UK Passivhaus Awards 2013 – Lancaster Cohousing (Passive House)

UK Passivhaus Awards 2013 – Lancaster Cohousing (Passive House)

Well, we were a group of four friends, all
from the Green Party and we just thought it would be a good idea to live together. As
we started to think how we would live together, we came across the idea of cohousing. Because it’s a cohousing project rather than
just a collection of Passivhauses, we have the aspect of community but the design of
the site encourages interaction, so you can’t walk down the street without seeing people
that you know, because you know all your neighbours. But also that encourages sharing of things,
so you’re saving time and money by living here because of sharing all the facilities. When we first got it, it was an industrial
site with old engineering workshop buildings on it and it was on a 45 degree slope from
the north to the south. The northern boundary is against fields and the southern boundary
is against the River Lune, so we have fantastic solar access. With Paul Jennings, has that been a good team
effort? Yeah, very, very good. He’s been really helpful, especially with some of the issues
we’ve had on E Block. Absolute boon to have on site, to be honest. The most significant thing is going beyond
the Passivhaus criteria and embellishing it to make a wonderful place to live. Well, what I’m particularly proud of is that
we’ve delivered 41 Passivhauses but we’ve delivered them to the local market value,
so there hasn’t been a premium added onto the houses. I daren’t even say this. It’s actually been
relatively easy because everybody’s known what they’re doing, everybody’s been involved
from a very early stage and we’ve all kind of supported and helped each other to make
it a success.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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