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  1. I don't know about the timeline, but I'm pretty sure that we're screwed. We need to be reducing our emissions, but all the government does is talk about reducing our projected emissions – so, in plain speak, rather than reducing our emissions, we're going to keep increasing them, just not as much as we planned. Furthermore, no action is even being taken to restrict our increase in emissions – only goals being set decades in the future for some other government to try to obtain after it's already too late.

  2. In all of earths history why do people beleve they are so important its a god complex. oh no mass extinction like thats never happen…over and over. The planet wil live, evolution will remove the failed species.

  3. This video is pretty full of shit. Basically a very Cherry picked understanding of all the wrist scenarios with little oversight.

  4. fear porn propaganda. the only problem i see is money and government. wipe those out and everything will balance out.

  5. No but in all seriousness, the earth has endured way worse and life is still around today.. science shows co2 levels in the atmosphere used to be much more than we are inducing. Plants actually thrive with more co2, because their genetics were developed when the earths atmosphere had a lot more of it available.
    Also, as volcanos erupted polluting the sky with poisonous darkness and inducing pretty much world wide freezing temperatures for such enduring times that they called ice ages, life still made it.

    And even though life will someday end and Mother Nature passes, well.. life was made to come to an end anyways. So don’t be afraid and pay attention to the details and evidence that points towards the difference in worldly and spiritual things of life. Find comfort that you are not in control and realize that you didn’t create or begin your own life. So make your conclusions, but either way the truth can not be changed. Life is too complex to have been an accident or a mathematical probability, it had to be carefully designed and that designer knows what they’re doing. So take peace and comfort knowing that everything is under control.

  6. The wankers we, the sleeping masses, willingly hand over our power to (criminal elites, corporations, petro/oil companies, Military Industrial Compkex, their equally criminal puppet governments, CEOs, lawyers, politicians, the Bush's/Clintons et al……) couldn't give two f**ks about you, me or the planet.
    As a species, we deserve everything we get: Them for doing it and us for allowing it.

  7. Yada yada, end of the world yada.
    I'm still waiting for that acid rain to happen and 90% of the land submerging under the water.
    We've had these doomsday predictions before.

  8. i think climate change will be solved by humans in one way or another when it becomes so big we can no longer ignore it like when people are having to leave whole cities because just look at all we have achieved it really boggles the mind and each year we're able to do more just 10 years ago in 2009 we would have never thought electric cars would catch on or that self driving 18 wheelers would become a thing or that solar panels would start to become more commonplace and not some rich guys toy it's almost a guarantee that the tech that we have acquired over the years will save us

  9. This is good video, but I either die and its not my problem to deal with in the future or i kill my self before things get really bad, that is good plan yes?

  10. 3:30 Where do you get your info from? It's more like: "France's population as of 2018 is said to be more than 500 individuals and growing rapidly."

  11. 4:45 False, Nuclear Fission Power is very clean, it's waste can be contained better than any other source of energy. It is the mass solution for the right now

  12. STOP STATING THE PROBLEMS WE ALL KNOW AND STATE SOLUTIONS ! Otherwise youre just another mouthpiece for useless alarmisim and fear mongering ! Be Better !

  13. There ARE clean "infinite" energy in Bill Gates invested nuclear projects.

    Unfortunately, China is the only state that believes in this fool proof design, and Trump closed all foreign relations, hindering the development of this "new" type of power.

  14. The problem is Africa/China/India. Their standard of living is not the west's problem. The west choose to have fewer kids to maintain their living standards. Not the west's problem that others are too stupid to do this. Really, the west needs to stop feeding and vaccinating Africa to solve the over population there. Also the west can clean up the oceans and send the bill to China and India as they are responsible for 95% of plastic in the oceans. Beyond that the west can innovate our way out of the problem, this current idea of banning everything with the ultimate goal of reverting back to the stone age is retarded. We might as well just die to global warming than live in caves again. Innovating our way out is the path to success.

  15. Maybe United Nations should restructure itself into a global government .It should start taking complete control .. crush any revolt with force … make any change necessary to get the world back in order.

