What If Humanity Was A Type V Civilization? | Unveiled

What If Humanity Was A Type V Civilization? | Unveiled

What If Humanity Was A Type V Civilization? Ever since we first appeared on Earth, humanity
has been inventing, problem solving, and progressing its technology. Science gave us a way to discover
the universe and to determine what works and what doesn’t, and we’ve used the knowledge
we have to build relatively advanced civilizations and to rise to the top of the food chain.
But is there a final destination for us? An ultimate endgame? Could we reach a point where
there’s nothing left to discover? This is Unveiled and today we’re answering
the extraordinary question; What if humanity was a Type V civilization? Are you a fiend for facts? Are you constantly
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bell for more fascinating content! Type V is the pinnacle of the Kardashev scale,
a system developed by astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev to measure humanity’s technological
advancement based on how much potential energy it can harness. Originally there were only
three levels: A Type I civilization, which can harness all of its home planet’s energy;
a Type II, which uses all of its own star’s energy; and a Type III that can harness all
of the energy in its home galaxy. Kardashev had imagined that this was the upper limit,
but the scale has recently been added to. Now, it’s proposed that Type IV civilizations
can harness the entire universe’s energy, and a Type V – the Type we’re interested
in today – is able to access all of the energy in all of the universes and timelines that
ever have, do or will exist. Right now, we still reside somewhere in the
Type Zero region, not even utilising our own Planet Earth to its full potential to make
it to Type I… so we’re nowhere near close to anything like Type V. But assuming we don’t
annihilate ourselves or die off in some other way, it’s feasible – perhaps even logical
– to think that we’ll continue advancing with each generation and, in time, we’d
soar up and “complete” the Kardashev Scale. So, what would life be like if we did just
that? Well, for starters, it would be almost unimaginable
for us as we are now. Living a Type V existence would mean harnessing all the energy possible
in the Multiverse – which first and foremost means we’d be at a time when the multiverse
“many worlds” theory was not just a confirmed reality, but one that we’d have mastered.
We’d be able to travel anywhere and everywhere, most likely via wormholes, not only within
our own universe, but to any point in any possible universe. In this way, it’s conceivable to think that
such a civilization would’ve reached the acme of their technological prowess; the pinnacle
at which everything that can exist does exist. The energy output for such a scenario is impossible
to predict – or even to fathom. However, it has been estimated that a Type IV civilization
would have an output of 10 Quattuordecillion (that’s 10 to the power of 45) watts of
power. So, given that Type IV would achieve this with just one universe, we’d multiply
that figure by the number of universes that feature in our Type V multiverse… and that’s
the incredible, almost unquantifiable estimate we’re dealing with. For all intents and
purposes, we’d have unlimited energy and boundless potential. What would that mean for our general state
of mind? Well, a Type V civilization would have a complete understanding of every theory
in existence; will have mastered every form of mathematics; will have perfected medicine,
biology, astronomy, physics, and every other branch of science; and will have written all
there is to write. As with our access to energy, our access to knowledge would be almost incomprehensible.
Even highly skilled roles like research scientists and theoretical physicists would now be occupations
of the past, as there’d be no more research needed in any field. Objective truth would
be known throughout humanity and the so-called “theory of everything” will’ve been
identified. Humanity would be masters over the laws of nature, able to manipulate them
as they please. We’d also know of and will’ve catalogued every life form ever to exist in
any universe, past, present, or future. There’d be nothing that we wouldn’t understand! Religion, theology and even more general spirituality
may well have died out at this point, too – or at least the broader inclination to “have
faith” in anything will have passed. We’d now be able to prove or disprove the existence
of a God quite easily by travelling to its dimension, if there is one. We wouldn’t
require faith because we genuinely would know… although this part does depend on your interpretation.
Some would argue that God is inaccessible to humans no matter how advanced we become,
so even under Type V circumstances we’d still fall short of supreme power. There’d be no doubting our powers everywhere
else, though. By the time humanity had even reached a Type II level, we’d basically
be invulnerable to destruction from nature. We could still obliterate ourselves by war,
but natural disasters would no longer be a threat. Storms, earthquakes and volcanoes
would all be manageable; even asteroids would be little more than a passing nuisance, thanks
to our development of various techniques for sidestepping them – including literally moving
planets out of their path. Which means that by the time we transcend to Type V status,
the colossal dangers we encounter today – what some might call “acts of God” – would
be only a very distant memory. Even better, though; for a Type V civilization, even war
would be a thing of the past, with fair and universal cohesion sweeping across existence. Part of the reason for no war could well be
that the fundamental nature of our existence will’ve changed, as well. According to some
projections, a Type V civilization could actually wind up being a non-physical phenomenon. Say,
in our genuinely infinite wisdom, we uncover (or build) a non-physical dimension where
something akin to consciousness can reside… in the interests of ultimate efficiency we
could inhabit that (instead of this tangible world) to achieve an even higher level of
existence. In so doing, we’d have effectively conquered ageing, all disease and even death
– turning ourselves into adaptable, indestructible streams of data while still, in order not
to sacrifice happiness, finding a way to remain content in our new selves. Anyone born into this age wouldn’t have
to fear death and could justifiably expect to live forever. We’d have long-surpassed
even the need for AI prosthetics or artificial organs, as even ultra-advanced robotics that
now seem impossible will’ve become clunky, outdated and unreliable. Even if someone did
somehow die, we’d probably be able to recreate them again; or they’d be able to manipulate
the multiverse into erasing their death or reversing it. For a Type V being, what we’d
today consider “superpowers” would be simple, blink-of-the-eye tasks! Which highlights a philosophical question
at the heart of this heady sci-fi trip… because if humanity was a Type V civilization,
then could it really still consider itself as “humanity” at all? How “human
could it ever really be? We’d have the ability to shape the world around us; to switch between
universal plains; to live for as long as we’d like; and perhaps even to construct for ourselves
a paradisal “afterlife”, if such a place was needed or wanted in a Type V time. The
entire Multiverse would now be our playground and we would exist more like the Gods we envision
today. Finally, and perhaps crucially, with a complete
understanding of all dimensions across multiple universes, we’d also almost inevitably be
able to time travel. We could harness our power to visit every moment in history, leaving
no mystery unsolved and no historical inaccuracy unchecked, collating for ourselves a complete
and definitive record of our existence. In this way, we’d at least be able to revisit
the various “lower levels” of our evolution – even all the way back to the days of “humanity”
as we understand it now. So, though we will’ve likely changed beyond all recognition, every
Type V human would be able to instantly reconnect with the past. At which point, what would be the next step
for us? Nothing, it seems. Right now, there’s no established Type VI to aspire to. As far
as we can contemplate, any being that exists in a Type V civilization will have discovered
everything there is to discover and would know everything there is to know. Our most
fundamental quests for wisdom, knowledge and truth will’ve hit a ceiling and we might
have nothing left to do. A good thing, perhaps… but maybe also our eventual downfall. The fabled Type V existence is an incredibly
far-off dream that may perhaps never materialise. But, if it did, it’d mean we’d have effectively
“completed life”; a considerable achievement, but one that’d leave us without purpose,
wondering what to do next. Regardless, we will have climbed the Kardashev Scale to the
very top. And that’s what would happen if humanity was a Type V civilization. What do you think? Is there anything we missed?
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Author: Kennedi Daugherty

