13 thoughts on “Welfare and Civil Service Reform

  1. What if you did work, & got injured on the job? The injury got. So bad your Dr say's you cannot work & put you on permanant disability! The Dr was your company Dr. For the co you did work for.

  2. The trouble is when well fair becomes generational. Kid's grow up with parents who don't work and play the lottery. Drink and do drug's. Children are programmed and kicked out in the street's if disobedience to the law of Lust. The New Street kid's. Baby's in hand. God bless all💝💝💝

  3. I work , but I have no water, no place to live in car. I do not make that much.to get a place to live. I work 40 hr.46hr week get pay ever two weeks.

  4. My job the cut worker now .lest worker they want people to five people work, like this three worker have to do everything truck filling Dell, meat truck. And full the floor produce save things ,truck culling filling the floor , we're at one time there was 14 worker, now three four worker more work on us four worker to much work on less worker it very stressful I did love my job , now I hate it., cap team . You can not move up unless you someone vip. Team cap team one , I work very hard go to work and sleep. There no way out of being poor.

  5. Illinois is the test state for the NWO. The welfare system is used to make captive voters you vote democratic so you don't loose your benefits.Nationally they have been able to influence presidential elections because you can use 34% of voters to win all the electoral votes of the state.All the evidence is there on how it works in the last elections. look where Hilary got all of her votes!

  6. we could bring her here let her run for the GOP house of Representative in the 9th District of Southwestern Virginia , the 1 person we have is getting pretty old , i think she could win here , sometime down the road ? Only God Knows .

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