MUELLER,HE’S DONE now WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is saying
that he is proof that the Russians did not give him the DNC emails the last president
Trump of his willing to listen to what evidence Assange has let’s
take a look I have identified and I’ve even talked to this audio I’ve never seen any one
person face as much in terms of attacks as you have you have a
media that’s hostile you have Democrats at a hostile you have Republicans that are hostile
a lot of a deep state that has been leaking on you and
one of the things that has come up almost throughout your whole presidency
is this Russia Russia Russia Russia obsession here’s my question I interviewed Julian Assange
five times I’ve talked to him other times he has said it’s not Russia there was no collusion
they didn’t come the DNC emails did not come from them congressman Dana Rohrabacher met
with him and he says he has proof positive evidence
that would show the Trump campaign never colluded with Russia he
just want is it in the best interest of the country that if he has that information that
he should give it it seems I’m guessing here
he wants and return to be left to law should the country the country deserve to know the
truth to be has a country has to know the truth and also we
can’t let anybody play around with our voters in our voter system but I have to tell you
this so forth Russia was an excuse used by the Democrats
when they lost the election they said they lost the election they sat in a room and they
said wow we look bad the morning after a fact it’s been written
about I guess in various books or a book but they said why did you lose the election they
said it was Russia Russia wasn’t Russia it was a bad candidate
it was a candidate that didn’t go to Wisconsin and Michigan was a candidate have spent tremendously
more money than I did as you know more than double
and didn’t do well in Pennsylvania this great state didn’t do well in South Carolina I mean lost Wisconsin for the first time in
decades lost Michigan now with all of that being said bad candidate but they said Russia
then they say ah and it was Trump that colluded with
Russia I’m saying I did so look here’s the story and I think it’s something this was
an excuse by the Democrats and people got carried away this was a terrible
and it’s very bad for our country what’s happened because I don’t deal with Russia during this campaign forget
it forget it this was an excuse that was used by the Democrats it was an excuse for losing
election that frankly they should have won because winning the electoral
college is so easy for a Democrat you have to they start off with
three major states and to win the electoral college for Democrats almost like a given
that’s why people said you cannot get to 270 well we got to 306 okay because we but but I thought it was very sad when I saw
this because they’re using excuses and you know one other thing I have to say the electoral
college I never appreciated I always I would rather have a
popular vote for me it’s easier because you go to different states for
me the popular vote is easier but the one thing about the electoral college it takes
you around to the states that you would not go to otherwise so it’s been a
great thing but I say this we had an unbelievable unprecedented election
it was I’m so proud of my people I’m so proud of you you know I
did this show when a lot of people said well I did it a lot yeah a lot of peopleNI guess
people want to leave second one that since you’ve been president but I’m
glad to have you open a lot of people that say maybe we won’t do it anymore with them
you have been so great and I’m very proud of you and you know I’m a ratings person you notice
I always fucking okay has anyone seen his rating what you are doing to your competition
is incredible number one and I’m very proud of you and it’s an
honor to be in the show I have to tell you that shows the president I
think I remember one time we had an early early conversation and I’m gonna end the interview
on this and this is how I’ve always felt I just I you said
well you know I have all these things and maybe you want to play golf on my course one
day you said this before long before we were friends before you ever ran
for office right and then when you ran I just said I only want one thing help our country
let’s help the Forgotten men and women let’s keep this country
safe and I think that’s ourprayer for you and the country and also tonight before President Trump speech
I had a chance to speak to the crowd and ask them what they think about the Trump administration
Congress the liberal media and so much more watch this
have you met the president I have met the president at a couple rallies sure how do
you feel the job he’s doing Congress is doing in the media
well first of all the media we’re not even going to talk about because it’s a waste of
time because they don’t report anything fairly in terms of the job
that the president’s doing Congress needs to get on board and realized
Donald Trump love him or hate him he is what America picked so if Congress wants to be
re-elected in 2018 they should think about what the people voted for in November of 2016 so how is the president doing
how is the Congress doing how’s the president doing he’s doing a fantastic job so far if
the Congress not so fantastic but you know I’ve I’ve hope that
we can turn it on what are you thinking the news media well I mean you guys are fabulous
but CNN is fake news what do you think of CNN maybe ABC NBC CBS
MSNBC how’s the president doing I think he’s doing an absolutely phenomenal job yeah what
do you think of Congress I think Congress is being I feel
like they’re playing the politics of everything I think each and every congressman
got to understand that look we got to do what’s right for the country and listen I really
um together yes and I really I really think that if Congress
