US Marines Urban Warfare Training

US Marines Urban Warfare Training

–Shot me in the nipple! [Laughter] Taylor! Let’s go! Fuck! –Shot me in the back. Right here, about southeast. And then, fuckin’, you shot him in the face. Then! Our mission was takin’ these over–. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! One, improvised explosive device on the second floor of building nine. Teams of two, give us five seconds. Ready? Clear! [Multiple voices, indistinct radio chatter] [Background radio chatter] They friendly? Friendlies up! Friendlies up! ‘Kay, go, go, go go! Down! Down! Down! Uh–, go! Go, go, go, go! Movin’ up, movin’ up, movin’ up! Keep goin’, keep goin’, keep goin’! [How] close are you to building four? Radio: “About seventy-five meters out.” You guys got anything in the road indicating an IED? Ready? Ready? Go! Stairwell, stairwell, stairwell! GET BACK, GET BACK, GET BACK! On the stairwell, on the stairwell, on the stairwell. [Background radio, indistinct] –Good? OC: “Watch outside, watch outside! [Background radio, simulated gunshots, shouting] GO, GO, GO, GO! [Shout] [Al]most iced you. [Rapid gunfire] –you guys, we’ll make our way out street side. [Whoops] Whoohoo! [Rapid gunfire] [More gunfire, distant] Lead, push. Go! Go, go, go! [Multiple voices, echoing, indistinct] Got a stairwell! Hold up. We got one holdin’ that stairwell, then we got one right here. Alright. [Echoing] Let’s go, push, push, push! Hey, hold there! Hold there! [Indistinct] Is that side good? Push! Push! What do we got, Lemar? We movin’? Who’s this? Lemar. Lemar? Who else we got? Martinez. Martinez? We’re done. [Multiple voices, echoing, indistinct] Gordon, where you at? Who was up there? Let’s just help ’em. Hold on, where’s my team? Right here. I want that map real quick. Err… We’re at six? Nine’s right there? We’ll push over to here, and fuckin’ bust right in there. Pushin’ to nine? Hold, hold, hold, hold. Hold on, hold on, we nearly got ‘er! [Rapid gunfire] Hey hey hey! On that corner, on that corner! [Gunfire] Hey, watch these windows on our left! [Distant gunfire] Pop it. Helmann, you alright? Got a door right there. And there’s a door right there, let’s go! Go, go! I’m crossing. Go! Watch that second deck! [Indistinct shouting] Can you see, Martinez? Be advised, be advised, now moving to building ten. Say again; now moving to building ten. Ten is right across, go! Okay, right across! Come this way, come this way! Come this way! Come this way! Come this way on the back side. [Heavy, rapid gunfire] Hey, watch that guy on that fucking corner right there! Right side clear! Push, push, push! Push! Let’s go! See anything from there? Nope. Alright. [Radio: Lemme know when you’re on second deck!] Be advised, we made it into building eleven, say again; building eleven. Go, go, go, go! Move, move, move, move! What do we got? I’m comin’ with you! Alright. Push, push, push! Push! Push! Push! — I’m holdin’ it! Be advised; building eleven is clear, say again; building eleven is clear. That door, right, that door! Light up. Fuck, fuck, fuck! Okay, combat camera? — Yeah. — Oh, ‘kay, my bad, dude! Let’s cover that camera. How’m I gonna look right there? Hold it; Sortie, Sortie, this is Hale, let me know as soon as you take that foothold in that fuckin’ building. Hey, Corporal Hale, hold these stairs; and I’ll hold the balcony. …What? They’re–. Sortie, Sortie, this is Hale: Reloading! Hold on, Corporal Hale! — S’up? — Hold up. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Let’s go! Cover us, Taylor! Cover us! Reloading! I’m ready! — You ready? Let’s go, let’s go! Let’s go! Taylor, let’s go! Let’s go, Taylor! TAYLOR! Is he comin’? Let’s go, Taylor! Uh, so today we focused on Mounted Urban Operations, with a section of CAT. Versus, uhm, firetime–, fireteam sized element. Uh, basically, just lookin’ for that section to clear through or kill or capture an HVI. And use CESIMS to… mimic the realism of combat, and make training as realistic as possible. So, being a part of thirty-first MIU, with CAT, uh, and their role being identified in that, we see mountains a priority, uh, to train to with urban areas being in close proximity to a lot of pour– to a lot of waterways. So a focus point for us, before getting on ship, would be, uh, just honing our skills in this environment, and making sure that our drivers are taking proper action, and our gunners and vehicle and communication is there, for uh, for good action in any potential environment.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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  1. All military troops must tackle a variety of tasks during the training phase.

