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  1. wonderful talk, a great lesson in the how little 'assimilation' or 'cultural melting pot' can really define what is happening to the diversity of our species.

  2. i love his use of language!..probably the most intelligent presentation i have seen on youtube.

    saving the Rain Forest & empowering indigenous cultures has never been easier, we simply need to vote with our dollars because our governments are busy subsidizing industries that massacre these peoples and the Amazon for the triple bottom line!


  3. Ive watched/heard this now 4 times. Recorded it. Remixed it with music in the background. and loved every minute of it "The shit knife!" I love these magical windows.

    Wade, if you wold like I am interested in collaborating with you on creating some story collages with music to share with people. I would like to have permission to share your words and wisdoms in songs as samples for youth to hear with their musical party experiences etc.

    What think ye?

  4. would be curioua to know, what you would be interested in. and why the no care. . . hey, just watched it three times today, is it that he speaks of a world that is losing its memoryes when it loses languages like alzheimers patients lose their last memoryes, we are losing the finest and most beautiful languages on earth . . preferring the mindless acceptance of the meaning of life untill we have done such a job on ourselves they will inherit the earth from us again

  5. The man behind the PhD have a mission to indoctrinate young human to believe that money or gold is means of power and well being…in reality these are invaders, and the Kogi tribe the reason they call them the "younger brother" explains clearly that one day they will be wipe out by their own hand…and is happening indeed..! Aliens are addicted to gold more than anything else, hence they seek power to run the business smoothly…and least they care about the Earth..

  6. human beings do not care about their grandchildren, they DO NOT care! because if they did they would take care of them by taking care of the earth… but instead left them with a desolate wasteland. (anno 2065)

  7. @slingshot2427
    …The sad history of Y_OUR planet…told by its indigenous people…
    (among us there exist a highly intellignet but parasitic aliens…all are engaged in stockpiling "gold" (mining, bank, labour..etc..), therefore, are looting illegally the planet resources'..the alien stand behind religious groups,eduction syst, politicians and corporate's shareholders…

  8. @slingshot2427 Well, the money-based-education system not only is corrupted but utterly against the law of NATURE (our doctorates and engineers have no clue what is sustainable environmental issue…thus they are blindly continously looting the planet for sake of useless career and wealth accumulation… and this what Wade Davis is trying to tell you..but most of you are "lost in translation"…WAKE UP dude! STOP SERVING THE INVADER ALIENS..

  9. I loved how he compared how one boy sees the mountain as a guide while one boy sees the mountain as resources.
    I also loved how the one tribe differentiates their plants by hearing the plants sing. It's so beautiful.

  10. Brilliant and inspirational talk. This man truly knows what he is talking about. He has travelled and seen the world and understood it. This is rare and profound. Listen and learn. Human possibilities are myriad. Viva la diversidad!!

  11. Had to come back and watch it again!! I viewed it about 2 weeks ago, and it has had me thinking!!
    Great lecture!

  12. Whoever films/ posts these, let us please see more of what the speaker wanted to show us in their slides. Thank you.

  13. Survival of the fittest, rght? so if these cultures cannot adapt why are we trying to preserve them when they are being selected naturally OUT of human cultures?

  14. @marcdaddy33 this idea of the "survival of the fittest" is a very good example of an eastern way of thinking.
    I think that the point of Wade's speech is precisely to show that there are other ways of understanding the world.
    The idea of domination,of opposition between species,between the world and human beings is deeply incarnated in OUR way of thinking,even if there is an infinity of other understandings.The problem with ours, is that the will of reduction of the difference is in its genes.

  15. @fireintheequation

    agreed… but too many atheists try to make an "ought" from what "is" when there is no natural basis for it.

  16. Just to think many of the comments below have been written by people who believe that they are part of the side of the fittest?

  17. @marcdaddy33 survival of the wealthiest(smartest in a certain sense if you like),nearsighted as hell .yes the lovers money and technology,depleters of resources,… the ones thare are destroying the biosphere.. slowly taking themselves and others in their fatal stream.

  18. the continuation of this story is that many cultures are undergoing self-styled regenerative processes. Sure, it'll never be the same as it was before they 'lost' / were forced to give up what the West devalued. Nevertheless, culture is always grappling with the primordial question of continuity and change. innumerable native cultures have welcomed some changes wholeheartedly. the problem is the violence, brutality, and greed of Westernization

  19. this is one example of a lecture that should be mandatory in schools all over the world, with a message that is so profund and full of raw truthiness

  20. yeah, i was like, shit, that's dmt he's talking about, and then had flashbacks of how mao inhibitors react with different chemicals

  21. Ok so People's beliefs in fairy tales of their origins is being replaced by scientific facts. And their limited cute to anthropologists languages are being lost to upgraded languages that are aplicable in the current world.

    If you´re so interested in preserving these languages write a Translation dictionary and let progress flow.