can come together and say look you know we’re working towards the better of our of everybody
of all Americans I think we’ll be phenomenal what about how do you feel about
the news media I think a lot of the news media is fake except except Hannity you know you know we loved handy that’s
that’s a promo I want this from obviously president Oh wonderful I feel better every
day what about Congress what about drain this wall hi sweetheart what’s
your name say la now can you stand back and show everybody your
beautiful dress look at that you got a Donald Trump dress do you like it how old do you
Ken and you like the president I love him you love him why because
he does good things for our country how’s the president doing
fantastic good how is the Congress doing not good I’m president of the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association bless
you for what you do I heard you so how’s business business is very good we’re here to support
the resident and his is in for his tax plan certainly reduce corporate and individual
tax rates are going to help our industry it worked for Reagan it worked for
Kennedy why wouldn’t it work now right absolutely it’s gonna need Congress gonna get this done
I hope so I’m cautiously how do you feel the news media treats the president you’re
tired of it yeah and all of them pretty much some conservative commentators now taking
a very different view of Julian Assange here’s what Sean Hannity told the WikiLeaks founder
during their interview in London I that I’ve told you this before when you first came on the scene
in 2010 I was concerned you were waging war against the US I Comfort believe that you’ve
done two things that have been extraordinarily helpful to the United
States and and I think journalism in a way one is you showed us that we do
not have cyber security you acknowledge that and two I think in this election in particular
you exposed a level of corruption that I for thirty years on the
radio as a conservative knew existed Amy Holmes looks like some conservative commentators who despise Julian assigns a
left winger who was endangering u.s. national security and secrets are now making him into
a bit of an icon not just talking about happening here because
he damaged the Democrats during the election well I think actually that among conservatives
that there are a lot of mixed views about Jurek Julian Assange
particularly when it came to Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden because national security
issues were at stake and now there are still mixed views
of Julian Assange if you read hot air calm or power line blog comm they take
what Julian Assange has to say with a lot of salt there’s a lot of holding the nose
at the source of this but looking at exactly what he did expose and
whether or not that was helpful to Republicans in the election Chuck six
years ago Sarah Palin likened Julian Assange to a terrorist when WikiLeaks published our
personal emails when she says we’re boring she just apologized to
him on her Facebook page so what’s going on here what’s going on here is that people don’t
have principles that this is a cancer of American politics which is that people will believe or say what suits
their partisan interest in the short term both parties do this it’s an across-the-board
phenomenon and of course you know now we have a lot of
people who used to lionize Julian Assange talking about what a menace he is that’s going
on as well no this is the fundamental problem with American
politics across the board is that people no longer make principled arguments they make
opportunistic arguments and this is simply just a particularly galling and extreme case of it Erin McPike here’s what
Trump tweeted the dishonest media he says like saying that I am an agreement with Julian
Assange wrong I simply state what he states it is for the
people here’s a very brief exchange um I’ve seen this clip this week of
Donald Trump then businessman billionaire talking to Brian Kilmeade about WikiLeaks
got nothing to do with it I think miss crystal you don’t think it’s
disgraceful this should be like death penalty or something ah so in evolution of views about
Assange ah maybe so you know that’s the principle that
we’d like to call in the media saving the tape so you know we might see
the rest of the conservative elites who are now you know siding with Assange flipping
back if at some point WikiLeaks put out more about what’s going
on in the government in the next couple of years in Trump’s administration because inevitably
things will go released I want to get one more thing
in MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough accused Republicans of hypocrisy and said Sean Hannity was having
a bromance with Assange well hadn’t he tweeted back that morning
Joe had used part of the interview and Joe what’s really repulsive says Hannity is the
pathetically low ratings you have on the network that colluded with Hillary Clinton
sits I’ll let them have their food fight and watch but you know conservatives have always
had a very conflicted attitude towards Julian Assange
I remember when I worked at the blaze there was this feeling of hate
that love the sin hate the sinner the information is important how we’re getting it that’s something
we need to look more closely at

Author: Kennedi Daugherty


  1. This small-minded, pathetic, vile and petty Robert Mueller is little more than an Antifa kingpin wearing a coat-and-tie, a vulgar Marxist Bolshevik carrying a briefcase.

  2. I’m NOT making any threats scumbag fucks CIA and FBI, I’m just saying I would LOVE to see Mueller’s stupid, fucking head caved in!! He has betrayed every oath and corrupted every thing he has touched ! The epitome of “GOVERNMENT” please GOD rid our world of this piece of filth !!

  3. Old prick needs to go away or die. Weissmann too…..he’s a real piece of shit. Ruined thousands of lives with his arrogance.

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