We have to change this culture.

We have to change this culture.

We have to change this culture.This 2019 Internet culture.
We just have to.
And you don’t even need me to
explain what’s wrong with the
You know what I’m talking about.Our conflicts are being
People are benefitting from
conditioning us to fight each
Anger triggers views, and
views are more important
than the truth
because views are money,and money is what makes
people do all the things that
move society along.
I’m not saying anything that you
don’t already know,
But we aren’t acting like we
know it.
We’re still sharing and
discussing the stories
that “they” want us to.
We’re still playing our role in
someone’s social media
marketing plan.
We believe that the
“powers that be”
the rich, the politicians,
the “they” if you will,
are keeping information from us
that would make us happier
and healthier,
in order to protect their own
financial and political
You know, things like cures
for disease, sustainable
energy sources,
alien technology, whatever.We believe we are not on each
other’s side.
We believe we are not in this
We believe we have to protect
ourselves from each other.
And we know that the media is
dividing us.
Even if you don’t think it’s
anything malicious —
if you believe that we can’t
blame the media
because they are giving us
exactly what we want,
you’re exactly right.We made the flow of information
work the way it does.
But the good news is
that means we can change it.
And yes, you may think we have
bigger problems.
I’m not going to list examples,
because I’m sure you have
plenty in mind,
and specific examples might
distract from my overall point,
which is –
We will not fix any of those
problems if we don’t fix this
Because we don’t believe
each other.
We don’t believe experts.We don’t believe scientists.This is a huge PROBLEMbecause the reason humanity
works is we build on each
other’s knowledge.
That’s how we went from
hunter-gatherer to
going to space.
There’s no reason for every
generation to reinvent
the wheel.
But nowadays more and more
people are drawn to rewilding
and living off-the-grid
because we don’t trust the
systems on which we are
Nor do we trust what the
so-called experts are telling
And it’s not because we’re
stupid or old or hicks or this
race or that race.
It’s because there are rational,
practical reasons
to not believe what you are
told in 2019.
You might be thinking, this is
BS, not every idea is worth
listening to,
I’m not going to entertain
people who believe this xyz
crazy thing.
And you’re right.There is an objective realityand there are some
statements that aren’t opinions.
They are just untrue facts.Not all ideas are equal, but
that’s not the point.
The point is that all of us
are emotional human beings
with limited experiences
and limited perspectives.
ALL of us look at that objective
reality through a warped lens.
Including me, I’m not above it
So we all have to come
and agree that finding
solutions to our problems
is more important than our
We all have to put our warped
perspectives into the ring
and let the IDEAS duke it out,
not US.
All of us don’t believe shit
that the “other side” believes
because we have no reason
You can follow the money trail
from anything.
Everyone has an incentive
to lie to us, manipulate us.
Every study is bought and paid
because conducting a study
takes work,
and all work needs funding.As discussed, money makes
people do things.
And we use our bought study
to argue against somebody
else’s bought study.
And I’m sure someone
watching this will challenge
this very video with cited
that I’m just going to think is
a bought study.
We have to choose to stop
creating this world
that we hate.
The average person knows people
through a screen
more than they know the person
next door.
We text people who are in
the next room.
We have to stop letting screens
tell us who we are.
Because it’s only going to get
More and more jobs are going
Every single person I know has
some form of social anxiety.
If we create a futurewhere we don’t know how toconnect and cooperate with
each other
to solve problems,then guess what?it doesn’t really matter
what the problems are.
I’m not saying go march, or
donate money.
I’m saying “be the change.”I’m saying live your life in
an authentic and brave way.
Say what you truly believe
no matter how scared you are.
Stop assuming that your neighbor
is your enemy without even
knowing them.
Stop dividing everyone you
know into “liberal” or
“conservative” categories,
including yourself!Stop repeating the narratives
being shoved down your throat.
In fact, here’s my take –a bulleted list of things
that I believe
if we all agreed to do themif I were the master of the
this country would be a better
place to live in.
STOP posting mean-spirited
memes about your
political opposition,
no matter how
“dank” they are.
Share them privately with
your friends,
or post to communities
where you already know
they agree with you.
Calling a certain controversial
world leader “orange”…
I’m not even actually going to
finish that sentence.
Because I don’t want to
distract from the point.
Just stop it!It just pisses off the very
people you need to get
through to.
If you really want your ideas
to win,
you need to CONVINCE the
other side,
not make them hate you.STOP sharing news stories before
you fact check them first.
I know we can’t trust any
but I mean, at least TRY not to
spread misinformation.
START sharing stories of love
and progress.
What we put out there is what
we get in return.
You get what you give.And we all know that,and yet we still spew poison
and call it “venting.”
Knock it off.Vent to your cat.STOP blaming moneyand take some responsibilityfor how you are moving it aroundMoney is unconscious.It’s a neutral medium
to facilitate trade,
not a scapegoat.
And STOP blaming social media.We control what we share,
and what we consume, and
whether or not these platforms
make money.
Don’t be guilt-tripped out of
blocking and unfollowing to
your heart’s content.
Konmari your feed.Blacklist terms you don’t want
to see, like hot-button topics,
and names of certain world
leaders that I will not be
People will try to tell you that
doing that will make you
more uninformed,
or a bad citizen,
and frankly, fuck ‘em.
Get as much information as you
want from whatever sources
you want.
Last I heard, this is a free
STOP clicking on headlines
and sharing stories that make
you angry.
If publications continue to be
incentivized to make us angry
instead of making us informed,
that’s what they are going to do.Don’t give these vultures your
views, because that puts
money in their pocket,
and reinforces this broken
STOP scolding people for
using the wrong politically
correct term du jour
when we all know how often
they change.
And the older a person gets,
the more their physical brains
have legitimate trouble
keeping up.
And don’t shit on old people,
we are all gonna be old one
Best case scenario.STOP attacking people and
START challenging ideas.
If you attack people, they are
LESS likely to agree with you
and you are hurting your own
Oh my God if society would
just learn this one thing!
Just this one thing!
The difference it would make!
But the flip side of that coin…STOP taking challenges to
your ideas as attacks against
you as a human being.
Easier said than done, I know,but we can do it if we make a
conscious effort to separate
our ideas from our egos.
Your beliefs are a product of
your experiences and your
which means they should
always be evolving.
If you’re growing,
your ideas should be growing.
If you pride yourself on your
current ideas, you will never
but if you pride yourself on
your growth, no new ideas will
be threatening.
When someone else feels
differently from how you feel,
instead of dismissing them
and calling them crazy,
ask yourself WHY they feel that
Better yet, ask THEM.No one is EVER overreacting
to anything.
In fact, delete the term
“overreacting” from your
Everyone feels and acts
exactly as they believe they
should in that moment.
If you think they are
overreacting, that just means
you don’t understand it.
If you don’t understand it, YOU
are lacking context.
And because these people are
living in your culture
their actions affect your life,
their context matters to you.
So learn it.And here’s the tricky one.We have to STOP protesting
and “cancelling” people who
are sharing ideas we don’t
agree with.
No more of this “don’t give him
a platform” nonsense.
If you try to silence anyone,
you only make them louder.
By all means protest bills, or
or anything that will have a
direct impact on a policy that
will affect your home,
or your life, or the lives of
people you love.
But the good ideas can only
prove themselves if they go
head to head with the bad
Natural selection applies
just as much to ideas as
it does to biology.
If you don’t let the bad ideas
fight, you are indirectly
endorsing them.
“Why would they bury us if they
weren’t afraid of us?” they
will say,
and they will be right.And I’m not going to say
Get off social media!I mean, I’m, obviously I don’t
think social media is the bad
guy, I already said that,
and if I thought social media
was the bad guy,
then I wouldn’t be making this
video, however,
I’m going to be NOT sharing
this video.
I’m not sure where I’m going
to upload it yet, but
wherever I am uploading it,
if there is an option to
share it,
I’m gonna turn that option off.Because the whole point is
I want YOU to say what YOU
not to say what I think. not to
say what somebody else thinks,
not to regurgitate somebody
else’s opinion,
I want you to record your own
Even better, talk to your
friends directly about it!
Like, in person!Tell them what you really think!Even if it’s that you don’t agree
with me, I don’t care.
We just need to actually talk
to each other and stop letting
strangers on the Internet,
possibly hundreds of miles
tell us what our next door
neighbors are up to.
This is our Nettwork moment!Time to say I’m mad as hell and
I won’t take this anymore!
We should all be outside screaming!I am so sick of it!!
Aren’t you?
Aren’t you sick of how this
country, full of normal
red-blooded humans who pay
their bills and love their kids,
cannot stop fighting and
vilifying itself??
Not all ideas are created equal
but all human beings are,
And WE are where ideas
come from.
We’re herd animals. We benefit
from working together.
And we are all on the same side.We all want to eradicate,
or at the very least
reduce human suffering.
We all want everyone to be
happy, healthy, clothed, and
We just disagree on how to
make that happen.
and if we would stop insulting,
manipulating, and making fun
of each other,
then we might just get
something done, God forbid.
Good ideas will win, because
good ideas are based on
what’s true and real,
and what’s true and real wins
every time.
Thank you so much for your time,
and I hope I can make a better
world with you.
#changetheculture!Just kidding!

