What happened in Final Fantasy VI? (RECAPitation)

What happened in Final Fantasy VI? (RECAPitation)

Released by Square in 1994 for the Super Nintendo,
Final Fantasy 6 would be the turning point and start of a new era of games for the franchise.
It was directed by Hiroyuki Ito, one of the last original crew members since the original
Final Fantasy who would later direct Final Fantasy 9 and 12, and Yoshinori Kitase, who
would later direct Final Fantasy 7 and 8, though it was still written by the series
creator Hironobu Sakaguchi. For story, it was decided to feature an ensemble cast of
characters, in which none of them were the official main character, so stronger writing
would be needed for the 14 main playable members as party leadership would change hands several
times. Also, the story would no longer be about the iconic crystals, and the world setting
would be a more modern industrial-heavy one with steam punk vibes. In addition, for the
first time in the series, the player had greater agency in the story with several multiple
choice scenarios with real consequences for the rest of the game, as well as the second
half of the game being completely nonlinear while still maintaining a focused story. For
music, for the first time in the series, every main character, even the villain, would receive
their own theme music, and many of the series longest orchestrations would be composed,
such as Dancing Mad, the Ending Theme, and the operatic Aria di Mezzo carattere. For
progression, like Final Fantasy 4, each character is based on an iconic class role and has a
unique special ability, but beyond that, relics could now be equipped to impart even more
abilies to further customize characters. In addition, the Magicite, or Esper system, were
plot-related artifacts that allowed characters to learn magic and permanently improve stats
beyond normal progressions, meaning neary every character could be customized to nearly
any role. For combat, Final Fantasy 5’s ATB system would be used again, though only 4
teammates could be fielded at once, but introduced a new mechanic called the Desperation Attack,
in which once dropped to low health, every character had their own custom overwhelming
attack that could come out, a mechanic that would be reused in later installments. The
game also introduced party switching to the series, allowing the player to change which
active team members they wanted to use, while being free to swap with benched members between
dungeons. Also introduced was dynamic party shifting, in which when the group was split
up into multiple parties to tackle a dungeon or scenario at the same time, the player could
switch control between the groups between battles. Finally, the game started a few more
series firsts, such as nonhuman party members, secret optional party members, unique sprites
for different weapons the characters can wield, a monster arena colosseum, the iconic series
monster Cactuar and breaking the 4th wall multiple times for comedic, introduction,
or instructional reasons. Keep in mind the orginal American release of this game was
a censored version called Final Fantasy 3, so don’t mind minor discrepancies. The story
only gets larger from here, so let’s cut it down to size with a RECAPitation. 1000 years ago, the War of the Magi left the
world scorched and suddenly devoid of magic. Now, people have long since moved on and advanced
society using science and technology, though there are still those who would seek to rediscover
the lost power known as “magic”. We now see two soldiers of the Empire, Biggs and Wedge,
string along a mysterious girl, as they pilot their mech suits, seeking to capture a powerful
magic being called an Esper that has been discovered in the town of Narshe. They comment
on Terra’s powerful sorcery as they cross the snowy fields outside of the town, but
also remark she’s safely under a mind control crown. The town guard is crushed under their
Magitek Armor, as they force their way to the recent mine shafts that unearthed the
Esper. Finding it, the esper seems to suddenly send out waves of magical energy, killing
Biggs and Wedge, making a connection with the girl, and destroying her mech. The next
thing she knows, she wakes up in a stranger’s home who found her and removed her slave crown,
though she can remember little of her past and magic beyond her own name, Terra. Suddenly,
town guards catch up to her, demanding her capture, and though she tries to escape though
the mines, she is cornered, takes a bad tumble, and is knocked out. She dreams of the recent
past, in which Imperial Court Mage Kefka, was the one to place her under his control
with the slave crown, as a test to carry out its effectiveness and leverage Terra’s destructive
power. She recalls being a doll of the Empire, and once, Emperor Gestahl, alongside his right-hand
man Kefka, and General’s Leo and Celes, made the proclamation that he was on the eve of
reviving magic and using it to take over the world. At the same time, Locke, the treasure-hunting
rogue, comes into the home of the same old man, who remarks Narshe can only win its independance
from the Empire if it joins forces with the underground resistance movement, the Returners,
whom they are both members of. As Terra was really a mind-controlled tool of the Empire,
if they save her now, perhaps she would aid them in their cause with her power. Locke
agrees, and is told to also make his way to the kingdom of Figaro and speak with its king.
As he swings into Terra’s rescue, he finds her unconscious, and himself terribly outnumbered.
Fortunately, a platoon of well-armed and adorable Moogles come out not only offering to help
Locke and Terra, but also defend their home. One of the squad leaders, named Mog, is actually
a powerful geomancer, able to dance and channel the power of the planet to help win the battle.
After the fight, Terra wakes up with brief amnesia, and Locke swears to stay by her and
protect her until her memory returns. Heading south and crossing the desert to Figaro,
they enter its high-tech castle and meet with its young king, whose also a master machinist
and lady’s man, Edgar. On the surface, Figaro and the Empire are allies, and after hitting
on Terra and failing, Edgar leaves with Locke as it turns out he’s a double agent working
with the Returners against the Empire. As Terra begins figuring herself out, she learns
Edgar is such a young king mainly because his father died realtively early, and his
twin brother Sabin relinquished the throne and left the kingdom in pursuit of a monastic
life. At this time, Kefka, the self-serving and short tempered mage himself arrives on
the doorsteps of Figaro, following rumors of Terra’s escape here. Edgar decides to lie
and cover for Terra, but in response, Kefka uses his magic to set fire to the whole castle
and pressure Edgar to surrender her. Edgar gives the signal and leaps down upon a few
readied steeds of his chocobo knights, and tricks Kefka into coming out to confront them.
Once outside, Figaro castle locks out Kefka, and transforms into a landship, able to even
subermerge and move in soft earth and sand, burrowing underground and literally leaving
Kefka in the dust as the group flees. However, the Magitek Armor is fast enough to catch
a chocobo as they fight together for the first time, and Terra shocks both Edgar and Locke
with a show of magic, However, they quickly realize that Terra isn’t the witch the rumors
say she is, despite her power, and accept her for who she is, and Terra is grateful
for their friendship. After the battle, they ask Terra to meet with their leader Banon,
not only as a key player of the war, but also to help her understand herself. Traveling to the town of South Figaro, they
spot the mercenary legendary ninja assassin, Shadow, though decide not to do business with
him for now. Further along, they pass by a lonely cottage and Edgar is surprised to find
evidence of his brother there, who apparantly left for the nearby Mt. Kolts to confront
his Martial Arts master’s killer. Their progress is halted by Vargas, a training rival to Edgar’s
brother Sabin, who attacks them, but Sabin himself intervenes, upset at Vargas killing
their master, who was also Vargas’s father. Vargas blows the rest of them away with his
own techniques, but Sabin stands his ground, channeling his powerful ki with secret school
blitzes, and `pummelling Vargas with dozens of blows so fast he didn’t know he was already
dead. Turning now to the group, the Figaro brothers are reunited for the first time in
years, and Sabin offers to lend his muscles to the aide of his brother and fight the Empire. (Pummel is a reference to Ryo’s Raging Fist
move from Art of Fighting. Aura Cannon is a reference to Ryu’s (shinku)Hadouken move
from Street Fighter. The Blitz uses the same inputs as the fighting games) Arriving at the next mountain over, they enter
the Returners hideout and meet Banon, who asks Terra to help them fight the Empire.
However, Terra is unsure as she doesn’t really have a motivation to go and fight the Empire,
even though used as a puppet, and can’t understand why strangers would place so much hope in