  2. lol at all the bullet sponges (marines) and backpackers (army) fighting back and forth about which branch is better. just shut the fuck up we get it you both get there first

  3. why don't they cover each other it kinda seems like every man for themselves when they're assaulting a building or receive fire from one they just charge it shooting at it

  4. Kind of ironic they use face masks in training, but not in real life. They have pretty high tech ballistic face masks now.

  5. where in the he'll is opfor! somebody please destroy these guys… there getting careless flagging and clearing, it's time to bring that confidence down.

  6. i don't know much about usa's military training but it seems they are doing this way to slow! My experience with combat training we had to do things very fast in urban combat and in the forest

  7. I just cant what the fuck they are doing … if this is army training then this is almost same like isis do… we fight with numbers not with brains.

    Great idea kick out door and get killed.
    Great idea disarm trap and let it be on stairs one bad move and whole fucking stairway will blow up with them.
    Great idea just push like idiots while shooting on higher grounds… just great even my fat grandfather will do this better.
    Did they leave building without checking behind ?
    Great idea block your teammate from running away from that grenade what about to stand to right to not block him ?

    4 mins and i have enough even my fucked up english is better then this.
    Jesus … i just dont know….

  8. i think half the people in the comments dont even have any idea just how chaotic and confusing mout is, just because you play call of duty doesnt make you a subject matter expert

  9. yeahhh.. well they need new goggles you cant aim down sight with that paintball mask on, unless you elevate the Mount or red dot but you have to stick you head up to much, what is the Range on those rounds??? you can get up to 100 feet with dot precision with some air-soft rifles

  10. I'll be the guy….
    I know these guys are just doing milsim stuff…but
    if your going to do it…do it right? am I wrong?
    Don't just try to be the cool guys…lol…

  11. Actual authentic, true mil-sim airsoft lol. G'damn do a-soft nerds annoy me. Real steel this and real steel that. They take the shit too seriously. Giving themselves ranks. Eating mre's between matches. Oh and crying like a bitch when they get shot, because they think they are the best one out there because they bought acu's, insignias and look like a cloned soldier. "Hey guy's (nerd voice) gee golly it's a great day to play with our toy guns. I bought$3000 worth of gear, but i still suck and have no skill because i only pretended to go to boot camp/infantry school."
    But these marine's in this video seem to be loving it. Who wouldn't, right? It's fuckin' Simunition. Expensive but fun.

  12. Simunition…fun fun!
    Woodland BDU still looks better.
    At 6:30, WIPE YOUR DAMN LIGHT! It makes seeing a whole lot easier.

  13. They should do a drill where half of the soldiers dress up as zombies and the other half as soldiers and death by close zombie bite is a rock paper scissors and the zombies can take a clip but most of them are slow goers. It would be insane to watch a zombie v military ID vest blank drill.

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  15. They look more like fucking regular russians (of course, without that much equipement except a Kalashn and gas mask) rather than marines…

  16. man if they took simunition, got special forces units from all over the world. over dub all the shots with the weapons actual sound when shot. They could make a legit counter strike movie with all live footage. On build CS maps. Movie would take a minor plot and it would be fucking insane.

  17. This looks boring. They should show more clips of people shooting each other’s nipples. Some in slow motion.

  18. I wish those training simunitions are available for the wider public. Would be nice to have these nonlethals for personal training.

  19. in Russia we use airguns for such trainings. Airguns can be quite effective at range up to 100 yards.

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