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

12 thoughts on “We have to change this culture.

  1. Dude, KonMari'ing my social media is like…….. the best thing I ever did for myself. Ever. It's bonkers how big a difference it made.

    Also LOOK AT MY LIL SISTER'S CUTE GIGGLE AT THE END okay i'm done embarrassing you now lol

  2. Thank you for making this. I'm glad I found your channel again! I think it's funny, cuz I've come to most of these same conclusions on my "own" (except the overreacting bit, that's GOLD), but I used to watch your videos yeaaaaaars ago, so I wonder how deeply you impacted my life. Again, thank you

  3. Omg I feel like I'm a teen again listening to you tell me about confirmation bias and the texas sharpshooter fallacy. Take this comment mother dinzer and may the algorithm be in your favor.

  4. The truth. So hard for me to implement this change. Challenge accepted. Thanks for making this video. We're seeing this for a reason.

  5. “Stop taking challenges to your ideas as attacks against you as a human being.”

    I have an issue with this, because there are dangerous beliefs that made things like Charlottesville happen. When someone believes in white supremacy that is inherently violent, because those beliefs lead to an ultimate goal. How can you ask say a person of color, a disabled person, LGBTQ person, or any combination there of to not see such beliefs as attacks against them as human beings?

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  7. As long as this remains 'WE need to stop fighting' and isn't allowed to become 'YOU need to stop fighting'.

    One sided change would bolster a status quo, not challenge it.

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