72 thoughts on “Us vs Them: Immigration, Empathy and Psychology

  1. Well maybe, if the other "citizens of the earth" could stop being different I wouldn't have to hate them so much!

    It's like they're not even trying to please me.

  2. I think this goes both ways. Even if there is no other "outsiders" group, people will still find differences in some communities. For example, they'll try to differentiate themselves from colored people (asian, black, ginger, etc) or people with certain type of behavior (nerds, douches, slum dogs, the 1%, etc). I think this is just how brains work, they try to differentiate between objects and then try to find similarities/connections among them (in an effort to better understand or learn I guess). Of course, because we don't have all of the information about every object, we generalize and some of these generalizations end up being inaccurate. So once you see the unexpected behavior form a member in an otherwise generalized group, we either accept we were wrong and drop this notion, or we just say it's a one-time event and keep the false belief.
    Either way I don't think it's possible to have a homogeneous society, because people can only know so much about other people.

  3. All in this together, and yet led to the technological marvels of current year with a generation worse than their parents… but, we can change that, away from the expectation of the system that brought us together in this form.
    One way how: 'Building A Universe Competition' #BAUniC

  4. They aren't attempting to join ingroup, they are attempting to spread their cancer of an ideology( which I completely understand and hence despise).
    Stick to your kiddy brain teasers.

  5. Empathy for immigrants is good as long as they don't try to blow up, killing everyone you love.

    PS. I'm not a citizen of Earth. I wish Poland had a President such as Donald Trump.

  6. A multicultural world living in harmony will never work, people always prefer socialising with there own race, religion and social class

  7. 0:26 when you are not forced to use a country for a foreign country, then you must choose a country with no territorial disputes. otherwise you may end up offending a Billion people sometimes..

  8. Sorry you can already see where naive immigration policy and feels>facts leads in Europe.
    Jews are already fleeing Europe again and not because of some skinheads but because of useful idiot politicians importing radical Islam. If you can see this fact why would you still be so naive or uninformed and risk the same in the US?
    Not to mention that Obama did the same thing as Trump and worse while "Progressives" looked the other way!
    Its reeks of bias and partisanship.

  9. Lots of comments already covering what I would say. But just a little mesage of appreciation for another clear video on a difficult subject. And on top of it i see you did the animations and drawings whaou… Thank you. More please. 🙂

  10. Hello Vanessa. I love your videos but I had just one problem with this video – you drew an incomplete map of India by missing out the northernmost state of Jammu and Kashmir.

  11. But most religion (especially Christianity and Islam) teach people to hate others, even though most believers don't kill people who don't believe in their religion. In my place, people keep talking how right their religion and everyone else is wrong ._.

  12. Wisdom is only useful if used, and it can only be used if those hearing it takes it the right way. I agree with what you said wholeheartedly, but from a conservative's POV, this comes off as a bit condescending, especially the end. It's easy to say these things, but then I see people being attacked for barely breathing a differing opinion. Hopefully, humanity can get past this hurdle, but as you pointed out, psychology is a hard habit to break.

  13. This makes the President of the world's greatest democracy and superpower a Fool even by Third World Dictator's standard…. but he's the American choice. Go Trump Go…..

  14. People have to understand that the Muslim version of a bible the koran says to kill all non believers that don't join them. That's one of there comendaments. So this people wants to kill us! Why is it so hard to understand!

  15. Or I have better idea 😀 Let's be as much tolerant for strangers as much they are tolerant for our law and our customs 😀 You will see why two incompatible systems cannot work together 🙂

  16. Sorry, but if helping a million foreigners hurts a single American, I can't make that deal. Not without being a traitor, anyway. There is no moral basis for playing god with someone else's life, which is what the Libturds are demanding.

  17. But what if one of those out groups held a potential threat to your in group? How do you justify risking the safety of your in group by inviting in someone from an enemy out group that may or may not have intentions of sabotaging your in group? I liked the video and it makes sense but it doesn't take into account that someone may only want to join your in group with the one intention of causing your group harm and how you weigh up the risks of letting in a potential threat.

  18. The only problems I have with immigrants is their driving "skills." People from east and southeast asia are the worst. Coming from a family of immigrants myself, the other problem is that they expect others to bend over backwards for them in terms of language. Uh, no, it's respectful to at least learn a little bit of the native tongue to get by. I have walked away from my kind asking for directions because they didn't take the time to learn the English language, and expect me to to help them.

  19. you have exactly spelt it out, it's not safety or economic responsibility, it is a society who wishes to put itself first and creates identities on the most trivial factors whilst determining who should be excluded.

  20. Rubbish, we don't dislike immigrants. Don't blow up the world Trade Centre and kill thousands of people. If you do you're not welcome. We remember the cheering in jerusalem when the WTC went down, especially the women cheering. Don't mix immigrants with fundamentalists.