  16. These statements such as extreme extinction or over 50% is completely retarded… we have over 900,000 if not millions of species… also live soil? Dead soil? Wtf mentality is this… also if wolves in France are only at a population of 300 they would be addressed with the endangered species and protected species… also tungsten steel is a type of steel which yet again I have to correct you, only 0.7% of the earth crust throughout the actual existence of human existence Have been dug up… this is such a false alarm and fake as fuck… no data points all verbal opinion… and yet he said he’s limited in the information he is promoting… CO2 doesn’t kill you it actually makes the earth greener… your trying to force a thing that isn’t true…

  17. These facts and graphs were so astonishing I googled "Oil Production World Summary" and "Gas Production World Summary" and discovered that you used projections from pre 2010 as evidence, when most websites have factual data from the EIA ending at 2019. The factual non-projections are far less terrifying, but still agree with your general argument for the eventual decay and collapse of the current monetary-based economic system of energy. (Example: https://ycharts.com/indicators/world_crude_oil_production )

    So why did you bullshit us with fake graphs if the real ones still agreed with your argument?

  18. Soon as I heard you say all marine life will be extinct by 2050 you lost all of your credibility and I stopped watching. Are u dumb? How do you even estimate things like that? Something as complex as biodiversity cannot be calculated with a mathematical equation because it's simply impossible to account for every possible thing in the universe that can affect life on earth as there is an infinite amount of variables.

  19. But the ocean leaves have not risen in fact they have fallen….
    Stop using some truths to carry your lies

  20. we have explored like 1% of the ocean and we discover new species everyday, so its kinda of a bold and ignorant statement to make that the oceans will empty by 2048.

  21. Vegan is not a solution, you become dependent on big farma for artificial vitamin b. So if the world is crushed you can't be a vegan anymore. Vegan is a modern lux based on our interconnected world and big farma.

  22. The propaganda mill is strong. The conclusion, however seems on point. Live well, love well, let the future take care of itself. peace.

  23. You didn’t mention 5g which will actually be a much bigger marker of change more quickly than anything you mentioned here

  24. This video needs subtitles in many more languages, to be shown to as many as possible. I will translate it in French to show it to my father and others.

    Climate change dynamics are so complicated and based on so many different phenomenoms, the hardest thing for and ecologist to this day is to make others truly grasp just how bad it is. In many cases they will understand the gravity of individual phenomenoms, but will still lacks the other informations necessary to form the big picture, which is really what matters the most.

    This video does a very great job of reuniting and vulgarizing so many of them in 15m. Mad respect for the producer.

  25. I have limited knowledge of the first ten minutes of information. What I do know about is the economic aspects. Nearly nothing in the economics was correct. The speaker notes that he doesn't know much on the topic to his credit, but he presents the misinformation none the less. Some good places to start to learn actually economic theory on topics like credit-debt cycles and how Wealth Inequality naturally ebbs and flows based on these cycles refer to Ray Dalio's video of how markets work perhaps. Information on topics like the housing crisis are fairly available from economic sources as well. The Feds QE initiative drove Wealth Inequality harshly up by breaking these debt cycles and certainly there is adequate information available to learn about how QE drives inequality (cash influx into asset markets results in appreciation of assets disproportionately affecting those who already have assets).

    I make this comment because although I don't know much of the other informations truth, I do know the last portion is patently false. This certainly makes me question the truth of the first ten minutes as well.

