Urban Industrial Guest Room Makeover // by Elle Uy

Urban Industrial Guest Room Makeover // by Elle Uy

Hi! This is Elle, and welcome to another makeover. Our makeover today will be for this guest room. I really like the concept that they want for this room. They wanted a somewhat masculine yet simple design. Because there is already an existing wood-accentwall, we will only play-off that look with a little moderm and a slight industrial feel, but it will be a streamlined version, not rustic. I will show you how the room looked like before. The walls were a light, blue-ish kind of grey. Then, it had an existing bed, and it also had a table for a TV. Basically, the bed will be replaced, and it will be moved to another space. Then, the table for the TV will be removed. because a day bed is needed here. Since this guest room will sometimes be used by three people, it is more ideal to have more space for sleeping. Actually, today, we will only need to arrange. I will show you all the things we shopped for. That’s all. Join me as I arrange this room. Before I start, please do subscribe to my channel for more home makeovers, design tips, design advice, and you may also follow me on Instagram. Let’s go and start this makeover. Shopping time for the boys’ guest room because we have a lot to buy. We will have to buy a bed, a dresser, and a day bed among others. These are there dressers, but this one is too big. What we are looking for are.. approximately similar to this size We saw this one online; it looks beautiful. We will ask them to check if there is available stock for this. We will also buy some frames for the boy’s room. Look, it’s big. It costs only ₱450 20 by 24. a bunch of random frames. Then, we will use them to fill the wall. We need a side table by the bed, so… we are thinking of this one Black Metal. It’s so beautiful. It also has wood. It looks cute. Now, we are looking for a day bed for the boy’s room. This is the perfect day bed. It can recline, but it lowers like that. I am looking for a rug… I saw this one; a black version of it. Look, it’s so cute; it’s so beautiful I will buy paint for our guest’s bedroom for the boys, but I am choosing from the grey that I want. I will show you the swatches that I am picking from. As such is our design. These are what I am choosing from. In here, this is the grey… This one or this one? This is more beautiful since it is bright, but this one is more manly; it goes with the wood. So…which one should I choose? What do you think, Mister? I have decided that I will choose this darker color Its name is… Phantom Let’s have a look later. I have a feeling this goes well with wood-accent wall This is the room right now; we’re a little messy. This is the day bed that we bought, and the pillows. The walls have already been painted. This is one of the colors I was choosing from. Remember the question: which is better? The light or the dark? That is what I chose; the darker one. It looks better, right? These frames are the ones we bought. We will place them here on this wall, because it is just a blank wall. This is how I arrange. First, I will spread them on the floor. Then I will arrange them. If arrangement feels ‘ok’ only will we place them on the wall. This is how you arrange it. I had him measure the length: 74. Then, we will place it on the wall. Like that; something like that. We will place it there We are now finish arranging and decorating the boys’ room. Our theme is very urban and industrial, so I will show you all the elements and furniture that we added to achieve that look. Come with me, and I’ll give you a tour. When you enter through the door, on the right, we put the sofa bed here. Actually, before, there was a TV console that was built-in. We had it removed, and we fixed the wall because they won’t be placing a TV here, and they requested an additional sleeping area for when he has a guest. So, we placed a day bed instead for a more functional space for them. Then, as for this wall, as you can see, it is very simple. We didn’t put a lot of art, because I will later show on the other side, we already have a gallery wall. That’s why we only things we placed here is… this over-sized wall clock that caught my attention because it has a wood and a black design. This wood, as you will see later, will match the accent wall at the bed area. That is why we bought it. Then, at the corner, we placed a lamp… and a floor lamp because firstly, we needed the height in that corner of the other side. Secondly, of course, because when someone sleeps here, or someone will stay in this area, at least he will have his very own light at that side. And another thing, this daybed is very useful. Aside from being a hang-out area, a sleeping area, it also has a storage area. That is why a lot of things can be place in here. Here you can place bedding, extra pillow, or the like. So very functional; this area. Over here on the other side, this is the gallery wall I have been talking about. This is why that side is more plain; because we placed the frames here. The theme is very hip, very young because teenagers will be sleeping here. I edited the coloring of the photos to coordinate with the room. Very gray, with a little warm tones, the like, and our frames, if you can see, we mixed in black and wood. Because those are the colors in this room; black and wood and grey; and a little browns. At the head board wall, this is the main accent wall. It has wood. Actually, it already had wood before we arrived. The wall already existed, and I really liked it because it goes with the theme, Urban and Industrial. They had an existing bed here before we replaced with this more stream-line bed; more modern. The last one did not go wall with the wall; they were contrasting. This…the accent wall becomes the highlight. That is why we also did not place a lot of decor. Since technically the wall is already busy. I felt that it would be better if it was plain and simple because there are already so much happening on the other walls. Then, on the bedding we choose, of course, its very base is the classic white; and for the others, we bought an accent pillows, like this black, grey, and white. There is also grey here, so it matches the other grey from the sofa. And it also matches the head board As for this corner, there is a side table like that to match. It also has a lamp. Then we placed an accent chair. This is super cute, and comfy as well. Makes me want to sleep. You can relax here, the like. We also placed an art work which is simple as well so there will be an art work on this wall. Here, we also have an art work, however, it doesn’t distract the wood-accent wall. On this side, we added a chest of drawers so… it’s for additional storage. It’s deep so they can place a lot of things in here. Then we also placed a mirror which is so simple. It’s so thin, it’s beautiful, and it goes well with the industrial look, especially the metal area. This only costs ₱850. It’s super cute. All in all, the setup is simple on this side. it goes well with everything. Then, we also placed this rug. This rug is so big. It’s 6 by 9 so it fills the room to be more cozy, and it also adds pattern and texture for this space. It ties up the entire space, because it has black, has cream, has grey. It brings out the hip and modern pattern. Last, but not the least, is… this light. Before it was only a circle which was super simple. We replaced it with this modern light which goes with our theme. So this our make over today; very masculine, urban industrial. Actually, I also made a video before that discussed three design styles. There you can find urban industrial. If you guys want to see it, I will put a link in the description box. Anyway, if you are afraid of “too bright” colors, because I am very fond of many colors but for this one… because it is not included in our theme, or the concept of bright colors do not apply this can be done if you guys are fond of neutral, black, white, grey, woods, or even if there are no bright colors; or just any other accent colors and the like. You can still make your space very interesting by using patterns, like the wood wall on the background, as well as this pattern on our rug, and textures. We also have this kind of blanket and the like. We also have leather so different kinds of element combine, your space will be interesting Hopefully, you guys like this room. If you did, please like this video and do subscribe to my channel for more home makeover design tips, advice and you may also follow me on Instagram. Until next time. Bye!

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