61 thoughts on “What If Humanity Was A Type V Civilization? | Unveiled

  1. i think that humanity is already a type 5 civilization but they dont have anything to do and are immortal so they created this life we live in which is the past for them as a gambling game to see who dies based off of there ancestors decisions . like a complex game of ennee meenee minne mo.

  2. I can never imagine us progressing in the Kardeshev scale mostly because I don’t even see us as a single species we’ve isolated each other so well. Also not to mention corruption will prevent us from progressing as well

  3. At @4:45… Sidestepping asteroids by moving the planet out of its way? Lol, what? Don'y you think it would be infinitely easier to just do it the other way around? Like… nudge the asteroid away from the planet, or just capturing it and a breaking it up? :X Why would you want to mess with your planets orbit around the Sun 😀

  4. if we are to become a level 5 , we already are…in the future, so we have the ability to travel to TODAY and harness TODAYS energy

  5. Me: Ok Mr Type 5 dude, what's your super power ?

    Type 5 guy: I know everything – litteraly.

    Me: Ya ? Do you know "D" ?

    Type 5 dude: Deez nuts ? Nice try ya –

    Me: Your a GOD ! 😂

  6. I feel like TYPE 5 WOULD HAVE EVOLVED AND IMPLANTED WITH TECHNOLOGY THAT WOULD MAKE US THE TYPICAL ALIENS IN UFOS 🛸 👽…you know “THE GRAYS” that have large black eyes, big heads, no ears or nose besides tiny indents where they used to be, and grayish skin. Aliens that are said to communicate with their thoughts AND HAVE ZERO EMOTION/FEELINGS/EMPATHY…WHICH IS SCARY TO THINK ABOUT! WHAT IF ALIEN ABDUCTIONS ARE JUST US WAY IN THE FUTURE COMING BACK TO LEARN ABOUT OUR PAST AND HOW WE CAME TO BE WHAT WE/THEY EVOLVED FROM AND BECAUSE OF TECHNOLOGY THEY HAVE NO UNDERSTANDING OF HUMAN EMOTIONS OF PAIN SO THEREFORE THEY DONT THINK ITS ANY BIG DEAL TO HARM DIFFERENT ANIMALS INCLUDING US…they just want to obtain the knowledge about their pasts because technology is so advanced their access to information about history only dates back so far because of how far along they have come and how many times history has been transferred and retold that it is kind of vague and muddled up with false information. Lol THEORIESSSS