  21. The real question is how can we get along with people who hate liberal democracy, who are from places where liberal democracy is hated?

  22. Psychologically, did you notice she drew an American dollar sign in the money she "paid" to not shock the participant? Is this because the O'Bama administration paid RANSOM money to Islamic states? or is this this attributable to her distaste for UK immigration plans? or is it because Prudential insurance pays her with US dollars? Could it be she has completely abandoned the British/European socialist system in chasing the almighty American dollar and CAPITALISM???

    So many questions stemming from such a short video…

    Who really cares? Just be a good person (10 commandments not 10 suggestions)

  23. You are mischaracterizing your opponets. It is not about ingroup and outgroups. It is about resources, in employment, and benefits.

  24. I don't much care for most all other people. And by far Most people in the world, whether they will admit it, feel the same way. It's how we are meant to be as we are all technically rival competitors individually. The various groups we form are ways to artificially temper the animous we have for those that would take from us the resources we require. In group preferences work in this function decreasingly well as the groups grow larger. The bigger the group. The greater the sacrifices and compromises the impose on the individual. The system is guaranteed to collapse catastrophically if growth outpaces the technological improvements needed to supply the resources demanded by the needs of the individuals. BE CAREFUL! THIS TRUTH CAN NEVER BE AVOIDED!

  25. what you are explaining is the evolutionary trait of protecting your family or tribe and you cant go against that not by explaining it or giving it names is just like that people dont have to change it if they dont gain anything being selfish is good

  26. It's not ME not making effort to know outgroups better! It's THEM not wanting to!

    Now use categorical imperative. Get it?

  27. To add some nuance. Facts matter, values matter, aswell as ideas (and thus culture). Just look at the Pew Research studies. 50-99% of muslims (depending on the country) want sharia law to rule their society.

    While I think it is important as you say to compensate for our biases. It is also important to not be naive. And it is important not to make naive assumptions (as well as negative assumptions not supported by facts).

    The question is. If the percentage of muslims increase in a society. Does it lead to positive change or negative change? In relation to our most fundamental values (human rights, view of women, freedom of speech etc. Judging from the statistics and facts. It will probably be a negative change.

    Peter Griffin out.

  28. Here in Brazil, people tend to see outsiders (and things that are made in other countries) as inherently better than anything that comes from the inside.
    It makes sense historically, though, since not long ago protectionism made our industries stagnate, and even nowadays most of the time the best things produced here are reserved for exportation and only the rest is left for our own people. Brazilian coffee is awesome… except in Brazil.

  29. I'm a mixed African american; My grandmother is Irish, my brother is in a long-term relationship with a Brazillian, I have cousins of Han Chinese descent, my closest friend is Puerto Rican. My family is the definition melting pot.
    All the immigrants in my family, and those I'm friends with, tell me the same thing; Illegals shouldn't have a pass card.

    Because for them (especially my grandmother and friend) there was a lot of sacrifices, a lot of saving and budgeting and living frugally for years that went into them working to obtain their citizenship. And it is a disgraceful slap in the face to them that America has now become havanna for breaking the law and reaping the benefits with zero to no effort.

    This isn't about empathy, this isn't xenophobia or whatever else fear mongering mis- label you want to tape on it. This is LAW. The country is actually doing its JOB. Try entering Japan or Canada illegally and see how far you'll get, and to top it off, NO illegal benefits at that (you must be a citizen or have a valid visa to do damnnear anything other than eat).

    In a perfect utopia there are no borders. But the reality is country's have requirements and if you don't adhere to them, expect the consequences.

  30. I'm glad you're saying this, we should never forget that everybody is a individual, and people shouldn't be judged as all the same.

  31. And this is why "under God" is in the American pledge of allegiance. 1950s anti-communism at its best. 'MERICA!! sigh + facepalm

  32. What about an outgroup with an ideology that justifies the destruction of the ingroup in order to replace it rather than integrating?

  33. sjw use social identity theory to divide the American people. they say being proud of your country is bad. they turn americans upon americans.

  34. Reminder that it's common sense to be against illegal and uncontrolled immigration. It has nothing to do with empathy or stereotypes, unvetted migrants with no intention of becoming law abiding citizens have been a well known source of problems all around the world, any healthy society must protect its borders.

  35. Division in groups serves many purposes so lets tear groups down! Makes total sense. Anyway no, there is no global ingroup, we are not in this together. Quite the opposite, the whole point of creating groups is to exclude the outgroup, thus limiting our costly altruism to a few people more likely to reciprocate. Evolutionary game theory shows not only that ethnocentrism is a dominant strategy over humanitarianism, but also that it leads to greater levels of cooperation.

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