her. Regardless, a wounded messenger limps in that South Figaro is the latest victim
in a string of hostile occupation invasions done by the Empire recently, and worse yet,
they are on their way here. Immediately, Locke mobilizes to return to South Figaro to sabotage
troop movement there and buy them time, meanwhile Edgar wishes to return to Narshe via a river,
and investigate the Esper the Empire failed to claim. Banon agrees and joins the group,
and Terra agrees to come as it may be a clue to her ability to speak to Espers. Hopping aboard a raft, they ride the currents
and protect Banon until they bump into a very loud and lecherous octopus named Ultros, who
attempts to grab Terra. Fending him off, Sabin dives in after Ultros, but overshoots and
is swept away by the raging river. At this time, three scenarios play out concurrently,
and with Terra, they manage to arrive safely outside Narshe again. Sneaking in, they meet
with their Returner contact from before, and he informs them Narshe declined their help,
wishing to stay neutral in all this. Turning to Terra, Edgar and Banon now must leave the
Esper in her hands. Over with Locke, he sneaks back into South
Figaro, steals the clothes straight off a merchant and officer there, infiltrates the
troops, and sees one of the enemies generals chained to a wall and getting beaten up under
charge of treason. She’s actually Celes, the mage knight produced by the empire’s genetic
engineering but is still pure-hearted. Apparantly, during the conquest of the resiliant eastern
kingdom of Doma, she opposed Kefka’s tactic of poisoning their water supply and mass murdering
everyone there. She’s punched until she blacks out, and after the guard gets light, Locke
sneaks in and frees her. She’s surprised at his attitude during her rescue, as she can
barely move now and would be a burden to protect. Locke jumps at the opportunity to swear to
protect her, though it turns out she actually has the ability to use magic and siphon it
too, which aides in their escape as they also head back to Narshe through the caves. Finally, Sabin has drifted far away and happens
to run into Shadow again, who tells him he’s outside the Imperial military camp that’s
about to attack Doma Castle, and the only way back to Narshe, is through Doma. He offers
to show him through, but since he’s a mercenary and not being paid for this, this isn’t a
permanent partnership. In the imperial camp, its apparant General Leo is more popular and
respected, but Kefka has been seizing more power for himself recently, which worries
the troops who question if he’s even human. Kefka comes out right as the assault on Doma
castle begins, and their numbers overwhelm the Doma forces. Within, Cyan, samurai retainer
to the king, and master of the 8 techniques of the Hissatsu Ken Sword Style (“Certain
Kill Sword”), suggests going straight for the commander and defeating them to cripple
the invasion. Making his way to the enemy commander, Cyan is a manslayer easily cutting
through all troops in his path, and the enemy flees when they see his victory. Doma then
decides to use the window to tighten their defenses and stall out the enemy invasion.
This news reachs General Leo in camp, who in wisdom and compassion for his troops decides
to respond to Doma’s turtling with patience, though he is suddenly summoned back to Emperor
Gestahl, leaving command of the army to Kefka. Nearby, Sabin notes what a good guy General
Leo actually is, but the vile Kefa impatiently decides to reenact his plan of poisoning the
water supply of Doma, despite Leo’s request to fight this war humanely. Kefka orders the
poison to be dumped, despite his own soldiers in the way, and Sabin can take no more. He
jumps out before Kefka, but the mage has no intention of slugging it out, instead opting
for a fighting retreat, distracting Sabin long enough to dump the poison and watch gleefully
as the effects are almost immediate. Cyan recognizes it as poison and rushes to check
in on the King, but sees he’s too late. He and another sentry are all that’s left, and
Cyan is horrified to see his wife and child among the victims. He flies into rage, swearing
no quarter to the Empire, and storms singlehandedly into the Imperial Camp. Sabin comes in offering
to help him fight the soldiers,and psycho Cyan calms down after a few fights. With the
window to escape open, they hijack a few Magitek Armors, and rampage their way out of the camp.
With no where to go, Cyan opts to also help Sabin to Narshe and points out a route they
can take to the south beyond the forest. However, as they enter the forest, they notice
things start getting a little spooky, and they see a train and railway of Doma Cyan
was positive was already destroyed. Sabin thinks there may be survivors of Doma inside,
so he opts to check it out, but Cyan gets a bad feeling about this. The door locks behind
them and Cyan suddenly realizes this is the Phantom Train, here to carry the dead to the
other side. Finding all manner of friendly and unfriendly spirits about, as well as luxurious
services, they are ambushed by a person claiming to be the master swordsman Siegfried, though
he’s laughably weak, and afterwards they head to the engine, keen to get off the train before
its too late. Forcing the emergency brakes, the train itself comes alive, and the group
is now forced to outrun and fight the train at the same time. FOrtunately, Sabin’s sheer
strength is enough to suplex the entire train, and it concedes to allowing only them off.
Still, it must do its rounds first, and Cyan is distrught to see his wife, child and the
dead of Doma get on, forced to say goodbye as the Phantom Train rolls out. They are dropped off near Barren Falls, where
to the south are the wildlands of the Veldt, where every monster in the world cohabitates.
Shadow takes his leave at this time, and Sabin is grateful for the ninja’s help. Figuring
the fastest way down the colossal waterfall is by jumping, they leap off of barren falls,
fight in mid-air all the way down against the aquatic monsters pursuing them, and are
knocked out by the mighty current as they are swept up on the Veldt. There, they are
found by a boy named Gau who survives in this no man’s land by living with the beasts and
harnessing a primal energy within enabling him to rage out and copy any monster and their
powers. Sabin comes to, which startles Gau away, and they make it to the frontier village
of Mobliz, where they buy a meal, and learn of an underwater breathing device. They return
to the Veldt and give the meal to Gau, who cheekily insists they give him more. Sabin
and Gau scuffle and find themselves respecting each other’s strength, and Cyan invites Gau
to be their friend and come along with them. In return, Gau gifts them with the Scuba gear
he swiped from Mobliz village, and the party now opts to ride the Serpent Trench rapids,
fighting monsters underwater this time as they go, and this time arrive in the town
of Nikeah where they grab a ferry to South Figaro and make it to Narshe. Back in Narshe, Edgar is unsuccessful in persuading
the town Elder to take action, even though the Empire is on their doorstep, and won’t
let Narshe’s stance of neutrality stop them from trying again to invade and take the Esper
in their mines. At this time, Sabin comes in with Cyan and the dismal news that Doma
has fallen to the Empire and was wiped out by Kekfa in particular. The Elder is still
reluctant, but now Locke comes in with Celes and information that the Empire is poised
to attack Narshe this very second. Cyan recognizes Celes as the General who torched down Maranda,
but Locke interjects, insisting she has truly defected to their side now. Edgar points out
the Empire is evil, but not all of its citzens are, like Terra, who used to be one of their
soldiers. At this time, Kefka arrives with squads of
troops and magitek armor to not fail again in claiming the Esper, even if it means burning
down Narshe. The elder cannot deny the war any longer and agrees to ally with the Returners,
while also mentioning they moved the Esper from the mines to the hills to hide it. The
group of 7 now march out to protect the Esper while Narshe defends itself, and take the
time for the new faces to get aquainted. Edgar tells the ladies Locke has a complicated past
that compels him to protect women in distress, so its more guilt than romance-driven. Celes
and Terra bond as magic users, though Terra is naturally magical while she was made artificially
magical at birth. Cyan still doesn’t trust Celes, but she counters to let her actions
prove herself. On the snowy hills, the group assembles and splits into 3 teams using their
talents and teamwork to defeat Kefka and force him to withdraw. Now before the Esper, its
knocks aside everyone but Terra, and as it resonates with her, Terra suddenly transforms
into a tremendously powerful being, flying away with an inhuman scream, much to everyone’s
surprise. Deciding what to do now, they agree to split
up with one group staying behind to guard the Esper, and an away team to search for
