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  1. Thank you Teal for another great video! That idea / approach of treating all of my feelings as valid and acceptable has such a big impact on my happiness and inner peace. I love you! Thanks for all your sharing and hard work. Greetings from Germany, Andrea.

  2. Not everyone is emotional or controlling that is a judgement and very condescending–I feel great who said I feel pain? u do not get it to assume like u do. u want attention is why u did this video. You are projecting urself teal–u judge not us!! Teal I thought more highly of u now I see u are projecting and so nefgative, be empowering and positive!!

  3. thanks for your videos, question what is the most simple way to manifest what you want? have a great day.

  4. I understand this woman has a small child, the way she talks tells me she has NO IDEA what's in store for her in the next few years, zero understanding of how children actually behave. Good luck with that mode, sis.

  5. This thing about question our reaction to emotions is what skeptics do with everything else. In other words, when you become aware of the resistance towards emotion, you are being skeptic of that resistance.

  6. Hi Teal. I have a question. I'm being more aware of my own selfishness and how most limitations and negativity comes out of my own "sins" and I feel my vibration rising, but with that I am enabled to feel my own and other people's unhappiness more deeply too and I get really indulgent to my unhappy self, negativity and anger about me not being able to fix it instantly. Is this just me getting more in duality, more reactive, some ego trip? Or is there a process where you go through "accelerated suffering" of your new consciousness for a period in order to fully learn the lesson and expand? Excuse my Spiritual Illiteracy.

  7. I find that I only watch your videos when I'm in suffering i.e low vibration. Does that mean anything deeper (other than the obvious)?

  8. Loved this one 🙂 I struggle with ideals. I want to be a peaceful person but i am stuck in a state of bitterness because i believe that i don´t do good. I lost my feeling of "it´s okay" because i am focussing on this ideals like being a helpful person ,being a authentic person , being a minimalist, being a vegan. My life turned into a new trap for every new step i want to take

  9. is numb an emotion? cause I dont consider it as such, and it means to me im not connected with myself, therefore bad. if it is an emotion, it would explain a lot.

  10. A self help video explaining why your self help strategies aren't working. For some of us, there is just no answer. Some people's lives are really just destroyed.

  11. I really get a sense of a different kind of positive energy when I watch these videos but anyway I am a women dating a women, I'm kind of having a hard time with my spiritually. Is it fine with what I'm doing? Will I go to hell for it? It's been weighing heavy on my mind. I want to do good and I feel I am a good person.

  12. When I was a small boy. When my Mum upset me I use to write notes around the house saying "I hate you"

    I was only 6 and have no idea why I did it, but I knew it would bring her to me instead of reaching out. I must have an innate ability for mind games. Because as far as I can tell I've always been a passive agressive when expressing my emotion. Now I make a consciouse effort and always air my feelings. Honesty is the best policy, if others can't take how you feel then that's there problem. xD

  13. Teal your awesome I love your videos how can someone tell if they are an indigo child/adult I think I'm one but not 100% sure and I think your ( hermosa ) 🙂

  14. 5:00  so I hate life cus the meaning of life is I hate life? well that makes me feel pissed about how pissed I am.. dose this exponential concept continue to spiral outward or is it just the 2 initial feelings?

  15. Hi Teal!, I've read your book Sculptor in the Sky which is great though I will say I'm a little confused. How will one know when it is right to begin positively focusing or using affirmations and what not. It seems that most every time I try to visualize or affirm what I would like to have happen I get a strong negative type feeling of anxiety. I definitely have felt myself trying to control that emotion before but DAMN IT SUCKS!

  16. WOW, this was super helpful!! I have horrible anxiety for the exact reasons that you stated from childhood… I'll definitely be watching more videos, thank you!

  17. My strength is that I know I am very strong. My weakness is that when I feel week, thinking about my strength feels like mount everest to climb. Its like a double edged sword. I am not passed my fear of anger yet and I know I try to control it and I just give up. I expressed my anger when I was 5 years old towards our nanny, and she just physically pulled me along. I was in a fear, anger, fear, anger, fear, anger fight inside myself. In the end she physically turned into an outrage and held me over the railing of a 18 meter high bridge with water under, and I could not swim. I believed I was going to die right there, and I cant remember anything after that. I am 35 years old now and have used the past years with psychology to help myself, and Ive managed to forgive everything else, but the nanny. I am in this "I know I am tough and strong, so why dont I act" mode… Hello heart, I want and need you badly right now why will you not respond… Teamwork, best pals, remember me?
    It is like, what do I do with anger… and I am so tired of trying to find solutions because that is escaping as well. I just need to face it and accept it, and it feels like the toughest thing I have ever had to do. I have never felt this alone before, and it just frustrates me because I know I can make it, yet all I want to do is stare into emptiness feeling time go by… Switch, where are you…

  18. I really love all of your videos, man. Wondering if you can do more on developing intuition? I especially love the one about Responsibility and Commitment. It kinda…changed my life in a big way. I never knew I've been missing out on little things because it was me being avoidant of my "clit vibrating" to emotions, haha. Facing things head on- that so-called difficult phone call, even like replying a text faster when I actually can, trying to ask for something that I want, I was always 15 minutes late for something partly yes, because I'm always late but also partly because I am too scared of facing the first 15 minutes of settling in and awkwardness. And it's a lil' ironic cos people also always deem me as spontaneous, present, and very easy-going. Deep down, I still have things to work on. But thank you. I learn bit by bit everyday.