  22. this is mcdonalidized ethnoporn. the man traffics in such cheap and condescending clichés it makes me ashamed to be an anthropologist. selling real estate or being a slum-lord seems like a much more sincere kind of venture….this is to anthropology what the Cheesecake Factory (in a shopping mall with plastic greek columns) is to gastronomy. i

  23. if any of you are interested in what "anthropology" can teach us about, say, the Amazon, "diversity", "shamanism", memory, and inequalities, then check out the works of other (incidentally white gringos) ethnographers like Michael Taussig or Hugh Raffles (who are incidentally a lot more self-conscious about being white men who traffic in exoticist clichés–and who would never go anywhere near TED, National Geographic, and other Cheesecake Factory-style philosophy.

  24. No offense, you sound bitter. That's way too much negative energy and advertisement against someone who is living a life without taking away anything from anyone. Need a hug?

  25. The holy DMT medecine is found almost everywhere, river reed grass, acacia trees, the vines pictured here, bundleflower

    The thing needed to work the dimethyltryptamine to help you is passion flower, syrian rue, etc

  26. I'm with you Cloud Writer – Clearly Samuel Veissiere's *envy* of Wade Davis'
    incredible talk here is by far tragic, to say the least! As a proud Anthropologist here, Wade not only has the gift to teach the masses through his underlying message of respecting our past low-tech sustainabilities for survival, but he also has the gift to open many 'eyes-wide-shut'. If it takes a great speaker to enlighten others…bring on "the Show" 🙂

  27. Maybe there is some merit in trying to engage us laymen in superficially intriguing anthropology, which may lead us to search further, past the "Cheesecake Factory". I have no doubt you know far more about anthropology, but perhaps some aspects, information or "gringo's" peaked your interest in the field when you were younger that you can no longer agree with or support? Could you regard it as redundant if it had lead you to study what you love? Hope that sounded okay, my english is not great!

  28. Wade Davies is a true knight of Exploration and celebrating diversity. He lives the walk. Beautifully written and nervously presented but my goodness what a true well spring of knowledge extracted from his vast world travels. Thanks Wade for giving us a wonderful glimpse into the world that we share.

  29. maybe not. you can believe in survival of the fittest (or anything else for that matter) even if it doesnt favor you

  30. My older Step Brother is a Cultural Anthropologist working on his PhD. He knew what he wanted to do as young as you. Go for it.

  31. Though I appreciate his point, I can't fully agree. I don't think wisdom should be lost- I think ancient practices should be celebrated and taught, but we have evolved out of the need of most. Murdering an animal for a ritual to ward off a fear science proved irrational or just because there is a history to doing so, is not a tradition worth holding on to. Though it may have positive benefits at times and similar lessons of patience should be continued, keeping a child away from light = polio.

  32. Brilliant presentation by a gifted and articulate scientist, on indigenous cultures which are disappearing from the planet at an alarming rate, much like threatened endangered species.

    There is a somber lesson to be learned:

    Might the human race itself not disappear the same way, through industrialization, failure to embrace cultural diversity, intolerance of other cultures – for these are factors which have contributed to the "genocide" of indigenous cultures, but have also led to world wars and genocide. Instead, we should learn empathy, tolerance and harmony.

  33. this guy reminds me of brendan fraser in bedazzled, when he lives as a bigcocked all knowing abnoxious writer. : "Like they say, Dr.a Pulitzer Prize and $3.50
    will get you a cafe latte."

  34. The Kogi remind of Plato's allegory of the cave. ..perhaps a wider tradition lost in the Atlantean flood?

  35. Stunningly important message being shared by Wade here! There is a also a fantastic documentary on the Big Brother to be found via the BBC

  36. “We believe politicians can’t accomplish anything” lol amen. Wow this is such a wonderful video. So informative and it really does awaken one to realize that we have become so hopeless, that we believe ultimate globalization and the destruction of these beautiful tribes is inevitable, when really there are tangible forces actively, though possibly not purposefully, erasing these cultures.

  37. Native Americans provide not only rich culture of spirituality, language, art, and customs, but also extensive knowledge of pre-colonial America which is the history of a large part of the world. Their contribution and existence should not only be praised to uphold diversity, but also cherished and protected as their extinction means the eradication of a reality that holds history and perspective of human life in North America since the arrival of humans on the continent.

  38. 'The Age of War is Dead. The Age of Economy is Waning. And now is the dawn of the Age of Culture.' 'When an old person dies a library burns down.' African saying. 'Africa for the 21st Century'

  39. Dr. Davis is one of the most brilliant adventurer/scholars on the planet.
    He expresses such a sense of wonder and honor when he explains his travels and for the people and cultures he meets along the way. And he venerates our little planet and seed it as sacred. I could listen to him all day.
    I don’t think I have ever heard a scholar with such a wealth of experience and information, speak with humility and reverence.
    Dr. Davis is a living treasure.

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