and rescue Terra who was seen going Westward. Edgar says they can use Figaro castle to slip
behind the Empire and cross the sea, and while in Figaro castle, Sabin reflects on the past.
The previous king died, possibly due to foul play from the Empire, and on his deathbed
wanted Figaro to be divided between the twin brothers. Sabin couldn’t stand the politics
and dismissal of his father’s untimely death, and opted to just leave it all. He knew Edgar
wanted the same freedom, but Edgar pointed out one of them had to succeed the throne
and protect the realm. To decide who got freedom and who got the crown, they settled it with
a fateful coin toss, with the winner choosing their path and no regrets. He insisted on
Sabin winning on a call of heads, and the rest of the 10 years was history. As the castle arrives near Kohlingen, they
follow clues of Terra and run into old ally Shadow here, though he’s much more mercenary
this time. As they move onward to the affluent town of Jidoor, noted for its upper class
living with auction house and art gallery, overnight Shadow is still haunted by his past.
Once he was a man named Clyde who pulled off the train heist of the century with his friend
Baram, changing thier bandit alias to the name Shadow. However, as they fled authorities,
Baram was mortally wounded, and urged Baram to mercy kill him rather than being caught
but Clyde refused and ran away instead, greatly upsetting Baram. Making it to the backwater
town of Thamasa, the village dog Interceptor found him and called over a woman who nursed
him back to health. Continuing on Terra’s trail , they find the
destitute town of Zozo, where thugs and thieves roam the slums. Edgar finds a chainsaw to
add to his arsenal and uses it to tear through the deceitful killers that obstruct their
path, eventually finding Terra, disoriented and still in an Esper form. An old man named
Ramuh appears before them, explaining that she is afraid right now, and is surprised
to learn from the party that her name is Terra. He reveals he too is an Esper, which shocks
them, as Espers were thought to come from another world. He explains some live right
here too, just disguised as humans, as espers and humans can’t live together anymore, despite
once ago living together in harmony. That was. however, until humans began extracting
magical powers from Espers, and thus the War of the Magi was fought. After the war, the
Espers created their own world and lived there until about 20 years agao, when humans who
knew of Magitek and Espers stumbled upon it. Afterwards, Espers were hunted again, and
Emperor Gestahl gained the power to fuel an invincible army that is now conquering the
world town by town. The espers managed to throw the humans out of their world and seal
the portal, but many Espers like him are still trapped in this world, and have been captured
by the empire and subjected to insane research that drains their powers. He himself has been laying low here disguised
as a human, but when he sensed Terra awaken as an esper in a panic, he summoned her here
with his magic, only to learn she’s actually different from a normal esper. He explains
until Terra can cope with her realized existence, then she’ll stay a shut-in, but one of his
captured Esper friends may be able to help her. He also shares that the Empire has it
wrong, as the true power cannot be extracted from an Esper while its alive, but only when
it becomes an artifact called Magicite can their true power be transferred, which happens
when they die. They agree to help Terra and to aide them, Ramuh gives them the Magicite
of his fallen friends, and chooses to surrender his own life to atone for hiding all this
time, urging them to stop the War of the Magi from repeating. At this time, the rest of the party catches
up, and they review what they know so far. The Empire is trying to drain magic from live
Espers they captured, and Celes confirms she’s heard rumors to that effect, though even she’s
not familiar of the procedure they used to give her magic. They agree going in to rescue
the Espers needs to be their new focus, and split again into 2 groups, as protecting the
Esper in Narshe is even more important now. Celes volunteers to go as her knowledge of
the Empire should help, and Locke opts to go with her, though Shadow takes this opportunity
to bow out of service to the group. However, getting to the Empire is a different issue,
as the Empire is across the sea to the south, and no boats go there, so they think to look
for help in the southern town of Jidoor. In town, they find that Celes is an incidental
lookalike to famous opera singer Maria, and the Director of the Opera House is distressed
that Maria is being solicited by the wandering gambler, a man named Setzer. Setzer fairly
famous as a card player and world traveler, but he’s more famous as the owner and pilot
of the world’s only airship. The director is worried as Setzer’s letter suggests Setzer
will try abducting Maria, and Locke thinks that an Airship will easily cross the seas
south, and opts to set up a meeting with Setzer. In Kohlingen, Locke stops by the real source
of his grief, his former fiance Rachel, who saved his life from a collapsing bridge when
they were out treasure hunting, and while she survived the terrible accident, she lost
all of her memories. Their relationship dissolved, Locke left to allow her to recover. After
another year, the empire attacked the town and she was one of the casualties, though
right before passing, her memory returned and she called out for him. To this day, Locke
feels the guilt and failure of not being by her side twice now, and thus takes his vows
of protection very seriously as atonement. When he did return to the town, he took her
body to a crazy herbalist who managed to preserve her body perfectly, and since then, Locke
has constantly pursued some way to revive her. Arriving at the Opera House, they find the
Director still worried about Setzer, but also cannot afford to cancel the show. Locke suggests
the plan of letting Setzer crash the production and allowing him to take Maria, only Celes
will be Maria’s decoy and they’ll follow Setzer to his airship. The director likes this plan,
and while Celes rejects the notion at first she actually goes along with it fairly eagerly,
even if her singing needs work. To the side, Ultros happens to be there and overhears their
plan, and wants to foil it as revenge. After they prep for the production, the group gets
premier seating though Locke decides to double check on Celes. Locke is impressed with how
nicely Celes cleans up, but Celes wishes to confirm a suspicion with him that when Locke
was saving her, in his mind he was really saving Rachel, though he evades the question.
She practices her lines and impresses everyone with a asurprisingly moving and ace performance. Just then, Locke catched Ultros’s threat to
crash the show, and they spot him in the rafters, looking to drop a giant weight onto Celes.
With only 5 minutes to spare, they hurry to confront Ultros coincidentally as the battle
scene plays out on stage, though they both end up slipping onto the real stage. The Director
ad libs the turn of events, and despite Locke’s and Ultros’s terrible acting, the crowd erupts
into cheer as they continue their real battle on stage before them. Ultros is beaten and
exits stage right, but just then Setzer makes a dashing leap onto stage, kidnapping Celes
and flying away, leaving Part 1 on a cliffhanger. However, the party’s plan works as they sneak
onboard his airship after Celes, seeing the luxurious first class casino Setzer had built
into the cabin. Setzer sees the ruse now, and ignores their request to go to the Imperial
Capital City of Vector, and their claims the Empire is evil. He strikes them a deal that
if Celes agrees to marry him, then he’ll work with the party, and Celes challenges Setzer
to a coin toss to settle it, heads he goes with them, tails she marries him. As she gets
a coin from Edgar, the gambler can’t resist the game and accepts, and the fateful coin
toss comes up heads. Setzer inspects the coin and is amused Celes used Edgar’s two-headed
coin to dupe him. Still he takes a liking to the party and honors the bet, anting up
the stakes of the game with his life and airship. the Blackjack, on the line. With the world open to them now, they travel
to the imposing capital city of Vector, though land outside to avoid suspicion. They make
it to Vector, where the city and citizens are highly convenienced by the innovation
of the Magitek Research Lab there. In fact, they learn Kefka himself was the first prototype
Magic Knight from the lab, but something mentally snapped ever since, and also General Leo actually
refused magic infusion. They receive a helpful distraction from a Returners sympathizer in
town, and sneak onto the girders leading in to the facility. Once inside, they navigate
past all the factory machinery and spy Kefka within, getting drunk with the power they
are extracting from the espers and mentioning something about restoring the Statues. They
then see him toss the bodies of the drained espers out with the common garbage. Upon inspection,
