Welcome to the H5 Domino Community!

Welcome to the H5 Domino Community!

imagine a place dedicated to the most
enthusiastic domino fans around the world. a place where it’s okay to be a
little nerdy and talk about the intricacies of dominoes and chain
reactions a place where others will understand you and everyone can relate to each other using our quirky domino language a place where you can
participate in collaborative domino videos, get direct feedback on your setups, and learn how to become a better builder a place where it’s okay to fail
because we just get it a place where you can participate in domino challenges, win prizes and be featured in videos a place where domino clubs are formed and lifelong friendships are made a place where you are supported no matter where you’re from and how experienced you are with dominoes from the person who has never picked up a domino, to expert builders around the world, this place is the H5 Domino Community what’s up dominant community I have the
biggest announcement yet and I’m so excited to finally share with you that I
have rebranded my second channel which used to be called heaviest 5 extras and
to now what’s called H five Domino community this is a new community
channel that I am opening up to you I’ve noticed posting on YouTube that most of
my viewers on Heba sh5 only like watching Domino’s fall but on the other
hand I know that there’s a separate audience that’s super involved in
Domino’s maybe they build on Rose themselves or they’re really into the
process of Domino art and want more videos more content that goes really
in-depth about anything related to Dominus so that’s why I’ve created this
channel it’s kind of like the channel that I wish exists in when I first
started building Dominus nobody was there talking about dominoes on camera
nobody was giving tricks or techniques or in-depth tutorials to the extent that
I hope this channel can do I really want to make the H 5 dollar community channel
a place that’s centralized for the inner dominant community
to connect and share ideas and spread our love and passion for Domino’s
together I’m so excited because I’m starting so many series on this channel
in ways that you can get involved on the community channel on this channel you’ll
have the chance to create a community video for the channel you can talk about
anything related to Domino’s maybe about your thought process or how you plan
setups or just anything about domino art and that will be posted on the community
channel so people can see different perspectives of how people build and
kind of learn from each other by watching how other builders in the
community build their setups and go about making videos another series that
I’m starting is called Domino deep dive where you can send in a video of one of
your Dominus setups and I will live react to that and kind of give you some
tips and tricks and overall feedback on how I think you can improve your setups
because that’s kind of overall what I want to do with this channel I want to
give you tips and tricks and I want to share what I have learned through years
of building with people who are maybe just starting or already experienced you
know everyone’s still learning in their own way and I think by sharing these
videos collectively we can all learn from each other
and all get better and improve in our videos and our Dominus setups and just
have fun with it I’m also gonna be featuring builders every single month
there’ll be a featured builder of the month where we’ll highlight their videos
on the channel that’s just to celebrate awesome builders in the community who
have really stood out and are making good content and they deserve
recognition so that I’ll be featured on the channel as well I’m also gonna be
revamping a Q&A series ask chemists 5 where it’s not just superficial
questions like what’s your favorite color or would you rather have toes for
fingers or fingers for clothes or whatever it’s gonna go super in-depth
with thomna related questions that may be only the inner Domino community
would appreciate I guess I want the most specific questions you have about
Domino’s ever and I will answer them there will also be dominant club
spotlight videos where if you have a domino club that you’ve started or
you’re hosting a domino event if you film a video about it then you can
totally be featured on the channel I hope that by starting this channel we
can create a community outside of YouTube and start new clubs and get new
people into Domino’s because one of the best things that I’ve experienced
through Domino’s is meeting other Domino builders in real life and being able to
set up Domino’s with them who understand Domino language and different techniques
and you can bounce ideas off of each other and make amazing setups together
people always email me are there clubs in California or in
Nebraska or wherever you are and I think by showcasing Domino clubs around the
world and getting a little peek into what other people do in these clubs
it’ll inspire you to maybe start your own Club and people can enjoy this
awesome hobby together and share ideas and make friends and overall just learn
from each other and have fun with doll news I also want to start doing some
Domino challenges where I will challenge you to do some sort of setup or maybe
build something in your own way and at the end I’ll compile all the videos I’ll
choose a winner who I think did it the best
it’ll be featured prominently in the video and in the sub box channel list
and maybe there will be some prizes too I’m also going to continue posting
behind the scenes from heaven 5 videos on h5 dominant community to bring people
over to that channel and then kind of figure out the world of dominoes
on top of that I’m going to be making dedicated each five dominant community
videos where I talk about my process building dominoes and anything related
to Dominus that are a little bit too in-depth for a heavy Sh’ma video but I
know that the inter dominant community would appreciate it on this channel and
lastly I’m gonna have a series where I ask the dominant community a question
and then they send in their answers I make a compilation video and we get to
see all the perspectives from around the world of people talking about dominoes
and answering that question I’m super excited to announce that the first video
is up a couple weeks ago I actually posted a question what do you like most
about Domino’s and I got so many amazing responses so I compiled them all into
one video and now it’s finally up so if all of this sounds interesting if you
are a thomna builder if you have any interest in the world of domino art not
just watching them fall but the intricate details on what makes domino
building a thing I don’t know how to explain it but this is the channel for
you this is the channel for the energy ama community I highly encourage you to
check out this channel I’m gonna be so serious but posting two videos a week so
go subscribe go hit the notification bell and I really hope you enjoy it
because this is a channel where you can be actively involved in it and this is
the true Domino community channel and the place where Domino enthusiasts can
come together and have fun building and share ideas and connect and just overall
love Domino’s together so go check out the first video what I like most about
Tom featuring you i’m hummus 5 i hope you
enjoy the h 5 talent community channel this is for you and I’ll see you next

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

100 thoughts on “Welcome to the H5 Domino Community!

