8 thoughts on “What is a “Real Man” in Today’s Narcissistic Society? -EveningTV

  1. It's always been a mystery to me why some or most women are attracted to a pompous alpha male. These guys are the most unfaithful, use em & play em type rying to boost their ego's. Your mere property. But if the female is also a narcissistic thinking like kind it soon will implode in chaotic drama addicted realization that their just looking at a mirror.

  2. Lions are the right analogy……the lioness does all the hard work and the lion lays around waiting for the food to be brought to him. I actually think some of the best providers, partners and fathers, are what those migtow guys would consider beta males.

  3. why do they hate vulnerable people/weakness so much ? Every tome i try to open up about any kind of weakness, narcs will absolutely start amassing ammunition, become resentful or pounce.

  4. Personal question, and if you have videos on the subject you can direct me there.. are you in the 'industry'? Like hollywood or any sort of media?

  5. Overt Narcs never have trouble demanding things the way they want, and assume they are just entitled to having those things delivered with no resistance. Yet, have no pride in taking responsibility for their own choices, and loose standards of personal conduct. So true.

  6. My mom thought her brothers were all the big bad big brothers who would stick up for the sisters and mother too.
    And same for me, I thought : I have big muscular uncles, a dad, and 2 brothers. I'm covered!!
    Nope. The men in my family are actually pretty emasculated. My brothers – well, one is emasculated to the point he's unrecognizable now. And my dad has drank himself into another dimension. And the women, including my mother, controlling queens who rule and control everyone in their (tiny) circle.

  7. This was the perfect storm. I was the loyal empath scapegoat to an overtly narcissistic family and was love bombed by a sociopath (actually diagnosed before the divorced). He flattered my family and spent years laying the groundwork and pulled the trigger when I was clinging to life .

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