Top 10 Scary Las Vegas Urban Legends

Top 10 Scary Las Vegas Urban Legends

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am talking all about the Top 10 Scary Las Vegas Urban Legends. I just went to Vegas in December and it is
a pretty intense place to be! I got drunk in Paris then found myself sitting
among flamingos, then hopped down the road to find myself
in a medieval castle…. Only in Vegas! Have you ever been to Las Vegas? Like – Share
10 – The Ghosts of Ballys Casino and the MGM Fire
What is now Bally’s Las Vegas used to be the MGM Grand when fire tore through the building
in November 1980. The incident today is the second worst disaster
in Nevada History and the third worst hotel fire in modern US history. During the time of the fire, there were 5,000
people in the hotel and no sprinklers in place across a large part of the building. The fire started in the Deli restaurant and
tore through the second floor. 85 people died, the majority from smoke inhalation,
and 588 civilians, 25 employees and 14 firefighters were injured. The hotel was bought by Caesars Entertainment
Corporation and turned into Bally’s in 1986. People that stay at the hotel are convinced
that they hear screaming or ghostly apparitions walking through walls. Some employees have reported seeing a group
of ghosts who hang around together…which is kind of sweet. 9 – Stephen Paddock Was in a Cult
Or so local rumour has it. We can all agree that Stephen Paddock, the
Las Vegas Shooter, was a disturbed man, but was he part of a satanic cult. On October 1st 2017, Stephen Paddock broke
a window in his 32nd floor room at the Mandalay Bay hotel and fired on a crowd enjoying the
route 91 Harvest music festival. Using semi automatic riffels, he fired 1,100
rounds, killing 58 people and injuring a further 851. According to a number of news publications,
including the National Enquirer, Paddock was a prime target for a cult which encouraged
him to carry out the murder spree. Dr George Simon, a psychologist and author
said that Paddock’s flaws, including his drinking and his gambling, made him easy pickings
for a cult leader who was able to encourage him to do his bidding. 8 – The Rotting Corpse Under Bed
Oh, this is a very popular urban legend, appropriated to many many many hotels in local folklores
all over the country…and actually, at times, all over the world. It seems that the original story can be traced
back to Sin City, though! Basically, the story goes that a person checks
into a hotel…a budget hotel, you know…so they can save their cash for gambling! They check in, pop their bags down and have
a rest. They notice a faint smell, but think nothing
of it. They go out for dinner, come back ready for
bed and the smell is a bit worse. They’re really tired and there is no one
at the front desk so they suck it up and go to bed. They wake up in the night and the stench is
bad. Really bad. They turn the lights on and check to find
the source of the stink. They look everywhere, especially around the
bed as that is where it seems the strongest. Eventually they decided to lift up the bed…and
loh and behold…there is a festering corpse under there. That is round about the time the knocking
at their door starts…. Freaked out, they climb out of their bedroom
window, get in their car leaving their stuff behind and they hot foot it out of there. 7 – The Ghosts of Circus Circus
I just went to Vegas over Christmas and I went into Circus Circus because of Fear and
Loathing in Las Vegas… you know that scene where they get the fear and can’t get off
the carousel. It’s a classic. Well apparently that moving bar on the merry
go round isn’t there anymore, which is sad. Also not there anymore is room 123. Well… the room still exists, it just has
a different number, making it impossible to tell which room this homicide happened in. Oh, yeah…. Homicide. A woman shot her two children and her sons. Before the room was renovated, people would
see the faint words, help me, written on the bathroom mirror. Cries for help can still be heard in the poker
rooms, which are rumoured to have been nearby. Some also claim rooms 230 and 576 are haunted. 6 – 4th Grader Ghost at Edwards Elementary
School Can you even imagine being brought up in Vegas? Insane Edwards Elementary School is located
to the east of the city and has one student who has been in attendance for nearly 30 years. Students in Grade Four and Teachers of the
fourth grade have reported seeing a young girl dressed in white. She is often spotted in the computer room
and room 26, her old class room. It seems that the young girl is a deceased
student who once attended the school, but died in 1990 when she was in the fourth grade. This is seemingly why only fourth grade students
and teachers can see the girl, but no other years can. Another Vegas School Haunting, this time in
a Middle school, at number ** we have the Janitor of Dell H Robinson. This is a very strange tale indeed and seems
to effect only students who have moved to the school from outside of Nevada. Again, just east of the City is Dell H. Robinson
Junior High…it isn’t too far from Edwards Elementary…kids could in theory hit both
schools if they were unlucky…or just loved ghosts. The ghost at Dell H is nothing like the benevolent
child at Edwards, though! The ghost here is of a janitor who is seen
walking the halls with bloody hands. Again, seemingly only kids from out of state
experience this ghostly apparition! How weird! Some new arrivals also report seeing him in
their dreams after enrolling at the school. Stranger still, according to local legend,
he disappears from sight and mind as soon as the pupil starts going to church. Riiiiight. Sure. Okay. 5 – La Palazza Mansion Demonic Hauntings
La Palazza Mansion is located at 1700 Bannie Avenue in Las Vegas, just up from the main
strip. Despite being prime real estate, the house
has laid empty for a number of years. The property was purportedly formally owned
