What’s The Ideal Level Of Wealth Inequality?

when you ask the american people how much money should the top twenty percent of income
earners in the country make they say thirty two percent so clearly the american people are
capitalists they don’t want one hundred percent equal distribution they don’t
want equality of outcome they just want you quality of opportunity and look very few if anybody is an
actual communist unwanted nearly everything on a boy and it shows you that the top twenty
percent the american people say should make thirty two percent so uh… west’s how much do you think the top twenty
percent actually make the answer is very but it was up more then the ideal they thought the top
twenty percent made more than what they wanted the top
twenty percent to make so they said at probably forty percent
of fifty percent of wealth that’s how much they thought the top twenty percent
mate how much they actually make in the united states the top twenty percent eighty-four percent of the income so let’s go over those numbers one more
time the ideal according to the american
people is a lot more fair we don’t want equal distribution across the board
that’s crazy doesn’t make sense the top twenty percent you make thirty two
percent of the wealth they thought added probably make forty
or fifty percent of wealth in reality they make eighty four percent that’s devastating meanwhile the country’s that week all socialist
likes women in reality they’re not socialist their
was called welfare states or in political science terms social democracies because their hybrid capitalist and
government like we are except they just have slightly more
government than we do and in more of the right places so their top twenty percent in sweden has thirty six percent of the wealth so that means that the american people wireless system that’s more progressive thence we did that something you’re not going to
mainstream media tell you there’s that old-school mantra that they
parrot all the times morrison to write country where center-right country
really based on what because this tell those that were not
just not even a centralized country we’re
just the left country uh… with the rich in this country don’t get and this is the most important part here
is you want people to the original to buy your goods if you’re a captain of
industry just like henry ford said he wanted people to be able to wise cars the level of income inequality that we
have is bad for everybody injuring the golden age of economic
expansion when everybody did well we had the middle class that was the end
the of the world rising tide lifting all boats the top one percent made between eight
percent and twelve percent of the total income right before the great depression in
nineteen twenty nine or that number was twenty four percent right before the great recession in two
thousand a you know that number was twenty four percent you know that number is today twenty four percent better times when the economy’s actually
functioning the numbers between eight percent and twelve percent it varies between their that’s the
amount of income the top one percent when it’s out of whack and we have or recession or depression
or boom-bust cycles that number is twenty four percent i’m not a genius i’m not a mathematician but that seems to me pretty obvious that it’s a big problem

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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