the espers lash out at the party, though with their new gift of magic they stand a chance.
Fortunately, the espers recognize Ramuh with them and with their last bit of life agree
to trust their fate to the party as magicite. Finding the lab with the captured espers,
the espers choose to give themselves as magicite as well, but the party is spotted by Professor
Cid who is intrigued to learn an Esper’s power is truly transferred when they die. The magicite
break out of their containers and are claimed by the party, and Cid wonders if Celes came
back to them as a spy. Now Kefka comes out, happy to learn that magicite can be claimed
by dead espers, and orders Celes to give them all of their claimed magicite. Celes urges
Locke to beleive she’s not a spy, but he hesistates, and in doing so Kefka takes the opportunity
to knock them down with magic and soldiers. Wanting to prove her loyalty to the party
Celes then stands up to counter Kefka’s magic and teleport all foes away with her. Cid comes out and decides to help the party,
explaining he was used by Kekfa like Kefka is using the Empire. Seeing now the true nature
of magic, he’s inspired to go to the Emperor directly to talk to him about stopping the
war, but for now he’ll help the party escape on behalf of Celes whom he raised since a
baby like his own daughter. Wishing to atone for the crimes he helped enable, Cid sends
the party away on a rapid railcart that gets the party out pronto despite pursuing monsters.
Setzer is on standby in the Blackjack, and after they destroy the crane arms Kefka deployed
to capture them, they return to Zozo, catching Setzer up to the party’s story so far. Returning to Terra, one of the magicite resonates
strongly with Terra, and suddenly, Terra not only comes to her senses, but also remembers
her past that she was actually born in the Esper’s world. The magicite in particular,
Maduin, shares with them his story, as once he was the Gate Keeper to the Esper World,
when he found a collapsed woman named Madonna, He helped her recover and while there was
friction at first, they became closer and eventually fell in love, with a child they
named Terra resulting from the union. 2 years passed, and Gestahl and his army believed
and followed the ancient Writings telling of the Esper world, invading it and abducting
every Esper they could. The elder decided to raise a magic barrier that would eject
the invaders, but Madonna suddenly took Terra to the gate, and when Maduin went to get them
back, he was too late and they all got swept out of the Esper World which sealed itself
again. Madonna urged Gestahl to take care of Terra, and Gestahl was fascinated at the
hybrid baby intending to use it to further his power, so he killed Madonna and captured
Maduin to close any witnesses. After the story, Terra is restored to normal,
accepting of her father the Esper and more in control of her powers now. Seeking to strike
back at the Empire, they return to the front lines at Narshe, where the town has finally
decided to stand against the Empire. At the moment the plan is to combine Narshe’s resources
with Figaro’s machinery to assault the Empire, but they are still short on manpower. However,
Were they to ally with the Espers, they could catch the Empire in a pincer attack, but this
means they must approach the Esper World and convince them to ally with them. Espers have
plenty of reasons to distrust them, but Terra can act as an ambassador, given how her very
existance proves Espers and Humans can exist together. She agrees to help, though along
the way they spot a theif named Lone Wolf making off with a treasure. Giving chase,
they follow him to the same caves a sasquatch is rumored to live in, and when they corner
him next to the esper, he takes a moogle hostage. However, this isn’t just any moogle, but Mog,
who struggles against his captor and leaves them both on a limb. Returning the live-saving
favor, they save Mog and he surprises them with not only his ability to talk, but ability
to sass and dance. Lone Wolf gets away, and Mog tells them he was told in a dream from
Ramuh to expect the party here, and he’s actually eager to join the group. With another ally in tow, they arrive before
the gate to the esper world, though must cross through a camp the Imperials set up there.
However, they find it eeriely abandoned, and pass on through to the sealed gate itself,
but when they are about to approach, Kefka comes out, having followed them there. Gestahl
figured Terra would approach the Espers, and so let the group approach the gate unopposed
and figured they would open it for them. The group holds off Kefka to buy her time to ask
the Espers for help, and the gate actually opens for her in her Esper form. The power
beyond makes even Kefka nervous, as espers like Bahamut and Deathgaze come out, blowing
Kefka and the group away. This causes a rockslide to bury the gate again, and they note the
Espers headed off towards Vector glowing with an obvious anger. Following in the Blackjack,
the Blackjack is knocked aside by the power of the Espers and makes an emergency crash
landing. Traveling back to Vector, they see the capital city has been demolished, and
Returner forces have advanced in. The party is granted audience by an expectant
Emperor, who deflatedly admits he has no more will to fight, and Cid explains the Espers
came out to rescue their friends in Vector, learned they all died, and in their wrath
destroyed the Empire’s Capital City, standing army, and Emperor Gestahl’s morale in a single,
overwhelming stroke. With their war machine gone and with no desire to see the world burn,
the Empire is surrendering the war and hoping the espers will stop their berserking. As
part of the end of the war, he wishes to discuss the matter further over dinner as a celebration
for peace, though Cid urges the party to quell any turmoil lingering among the troops. As
it turns out, Kefka has been imprisoned for war crimes, including the genocide of Doma. As the dinner begins, a discussion full of
politics and calculated wordplay begins, as Cid decides to join the Returners, the Emperor
apologizes on behalf of Kefka’s poisoning and is working to reverse it, and agrees with
Celes that the war was foolish especially in light of the rampaging Espers. He orders
an immediate end to the war and urges them all to cooperate to soothe the rampaging Espers,
whom have headed north to Crescent Island. They will not trust a human, but Terra can
speak to them and they ask for her help on this. The party agrees, and on this mission,
Gestahl has the renowned General Leo accompany them. Locke volunteers to go with Terra, but
urges the rest of the group to stay here and investigate, as he doesn’t buy that the Empire
turned over a new leaf so quickly despite the ceasefire. They all agree, and while Cid
offers to help Setzer speed repairs on the Blackjack, Setzer takes the custom tuning
of his ship very personally. Reason being, when he was younger, he was a best friend
and rival to a girl named Daryl who owned the Falcon, an airship that undisputably the
fastest ship, though he was constantly racing her. One day, she flew too fast and too high
and never came back, and since that day he felt he lost his spirit. As they catch up to General Leo and the ship
that will take them to Crescent Island, he introduces them to General Celes, clearly
unaware she’s been helping the Returners already, and Shadow, whom he’s hired as a mercenary
for this mission. That night, Locke meets with Celes to apologize for doubting her even
for a second, and assures her he’s still her friend, but she’s not ready to talk to him
yet. As they sail off, Terra tells General Leo that she questions which parts of her
are human, like her heart and if its capable of feelings like love. He encourages her to
give it time, and even Shadow agrees only she can find the answer for herself. They
arrive at Crescent Island and split into two groups to search for the Espers. Both generals
go off on their own, and Terra, Locke, and Shadow investigate the town of Thamasa, where
its rumored magic still exists. The townsfolk deny everything but there is evidence to the
contrary. They approach an old loremaster named Strago for any information on Espers,
but he also denies anything, albeit very poorly. At this time, his grandaughter, the young
artist Relm spills the beans they can use magic, and as she approaches Interceptor to
play, even Shadow is dumbstruck that his dog is so oddly friendly to her. Strago still
denies everything, but that night there is a fire in a house and Relm is trapped inside.
Strago asks for the party’s help, but the flames are too strong. He then decides to
break the town taboo and openly unleashes magic to quell the flames, and then opts to
charge in to rescue Relm. As Locke and Terra support Strago, they see he’s a blue mage
and retired mage warrior able to learn and use the magic of monsters as well. They fight
past the flames and flame monsters to find a collapsed Relm and Interceptor who was pulling
her to safety and defending her. The house starts to fall on them and knocks them out,
