hypothetical US in which everyone receives an excellent education, and there’s no doubt that this would have a serious impact in a variety of ways, but would it solve the various inequalities, wealth or otherwise, that plague our society? Of course not, and why would it? If other systems/structures are remaining relatively unchanged, then what we end up with is very well educated workers getting shit wages in the service economy. Well, what about technologies and important STEM field jobs, you might wonder: in parts of the economy, IT and other specialized fields, we’ll have higher numbers of qualified workers, which is precisely what companies need to drive down the higher wages of said fields. I could go on about it, but points like these are reasons why what is required is systemic, structural changes (and not just on a national level, but that’s an important start).

    Anyway, enough of my rambling.. I’m not at all knocking Jared Diamond here, I’m just adding my 2 cents.. No doubt he goes at this topic at much greater length in the new book, which I’m looking forward to reading! I just definitely can’t afford to buy a hardback right now, so unless I find an audiobook, I imagine it’ll be a while before I get to it.. Would love to hear him interviewed by Sam Seder, David Pakman, or someone similar who would really get into the weeds with him.. ♾

  56. There are more and more rich and wealthy everyday that come from poverty level parents. Hard work, dedication, and sacrifice can move worlds. Lazy cowards can only move their lips.

  57. What happens in Africa in areas where there are many people with ABSOLUTELY no prospects?

    They have militia who terrorise… Other poor people.

    Guess what…

    When the going is tough, the rich get going… They will simply leave, or send everyone to a moderately terraformed moon or mars when the fourth industrial revolution replaces the need for human labor or even human management

    Unless a human can retain an 'intrinsic' value, or unless a mandatory communism can be built and maintained for when the machines make human labor useless

    Inequality doesn't cause riots; animals in a farm don't riot. Chimps in a zoo don't often riot and neither do elephants in a zoo, if the conditions are ok. It isn't inequality that causes riots, it's the collective story/meme that we are slaves being mistreated whether that is true or not

    So all we can do is trust the humanity of the leadership and recognise when we are leaders ourselves

  58. The whole thing turns on whether the gunnuts ever get any common sense, or if they will still be in thrall to the second-rate conman.

  59. It’s always divide and conquer, that’s the function of corporate cable news and our bought politicians . Create a diversion and make the unwashed masses hate each other with racial scapegoats and russiagate crap while the 1% sail around in their yachts and buy Pacisso s and Warhol’s while the bought politicians deregulate the banks and cut their taxes.

  60. Watch it there, Jared. Inciting to riot is a crime. People who randomly destroy other people's property are adding criminal to their name.

  61. You have so many choices and opportunities there in the US but instead of embracing it, some of you prefer to hypothesize about how society should be. Some people are born to build, and others to destroy. As a working-class Brazilian, it really pisses me off.

  62. You socialist why try tricking the masses to scam. Use emotional tactics. Its inequality coming from socialist tactics. That decrease our buying power. Loans, Mortgage, Welfare State, Debt , Insurance , Family Court , and bailouts. When there disbution of wealth of any shape or form decrasing the buying power because, in reality it would still take the same amount of energy and work to produce the goods and service. Money of any source dont have intrinsic value.

  63. OK, can a Economist explain why the minimum wage doesn’t enable one single person to own or rent a 1 bedroom apartment (anywhere in the world)?
    Most people don’t want to be millionaires, but they want a small home, food, a means of transport (car/bus/train/…) and a small vacation.
    As Banks demand that your mortgage doesn’t exceed 33% of your income, why isn’t the minimum wage calculated all over the world in this manner?
    90% of our inhabitants would all be satisfied. This should be the main discussion around the world!
    The UBI should be done like this!

  64. The big reason they are poor is they keep voting for the same folks that keep them there. Quit voting for inner city liberals!

  65. #EqualityMovement #NationalEmergency #DeportMeToo #BanMeToo
    #PitchforksAndTorches #BuildBridgesNotWalls #SomosUno
    Every single American Republican policy is more fear and greed (fear) based than the progressive alternative, fighting to defend and increase their inequality for their extreme insecurities. Fear (and the empathy it kills) is what separates the left from the right.

    With tuition free education, universal healthcare, a livable Universal Basic Income (UBI) replacing hundreds of individual federal, state, etc existing social safety net programs including things like Social Security, unemployment insurance, etc, together we'll take a giant leap in reducing day to day societal fears and towards increasing equality.

    Imagine how divisive, harmful and inequality defending / increasing their unprecedented Great Wall of Drumpflandia (fear) is by itself, and then imagine forcing the already poorer nation to pay for it regardless of the tens of billions of US Dollars it will cost, only further increasing the inequalities driving migration and crime in the first place. American Republicans are so poor, all they have are fear and greed (fear).

    If you want to reduce crime or make life better for all in general, reduce the inequalities and fears.

  66. Sure, blame it on education or whatever else you can use as an excuse. Entrepreneurs who dropped out of school:
    Michael Dell, Dell founder, dropped out at 19
    Steve Jobs, Apple founder, dropped out at 19
    Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder, dropped out at 19
    Bill Gates, Microsoft founder, dropped out at 20
    Evan Williams, Twitter co-founder, dropped out at 20
    Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder, dropped out at 20
    Larry Ellison, Oracle founder, dropped out at 20
    Jan Koum, WhatsApp founder, dropped out at 21
    Travis Kalanick, Uber founder, dropped out at 21
    John Mackey, Whole Foods founder, dropped out at 22

  67. Anyone else remember the times when Big Think had videos of thoughtful discussion, not this social indoctrination BS

  68. I've cherished Jared Diamond's books over the years.

    This video felt like merely the introduction to what would have been a fantastic presentation. Where's the rest of it?

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