  7. You said several times that being type 5 would mean we'd know all there is to know. Sounds like some kind of Hell when you think about it. If there's nothing left to learn, what's the point?

  8. This video is great at showing just how nonsensical the scale really is. First we would not harness our planets energy, we would use the suns energy first , and another thing being 5 type is such non sense , I don’t know why people even talk about this bullish scale it’s such fantasy no facts here-pure science fiction

  9. I think if we would all speak the same laungade, live together, understand each other, we would me there in no time..

  10. What if a type 5 being came to Earth? it would be like in countering God. Religious people than all people worship the being of great power. What if they are our gods what if the top 5 civilization created our universe what if we evolve and create universes in type 5 type 6 type 7 what if the Big Bang Theory it's just something you can't comprehend from another civilization creating life what if this is all just one big circle of life what if there is a type 5 civilization watching us waiting to see if we evolve and watching many other civilizations see if they will evolve to type 5

  11. Type V civilization won’t be human. Humans can’t handle the requirements that V needs to accomplish like everything you have mentioned. We are too weak, too stupid, and not adequate enough for that.

  12. If we discovered a way to access any point in time, we'd probably see time travellers unless they go into another timeline.

  13. I guess Kardashev Scale 6 would be the capability to build a whole new reality and control it as a God, much like the gods we envision today. Perhaps they were beings from a type 6 civilization who had attained mastery over all forms of science and taught us the way of life and I guess that is how the cycle would continue to repeat. We all attain nothingness in the end

  14. Type V is the one we're living in right now. We are bored in the "real" world as we have accomplished all there is to accomplish, so we created this simulation to stay in and experience what being a finite being is once again.

  15. Type V.
    To reach such a place would require us to no longer have corporeal bodies, actually, since all things are energy at the most fundamental level. We wouldn't require starships, since we could literally move ourselves from one location to another via some existential energy movement, rather than carrying atoms at X speed in starships. We'd be able to form and un-form matter at will, bend the fabric of space-time at will, and would be something very near a god, for all practical purposes.

  16. If only NASA for example had even the half of the military funding we would already be so much more advanced than what we are right now.

  17. Argument against religion turns into religious speak about consciousness. God is in a dimension… doesn’t understand the first quality of God. Mostly pseudospiritual rubbish…

  18. The earth is a centre of universe the sun, moon and the stars are located in side the firmament and not out side.
    NASA stupefied everyone with CGI Space is scientifically impossible research it. NASA with all their money and spaceships just give us lie and cartoon style CGI.

  19. If we wanted type 1 everyone and I mean everyone would have to have an open mind probably about everything seems difficult to see but who knows

    Let’s get to type 1 first

  20. You know what? Idk what we'd do as a type 5 civilization. Like, I don't know AT ALL. And I'll probably never know. But as I'm writing this, I relaized a type 5 civilization can harness all energy in the multiverse, so isn't that akin to harnessing energy itself at it's most fundamental level? Like if we can harness energy itself, and not just say electricity, but the very fabric of reality (as energy and mass are pretty interchangeable, and things like gravity, light, blackholes, dark energy, etc. are pretty much just forms of energy or matter) itself, even if we could do it on say the smallest of scales, doesn't that mean we could "technically" harness all energy in every existance…? It's like saying we have complete control over every proton, neutron, and electron in an atom, and we can get those nuclei and electrons to donwhatever we want. Wouldn't the only thing left to do would be to figure out how to scale it up infinitely? I think the same would apply if we can figure out how to control pure energy on it's most findamental scale. All we'd need to do is scale it up.

  21. It would actually be very weird , the main purpose of any organism is to survive and continue its species having ascended so massively from this purpose people would probably die more from suicide than any other cause

  22. this one is crazy.. really??? harvest ALL the energy from all the universes?? i hope no one pays these people to think up this drivvle.. hell i could do that.. such a silly waste of money

  23. Under type 5 we’d have the ability to create our own universe never mind accessing one in any dimension. This theory alone is why there could be a civilisation who are already at the point or even god himself has this ability as if everything exists because of him a god would have to live outside the concept of time and any beginning.

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