but Shadow leaps in and saves the whole group from the encroaching flames just in time. The next day, after Relm recovers, Strago
admits this town is secretly home to the last of the mage warriors, descendants of those
who claimed magic from the Espers centuries ago and started the War of the Magi, and are
now shunned and thought dead for it. They used to be hunted and killed for their magic
use, and while weaker, they are still magically gifted. Locke asks Strago to help them look
for the Espers, and Strago agrees as payback for saving Relm. Outside, Strago exchanges
a few words to Shadow, who shrugs off the rescue as a bonus from him really wanting
to save his dog. He leaves to search for the Espers in his own way, and the party decides
to investigate a nearby cave. Within, they discover the three golden statues of the goddesses
whom are thought to have literally created magic. While these are just statues the Espers
made and placed here and the real stone statues of the goddesses are hidden elsewhere, they
are still brimming with magic power. They suspect the Espers likely came here attraced
to the magic power of the statues, and before leaving they read the inscriptions on the
statues. Long ago, there were 3 banished goddesses
that began warring amongst themselves, and any humans unlucky to get caught between their
fighting were transformed into Espers and used a living weapons. Eventually, they realized
the foolishness of their fight and agreed to stop, give the Espers back their free will,
sealed themselves in stone and asked the Espers to let the Goddesses stay sleeping in stone.
These statues also act as promises from the Espers to keep the godesses sealed and prevent
their abuse. As they step away, Ultros ambushes them and seeks to steal the statue for glory,
and they fight once again. However, during the fight, Relm, who was following them this
entire time, comes in, and casually offers to draw a portrait of Ultros. The group falls
in line with Relms ruse, and trick the dumb octopus, for Relm’s magical
talent is expressed in her unique ability to give life to the pictures she draws. Her
ability to capture life is so good she can actually tame monsters too. When faced with
Relm’s Pictomancy, Ultros is ashamed of how awful he looks and runs away. Afterwards,
Relm insists on helping the party alongside Strago after proving her usefulness, and Strago
resignedly allows her along. Eventually, they find the Espers, but are
soon surrounded. They sense a familiarity within Terra and begin to talk, explaining
that they are the espers that happened to be near the gate, trying to figure out how
to rescue their friends, when at the same time, Terra opened the gate. They mention
they suddenly became berserk once they entered this world and actually apologize for leveling
an entire city, and Strago wonders if there is something different about this world that
caused Terra and the other espers to lose control at first. For now, Locke extends the
Empires peace offer and the Espers agree to come along and talk things out. Back in Thamasa, the espers and the empire
meet together, with both sides admitting to wronging the other, and almost restarting
the War of the Magi. Even Locke tries to patch things up with Celes, however, they are all
shocked when they hear Kefka’s iconic laugh, and see him not only out of jail, but supported
by magitek armor. He blows the group away except for General Leo, who confronts Kefka.
Kefka then explains this is per the orders of Emperor Gestahl, as once he learned magicite
is gained by dead Espers, he ordered and equipped Kefka to kill the Espers that fled here once
they were found. He kills every esper present for the peace talks, collects the magicite
remains, and orders Thamasa burned down as well. Refusing to tolerate Kefka’s heinous acts
any longer, Leo battles Kefka, but finds this was just an illusion, as the real Kefka ambushes
and backstabs him. Now, magical waves from the sealed cave are felt even from here, as
the rockslide is burst open again and more espers come out to help their comrades. However,
Kefka is ready this time, as he unleashes the power of his collected magicite to wipe
out his own troops and neutralize the Espers powers. Defenseless against the power-tripping
mage, Kefka is unstoppable against the Espers as he slaughters them wholesale, grows more
powerful with each magicite collected, and declares the dawn of his own Empire and plans
to go to the Espers World. As the group wakes up, Kefka has already hurried
away, so they hold an honorable burial for the good man General Leo, when they see Interceptor
limp in, and can only conclude Shadow also fell victim to the Empire. Worried now about
the others, the rest of the group actually comes in at this time, relaying that this
all really was a lie by the Emperor, and they got out just before being trapped. The party
shares the betrayal that happened on their own end, including the loss of General Leo,
though introduce their newest allies and Celes rejoins them. Chasing after Kefka now, they
head to the Sealed Gate, but Kekfa is already there alongside Emperor Gestahl. Gestahl is
pleased his ploy worked so well, resulting in not only more magicite for him, but also
the Sealed Gate being opened for them, beyond which he is sure the Espers are protecting
the real Stone statues of the Godesses. Within, they do indeed find the true statues, and
as a test of wielding the source of all magic as well as payback to the Espers for destroying
Vector, Gestahl tears away the continent the espers live in, and some of the surrounding
land, and floats it in the sky near his formerly destroyed capital as a literal symbol of his
new rise to power. En route, Strago explains the lore of the
goddess statues, in which the three cancel each other out, and should any of them be
moved out of alignment with each other, then the resulting imbalance of power would be
catastrophic. Wasting no time, the party head to the floating continent and send down a
forward team. while the group fends off the Imperial Air force attacking their approach.
The group battles a stowaway Ultros and his snorting friend Mr. Typhon, and a monstrous
gunship, before landing on the Emperor’s new island. They immediately find Shadow, not
dead though he explains they did try to kill him once he was done with his job. They assure
him Interceptor is safe as well, and insist on Shadow joining them as an ally this time,
not as a mercenary. Beyond, they battle the fearsome and ancient beast of pure energy,
the Ultima Weapon, though afterwards Shadow steps away from the party, feeling unworthy
of standing for party’s cause, given the jobs he worked for the Emperor in the past. Confronting Emperor Gestahl and Kefka on the
literal precipice of unlimited power, Celes declares her severance to the Empire, and
Gestahl dimisses her just as quickly. He absorbs and fires magic shots, dispersing the party,
and when Celes stands up, he reminds her both she and Kefka were created by him to serve
him, so she should stand by him to rule the world. Kefka gives her a chance and a sword
to prove her loyalty by killing the party, and as she stands ready to execute them, she
reflects on how miserable this war for power has become, promptly turning and driving the
sword into Kefka instead. Kefka is shocked and snaps into a violent fury, running to
center of the statues and demanding power, though they don’t seem to listen to his cries.
Gestahl tries to calm down Kefka, reminding him that if he disturbs the statues, then
the unchecked power will destroy the world that they want to control. Kefka rebels, and
Gestahl quickly turns his back to Kefka too, opting to kill him before he ruins his plans.
However, the Emperor’s immense magic somehow isn’t affecting the uncontrollably laughing
Kefka. Kefka points out to a confused emperor he’s standing within the field of the goddesses,
so Gestahl’s magic is neutralized. However, he can influence the godlike magic within
it, and begins doing so. Unwieldy at first, he throws down a few bolts of concentrated
magic, before getting the hang of it, and the old emperor attempts to run for his life
as he struck dead in an instant. Kefka flings the body of the old Emperor off the sky island,
and seeking to thoroughly ruin gestahl’s original plan, kefka shoves the statues out of alignment. Suddenly, Shadow swings in, saving the party,
and shoving the statues back so quickly, he traps Kefka between the unstable magic field.
It’s too late however, to stop the chain reaction of the balance being disturbed, and as powerful,
wild energy sends the party tumbling away, Shadow urges them to run on ahead as he holds
Kefka pinned, assuring them he’ll see them again. The sky turns to black as the floating
continent begins to crumble under the rupture of magic, and the party having mere minutes
to escape the collapse. Just before the Blackjack, the group holds faith for Shadow, who arrives
at near the literal last second, and they hurry off. The mere wisps of energy erupting
