100 thoughts on “Warren: Corruption Makes Donald Trump ‘An Accelerant’ Of Inequality | The Rachel Maddow Show | MSNBC

  1. I understand what she is saying. They should have passed Steve Bannon's higher tax rate for people making over $5 million a year. It was the Republicans, not Trump that shot that down. But unless we have a competitive corporate tax, tariffs and low regulation our business will all leave the country. Mexico and China don't have regulation. So the pollution just drifts over to us anyway. Democrats are pro-business, pro-free trade bought and paid for by rich donors same as Republicans and if Warren says differently she is a liar.

    If you look at Democratic states they have all gone bankrupt while Republican states are doing well. They raise taxes on business and individuals, toss some of it to black people, disabled, and foreigners, lots of corruption and the business just leaves, along with tax payers, left with nothing but ghettos. If you want to fix inequality you have to create an atmosphere that is good for the middle class. Not open borders, tax and regulate business to death (while giving them every incentive to leave since there are no tarrifs on anything)- just common sense stuff that is missing from the Democratic agenda. They are good at criciticzing Republicans but they don't offer solutions themselves. If they really wanted to help America they would take what is good about Trump's plan and improve upon it- like add a higher tax bracket for the ultra rich. They wouldn't just try to obstruct and tear down everything Trump does.

  2. She's got my vote no doubt. I could listen to her talk all day; her knowledge, her passion and let's not forget her ability to coherently put a sentence together.

  3. I like Warren's former work in advocacy for the poor and middle class but there is something inauthentic that bugs me. Why does she say, as she did in the previous segment of the show, that "this is not about her" when in this segment she pushes forward her personal biography. I don't want to hear about her past, I want to hear about what her vision would be for the country and how she would go about implementing it.

  4. Please Elizabeth, we don't need a second term for Trump. He will trash you with a tweet. We don't need another Hillary.

  5. In Germany you can study like that. Parttime job, full study, no debt. Students are older and more mature.

  6. Senator Elizabeth Warren, the first Democrat to materially signal a presidential run in 2020, is a “big P”
    Progressive flank to Bernie Sanders’ “democratic socialism” from the establishment center.

  7. I was a bit sceptic at first, now I'm all sold. This woman is everything you need in a president. But she has to take time to drink some water. Very, very important. The microphones pick up every mouth sound, it doesn't sit well if you hear the nervousness. Especially if you debate self assured idiots like Trump.

  8. She's such a phony. I know that's not saying much but she politically sides against women's rights and then plays dumb about it and she's very protective of her men's rights buddies and that just disgusts me. I can't wait to find out what other candidates we'll have on the left because there's no way I'm voting for her.

  9. good Lord you think Trump is bad this woman is so disingenuous its ridiculous. our Presidents will continue to get worse. they all have a agenda and we here the same thing every 4 to 8 years.

  10. Oh Elizabeth Warren, you are the president the US sorely needs. You make that happen, and the rest of the world may once again look up to you guys for leadership.

  11. Two of my favorite public figures Maddow and Warren. From my limited – of course- perspective as an ordinary citizen who attempts to follow the twists and turns of both politics and justice – I see tragedy coming for many in our country. We the people have been misused and abused by greedy politicians and their corporate masters for way too long. We CAN choose to change the equation but we must watch carefully which is difficult when one is working so hard just to pay the bills that weigh us down. But we must or our beloved democracy is doomed.

  12. Ford did what he thought was best regarding Nixon and, in hindsight, he was wrong. He set the precedent by which trump might be pardoned.

    trump not only deserves prison time, he also deserves to be stripped of the fortune he has made throughout his life. The truth behind his ‘deals’ and his connections to foreign countries must be exposed and he must be punished along with his corrupt family and corrupt enablers.

  13. As an independent voter I found it striking to hear these two Democrats shamelessly accuse the Republicans of doing exactly what the Democrats have been doing? And any intellectually honest observer must confess that the "healthcare" these ladies accuse the GOP of trying to steal from us was "healthcare" we overwhelmingly opposed to begin with.

    Never mind the obvious bias on the part of Maddow, it's the unbelievable lack of self-awareness that kind of blows my mind. I used to relate to the Democratic Party, but I don't like what's happening to the party. So much dishonestly.

  14. The DNC is so utterly corrupt. That if Elizabeth Warren wins the Democratic party ticket. It will be because unlike Bernie Sanders, she'll have secretly agreed to just play along and ride the gravy train.