  26. OK, let me explain this to 'Climate Change Believers' in a way you can understand. CLIMATE CHANGE IS A FRAUD…and here's your ABSOLUTE PROOF: Banks spend billions each year on Risk Assessment. Banks won't make 30 year mortgages to 90-year old people or those on death row…due to the absolute fact that it will not be repaid before they die. Likewise, if CLIMATE CHANGE existed…then the correlating factor of 'sea level rise' would be a fact, as well…and it has been offered by the IPCC that we can expect 10-ft to 100-ft sea level rise by 2050. Now, WERE THIS TRUE, no Global Bank in their RIGHT MIND would offer 30-year mortgages in ANY coastal city IN THE WORLD (let alone ALL of them!)…you'd NEVER be able to acquire a 30-year (even a 20-year) mortgage in London, L.A., NYC, Seattle, Boston, Miami, etc…because THE PROPERTY IS SUPPOSED TO BE UNDER WATER IN 20-YEARS!!! That you can still get a mortgage IN ALL of these cities tells you one thing…THE BANKS KNOW FAR MORE THAN YOU DO, about 'what is real' and 'what is propaganda'…you keep on destroying yourself, your household budgets, your increase in taxes to build profiteering for the Bankers…but know one thing: If there was a risk they'd lose ONE CENT due to 'sea level rise', you wouldn't be buying ANY PROPERTIES within 200-ft elevation of current coast lines…GUARANTEED!!!

  27. "our oceans will be empty by 2048" yeah like how Al gore told we will be under water by 2020(ish)…oh wait.
    Look it's definitely a biodiversity disaster but it's not happening that soon or going to be as bad as climate alarmist are predicting because nature has a tendacy to evolve.

  28. The only way to reduce our impact is to reduce the population, significantly. I don't think we will manage, so my advice, in addition to love, is get rich and go live in a powerful country (because when shit happens what's better than a war to solve problems?), ideally USA. If everything collapse who do you think will be the last group standing? Let's start this race.

  29. Okay, so now what? I suppose we should all write a letter to our governments, asking them to consider the points raised in this video? Yes! That's it, if we can share this video to every person we know, and ask them to do the same, maybe, just maybe we can do something about our impending doom!

    Meanwhile, let me burn a few more kilowatts of energy binge watching YouTube videos! Much love people.

  30. You damned COMMIE! This is all fake news. A warmer earth means no more shivering winters, this equals a win-win! President Trump for life-long KIng! MAGA!

  31. Don't worry, we will all die, the world will recovery and will create new kinds of animals, like to what happened to the dinosaurs. This is a cycle that is unstoppable, but instead of nature killing us, we will do it for ourselves.

  32. I'm a bit more positive. Humans are fantastic problem solvers. As an engineer, I spend large portions of my day trying to solve the issues I care about and there is an army of people like me out there. We do need to be educated on the problems, and working on a fix. I have faith in man kind that we'll deal with these issues as they arise.

  33. You mentioned coral reefs – what about ocean mining and the mass amounts of coral reefs they are destroying with underwater machines …

    Climate change – is it man-made? How do you think deforestation and mining over the years have affected micro and macro climate, including ground vegetation?

    I beleive most of the worldwide increasing forest fires is directly due to deforestation – and it's now catching up to us. Drying out forests. If you don't believe how a forest could change the weather, go visit Iquitos, a concrete sweldering Amazon city – drive into the forest an hour away and watch the temperature immediately cool down. Also, how does the Amazon forest, at the same latitude as Lima, differ by 15 degrees during Lima's coldest months ? The answer is simple: trees and forest regulate the climate. And all the industrial and vehicle exhaust formed clouds – a big grey mass – hanging over the city for months – will definately affect the weather and heating from the sun. Just look at weatherwar101 and other people filming huge aerosol clouds forming from power plants, only to be rained down on the next area downstream, causing immense flooding…

    All those tiny cumulus clouds hovering over the Amazon are created by evapotranspiration, lakes, rivers, and the watershed that is held in by massive tree roots. A dry land can produce very little evaporation and clouds.

    So when the government refuses to tell people they been messing with the weather for the past 30 years, you can guess where we are headed. Check out their weather modification patents – from chemical, biological, to electromagnetic – and I'm not just talking about those white aluminum oxide streaks left in the sky – yes the same patent invented by mad scientists like David Keith and his funder Bill Gates, all in order to do the "greater good" as they falsely beleive.

    Is the problem over-crowded cities or overpopulation? Why does modern agriculture and cattle raising have to cut down a whole forest in order to do what they want? All for profit, convenience and mass production.