  1. Welcome to the H5 Domino Community! If you love dominoes, go check it out and turn on your notifications because I'm going to be posting at least 2 times a week! 😊 http://youtube.com/h5dominocommunity
    Who's excited?!!

  2. This is an extraordinary idea and i watched your videos because its satisfying to watch dominos fall but i think with all this new stuff your doing im gonna try to do some stuff for the channels at least

  3. You are a genius and a hero in these games.💪
    Greetings to you I love you and I love your game genius❤

  4. Me and my friends stay in for lunch in our school to build dominos you have inspired us by making your awesome videos😀

  5. Wow, I never knew there was a community for this! I actually never was really into dominoes until yesterday when I saw one of your videos recommended in my sidebar and clicked on it (and I RARELY click on recommended videos), which turned out to be amazing! Now I really want to learn how to make such amazing art and will definitely go click that subscribe button on the community channel even though I have not seen any of its videos yet. Tysm yt for recommending that video! (Also my favorite part is the chain-reaction it involves)

  6. Oh man I haven't been making domino videos as of late, but this is totally inspiring me to make more 😀 thanks for inspiration!

  7. I can't build Domino's and I have Domino's but with what you could teach me and other people,that would be great

  8. Hevesh5 Your the best
    Keep up doing great work
    Thanks for giving me a ❤️ in your last video
    Please say my name in your video
    Love ya
    Keep up like that

  9. Ok.. so everybody can learn from a person who builds the letters several times, because there is no plan?

    And a person who builds curves with three stones???

    I can make a video, you load it up and you earn the money????

  10. Good old WDomino on YouTube was my inspiration. He’s got a video on his channel of 100 different domino tricks which are really cool! Most times I’m too busy to build stuff with dominos, but every so often I’ll pull out the few dominos I have and build a tower or something like that. Toppling it is ALWAYS the best part, even if it’s just one tower!

  11. Thank you hevesh5 for this amazing channel . Now we can interact , learn domino techniques , get to know how to improve our domino art and take domino art to our next level .

  12. Wow! I'm a new person in the world of dominoes. I need to get to know the Domino community as quickly as possible and how to get there. I am very interested in the Domino Assembly technique, there is much to learn!

  13. I’m at 0:26!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Hevesh5 for giving us opportunity to collaborate with other domino builders.

  14. Omg I’m so joining this community I’ve asked dominos to my family this Christmas and I got them!!! All of this is just because of you, Lily. Thank you so much for making me discover a new passion in my life!!!!!

  15. Great video, just subbed to the other channel. I don't build myself, I lack the patience for it, but I love watching others build, kinda therapeutic to just watch others build and then watch it fall.
    Hope you have had an awesome start of 2019.

  16. Who knew the little wooden blocks would bring all this together quite amazing how it’s the small things in life that bring people together in such big ways keep doing you hevish5

  17. Lily,
    I have a question. You have been to a handful of other countries and have interacted with people in dozens more.
    Domino, topple, sonimod, etc., what words from the domino dictionary sound cooler or sexier in a different language?

  18. idc, but i'm really happy for you and the domino community. it's like me and the cubing community, so i can totally relate. i wish you the best of luck and success 🙂

  19. hello I have domino channel ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
    pls subscribe my channel today Is my birthday 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦

  20. The reason I asked if you watched Dude Perfect was because in Ping Pong Trick Shots 4 they have this amazing Chain Reaction at the beginning I think you would like. Did you see it?

  21. I like watching Videos where u set up dominos and then see them fall cause
    First of all it’s cool! duhhh!!!
    Second of all i love domino art and I think it’s beautiful
    Third! I’m interested and it’s entertaining

  22. Recently got re-inspired to build dominoes and now you made this channel to motivate me even more. I think it's a great idea and I look forward to know other people in the domino community!

  23. Kinda off topic and maybe a dum question but… Can u shine colored light thru the clear dominoes ( like u used on ur new year's video) and create like a fiber optic effect to light rows of them? And do you ever set them under different colored light and or blacklights to create a different effect?

  24. Though my interest is very casual (mostly just like to watch them), it makes me incredibly happy that such a thing as this exists 😀 This is the best use of the internet: Connecting people who are super into something.

  25. I'm really hyped for the community channel Lily! I can already see just so much that can come from this channel! I can't wait to see what's to come! Keep up the great work!

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