  15. She hands down has my vote. Now, I absolutely have no problem voting for Bernie, but Elizabeth Warren started the CFPB which helped me with a financial matter that I had. #WARREN/SANDERS2020

  16. Liberal politicians are always try to pitch the idea that the rich are stealing all the poor people's money, and I know they don't really believe that

  17. First Native American female President? Sounds great, except for the fact that she is as much a Native American as I am, and I am Norwegian.

  18. There should be checks and balances on judges as well.our country have laws on the books for. All people that live in the USA and we have a president that tell this country all kinds of lie that comes out of his mouth and we just keep talking about check and balance when will this country will get a back.i am one sinor that is up in age now and i see and a witness to injustices from a judge that lost my case cause she didnt care about evident or proof or documents.is this is what our country is now about.when a judge rulde against you.the pain is real and you cant get over it.you is a victim. From the judge and the company that did you wrong but nobody care if you was hurt by a judge nobody care how the president is hurting this country nobody about the people that cant pay the rent or mortgage welcome to the new year.i pary those people have money in they banks to live on cause this year we all is in for a bumpy ride.I'm sorry that i talk about a judge alot but if you was in the courtroom that day you would understand the hurt and pain i feel.and believe me you can write about it to the world and nobody will read it or care about it you can you can shout it from the Mountaintop and still nobody will care so you see for everything this president had said and done nobody cares but one lady that stand up for what is right for the country and for the people and today she is not along.there is a reason she is there and there is a reason God sent her some help.causes a close mouth dont get feed.and i will not stop talking how wrong the judge was in my case.and if there is judges reading anything i write about this judge ruled wrong in my case then all they have to go is read my evident i gave the courthouse when i filed my case and i will not text about this cause it was only about justice and check and balance on this judge.i know everybody have bossing. And judges do too.when the law of the land is broken then the people have to find away to fix it. I understand if you cant proof anything without evidence then you lose your case but if you have evidence and the judge still ruled on the other side then there should be check and balance on that judge.poor people cant pay for appeal just like they cant get out of jail.and sinor cant pay for appeal on our income.the law is to help the people that can pay.there is alot this country need fixing on.and it have to start from the top and work it way into courtroom judges.i live by the law i try to have kids that would obey the law.you have good police that love they jobs and love helping people.and when those good cops write a report they alway tell it the right way and not make-up things.i now live in a world ,a country i no longer know.please help me to understand why is people that live in this country is acting this way ,"WHY"????????.i still love the judge that ruled wrong on my case i still love people i dont know by name.i love my country my state.i will die one day but i will go in peace.none of this will go with me .but if that judge that done me wrong i pray that she dont do the next person the way she did me.and i pray that this president would walk away from the white house and go home and live his life the way he wanted to live and do the things he love doing but call it quit.just go home and enjoy your life and your family this is a HARD job running the country.nobody will be mad with you.you gave your best now go home Mr president.live your life in peace.and be good to your family and wife.but stop this shutdown end it please..

  19. i think christianity has not been good for america and i dont think most americans really understand christianity, i think most idenitfy with the egotism involved by telling or showing someone, look i can put my hands together and have a one way talk with the creator, yep, thats right, and samantha stevens can wiggle her nose

  20. The USA is a failed democracy with minority rule. Trump lost the popular vote. In the USA the election looser becomes President. This is the second time this has happened since 2000. The majority of Americans dislike Trump and Pence. We don't care what Trump's base wants. End the electoral college system that gave us Putin's puppets Trump and Pence. Each citizens vote should count equally, and American citizens living in US territories sould vote for President. Elect future Presidents by direct popular vote or face Civil War in 2020.

  21. I'll be voting for you Warren! I'll be 100% campaigning in anyway I can to see you as our first female president.

  22. She's rather condescending. People act this way to try to suggest by tone that they are smarter, superior, etc. But that's only done to control and shutdown the conversation. The truth is that they don't know about the subject matter and if pressed on it they'd be exposed as a phony. Thus, dictate, control, deflect and shut down.

  23. trillions can be spent on tax breaks for the rich/elite and now everyday government employees are being held hostage for the building of a wall

  24. the problem with Elizabeth Warren's concept is that in order for her to be successful in the beltway she would have to fire most of the senators and representatives judges and so forth and reinstall everyone according to her own image anything short of this will not result in any real change some nice sounding ideas will not get this done you cannot clear the rats out of the barnyard tickling them on the tummy and doing your gut level best at getting along with them, this system is not about Elizabeth Warren it is about the entire system and not the thoughts of one person

  25. Mad Cow and wannabe Cherokee chief spreading-bull from the wako-shyt tribe are concerned about 2 years of Trump yet 8 years of Obama demolished my healthcare plan, gave the cartel assault weapons, bailed out big banks while pretending to help the little guy, and increased national debt instead of reducing it like he promised he would.

