Trump And Barr Asked Other Countries To Investigate U.S. Intelligence Community

Trump And Barr Asked Other Countries To Investigate U.S. Intelligence Community

Well news broke late yesterday evening, that
attorney general William Barr had been reaching out at Donald Trump’s request to other governments
and their, uh, intelligence agencies to get them to provide any information they may have
on US intelligence agencies so that the Trump administration could then use that information
to discredit the entire Mueller investigation. Last night, it was reported that a Barr had
been speaking with the prime minister of Australia about this. But then a few hours later, more news broke
saying, guess what, folks? It wasn’t just the one government, the Australian
government that actually did provide evidence and documentation for the Mueller investigation. But apparently William Barr also made a trip
over to a great Britain where he spoke with their intelligence officials about working
with him on this little investigation he had going. And then he hopped a plane over to Italy. And, uh, met with their leaders and their
intelligence officials about doing the same thing. William Barr, the attorney general of the
United States at the request of the president of the United States. Donald Trump has been traveling the globe,
trying to get other countries to investigate our intelligence community here in the United
States for the sole purpose of undermining the Mueller investigation. Now, what’s odd about this is that as far
as I knew Muller investigation was over, it did not lead to impeachment. It could have, it should have, but it didn’t. You know, Democrats aren’t sitting there harping
on that every day. It’s not like it’s something that, uh, most
people were thinking about on a daily basis anymore. W- we all moved on. We’ve got a brand new scandal with Trump and
the Ukraine now, right? So why waste your time doing this? Because the president is still bitter. He is a petulant child and he’s not going
to stop until he can claim that every single person that ever worked on any investigation
against him was just a Democrat loving Trump hating bleeding heart. That’s what this is about. This is about revenge. It has nothing to do with this administration
thinking there may have actually been something illegal about these investigations, which
there weren’t. We already know that that conspiracy theory
has been debunked. But the attorney general is working right
now, basically acting as the president’s personal attorney to undermine the United States itself. You may not agree with these investigations. You may not like them, but at the end of the
day, that is what they’re supposed to do. And yeah, guess what? Every human being has some kind of political
bias inside of them that influences how they vote. And most of us leave it at that. And these people who are career officials
within the CIA or the FBI who were doing these investigations, they didn’t do it because
they hated you. They did it because it was their job. It’s not because they love the Democrats,
it’s because they understand that they have a duty to the office that they hold. That’s where this came from, but not to the
president, to Donald Trump. These people did it for one reason and one
reason alone, and it’s because they hate him and he is not going to stop until he can smear
each and every human being that ever worked on any investigation against him.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

43 thoughts on “Trump And Barr Asked Other Countries To Investigate U.S. Intelligence Community

  1. The Intel agencies are under investigation, why wouldn't Barr ask other countries, that's where the DNC started their frame up of TRUMP in Europe the Ukraine mainly. This phone call bulls..t, is to distract the real investigation into the DNC, shrillaries, campaign and the Intel community aiding in the foreign interference in framing TRUMP.

  2. Yawn. This is just another thing that Trump can claim “total exoneration” from once the senate refuses to convict. I can’t imagine how any of this helps the democrats.

  3. The more crimes that are uncovered during the impeachment, the more crimes Trump will be “totally exonerated” from when the senate refuses to convict.

  4. Hmmm, I guess they should deal with treasonous traitors like they did in the old days!! I wish Don Fatti Bastardi and Barr a fate similar to Mussolini!!

  5. This is not just about revenge. This is about exonerating Putin. This is about rewriting history to suit Putin, who is determined to take back all former Soviet states and more. Much more.

  6. He is trying to drop sanctions on Russia. If they can discredit the mueller investigation, they can drop the sanctions that were put in place

  7. I’m waiting for Democrats to use the term "witch hunt" when it comes to what the republicans are doing. Give them a case of their own terminology….

  8. I find it so strange but more so telling how white journalism is reporting how their race ALONE is behaving in this racist and ignorant trump era. No real concern nor shame of such racist ignorance and lawlessness and it speaks volumes of who they are. They're more focused on job security than anything else.. If this was a black man and his administration behaving in this manner I PROMISE every last one of them would be singing another tune and showing how REALLY disgusted they are every chance they get, smh. SICK and CRAZY.

  9. wait, what? I'm from Italy, what did they discovered about us? And who did they talk to, the PM or the Ministry of the Interior?

  10. He’s continuing to try to debunk the mueller report exactly because it didn’t result in impeachment – he figures that instead it will be used to indict him after his presidency, and that prospect prevents him from forgetting about the report.

  11. It's no wonder our country is falling apart, all our agencies and government officials are running around doing Trumps bidding instead of doing THEIR JOBS. They work for the people (supposedly) and not Trump. Can't we fire them for dereliction of duty or something. GET BACK TO WORK AT YOUR REAL JOB.

  12. Most gop scumbags are unethical and immoral traitors themselves to side with trump as we see them time and again. Kudos to the intelligence community for keeping a closer look at this traitors !!

  13. If they wanted to investigate the MIIC and the letter agencies to point out how invasive, corrupt, out of control, and in violation of US law they are, I'd be on board. They sent bullshitass people and a corrupt AG to investigate corrupt, bullshitass intelligence agencies over a bullshitass, NON issue. They all suck. Hey, "progressives"? Yeah, the FBI, CIA, NSA, and DoJ are STILL not your friends. They still suck, and would send their own mothers to the gulag for jaywalking, never forget that. The enemy of your enemy is NOT necessarily your friend.

  14. Barr is a treasonous apparatchik …. going all the way back to Reagan …. this guy needs to be incarcerated in the worst prison in America …NOW!!! What a disgrace !!!!

  15. Trump´s motive and that of his administration is not revenge, it is guilt. He is guilty and he wants to wipe out the traces of guilt and wrongdoing, as every narcissist does. He has to be admired and his image undamaged. Nobody is allowed to challenge him.

  16. Watch "State Department inspector general requests 'urgent' Capitol Hill briefing" on YouTube

  17. Perhaps the US intel and federal law enforcement are the enemy of the people of the US… It was only 60 odd years ago Hoover wanted to rule over the elected officials and therefore the good people of the US….

  18. …Y'know, most presidents would have used the CIA or FBI or whatever domestic intelligence agency there is to dig up dirt on their opponents. Why is Trump so insistent on asking foreign powers to use theirs?

  19. That's unAmerican. Intel is the only thing protecting us from Trump and Russia.
    Trump is losing them. Time for another Klan rally

  20. USA is being strong armed by these scumbags. They want total control forever. Now this Orange AGENT is threatening civil war , talk about fear mongering. We have got to clean house.

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