    Our urban planning is yet worse – okay, let's chop down this forest, excavate the land, divert or even take out these stream and lake, lay down some concrete, put in some green space, and build houses – oh also dont forget the Greek sewers so that people can shit in our own water supply and send pollutants down the drain – oh but hey, its okay, we treat all that shit and chemicals – you mind drinking it on the other end then?

    And now we got mining industries digging huge holes in the ground, tearing away mountains all so that we can keep living in this unsustainable world, with our metal and iron products. Those forests are also gone, and their water source contaminated … just ask the people who live in the mountains and use that water . South America is the new China – it's beautiful mountainsides and forests will disappear at the rate it's going.

    And then we got petroleum being leaked all over the ocean and land – how do you plug up a pressureized hole you just created in the ocean – and how long will that last and how leak proof is it really ? We got oil companies drilling and sucking up oil and gas near tectonic plate boundaries, active and inactive faults … fracking setting off earthquakes, causing sinkholes. Removing all that pressure from underground is gonna give in someday. All that for profit and petrodollar.

    If we are to change anything, it would be a complete lifestyle change, and getting rid of corrupt governments and companies that are causing all the damage …

    Its complicated – I dont even know what I could suggest 😪

  34. Humans cant tell the weather next week, but of course can predict the weather in 10 years from now more accurately?!……………………, you geeks are nerds and suck like sucking things that suck. Calm down and drive to the store for a pepsi & stop the coming ice age!!!!!!!

  35. There’s no such thing as climate change what I hate the bullshit I’ve never heard so much crap from so many Dick heads

  36. As with all of the fear mongering nonsense, when their predicted dates pass they'll come up with more nonsense and another dooms day date.

  37. I heard this same story in the 80's…by the year 2000 our cities will be uninhabitable…same story…same scare…falling on deaf ears.

  38. It’s all a hoax it’s just to divide the people so there’s arguments for and against get real nature is on its own I will do what it does naturally we don’t need to help it but you brainwashed do you believe everything you read see and smell is many people who are followers maybe it’s time you do your own investigation because right now I don’t believe half the height hype on this bullshit and as for this distinction rebellion what a heap of fucking bullshit all those people are just being fools and they look like it to so many followers in this world I’ll just join this cause that cause foolishness I see in society everywhere I turn there’s so many gullible people in this world little loan in our current societies there is a number of these scientists get bought out as bribes just to make a movement happen

  39. Yeah get involved as much as you can in your region to change the system, one law at a time, one protest at a time, revolution will begin brothers… Won’t let my kids die in this shit

  40. Dramatic bs. You make too many assertions, and you highlight certain values at the end as though they really contribute towards a solution. Joe Scott did an incredible piece on this issue, much less assertions, very similar information, but much more in-depth look at the options instead of just leaning to popular opinions of either side.

  41. Oceans empty by 2048? Empty? In 31 years from 2017? I might not be around, but I'd love to see comments on Jan. 1, 2048 to the effect that, 'um, well, oceans full, Nostradamus fail.' Where would all that water go? The atmosphere? Such a definite statement with a specific year raises red flags, to me. And since when do wolves not kill sheep?! That's like, what they do. Sounds more than a little alarmist…
    So, in 2100, when the temperature of the Earth is 3.5 degrees higher, the arctic melts, and sea levels rise. Um… I thought the oceans were empty by 2048? sigh… Ok, I guess you meant 'empty of life', right? Still.

  42. Metal shortages are coming? Aside from the fact that global warming is complete pig crap, that shit sounds suspect asf cuz metals are literally endless throughout the universe and can be created with atoms combining so I'm not buying it

  43. Also, to add to this. Over 90% of all living things that have inhabitted this planet have gone extinct, before humans ever had a record of history. Someone should really hunt down whoever was responsible for that first! Then go after the small potatoes!

  44. Just one thing you all gotta put in your little head:
    Humans are not special, and they aren't above any other species. They're pretty much below now.

