TVJ Midday News: Criminals Plaguing Brown’s Town Community – October 23 2019

TVJ Midday News: Criminals Plaguing Brown’s Town Community – October 23 2019

good afternoon and fashion brown with a
midday news special welcome if you’re watching on one spot Mediacom don’t wait
until it requires a state of emergency that’s the call from stakeholders in
brownstone Santana as criminals are again clicking that and adjoining areas
students are among recent victims as gunmen seem to be outsmarting and
outnumbering the police here Stevie J is Prince more computer other police
divisions st. and crime figures have not been as high
however for residents and business operators in the parish the numbers are
inching up and need to be addressed urgently for justice of the peace
Anthony Charlie the once peaceful brownstone is no more because migrating
criminals have infiltrated the parish it’s not only alarming that gunmen are
in the town robbing but they are no robbing school children which is a new
law in addition to students being robbed in June this year the principal of the
st. Hilda’s high school in brownstone was robbed and stabbed on the school
compound mr. Charlie laments that four months later her attacker has not been
held still at large and the last count I have is that he has robbed four to five
other women since that incident the principals of York Castle high and
brownstone high schools have called the police to take a stronger stance to
include more patrolling however mr. Charlie believes the government and the
police High Command need to proactively allocate resources to urgently nip the
crime problem in the bud and if we don’t get help it is going to go to a place
where we’re going to have to know bring in Zozo or something like that
to help stem the crime atop his list of necessities more motor vehicles for the
police he says the CIB was given one new vehicle recently but that being the only
reliable vehicle in the area it is used for
turns even into Kingston at times that he believes is crippling the ability of
the police to respond when you call this a shot most time boy them down a vehicle
or the patrol is old but they’ll try and get a call to the patrol can I help you
at that time in a shootout you’re dead or you’re injured or you know it
we’re not proactive we are reactive we need to be proactive we need to set the
pace as to how the place is to run he suggests that at least two additional
vehicles are needed to make the police better able to respond Prince more TVJ
news 19 alleged members of the Westmoreland base the Dexter Street gang
have been released they were freed yesterday after the Director of Public
Prosecutions DPP entered a nolle prosequi in the matter the DPP argued
that she was unable to pursue the case as the main witness cannot be located
it’s believed that he’s been killed members of the Nexus Dexter Street gang
were charged last year under the anti-gang legislation this followed a
one-year probe by C talked into gang activities in Westmoreland the cops had
reported that members of the Dexter Street gang were involved in murders
shootings and robberies in the parish investigators also reported that a
shipment of 19 guns intercepted at Kingston Container Terminal in 2017 was
destined for the gang more than four thousand rounds of ammunition were also
intercepted in the meantime the Jamaica Constabulary Force says solid police
work was done in the preparation of the case in justifying their stance they say
every effort was made by the police to have the main witness placed under the
witness protection program however they say the individual resisted
police protection and eventually disappeared all together meanwhile
Acting Deputy Commissioner in charge of crime fix Bailey expressed
disappointment with the outcome of the case and if the witness is not happier
than the right thing is for the person to be allowed to restart their life I
know we have put on a lot of effort to investigate
and I really want to commend them for the work that they have done because I
am satisfied that they did an excellent investigation in the matter he says the
police have not verified that the main witness was killed two men were shot one
fatally yesterday afternoon in paradise nor Wooden’s and James no the deceased
has been identified as 53 old Herbert black it supported that mr. black and
another man were at a shop when a man walked up and opened fire at them
the gunman escaped the injured men ran from the scene the body of mr. black was
found a short distance away in the road while the other man was phone – beside
the shop with a bullet wound to the face he remains in hospital now this brings
the number of murders in San James to 113 since January attorney Hugh aldman
who represents President of the Caribbean maritime University CMU firts
Pinnock believes his client will have a strong civil case against the state mr.
Waldman who filed a leaf for judicial review seeking to quash the charges
brought against mr. Pinnock and former Education Minister reale Reid made the
disclosure at a press briefing on Tuesday about the nullity of the charges
where they would have had a powerful case of false imprisonment and malicious
prosecution and that would be possible millions of dollars what was that well
they were subjected to yeah I’m sure when we get to that stage
we will get that but I know that my clients are looking in every direction
including that direction and it’s not a fabric but stay with us more stories
right after these messages welcome back continuing the news
residents of treadway’s in San Catherine and surrounding communities have
promised two more protests if their calls for their roads to be fixed are
not addressed urgently the people protested blocking the train line on
Tuesday complaining that for as long as 30 years the roads have not been fixed
they add that despite promises of redress following a protest last year
nothing has been done so they’re taking action to give them two months for the
pressure testing of the pipe and that has been passed one year and two months
lower of the seen them back they have promises for the gas stack suggest us
was designated for the road and we have nothing from that so we are saying to
the MPS restaurant to mr. picker skill as a
civil star general we not yet no more fire the people contend that on cleaned
drains worsened an already bad situation so we need wash the block off a riverbed
yes so we have come to the lien police eventually cleared the roadblock and at
the bauxite train belonging to a Lumina company wind Alko was allowed to resume
operations there is another push for the use of sugar lands other than for
housing opposition member Fitz Jackson raised questions about the national
ethanol project as part of the vision 2030 goal of increasing the country’s
renewable energy supply the issue was discussed at Tuesday’s Public Accounts
Committee meeting were principal director in the energy ministry fitzroy
Vidal pointed to a study which looked at a Jamaica’s sugar
ROM and ethanol targets and I study identified that we had
enough agricultural land available it was put back into production we could
meet all three comfortable and importance of that is that while the raw
market is what is drawing the current demand just about for everything that is
produced no if we were to put back all available lands into production we could
meet all three targets again that’s something that did you look at you
policy a family new building sent Elizabeth is no homeless after fire
destroyed their home last night as you’ll hear in this report it’s still
not clear how the fire started this charge structure is what’s left of
the place Nadine Austin Clarke and her 15 year old daughter once called a home
on Tuesday night the five bedroom dwelling was damaged by a fire miss
Clarke says at the time of the fire she was on the road when a church sister
called her she Miniver surprised at our car because she’s just like that to me
how would she call me she’s only two maybe a bit missing me don’t worry what
have you done with me baby and she said so more words to me on
teachers saying here what my new apartment missing no I said new partner
he said no one should see me as he almost took on fire
what’s your walks me before to tell me I didn’t well I know you’re coming up no
other people start doing it no one was at home at the time of the incident and
nothing was saved the junction fire station responded however a team from
the Santa Cruz station had to assist with cooling down efforts 25 minutes our preliminary investigation
will be back seven million however it’s not clear what started the
fire well I think I know I think they don’t have any current here short so I
don’t know anything left how am I going to make fries or don’t
play McGuire auntie I’m sure you guessed her enough machine masters TV ten years
acting principal for the crosskeys high school in Manchester Georgia war
Richards is celebrating marked behavioural and academic improvements
among students which she attributes to several initiatives at the institution
now she spoke to tv2 news following a recent prayer breakfast to launch the
school year she noted that in recent times fights were a major issue at the
school not just ordinary fights fights with weapons and in any one week you
could expect to have anywhere between ten to fifteen of these kinds of fights
and today we are down to maybe we don’t suffice every week anymore
the data will show that maybe two or three fights every month what we’re not
seeing the weapons are not being used if they are here they are concealed where
but for more spot checks and other interventions we are not seeing those
weapons coming into school she says the school is taking a christ-centered
approach as it operates this year under the theme excellence without compromise
addressing the per breakfast South Manchester MP Michael Stewart commended
the school’s focus as critical in helping to keep youngsters away from
crime and reducing the need for more states of emergency meanwhile the acting
principal notes that while the school is still not where it needs to be students
have been showing academic improvement English language for example was moved
by 13% this year in external exams we find to that as a result of the number
of interventions that we have put in place our students are know showing more
interest in the academic affairs the assignments are no common
in more frequently and more on time and here is a preview of what’s coming up in
this evenings health report in the next edition of the health report we look at
nutrition during cancer treatment when somebody is giving the diagnosis of
cancer sometimes we say the Big C it strikes fear in our hearts and people
will grasp at straws and that means whoever’s out there saying drink this
don’t drink that eat this people will do it especially
when they traditional health profession may not be offering good answers I’m
saying nutrition has a part to play at every stage from prevention to treatment
to post that’s the health report this evening in primetime news and now for
today’s healthy living tip eat small meals throughout your day don’t wait
until you’re hungry to eat keep your favorite foods close at hand and make
your meals look appealing and time now for sports Atlantic sharks
kosaka and Michael University all recorded impressive wins as the Jamaica
Table Tennis Association National Premier League served off at the weekend
Atlantic sharks led by Peter mu young upset the highly fancied you Tech
Knights by three matches to wanna moon defeated former national champion Cain
Watson nine eleven eleven six eight eleven eleven seven and eleven eight
Christopher Marsh made it to matches denilla for the Sharks with a commanding
11 six seven eleven eleven nine eight eleven and eleven seven win over Mark
Phillips over the Knights came back as keen Watson and palton Madden battled
their way to a thrilling three sets to to win over Christopher Marsh and
Alfonzo Morris in the doubles match Mars van wrapped up with a match
beating Mark Phillips in the reverse singles 11 for eight eleven eleven nine
and eleven 8mu young who is also the tournament sponsor says he hopes players
see the importance of the Premier League and have a lot of competition if we can
represent a country internationally so we see this as a challenge for people to
have regular competition and to sharpen their skills I hear I understand that
we’re planning to play in the Caribbean terms next year and this is one of the
many competitions that we hope that the players will participate in so we have
stoked maintain the local standard form a national champion cane watson also
support the move to have the Premier League if it model look at the model of
all sports or sports of illegal across the world but as domestic international
continent or both the hubbub League is almost this is definitely in other men’s
matches kosaka beat sulfa borrow by three matches to nil in the best of five
games Michael had a similar success over caribbean palms in the women’s section
micro defeated south borrow by three games to two and that’s the midday news
on Vashon brown join us at 7:00 for prime time news package on behalf of the
news sports and production team have afternoon