    I know I am not the only one who realizes Obama did basically the opposite of what he claimed he would do when I voted for him. This is one big act with actress and actors but once we get someone that is not part of the establishment all the liberal sjw npc zombies lose their minds because the TV says so.

    Remember Cash for Clunkers Obama's plan to stimulate the economy ? I sure do because I was a car mechanic at the time. Cash for Clunkers in the end junked an unknown amount of fixable low cost vehicles for poor families and signed more then half a million up on a car payment for a bank owned car. This hurt business for privately owned repair shops and also gave a large amount of government debt to the big banks. A debt that falls on us tax payers. I thought Obama was for the little people not big banks……

    I live in Massachusetts Warrens home state and I will tell you first off Warren is extremely disconnected with reality and she needs to stop touring the country and come home and fix some bridges and roads because just about everything outside of the 495 belt is falling apart. Thanks chief!

  26. I am not sure how much she can get done really, the Republicans will be ready to fight her policies just like they did Obama.

  27. He removed the majority of itemization. You know what that means?
    It means that the average labor force (a majority men) will end up paying more in taxes.
    You know what it also means? It means that they also won't be spending the money they've been spending in self-defense because the laws written were not able to be interpreted and the IRS went after those people for using it while a majority of auditors couldn't even agree on the interpretations costing both the tax payer and the country millions.
    People were spending more money in self-defense than they were saving by following the law, on both sides of the law. And who is to blame for that? People like the woman accusing Trump standing here.
    Now was that the right way to fix the problem? No. But was is an intent to tax people higher? No. Overall, both the government and the people will be spending less in tax money. However, it does not address the fundamental problems that were wrong with the tax code. Simply removing law does not correct it but when a President is pushed by an incompetent Legislation what else is there?
    This is a two way street folks. It goes both ways. It takes action on both sides.
    And that is only one example I can give.

  28. Taking away healthcare was about getting rid of the taxes it imposed on the rich. So that really was their first agenda.

  29. You know why student loan debt increases?
    Because to get into a school people take you serious to hire you from, a majority are chosen from legacy status and contributions to the school. All at the end of the day, inherited wealth as the number one factor.
    So that leaves a majority of the nation paying higher costs for education having no other choice to be allowed to go to college and at a college people don't even take serious to offer you a job.
    So we have thousands of people qualified and underemployed. Just take 5 minutes to review the colleges of the members of Congress. Name one who went to an online school because they grew up in poverty. While I may not specifically know if any of them have a degree that was not from a legacy status school, I know the numbers won't lie and it will prove that wealth is the underlying factor of the right to be elected to Congress. RU is a community college, not a commuter college. Commuter is the student not the school. What does she mean she went to a college that moves? It's the students who go to colleges that move who have high debt. The students who can't even afford to commute to a college. How self absorbed.

  30. I hate the Donald as much as anyone but we need someone as president who can bring both sides together. Warren is so anti Republican and emotionally charged about it that no one on the other side will listen to her. If it's between her and Donald, I'm not voting

  31. Obama presided over the greatest redistribution of wealth from the poor to the wealthy in recorded history. Just saying.

  32. Elizabeth Warren keeps regurgitating populist platitudes but isn't offering any legislative ideas…at least not in this interview.

  33. Thank you Lord for giving me the intelligence and the common sense to see through such lies. These fanatics will not stop until there is nothing left to take from those of us who work for a living. Time is short people, wake up, don’t believe these lies. Turn to Jesus, repent and you shall be saved.

  34. Her chance of winning is….0.00000000000%. She is likely the most corrupt woman in U.S. history, worse than Hillary, but I hope she runs because Trump deserves to be re-elected.

  35. Elizabeth Warren does not ramble. She is really smart and moral. She grew up in a middle-class family.
    Trump rambles. He is really stupid and amoral. He got a lot of money from his daddy and physically loves his daughter wife. He lies as much as he wants to sleep with Ivanka.

  36. Have a pogrom on the thieves on the public purse. Stop being polite and offended and apathetic. Get very very aggressive.

  37. But who's given the country and jobs away to illegals and anchors from south of the border? Both parties have sold Americans down the river of revenge politics. If one segment doesn't go along with the program the Dems and republican lawmakers make revenge laws against us and it has just snowballed into low wages and high college Loan debts. Both parties are to blame. I'll never vote again for the destruction of America by Washington DC and its elected professional class.

  38. Define corruption warren i would call defrauding the fedreal government of 700k in funds designed for native Americans and not being held accountable for it because your a senator pretty corrupt you filthy theif

  39. The only thing good about Trump, is he got everybody's attention on the politicians and through a light on their greedy and corrupt ways

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