Will Humanity Be Extinct In 100 Years?

Will Humanity Be Extinct In 100 Years?

We are currently living through a historical
period known as the Anthropocene. Beginning with industrialisation, this era
has seen a rise in pollution and uncontrolled exploitation of the world’s resources. Scientist
Frank Fenner has claimed that the Anthopocene era has had a greater impact on the world
than the ice age or any destructive comet combined. He went onto claim that if we continue in
this manner, humanity could be extinct by 2110. But Will Humanity be Extinct in 100 Years? The greatest threat to humanity is undeniably
Climate Change, with the Earth dangerously overheating, largely thanks to pollution. It is accepted that global temperatures can
rise by 2 degrees Celsius and the world will be safe. But it is predicted that the temperature
will really rise by 5 degrees by 2100. As a consequence, we will see melting ice caps,
devastating droughts, and the destruction of habitats like the Coral Reef. Worryingly
the world could be free of ice caps as soon as 2018. In 2014 the UN published a 2,600 page document
listing natural disasters that had already occurred due to climate change, including
the 2010 Pakistani floods, which affected 20 million, and killed 2,000, people. The rapidly growing frequency of natural hazards
is particularly concerning. While there were 743 reported disasters in the 1970s, this
rocketed to 3 and a half thousand between 2001 and 2010. In 2010 alone, 42 million people
were affected by these disasters. Lethal heat-waves are also increasingly frequent.
In fact they are occurring five times as often as they would in a world untouched by humans.
Researchers have suggested that the shocking Indian heatwaves, which killed nearly 2,000
people in just 10 days, may be a predecessor of a catastrophic period of increasing global
temperature. And as the world grows hotter, food will become
scarcer, with wheat and maize crops expected to plummet by 60%. And it’s not just the food
that’s running low. One of our biggest dangers is reaching the point of peak-water, the moment
in which the demand for this renewable resource begins to outstrip its availability. With no alternative to water, not only will
millions die of thirst, but the ground will be unable to provide us with crops. Currently there are 750 million people world-wide
with no access to potable water sources, and 2/3 of the population are expected to be living
in water-stressed regions by 2025. In 2015, science writer David Auerbach criticised
the G7 summit for not doing enough to tackle the danger we are in. He has claimed that
we are far past the point of salvation, as we are now at the point where simply reducing
future emissions are not enough In order to save humanity we must develop
technology to reverse the fumes already altering our atmosphere, a task the G7 summit has failed
to invest sufficiently in. This means we are doing virtually nothing to combat the damage
that has already been done. However, leading scientists have proposed
technological advances could also be threatening the survival of humanity. Dr. Nick Bostrom of the Future of Humanity
Institute has compared our attitude to technology as like
a dangerous weapon in the hands of a child. He says that of particular concern are advances
in nanotechnology. Celebrated as a medical miracle, Nano-Particles
have the potential to aid cancer cures and allow amputees to regain the sense of touch.
Currently used in everything from suncream to sports clothing, some nanoparticles have
been found to be as toxic as bleach. They are so dangerous that in 2010 several Chinese
factory workers dealing with these particles developed severe lung damage, with two dying
from their effect. Known as “”Toxic Gossip””, the particles passed
through walls of tissue into the lungs, triggering cell death, causing the respiratory system
to break down. Geneticist Sean O’Heigeartaigh points out
that while technology in a lab could be deemed perfectly safe, once unleashed into the world
it may have foreseen dangerous side affects once released in the real world. Thousands of nanotechnology enabled products
are currently in circulation across the globe, many of which we are using everyday. However
with no substantial experience of how they work, we are uncertain about how dangerous
these side-effects could truly be, and what other threats they pose. Could it be that we’ve already unleashed the
technology that will herald humanity’s destruction into the world? As technology progresses and the natural world
begins to turn against the species that have done it so much damage, it seems humanity
is facing danger from all sides. And if we continue to play havoc with the
world around us, the children of those born today could be the generation that witnesses
humanity’s destruction.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

100 thoughts on “Will Humanity Be Extinct In 100 Years?

  1. Become Vegan, stop murdering trillions of innocent non human animals, save our health and our shared planet with them in the process. Watch Cowspiracy documentary for proof.

  2. Who else thinks it's weird that no other species to ever walk this Earth has been aware of their impending demise like we are?

  3. as a 12 year old…..
    I pity how bad we have made this environment…my gen and even die generations will surely course is for this… think on it

  4. yes it will but not by climate change or natural disasters. Eventually we will reach a point of total war has the world goes more unstable we are reaching the point of no return for all of us time is running out. Humans will not last much longer we going to kill ourselves with war and this war will destroy our planet to the clock ticks until one day it runs out of batteries we are already slowing down and you can see this in all governments around the world. We are going to collapse sooner or later and there is not much we can do to stop it.

