19 thoughts on “Video: Rio Rancho Police officer crashes into teen on dirt bike

  1. Dirty Pig. Ya that's why he resigned. He'll get another job in another county and still be the turd he is. I really think our officers should be held accountable by the public people who pays their salary.

  2. Come the fuck on we all know this little punk was running and fucked up. Also, no crime? No helmet, no street legal bike, trespassing on hospital property, speeding, if the officer had to reach those speeds to catch him… what else? Could probably tack on like 3 more charges if he was found to be intoxicated. I can’t believe this family let this lawyer dupe them. The case will go no where. This fucking punk is 100% in the wrong.

    If your argument in court is the officer is at fault for speeding then it goes without saying if the boy wasn’t out there to put these motions in play none of this would of ever happened. You can literally take this argument back to the night this punk should have been swallowed, not cream pied.

  3. You folks understand that KRQE didn't run over this kid, no need for the dislikes! A matter of fact I never knew about this & im glad KRQE tries to remain unbias & is reporting on these kind of incidents here in Rio.

  4. "Were at the hospital"
    Dude I love our law enforcement but not cold malignant men like this who abuse their power. Your not at the hospital your on the street and almost killed that young kid wtf dude glad he resigned hopefully the truth comes out. Poor way to handle the situation

  5. dumbass was riding a non-street legal dirtbike around in the dark also without a helmet? ripping up and down the street allegedly doing wheelies? this dumbass is what you call an organ donor

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