from the Warring Triad devastates the surface of the world with apocalyptic force, as countless
many die under the catastrophic rending of the planet. The party is no exception, as
the Blackjack is torn in half under the storm, scattering every member to unknown fates around
the world. As entire continents are split with destruction
visible from space, time passes after the doomsday and things calm down for a new ruined
world. We now see Celes, who has been knocked into a coma, is being tended to by Cid, when
she finally wakes up and learns its been over one year since Kefka’s madness succeeded in
destroying the world. He explains they are on a tiny island, and while there were a few
survivors initially, they have all already perished. There has been no sign of the rest
of the group, and Cid suggests just living out the rest of their days here quietly as
family. She agrees, and calls him grandfather, which makes Cid happy, but he’s actually terribly
sick, and hasn’t eaten anything for the past 3 days. Unfortunately, his health fails and
Cid soon dies, causing Celes to give up all hope now. She climbs a cliff, laments how
no one is here anymore, not even Locke, and the world is dying anyway. She pauses with
a final farewell for the world and tearfully jumps off to her death. However, her attempted suicide fails and she
wakes up as a strange bird suddenly flies next to her. In disbelief, she sees the bird
has a very particular bandanna wrapped around it, and suddenly she springs to life knowing
that Locke must be alive somewhere. She soon discovers Cid’s final letter to here, sharing
what’s been keeping him going this past year, which is a raft to escape on. He urges her
to go on and find her friends, and as she sails, she lands outside the town of Albrook.
She learns Kekfa survived the doomsday and has now become a conduit for all the magic
of the goddesses, meaning he’s essentially a god. He constructed a tower for himself
pulled together from debris, and has already destroyed several towns from his spire as
an example to any who would oppose him. To make the matter worse, many powerful monsters
like the legendary 8 dragons have also been released into the world. Traveling north to Tzen, she witnesses Kefka’s
light of Judgement first hand, and hurrying to the destruction, she is surprised to find
Sabin, alive but occupied at the moment as he singlehandedly supports an entire house
by himself. He urges her to save a child still inside, and after doing so, the house collapses
right behind them. Sabin is still optimistic everyone in the group survived the end of
the world, which gives Celes some hope, and they agree to stand up and defeat Kefka, saving
what remains of the world. Nearby in the ruins of Mobliz, they meet again
with Terra, who seems more emotionally expressive, as she’s spent the last year taking care of
many children whose parents died from Kefka’s light of judgement. She explains that when
she discovered all these orphans who needed her, she lost her will to fight in place of
new, caring feelings she’s exploring for the first time. Suddenly, Phunbaba, an ancient
demon released during doomsday that harasses the town, swings by again, but even Terra’s
esper form is no match. The party helps out to repel Phunbaba, but as Terra recovers,
she restates she really can’t fight and so must stay here. For now, they take the magicite
Phubaba was carrying and leave her be. Traveling now to Nikeah, they hear of a ship
traveling to South Figaro, and encounter the escaped prisoners from Figaro castle who have
a new leader now, and will return to Figaro for the lost treasure there. They meet the
new boss of the Crimson Robbers, Gerad, who looks suspiciously familiar, and Celes isn’t
fooled so easily, following the Edgar lookalike onto the rogue’s ship, through South Figaro,
and through the secret cave leading back to ther castle. Turtle hopping behind the rogues
and the imposter swordsman Zeigfried, they spot Gerad in the engine room sorting out
a monster tangled up in it, and after leading the bandits away, he unveils he really was
Edgar in diguise. He was using the thieves to return to the castle, and lets them go
with some useless trinkets. More importantly, he got Figaro back and they now have Kefka
to worry about. With the castle fixed, they burrow to Kohlingen,
where they find Setzer down on his luck in a bar. He’s surprised to find them alive,
but is reluctant to rejoin the fight against kefka given their sound defeat and the loss
of his beloved Blackjack. Celes reminds him that if he doesn’t like the world as it is,
then take charge do something about it, like he used to. Setzer lightens up with the encouragement,
and says he’s feeling lucky again, starting with where he knows they can get another airship.
He leads them to the tomb of Daryl, his free-spirited best friend, and as they work through the
puzzles and undead within, he fondly recounts the good old times. Daryl built an experimental
ship called the Falcon that was faster and stronger than the Blackjack. Setzer never
won it from her in a race, and she alwasy stated that should something happen to her,
then he could have it. One day when striving for a new record, Daryl left Setzer in the
dust but was never seen after that, and only the Falcon’s wreckage was found a year later.
Setzer restored it and stored it in this tomb for her, but now they need it wings and power.
Powering up the legacy of his fallen lover, the Falcon jets out of its submerged hangar
and tears from the sea, ready to attack Kefka’s Tower from the air. Though, Setzer points
out that before they take this last shot, they need to find their friends. With the world opened up before them, the
game now becomes nonlinear, as the search for friends ensues. Suddenly, a bird flies
past and some instinct in Celes tells her to follow it, which leads them to the town
of Zozo. Exploring the caves beyond and beating the legendary storm dragon within, they find
Cyan, who has been sending handmade silk flowers and letters to a woman who has lost her lover
in the tragedy, urging her not to let the past destroy her future like he almost did
and live life for herself. When the party sees him, despite his apparant talent for
poetry and handicraft, he is eager to correct the wrongs of the world and beleive in the
spirit of man. He mentions he ran into Gau, who has actually been spending the whole last
year in training in the Veldt to become stronger and confront Kefka again. Stopping by Narshe, they find Sabin’s lost
master Duncan who, after a training fight that takes them into the sky, passes along
to him the ultimate martial arts technique, and considers Sabin’s training complete. Further
in town, they find their friend Mog has returned to his home in the mines, and he’s more than
willing to come back to the fight. In fact, he has a sasquatch friend in these same caves
that will help them if he asks, but they need to find him first. Visiting the aritocratic Jidoor, they find
the art gallery owner Owzer recently purchased an outrageously expensive painting, but suddenly
strange things started happening. Now, strange spirits walk his gallery, poltergeists haunt
the basement, and all of his painitngs have come to life, horrifically peeling themselves
out to attack passerbys. Fighting past all that, they find Relm and Owzer, for whom Relm
was hired to paint a masterpiece , and remove a demon that has possessed her painting. The
monster was attracted to the magicite Owzer just bought, so he decides to let it and Relm
go. Later, they find a a tower of magic, in which only magic can be used, under which
the Cult of Kefka march in worship of him. Among the indoctrinated is Strago, who, when
he sees Relm is still alive, suddenly has a new spring in his step and vigor to get
back in the fight again. In the Veldt, they re-encounter Gau again,
who was always ready to finish the fight, and in the nearby cave, they find Interceptor
again, with a collapsed Shadow. They fend off the behemoth pair that wounded him, and
take him back to Thamasa to heal, though as Shadow sleeps, he dreams of his past again
in which he and the woman who rescued him had a daughter together whom was none other
than Relm. However, Clyde wanted them to live a peaceful life. So, he abandoned them in
Thamasa and left, with Interceptor choosing to follow Clyde on his new road as Shadow
the Ninja Mercenary. When he wakes, he assures the party he’s better and they can move on
ahead without him. Seeing Doma Castle still standing, albeit
still vacant, they decide to rest within, but when they wake, they see Cyan still asleep
and unable to wake up. Suddenly, three dream stooges, Curley, Larry, and Moe come in and
lay claim to Cyan’s soul now, and jump inside his mind to begin consuming it. Following
behind, the party is suddenly warped to the nightmarish landscape of Cyan’s mind. Within,
they battle the 3 stooges, but also help Cyan battle his inner turmoil, such as his survivor’s
guilt after the genocide of Doma, and his anxiety around modern machinery. They encounter
the spirits of his dead wife and son, learn a demon named Wrexsoul is toying with him,