  5. It's depressing that despite the fact that I live in such a well developed part of the world, I still see people casually throwing away mounds of plastic and stacks of papers in the trash can just because the recycling bin just had to be 5 feet further away…

  6. OMG so many brainwashed totalitarians, limit the amount of babies…CO2 is making crops grow bigger -> more people fed -> more space for forests and planet is getting greener in last ~15 years. There is no real evidence CO2 change climate significantly (top climatologists like Richard Lindzen, Roy spencer…).In carboniferous CO2 levels were 2x times higher and temperature the same. If any fossil fuel is bad it is coal cause it has many pollutants: SO2, NOx, mercury

  7. If humans are ganna ruin the earth and Palute
    The world and kill animals making them extinct why should they exsist

  8. wait, crop dissapearences between 2010s – 2030s? THATS CRAP!!!
    i would say crops WON'T dissapear because rising sea level will give soil more water, and plants could survive if using that much water…

  9. since the beginning of man, "we" have been predicting the end. all of these theories are nothing new. first the Mayans (depending on your view on their calendar), the Bible speaks of it, fast forward to the national enquirer, now some scientists. the second 2110 passes, the next prediction will come about… most likely by a robot

  10. In 100 years Humans will be extinct. Then Squids will evolve into human hybrids called Inklings.

  11. I love how people ask this question… as if you actually need an answer given to you xD

    Yes. We will go extinct. Likely in less than 100 years if the system stays the same.

    Our only chance is for EVERY HUMAN ON THE ENTIRE PLANET TO UNITE TO ONE CAUSE. Not just that.
    Thats a scratch on the surface.
    Social engineering, artificial seperation, resources and power, greed. The list goes on.

    We are so submerged in problems no one knows where to start.
    I really dont see any hope for this race.
    Our collective intelligence is FAR too low.

  12. Its evolution. Survival of the fittest.
    Only the best can survive, your family, friends or maybe you die too, but if you want to live, you have to forget everything you like and keep going.
    If you wanna dont want it to happen i would assassinate the big guys, the owners of these big companies in your place.

  13. We need forced sterilization on the majority of the planet, then we can force the human race into extinct once and for all.

  14. I say that we have another 100 years of being "civil" and then it's going to be all crazy and apocalyptic and then we'll die and be extinct. The world is an cold dark place their is no god their is only hope for one

  15. one word annunaki they can make and create just like that it's not the kings queens Jesus Lords it's a creative they can take it away with the snap of a finger or I can create it with a snap of a finger remember life 15 years for us is a day and a half for them

  16. we're already seeing ice melts, devastation to reefs, mass die off in species and crop failure. since 1970 we have wiped out 50% of earth's wildlife. we will be in serious trouble in 30 years!

  17. even if we stop using car, planes and other toxins to the environment today it would still take 100 years before the effects reverse so pretty much it's game over, drink up.

  18. I blame politics, as they make these technology things that don't know what will happen. For example North Korea, sending nuclear bombs

  19. Islam will lead kill us before any of this happens… focus on the problems which we have today, not the future.

  20. Man will destroy man, simply put. This Global Warming stuff is nonsense. We had a medieval warming period very similar to this and in Jesus's time, it was quite a bit warmer. The most likely end to humanity will be a genetic engineering defect that makes us amune to antibiotics and a new black death will ensue. Hey, though that's just my prediction though.

  21. Ninety nine percent of all life that has existed on this planet is now extinct. Humans will soon become part of that ninety nine percent.

  22. There is a few things that can be done, #1 being the easiest, we go and pollute this shithole even more and fast forward the process to kill ourselves earlier.

    #2 we take drastic measures that will fail anyway and die a little later (maybe 10 years later)

    #3 we destroy 95% of humanity and rebuilt the paradise as it once was over 10.000 years ago, this is the most hard and beautiful solution. We kill of all the ''useless'' humans so that just 5% of the humans left can live in wealth and ultimate happiness where there is no evil, only harmony. The 1 problem is, afcourse the elitist want to keep on living so they can continue what they are doing today. So we need to kill them first, starting with the zionist bankers preferably.

    4# since life itself is useless (really, what are we doing here?) we can wipe out all of humanity (or atleast try) by blowing up the hadron collider and set of all nuclear weapons and bombs at once.

  23. think about it in 100 years we will  have so much more power than we do now we can fight against all of this shit and just keep expanding to other planets and never go extinct.