by Mobsters . These days the mansion is said to be not just a little haunted, but very
haunted. The previous owner thought he had brought
his dream home but was freaked out when bad things started happening there. In the end, he decided to challenge the poltergeist
– demanding it leave. This didn’t go down well, the man was then
nearly chocked to death as an invisible entity grabbed him by the neck. His friends managed to pull him away. It seems the mobster former tenants had left
some unfinished business in the house. The house was featured om Ghost Adventures
in 2010. Also, I found a website where members of the
public can leave comments and a number of people living in the area said that they had
visited the house as a potential buyer or a trespasser who heard the urban legends. All agree that the house felt very cold despite
the 100 degree heat outside. 4 – Area 51
We couldn’t do a Vegas list without talking about the nearby Area 51. Sure, the mysterious military location is
not actually in Vegas, but it is tantalisingly close by. Area 51 is a highly classified United States
Air Force facility that was once dubbed Paradise Ranch as a code name for the restricted base. The mysterious location has frequently been
linked to UFO conspiracy theories, including the Roswell incident of 1947. In the 1980s, Rob Lazar told a Vegas Tv station
that he worked at the centre to reverse engineer crashed flying saucers. As recently as March 2018, a couple spotted
mysterious lights in the sky near the area. While aliens are the most popular urban legend
here, some people say this is where filming of the moon landing actually took place. Whatever the test centre is used for, the
fact that it strictly does not allow public visitors, along with its vigilant security
control suggests that there is more than meets the eye at this facility. Could UFOs be bopping on over from Area 51
to the outskirts of vegas? Find out more at number 3
So Joshua Warren, a Paranormal Investigator claims that there is a time warp outside of
Vegas. Warren said the warp occurs between the I-15
and Route 93. He measured this with a Differential time
rate meter, a device used by UFO researchers that detects bends in the space time continuum,
and the laws of physics we know our earth usually observes. The discrepancy in time measurement has led
to paranormalists suggesting that there is a wormhole or black hole in the area….so
….you know…watch out. 2 – Bodies in the Hoover Dam Cement
Arhh…I visited the Hoover Dam on my way in to Vegas over Christmas. The Hoover Dam sits on the Colorado River
and divides Arizona with Nevada. Crossing this river is pretty much the gateway
to Vegas and the water from the dam provides millions of Americans with clean water, especially
those living in Vegas. None the less, the Dam has a dark history,
and is often referred to as the Hoover Damned or the tomb of the damned. Built in Depression era USA, the official
number of people who died while building the dam is 96, although many more were thought
to have perished. That is the fact, the urban legend says that
the majority of these people are encased in the concrete walls of the dam. Supposedly, the mixer couldn’t stop pouring
concrete as it would mean a structural issue with the end result, so the bodies were just
covered over and make up part of the vast wall today. This is probably just an urban legend, but
a lot of people did sacrifice their lives for this structure. Some even say their lost souls can be seen
walking across the bridge between states at night. 1 – Egyptian Curse on
the Luxor Never mess with ancient Egyptians! The Luxor hotel is an Egyptian themed hotel
on the Vegas strip, but it seems like the old Gods aren’t that on board with it. The Luxor has had a very consistently high
death rate over the years since it opened in 1993 as well as a string of misfortune
that has followed it. Some say 7 people died while building the
vast hotel, and some of them were seen in the boats on the replica river Nile that meandered
through the lobby. In 1996 a woman jumped from the 26th floor
of the building and now haunts the floor. Another man died when he drunkenly fell from
the 10th floor into the lobby. A hand bomb went off in the parking garage
in 2007, killing an employee, in 2010 a UNLV football player dropped dead following a fight
and in 2012, a Casino employee was murdered by her boyfriend in the Lobby. 2012 was also a bad year for the hotels rep
as three guests caught legionaires disease – with further cases reported in 2017. One of the guests even died as a result. All in all, it is rumoured that the hotel
is cursed. Why? Well, they didn’t appease the Old Gods when
building the site, especially in the placement of the Sphinx, which is facing East rather
than West and in the building of the Pyramid, which doesn’t have the required eye at the
top. So that was the Top 10 Scary last Vegas Urban
Legends! Which of these terrifies you the most? Let me know in the comments section down below. Comments from my recent video, The top 10
scary Slenderman Urban Legends Part 2 Jake Nicholson Said: Everyone needs to back
off on Slinderman. I think he is just misunderstood. Has anyone ever just asked Slinderman how
he is doing or if he just needs a hug. Everyone is to quick to judge.? Nooo… no, we’re talking about SLENDER
man, not Slinder man….slinder man is a great guy. Slender man…. Total killer! Person on the Internet Said: Slenderman the
man with no face the man with no soul the man who…is taller than me? Mate – everyone on this earth is taller
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  1. I was going to walk down the strip with my mom and siblings the night of the shooting but we didn't go also my aunt was gonna go to that concert but the tickets were sold out. I remember that we had to make a presentation in class once and a group of kids decided to do theirs about the shooting I just can't imagine what could of happened to us that night.