and urge the group to save Cyan. They find Wrexsoul growing in the rage and despair Cyan
has been carrying with him, and after dancing with death, they save Cyan, though his soul
is truly saved when his wife and son come out to console him into acceptance and self-forgiveness.
His soul and mind clear, Cyan’s swordmanship now reaches complete mastery, and the party
claims the magicite of the Esper Alexander. While adventuring, the party is devoured by
a Zone Eater landworm, but bizarrely, its bigger on the inside, with an entire cavern
full of dropping ceilings, men in green suits kicking about, bouncing treasure chests and
the ultimate mimic and copy master, Gogo. It’s hard to tell exactly who or what Gogo
is, but during their pleasant conversation, Gogo sympathizes and agrees to copy the pary’s
efforts to help the world. Returning to Narshe, they resume their search for Mog’s friend,
and when they find his lair, a berserking yeti attacks them. After they defeat it and
it sulks in the corner, as it turns out this IS Mog’s friend, the beastly strong but uncontrollable
sasquatch, Umaro, who is conscripted into service by Mog. Next, they visit the Colosseum, which is staffed
by Ultros and Typhon, with participants including the true master swordsman Sigfried, and Shadow.
After he recovered, Shadow came here, as the only thing he knows in life is fighting. The
party invites him along, and he agrees, wanting to see how far his strength gets him. In Jidoor again, the Emperor’s portrait reveals
the location of his valuable hidden treasure, and as the party investigates, they find a
sprawling, fiery Phoenix Cave that needs 2 teams cooperating together to conquer, and
at the end of it all, they find the legendary treasure hunter himself, Locke. He finds what
he’s been looking for all these years in the form of a magicite that can restore life,
Phoenix. Though cracked and faded, he still holds hope onto saving Rachel, which in turn
will save him. They travel back to Kohlingen, and he passes the magicite to Rachel and in
a flash of red wings the magicite shatters around her. Miraculously, Rachel comes back
to life with her memory intact, though the magic has only given her a few minutes to
live. In that time, she affirms how happy Locke made her, and he was in her thoughts
even when the accident happened so she never blamed him. She tells him again how much she
loves him, but as she leaves again, he must also leave behind any guilt. She gives him
her blessing for his heart to be free, and to love himself and others again, and with
that, allows the power of the phoenix to use her body to reform a new magicite for Locke.
As he steps away, Locke is still recovering but admits he feels much lighter with the
shackles of guilt off. He’s ready to get to work again, and even allows his friends closer, With one more ally left, the entire group
returns to Mobliz, where Terra announces the teenager couple there is having a baby, and
Phunbaba comes back to terrorize the village and blows the group back. Terra then finds
the courage within herself to step up, assume her Esper form again and fight, and the group
manages to beat the ancient demon once and for all. At first, the children are frightned
of Terra’s esper form, but the soon realize its still Terra underneath, and they come
out to cheer for her. Surrounded by appreciation, Terra finally comes to learn the feeling for
love she’s sought in her life, and holding onto that, is willing to fight to protect
it and the future, finally rejoing the party. The entire crew assembled, they travel the
world, defeating the 8 legendary dragons, and finding an ancient lost city ravaged by
the last war of the Magi, wherein they learn of the history of the Esper Odin and his star-crossed
love with the human queen. They also find Gau’s real father, but during the reunion,
the man denies Gau as his true son, and it comes out that when Gau was born, his mother
died during childbirth. As a result, the man went mad, took Gau, abandoned him in the wild,
and denied both their existences since. Undeterred, Gau swallows the rejection, stating he’s just
happy knowing his real father is alive. Ready for the final encounter, Celes questions
what will happen if they destroy the statues of the goddesses, and Strago conjectures it
will likely mean all Espers and Magic will disappear from the world, which begs the question
of the fate of a hybrid like Terra. Focusing forward, the crew of 14 friends and allies
split into 3 teams to take out each of the 3 goddess statues, and each team is pushed
to the limit against the worlds strongest monsters, like the return of Ultima, Inferno,
and Guardian. Confronting the very sources of all magic, each team leverages their own
magic and espers to finally defeat the goddesses Doom, Poltergeist, and Goddess. With the Statues gone, there leaves only the
true menace left, as the party reconvenes before the mad god Kefka, who already saw
their approach, and shows off his new power. He argues the nihilistic existence of normal
humans, but they counter with the protest that the sum collective of everyone’s day-to-day
struggles, victories, and love make them all matter. They each share what they have gained in the
ruined world Kefka watched burn. Terra discovered what love is, Locked learned to celebrate
the life one does have, Cyan still carries his family’s love in his heart, Shadow resdiscovered
friends and family, Edgar fights for freedom and his kingdom, Sabin fights for his brotherly
bond, Celes cherishes those who have accepted her, Strago and Relm appreciate each other
more as family, Setzer fights for his lost friend and her love, and Mog fights for his
new friends here, as does Gau and Umaro. Kefka laughs at the corny speech they just gave,
fires off another earth-rending laser of power, and builds a fiery spire from which he will
crush what hope for life remains in the world. The party clashes now against the god of magic’s
rising monstrous forms, before his final one-wined angel, one-winged devil divine form that descends
with his same cackling laugh. Standing together as the last bastion for hope for the future
of a rebuilding world, the group of 14 all finally defeat Kefka, the mage-knight turned
god who wanted to watch the world burn. As Kefka disintegrates, so too does the tower
of debris he assembled. As the game concludes, each of the party members leverage their talents
one last time to get to the Falcon in time to escape. As they leave, their magicite begin
to crumble as well, and Terra collapses, suddenly very weak. Cyan, the last samurai, overcomes
his prejudice against machines, and accepts them for the tools they are. Setzer, the gambling
airship pilot, shows you sometimes have to go with your instincts instead of always relying
on luck. The brothers Figaro, Edgar and Sabin, understand they both still love their kingdom,
and Sabin is glad his freedom has allowed him to become strong and of use to Edgar.
Mog, he slam-dancing commando moogle, still retains his sense of humor, and Umaro, his
sasquatch friend, helps out with his gigas strength, breaking open new paths to lead
the party out. Gogo, the master mimic, is just Gogo, as only his talent gets them out
the sequence locks they must open to progress.Gau, the ultimate survior, uses the terrain to
his advantage, taking the unconventional solution forward. Celes, former imperial general, stops
on a collapsing floor to grab the bandana that saved her from killing herself, but Locke,
treasure hunter, dives in to save her from really dying this time, promising never to
let go. Terra, the human-esper child, receives a farewell message from her father Maduin
who shares her esper powers will also go, but if Terra’s human side is strong enough,
then she’ll live on a normal human. Relm, the sassy pictomancer, gives Strago a shoulder
and says she looks forward to drawing normal portraits now. Shadow, Relm’s father with
a bloody past, chooses to stop running and sends his faithful hound Interceptor away,
as he settles down in a small corner, and awaits his fate. Strago, retired loremaster,
still refuses to accept his age as an obstacle to his ability. Finally, you, the audience
are thanked for your agency in this production. As the game ends, the Falcon dashes out of
Kefka’s ruins, and Terra’s strength leaves her as she begins to fall. Setzer and the
others recover from the death-defying escape, and are relieved to see Terra on board thanks
to Setzers amazing catch, as they fly forward over a world rebuilding a new future without
magic. Despite the legacy appeal of its 16-bit sprite
designs, still used to this day, and tremendous critical acclaim, Square thought graphics
to be one of the main reasons the game was not as high a commercial success in America
for the time. With 3D rendering being pioneered for games and anime catching on mainstream,
a CGI tech demo featuring Final Fantasy 6 was later unveiled to positive reception,
leading it to be the skeleton for the later game, Final Fantasy 7. Final Fantasy 6 has enjoyed the success of
selling over 4.5 million copies worldwide.

