Urban Cowboy (1/9) Movie CLIP – Hitching a Ride (1980) HD

Urban Cowboy (1/9) Movie CLIP – Hitching a Ride (1980) HD

How you think you’re
going to get there? I got a thumb.
I got a middle finger. Come on, sissy. Look, bud, you hit me. I didn’t hit you
that hard. You don’t know
what hard is. Just leave me alone. Fine. Forget it. Fine. Forget it. That’s fine with me.See if I care.Fine. I don’t give a shit. She still pissed off? Get in. Go to hell. [ tires screech ] [ tires screech ] [ screech ] Get in.
No. Get in! No! [ horn honks ] Jesus christ!
I almost hit y’all. You want to get married?

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

81 thoughts on “Urban Cowboy (1/9) Movie CLIP – Hitching a Ride (1980) HD

  1. Look Bud you hit me…I didn't hit you that hard, you don't know what hard is….LOL…always cracks me up.

  2. Good thing that movie took place in 1980. If it were now all the feminists would bitch and Bud would be doing time

  3. For those railing on about "Texas and the South", Travolta was born in New Jersey, Winger in Ohio, and the director was a gay man born in Arkansas in 1936. I'm sure they all can combine their talents to accurately display the southern way of life, particularly south Texas oilfield country.

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  5. This is why I'm ALWAYS gonna be SINGLE and ALONE FOREVER! No Relationship, No Marriage, Just ME ALONE FOREVER TIL I DIE! 💪🕶👍

  6. either john travolta was a tremendous actor with his bud davis character, or he was an asshole in real life back then and was just generally being himself for the role, because in later movies like in the mid 90s, the late 90s, and the 2000s, he was like a completely different person by then, not an asshole at all, but rather a pretty cool, chill, happy-go-lucky, fun-loving guy. i liked him in the movies lucky numbers and wild hogs and in other movies from the 1990s and 2000s, but i did not like him in this 1980 movie urban cowboy.

  7. Idk about y'all, but Debra Winger (Sissy) is stunning in this movie. Even the simplest look she gives at 2:06 she is gorgeous. What a woman. Great movie too! 🙂

  8. I remember those steak houses growing up In The South as an Okie & Texan myself sipping on peanuts in my soda water ❤😂 old chev gas guzzling trucks

  9. I don’t know why this film wasn’t a bigger hit, Travolta was on a roll with Saturday Night Fever and Grease and this film made Gilley’s a huge tourist attraction for years after. Along with Blow-Out this is his most underrated film

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