What broadcast staff did to girl group members Online community controversy (LOONA CHUU)

What broadcast staff did to girl group members Online community controversy (LOONA CHUU)

Hello YouTube friends it’s your YouTube HARU What the staff did to girl group members during the
broadcast recording is captured in the video The video is being spread through the online community,and there is controversy Let’s take a look at that Korean broadcasting station MBC Entertainment programs Idol Star Championship Recording at the scene The broadcasting staff Girl group “LOONA” member ‘Chuu’ Pulling her hair Captured by video and controversial The Idol Star Championships is a TV program
where idol groups gather to play sports This is a large scale TV program with 40~50 teams
from TOP Idol Group to rookie Idol Group You can see different idols not on stage It is broadcasted on New Year’s Day and Thanksgiving day every year LOONA made its debut in 2018 with 12 members Out of 50 trainees, one member per month was revealed In 22 months, all the members were revealed and
debuted as perfect members It is a new girl group that has received great attention as it is a girl group created with a large-scale project ‘LOONA’ also participated in ‘Idol Star Championship’
for the New Year’s Day broadcast in 2020 During the recording, a male staff member was caught
pulling the head of LOONA member CHUU It has spread to various communities online and
has become a lot of controversy from fans LOONA fans said ‘I am so angry’ ‘Even close friends would be angry’ ‘I think so much in front of the fans’ ‘Apologize to our artist’ This reaction is showing As the controversy grew, the organizers issued an apology late During an interview at a recording site, a staff member was rude to pull the hair of ‘LOONA’ member ‘CHUU’ We sincerely apologize to the ‘LOONA’ member, ‘CHUU’, and related fans The staff is very reflective and remorseful and sincerely apologized to the LOONA member CHUU Again, I apologize for the inconvenience and anxiety that I have caused many people by the carelessness of the production team we will be more careful not to repeat this kind of thing We apologized to ‘LOONA’ member ‘CHUU’ and fans Even though the new idols are very young and friendly It is a valued artist loved by many fans Please respect our young idols Suddenly, I think of the movie line ‘Manners maketh man’ It’s been your YouTube HARU Good bye~

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