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  1. The #FinalFantasy epic, #FF6 is the essential 16-bit RPG among the series and genre's finest. #FFVI
    Edit: Btw, fun trivia fact, Cyan is short for Cayenne, hence why I say Cayenne (look it up).

  2. I was clicking on this video and I was 3 seconds into it when I saw the opening scene. I immediately went, "Nope!" At the time of this comment being posted, I have not beaten this game yet!

  3. For people asking for a remake of this game, it won't come out well.
    Most of the core members who made this game what it is are long gone.

  4. I love these videos, but I feel like it's a little hard to understand as you speak very quickly. Have to go back a lot to catch things I missed!

  5. I love how you say things like 'Baron suplexes the train so it allows them to ride it' with a totally serious inflection.

  6. And one of my favorite FF games ever… FF6 is the one and only FF game I have completed 100% multiple times.

  7. Suplexing the train is badass and all, but all you had to do was use a Phoenix Down on the train boss and it was instant death.

  8. One error: the first non-human, or at least full human, character was Cecil Harvey in FFIV, as he was only half-human. In addition, one could potentially consider Rydia from the same game also non-human, as she was a Caller, which may be considered a different race, so Mog may or may not be the first fully non-human playable character.

  9. Awesome video. I know I'm late, but I had a question.
    In your narration what criteria do you use to determine canon?
    The reason I ask is because in your narration of FF6 Shadow survives, (for those who don't know he 'can' die when Kefka destroys the world) but you chose to have Cid die after the world is destroyed (he can be saved by Celes if you feed him good fish enough times).

    Is it because it makes for better story, or was there some other determining factor you used?

  10. I wish this game could be remake with FFVIII graphics. No, I do not want FFXV for this as it would take away from the essence and story.

  11. You know how much of the player base in FFXIV was disappointed that suplexxing the train wasn’t an option? 😂. It was literally my 1st thought when the train was teased in an upcoming patch a while back

  12. sub furiously to this man he is the chosen 1 the harbinger of knowledge join the cause together we can make final fantasy great again……yea right

  13. Always do Sabin last, because learning Rage with Gau is better if you have more monsters to learn at this point of the game.

  14. This is so awesome.. I've had this feeling for a long time that I wanted to play through FFVI again, but I could never do it with such patience like I had as a kid.
    Thanks to you I could revisit the story-progress again.
    Thaaaaaank yooooooooooou! 😀

  15. Great story, diverse characters, amazing gameplay, beautiful graphic, magnificent score, plus the opera maria and draco. These are why FF VI is the greatest FF of all time and FF IX is a close second.

  16. I want to illustrate scenes from this game, but I haven't played it in years and I never actually finished it. Thank you for making this video so I can refresh my memory!

  17. My first RPG (I was lucky to have a mom that worked at Kay Bee Toys, when the game was released), my first Final Fantasy and my favorite game of all time!

  18. Final Fantasy VII will always be my favorite, but VI is an extremely close second. No FF villain has come close to Kefka (although Sephy and Ardyn were close).

  19. Best ff is ff 8, its awesome, gf system, combat, steal, magic no mp, squall rinoa, from earth to space to future, triple triad best mini game ever, graphics, style ….. everythonf about ff 8 is awesooooome

  20. I hate how u pronounce some name like sabin… Saw-bin? Its Sabin like stabbing with no t or g lol. And omg the e at the end of Narshe is silent to you too? Omg am i alone? I even pronounce Celes differently but barely. I say kinda like sell-us.

  21. I took a break from playing for a pretty long time and by the time I wanted to go back and continue from the point I stopped I forgot some of the story. This video really helped me, thank you!

  22. I think ffvi is bad imo.
    Sorry if I made you mad…. I regret buying ffvi.

    I only played the first few hours so idk if it will get fun or not but……

  23. How did games go from this to kill 10 rats? How come RPGs don’t have compelling stories anymore? How come RPGs have such weak villains now? Why are games getting less compelling and more tedious. Who in their right minds would want this?

  24. I had put this game down for a while. Jumping back into it, I needed this recap. Impressively put together! Well done!

  25. I just finished it on ios. Absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately, I finished it over a period of 3 years and therefore by the time I finished it, I almost forgot the first half of the game. This video is just perfect as a reminder of all the great moments.. Well done.

  26. Only downside of the game is that secret dragon boss which u need to split up the team and i got the weakest team and lost the file cause i saved with the weak team no way of going back

  27. What happened to Bannon? Considering that he was last seen alive after the empire and the returners meet, seems he was either caught by the empire or killed during the floating Island…I think he was caught

  28. I don't believe I have ever played nor heard ff6, but watching this video has awaken my memory of it. How come I have played it but don't remember at all?

  29. Forever the Final Fantasy game that pulled me into RPG's. Done so well the such limited memory and a killer sound track to boot. Given what it had to work with, it couldn't of come out better and pulled my young self into investing 60 plus hours… Unheard of to that point. No wonder why Final Fantasy VII was such a wild follow up success given the data limitations almost lifted with a wildly creative team following… save it was massively expensive at the time to do but well worth it. Final Fantasy III on the Super Nintendo opened the doors wide for FF VII. It's short comings were long load times on the PS1 and multiple disks but well worth it. There's a reason these two title refuse to die… they were just made too well… Even after ten years hard-core fans want to see the games remade into graphic masterpieces they couldn't be back then given technical limitations but the story is so darn good we don't mind playing it again with a modern touch-up. Final Fantasy is never FINAL… because of it's rock solid impact because the original games in original format are STILL a pure job to play. Now that's staying power! Yeah… they did have some weak points but everything was done so well, I'm actually surprised if you noticed them! These games actually tugged on your actual heart strings and did it intentionally. A big gamble that paid off. So say what you care about the series but three (Super Nintendo), Seven (Playstation) and Ten (Playstation 2) will always be crowning achievements. I know they are others but those three are my personal favorites and THOSE THREE ARE STRONG! (Sadly X is the weakest of the three but THAT'S just MY tastes). I was still happy with it but clearly thought there was room for improvement. But LIVE and let LIVE! Bottom line, you don't like it. Ok, just let it be… it's a masterpiece to may more of us and us… we'll forget we don't like World of Warcraft either… It's a fair world folks. We buy what we like, and you buy what you like and hopefully we all win but don't trash a game you don't understand and I wont trash a game I don't understand (World of War Craft)… Parting words… live and let live…

  30. Man i played that game tons of times. I had no clue Shadow is Relms father. =O I had to replay that part when u said it lol.

  31. Do you realize how the games we played warned us for our future? Technology driven by Magic… Sucking up the life energy from Espers in FF6 and turning it into the World of Ruin. Or sucking up the life energy from Gaia with Shinra's Maki Reactors in FF7. Cloud Strife is a left wing militant. Our generation has been primed to care about climate issues and criticize industrialists.

  32. I remember back in highschool, I can't wait for the weekend to just lay in bed and play FF6 all day on my GBA advance sp. good times :')

  33. Where does everyone get this pronunciation of Figaro? It's used as part of an Italian opera where the male singer pronounces it as fig-R-oh

  34. It's Chupon not Typhon.

    It's a great video overall and I love the way you keep the music with the corresponding scene. It's funny that it's just 16 bit midis but the captured the imagination of millions of people.

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