  45. It will be a very slow collapse, indeed it already started, we're not waiting for some event in the future we're observing the destruction taking place.

  46. this is way exaggerated.. you lose all the points when you go too far. another fear instilling theory not much different then fanatic religion.

  47. Checkout the Mucusless Diet Healing System by Professor Arnold Ehret. By becoming a practitioner of a mucus free plant based diet and changing your lifestyle to a life in harmony with existence we will all not kill ourselves and be the most foolish species to succeed in total self destruction. Just check the book out and see what’s up

  48. Seeing that clip of the sheep being thrown against the railing and struggling to stand up makes me want to speed the fall of mankind up.

  49. Now I agree with most of this video, but Malthus said the same thing before. Then the industrial revolution happened and we reached this point. Whenever humanity has had a hot poker to our asses, we have found a way to move forward. Perhaps instead of all this hippy love and compassion that doesn't do a damn to remove pollution or fix our atmosphere, we invest, study, research, and work our asses off to actually fix it. I don't buy the resignation in the inevitable. Our species can land a human being on the moon, it has split the atom, and we can play god and make genetically engineered organisms. Humans have slowly but surely worked our way to understanding reality and the world around us, and if you want to give up and quit and live in some shitty hut in the woods, fine. However, I will stick with trying to become a scientist and do something about it – I'd rather not live like a savage and prefer to go down swinging.

  50. This is a load of bull Sh***
    I Remember being told we would be fucked by 2020, nope we are not. This is exaggerated too much like always. But yeah Over peoplation is a huge problem

  51. the standard of living is not about money ! It is about race and education. Put a german in India with no money in his pocket. Force him to stay there. I will actually bet that his standard of living will be NORMAL in a short time. You people invest in everything except our species intelligence. Force the smart people to make children. That is the solution. The only solution.

  52. Please stop stirring shit about nuclear reactors, they are the future. NuClEaR wAsTe and nUcLeAr MeLtDoWn are buzzwords that people are way, WAY too afraid of if you actually look at the science and statistics for those things. The reality is modern nuclear power plants are safe as fuck and are only getting safer, and nuclear waste is easy to dispose of safely. Nuclear is the future and people really need to see that. The misconceptions surrounding it are holding us back dramatically. A good analogy is aeroplanes. In the beginning when we were just figuring them out, they were super dangerous. Now we have perfected them to the point that it's statistically safer to fly than it is to drive. Likewise, nuclear power plants are very safe. Much more than is commonly believed.

  53. COWS emissions is an urban myth, created by fertilizerindustri. COWS are green carbon since "Big bang". All emissions come from mankind Fertilizerindustri has doubled the methane-emissions, earlier blamed on cows.

    Artificial menor is used in animal free agroculture to produce plantfood!!! In global industrial monocultures. Vegans destroys our planet and so does this channel, even though they believe the opposite. Crazy world! I´ll see myself out.

  54. There are many things I disagree with:
    – wealthy nations CAN and will have the means to adjust to climate change.
    Rising sea levels will not destroy coast cities because they will be protected by walls – damn the whole Holland is under the sea!!!

    We already have means to fight climate change by planting trees, and many companies have started that already.

  55. This is total nonsense. I have heard this exact same argument 6 times in my life. The last person I heard make a quote about the oceans dying was Ted Danson in 1989 "the oceans will be dead in 10 years. Peak oil has been predicted every year since the 1920's, it is always wrong. We have 300 years of coal. Every metal shortage in history has been about a lack of exploration. Relying on models does not reflect reality, when we can predict the weather for the next 2 weeks, then I might believe them a bit more. Oh, and socialism is the key. Yeah lets sit in our thatch huts around a burning cow patty while we pick parasites off of each other while eating our sustainable algae Cakes.

  56. We should all start to dig the caves according to the author 😀 Each challenge comes with a opportunity and humanity will find a way to overcome the challenges.

  57. I do know how to fix it… Purge!

    Humanities survival of the fittest.

    Seriously, I think the biggest problem which you didn’t touch on, is over population!

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