Volunteers gather for ‘Habitat for Humanity’ event

saw this as a perfect day to bring out the beach mats and boogie boards, others were grabbing their hammers, nails and saws. KITV4’s Roger Mari has more on Habitat for Humanity’s “Build- a-Thon.” Althea Paishon Hassenritter likes what she hears and sees on this special day, more than 30 Habitat for Humanity Leeward Oahu volunteers like herself, working to give her house a much needed makeover. “I JUST WANT TO SAY THAT I’M GRATEFUL THAT HABITAT CAME OUT AND HELPED ME WITH MY ROOF TO MAKE IT A BETTER LIVING FOR US.” It’s all part of a nation-wide effort to help those in need in the 2015 Habitat for Humanity Build-a-Thon. “IN THE BUILD- A-THON, WE CAN HELP AN ORGANIZATION WE CAN HELP AN AGENCY WE CAN HELP A FAMILY ANYBODY WE FEEL NEEDS HELP.” Standup “The Hassenritter family was selected after contacting habitat for humanity about a severely leaking roof, it turned into a much bigger project. “TODAY WE’RE TAKING OFF THE ROOF THAT’S A BIG TASK COME TO FIND OUT THERE’S FIVE LAYERS UP THERE THAT ARE BEING SCRAPED OFF.” “THE FRONT PORCH YOU COULD FALL THROUGH, THEY PUT BOARDS OVER TO COVER IT, THE ROOF WAS LEAKING REAL BAD SO, THEY WOULD HAVE POTS ALL OVER THE HOUSE.” The work is not easy but for some volunteers, sacrificing a Saturday afternoon is a small price to pay to help out a local family in need. “IT MAKES ME FEEL GOOD TO KNOW THAT I’M HELPING PEOPLE WHO CAN’T GET THIS STUFF ON THEIR OWN AND I FEEL GOOD TO BE A PART OF IT.” Volunteers were given a short notice of the project as Habitat for Humanity Leeward Oahu waited for approval from the city and Hazmat. Once cleared, they sprang into action. “MOST OF THEM ARE PART OF WHAT I CALL OUR DREAM TEAM BECAUSE WE CAN ALWAYS COUNT ON THEM.” It’s a way of bringing a community together to help one Ewa Beach family keep a roof over their heads. Roger Mari KITV4 News. Malarkey Roofing and Honsador Lumber helped by donating all the materials for the project. By tomorrow afternoon the project should be complete.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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