  19. This is only the second video of yours and I find your highly intelligent and extremely well learned in such aspects of certain disorders and feelings. I am glad people like you exist to help other navigate the multi-directional road of such things. I hope you go to get a PhD if you have not already obtained one. You seem to have passion so deeply for others and your videos and demeanor show it. You give rock solid advice and seem to have researched all you could on most aspects of your cause to spread information and help about it. Keep it up. Well done. Namaste.

  20. one thing im struggling with, and its probably considered psychotic and retarded but it is just a hypothetical counter logical thing going on in my mind since i feel like i can accept anything and everything potentially happening.

    is it wrong to want to experience doing/being evil?
    {if it helps maybe for the sake of 100% completion or something? lol?}

    maybe if i was more in tune with source i wouldnt even think this.

  21. I was tortured endlessly by a talented sadist from newborn to age six. All emotions were used to activate fear as high as it would go and keep it there. I did not exist

  22. Yes, I think that switch is turned on. I can't feel too excited, too passionate, or too depressed, or too fearful about anything. I think my emotions are somehow on a limiter, or tempered by logic. Perhaps if they were not, I wouldn't be able to function & would have drunk myself to death decades ago…….

  23. Whenever I felt anger, betrayal, or sadness as a child, my mother always laughed at me, it was almost sadistic, which amped up whatever strong emotion I was feeling even more, and because it was never mirrored or seen by her I turned it inwards, that led to self hatred

  24. This is difficult for me because I have severe abandonment issues, and I tend to push the ones I truly love away from me. Hard to not label the emotion as "bad" when it is literally ruining my relationships and my life.

  25. What if I just realized that I was never happy or at peace EVER. I was excited and not worried, but I was never happy. What now? What can that mean? And what should I do about it? Like not specifically, but in general where should I go from here? Also never felt safe. I felt not in danger, but never safe.

  26. I always let any negative thought in and well it's not getting better because I don't remember why am I even feeling like this

  27. So powerful. There are no words to thank you enough for switching on the light. I have been in chronic suffering all my life (now approaching 60 years young!). Xx

  28. You really nailed it on the head here swan. You touched me where no one has touched me before where many a time I have sat alone in a dark place in my head in the Cyclone of crazy emotions that had once started with something identifiable and relatable to those around me before mutating into something of a creation of my own and I'd wonder if I'd find crazy creating a kind of internal hell no one would understand and it came about by what you're talking about, reacting negatively to b natural reactions I should have just gone with. Instead I would, and still do, let them morph into horrific psychological masterpieces, how I'm guessing people "go crazy" and end up doing undesirable things. I guess "crazy" is as when you let it control you then lead you down that dark path. Otherwise crazy controlled is genius right?

  29. I literally did this in the middle of church yesterday and I started crying. I'm not one to cry in public but that time it was warranted. I feel such strong emotion to this subject. I usually tell god to go fuck himself during a situation that I'm in but I need him now more than ever. My business is struggling, my bank account is overdrafted, I don't feel like I can talk to my parents about anything because all I feel they do when I try to talk to them is like they're unknowingly trying to sabatoge my success and happiness by putting me in societies box which I fucking hate. I'm in college which I don't wanna be there but I'm being forced no matter how much my mom and step dad say they want me to go because they want me to have a good future or that I'm wasting my mom's money or what not. I don't have a relationship with my own brother because of some the anger and pain that he unwittingly put me through. My parents are late on the mortgage because they want they want me to go to the school that I fought for them not to put me in. We've had multiple arguments about this that drove our relationship on the rocks. This is seriously fuckin up my mental health. I'm broke, I'm anxious, I'm pissed off and I'm frustrated. I'm worn down and I feel like I can't go much longer. I try to be happy but I am on the brink of giving up. I need help. God can you lend your hand out to help me? I need you more than ever. I need more than I did two years ago when I was learning to attract the woman of my dreams. God please end this suffering and bring me abundance finally.