  2. My brother raised his 2 daughters in Vegas. They turned out fine. He lived in the suburbs. They had a normal suburban upbringing. Locals don't hang out on the Strip.

  3. I shouldn’t have watched this- I’m going to Vegas next April and urban legends scare me but are so interesting!

  4. the rotting corpse one isnt really entirely las vegas. apparently a lot of countried also have that urban legend (just a few changes)

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  6. Okay, I am 68 and my grandfather worked on the Hoover Dam during the construction. He always swore that the story about the men being buried in the Dam were true. He said he knew of six personally and heard of many more on different shifts.

  7. Does anyone know why at 6:31 there’s a toilet outside XD I’m confused why is that outside I mean like seriously privacy is non existent there XD

  8. Does Rebecca have a scar on her tummy? Or is it the fault of the lighting that is causing weird shadows in weird places?

  9. I grew up in Vegas. It was extremely difficult to grow up in such a toxic environment. I now live in Utah and attend college, but have scars from growing up in Vegas.

  10. I love the moosicccccc
    Plus Rebecca has the voice for this
    (Which means she has the creepy voice you need to do creepy videos lol?

  11. Currently there is a rumor of serial killer driving a rented white small U-Haul van watching and following the customers of the Las Vegas Eagle and the LGBTQ businesses near commercial center.. Numerous customers state that some customers have disappeared never to be seen again by any of them.. My advice avoid the area after dark..

  12. So that whole shooting from a Mandalay bay hotel room pos killing innocent ppl yah he was mentally disturbed they should have stopped him after the 3rd duffle bag they seen he had over a couple. Of dozens of duffle bags throughout the week he was there n they looked the other way…. I work at a time share behind the strip and seen the some of the victims who attended that concert the next morning where a guest was covered in blood n another lady hasn't seen her daughter since that night it is not scary urban Vegas legend story it's a highly sad disturbed incident that no one should have ever done… It didn't only effect the innocent people that were there n their fam but Vegas residents as well but we stayed strong n did not let that bring us dwn… We are "VEGAS STRONG"

  13. Listen Idiot, Do you live somewhere that doesn't allow people to go to church. Someone needs to drag your stupid [email protected]$$ to one. Is this why they got rid of you, cause your always talking out of your ***????????????

  14. Hello. As someone who was brought up in Vegas, I can tell you kids do a lot of drugs. I went on an overnight field trip once and a kid had cards so we gambled double shot expressos (imagine our parents shock when they expected to receive dozy children after a night of fun but instead found them highly energetic. Gave my mother quite the shock).

  15. I live about an hour away from Vegas in mesquite Nevada on the border or Utah and Nevada, normally 10 degrees warmer here than Vegas normally sometimes more.

  16. They say that at the Luxor, they burned an Egyptian Mummy. The 5th floor is haunted as well. I used to work there. No one talks about the mummy but when me and a former old employee where speaking about it, everything went berserk. We rushed out of the employee’s locker where all the utilities are and it was in the second floor.

  17. Hoover Dam is just an urban legend. My mom used to work for Them. There are no bodies in the wall of the dam. But as for ghosts that may be true. I have never seen them, but I can see that happening

  18. Ahw!!!! I went to both those schools!! I never saw anything at either. However heard lots of stories once I moved on to high school.

  19. Used to work for a funeral home in the mid 2000s.fact.every hotel in lad vegas has a elevator door for the deceased in the hotels.just in the 5yrs i worked.alot of suicides and overdoses.pretty sure in saying all the hotels in vegas have ghosts.

  20. I have a friend that partly grew up in Los Vegas and they are an amazing friend but a bit aggressive and don’t seem friendly if you don’t know them.

  21. i live in las vegas and my mother worked at the mandalay bay. gladly for me, the day of the shooting was a saturday, meaning my mom was not working. but my friends step-dad was working and he had to sprint to the car bringing other people with him. there was a bloody hand on his car as he escaped. he is still currently alive, gladly.

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