  24. I think climate change is a product of us being terrible to the earth and the earth controlling our population. I know that sounds nuts but what if earth itself knows it’s at capacity?

  25. hello from 2018, at this moment trump is still fucking up, there are debates about changes with gun laws in use due to more mass shootings, the ice caps are still here and we not all dead…yet

  26. no humanity dies this year 2018, maybe even tonight if all goes well. word of advice:
    should never fuck over gods son, probably 'THE' worst mistake known to any species. but ya all thought it would be okay i guess huh

  27. Once temperature gets to a certain level the earth will reboot and an ice age will follow. also if too much fresh water gets Into the gulf stream, the same thing will happen. so by 2050 we could already start to see winter lasting into June with just a few months of mild weather. This will gradually get worse year on year until we have a constant Winter in the northern hemesphere!!! you have been warned so please stock up on tinned food and dry rice and beans. don't throw away drinks bottles. Instead fill them up with water and store them. Also buy and store as many disposable lighters candles and lighter fuel. This will also be vital if ww3 brakes out. and remember, better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. ..

  28. People think war should never happen again. And while it's tragic, do you dumbasses know what happens when you take death in those numbers out of the picture? over-fucking-population! Good job humanity, you were too big of pussies to help yourselves…

  29. Quite lickely due to population growth and food supplie and animal extinction we will probably die in 100 years to a civil war or starvation due to climate change and hunting thanks adults

  30. I actually hope Yellowstone eurupts and almost knocks humanity to its knees we need to low our population

  31. Technology is going to fail and go down we are not going to be interstellar like we predict

  32. We are not going to be very techy we will be back into the technology level of the 1600s or like the stone age

  33. It will take 1000s of years for the world to recover from our destruction I hope an asteriod hits his year and knocks us out of technology to run fossil fuels

  34. im so scared. you can see so much of those things now. im so scared. im just so worried for our children. for our grandsons. im so worried that im starting to think about killing myself and last year im starting to get more and mire scared so much that im going to people that can help me. but im still like that

  35. I really enjoy all of these cataclismic projections… It's some humans who don't have a single clue where/what they're from… not even knowing what they're made of…. affirming what is coming next for the human race…
    Is there at the very moment a global crisis or is planet Earth experiencing an "itself crisis" permenantly…?
    The video treats about the instinction of the human race… what is it to be human and what instinction really means..?
    We are here talking about a specie we know like 15-20% about it's origin and what it's DNA is made of, living on a globe we know very less about and predicting it's instinction…?!? Seriously…!?! Who are those people; tall apes with car keys, superior enough to tell what human race's future is made of…? I call it "The Complex Of God without knowing what God is about"…
    All of those affirmations are as serious as fairy tales are. And I don't mean all of the mentions in fairy tales are bullshit..

  36. 100 years is a bit generous, i think we could all basically be dead within just 50 years, one major problem besides the increase of global warming's effect or pollution, is overpopulation, can you guess why? I'll give you a hint: natural resources are NOT infinite

  37. I know how we might be able to live longer by recycling and planting plants and food to live longer

  38. We humans fucking deserve extinction 😒😠 we have done terrible things to our earth mates and our home!!!! If creatures like Vampires, Werewolves, and every human killing monster in folklore actually exist I hope they are 100 times smarter than us and have a good plan to kill us all really soon. I want to see that happen before I die 😁😆

  39. I'm scared, I'm Christan though so I'm not that much.

    Just believe in God and Jesus and it'll be alrighty.

  40. First it was not longer than a 1000 years, now it's just not longer than a 100 years. Later on it's going to be less than 40 years or something..

  41. Only ourselves to blame if we do not recycle and do not change attitudes towards each other and recycle the product containers we bring into our house and show each other a little kindness and big companies offer to make the air cleaner we will only make it through I think personally to the 2070s and then the temperature will go up 5 degrees globally sooner than planned so we only have ourselves not recycling what we can and greed in ways of big companies not wanting to clean the smokestacks or eliminate them all together and greed in the way of our everyday consumption of not recycling if possible the containers we have our food from the store in if possible also public transport can save a lot on our highways and our health riding a bike when possible for short trips to the store or where ever we go nearby home. Showing a little kindness towards each other can go a long way and not burning leaves but compost them I say we are only our own demise but we are the only ones whom can change that

  42. Everyone freaking out in the comments like it's the end of the world. This generation isn't gonna live to see the world burn

  43. We should not see others like people, we have to see others as brothers, we have to have an international language and one country. Esperanto is the way

  44. No. Not in 100 years! Try 5/6 years. Near-term human extinction due to abrupt, anthropogenic climate collapse is assured, quantifiable, verifiable, exponential and irreversible.

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