  30. Not only your videos are great and the first ones I can actually listen to feeling you know what you're talking about… but you are absolutely beautiful. Amazing eyes and face expressions. Simply stunningly beautiful…

  31. Hi, I hope you can read my comment, because I've been suffering fron a severe case of chronical mayor depresion for the last 14 years, nothing works, piquiatrics and psicologists don't know what to do with me, I'm trapped in the pain of the abusive moments of my chilhood and the complete rejection and lack of love from my own parents, then my relatives and also my classmates (as a kid) I can't get over all the abuse and bulling and the doctors tell me that I have to feel the pain, I've been feeling the pain since I was 18, and now I'm 39 and it doesn't work, because I'm still trapped in sadness and I can't stop crying, I' m very sorry for such a long message, but I don't know what to do, so if you could give me a piece of advice, or anybody else, I'd really appreciated, I'm desperated, I don't know what else to do. To whoever read this message thank you so much for your time.

  32. What if God himself is the one who's telling you your emotions are wrong? What if he only makes life for you even more of a living hell unless you targetedly lie about what you feel?

  33. But what happens when someone who you try so hard to be nice to beings up the past or even lies to manipupate wvwryone then turns around and keeps belittling you? How do you not care?

  34. Sometimes all one needs is a reminder that we are in a constant state of perfection (instead of trying to fix fix fix) & that becoming an observer of these emotions, as we are a spirit in a human body, is key… thank you, much needed today 💓

  35. It's hard for me to go back and remember my childhood. I know I got rejected by fellow students allot throughout all grades, even college. I was always shy and introverted. I know my dad got drunk and threw fits periodically. I'm not sure if I can remember any of my emotions. All I know is that I don't have to think any thoughts to feel emotionally lousy all the time. Maybe my switch is always on without my even knowing it. I tried you exercise of feeling the pain and it seemed to help but in no time the pain comes back.

  36. I CAN'T WON'T TRY REMEMBER MY EMOTIONS! It was not good ever. Spiraling. Used to handle depression become sucessful, now my Son has passed and nothing can flip a switch. The fire is blazing so I do stuff to please people who really don't deserve it. I'm so done with all of it!!!

  37. Holy crap! I’ve watched this a few times over the years and it’s finally sunk in!

    There is an emotion (or probably several) that I resist. I feel the resistance in my body but I don’t know what the emotion is I’m actually resisting.

    I only feel the sensation of the resistance which is the uncomfort!
    Now to discover what it is I’m resisting and hopefully I can allow these types of sensations-emotions to flow. I feel this is a BIGGY for me as I feel it a lot.😱

  38. What if I can't recall my childhood in the amount of detail needed for this exercise? All I see are the the situations ( blurry, faded and low detail when I look back to my childhood), but no feelings.

  39. The Table of Contents: its like your talkin to me even when your not.. So l scroll down after the last text and this Chapter appears… l didnt read it, just saw the title to it. My psychicy chooses to watch like reading a book. … Take a look … thats.. nevermind.

  40. I thought the Law of Attraction would bring you more of what you are focusing on and is magnified by emotion? That's the biggest reason why I want to raise my vibration and change my emotion when it is negative. I don't want to attract more of that which I feel bad about It's my life.

  41. Control switch = survival switch and mine was activated from the beginning. I go back and forth with success and relapse periodically.

  42. I have an issue with resistance because when I let go of resistance to my negative emotions, I usually purge by screaming because it's so intense. But this has gotten me kicked out of many living situations, to the point where I don't feel I have an option to embrace the pain without getting myself in trouble. Each time I've been evicted, I feel that my emotions are "dangerous" because when I allow myself to feel them, I lose all control. I don't know what to do about it.

  43. Hello teal. I use to get upset with my self. I learned to expect anything that comes my way. Wen I start watching your videos.I’m Highly great full .

  44. Right on time your video showed up again! I feel very connected to you Teal Swan, and what ever people say about you, to me you are an angel and I only searched by accident online and all these negative videos show up, but honestly on YouTube maybe due to having a YouTube account now payed monthly dormant since a long time and I subscribed to Teal many years ago, and somehow she always got recommended back in to my recommendation and other cool channels as well. So don’t believe everything you hear but resonate with it! And you figure out who’s right or wrong and that doesn’t exist as I learned from Teal, in the universal truth exists no right or wrong! Wow I love you all again, I was afraid I had lost it! ❣ ❣ ❣

  45. I send my mom these videos but she refuses to watch them.. says all my sadness to her constant anger is just cause Im lacking Iron and want to be a victim.. she did all this to the max and still does. Im 29 and she pretty much controls my whole life still. 🙁

  46. Thanks I just realized I see being happy as bad 😬 because when I was happy I was excited and loud and needed to "settle down" because all the adults around me were so exhausted

    That explains why I procrastinate or punish myself for enjoying my work

  47. Wow, it's so bad that I can't even remember a time I was outwardly emotional in childhood. My emotions were private, only I knew about them. I think because that is how my family coped with their emotions, never expressing them to other people and going about life like nothing is wrong. I think the way to deal with emotions was through pretending you feel the exact opposite way that you genuinely feel.

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