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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  1. Okay there's a problem okay if you people know where these criminals live the only thing that you people need to do wait until they're in their house sleeping your burn that f**** house to the ground and what about jungle Justice it's getting from bad to worse

  2. The police stations are to be equipped with reliable equipments st all times, so that the police are readily capable of doing their jobs in serving the communities in which they serve.

  3. The Politicians dem a thief up taxpayers money, and not put in more funds in crime. We need Police dogs, drones, and helicopter.

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    Criminal dnt know another way to survive, so Dem only a come a road fi Mek crime situation worsen……

  5. The Police Constabulary Force should act quickly towards this matter in Browns Town community and ensure that they hold all criminals accountable as soon as possible to prevent any further attack on citizen especially our student travelling to and from school. Be agile of doing this.

  6. Look all police stations need a rapid response team or direct response team .. set up undercover sting operations. Retrain these officers for urban combat and tactical rapid response. And make it a law to be a member of a gang or criminal organization . And charge them with domestic terrorism and punishment up to seven years in jail mandatory I bet u things will change and please build a new jail outside the island on the water keep these misfits away from the general population

  7. If police are to serve and protect why the citizens of Jamaica block the road and they come and clear it people open your eyes they do not work for you the police force in Jamaica work for the politicians in Jamaica point blank and period

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