Top 10 Scary Italian Urban Legends – Part 2

Welcome back everyone, today we return to
Italy to do a much requested video. Ive loved looking at creepy stories from Italy
and to be honest, its been a lot easier for me than other countries – Italy has an ancient
history with many scary legends popping up over the years. I found 10 more amazing ones, lets see if
you can make it to the end – my name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Italian
Urban Legends Part 2 Starting off at number 10 we have The Little
Blue One. This is the story of Castello Di Montebello. On June 1st 1375, the 5 year old daughter
of Lord Ugoli-nuccio da Montebelleo was playing inside the house. Her name was Guendalania – she was an albino
who wasnt allowed out in the sun incase it damaged her skin – her blue hair and blue
eyes made everyone call her The Little Blue One. On this day, her father went upstairs to check
on her and asked where the little girl was, but she was nowhere to be found. She had run after her cloth ball into the
sprawling dark dungeon, never to be found again. Now, locals believe her ghost still roams
the castle and that on summer solstice every 5 years, The Little Blue One calls out into
the night … Next up at number 9 we have Pier Zanfretta. From 1978-1981, this Italian security guard
was the victim of not one, not two, 3 or 4 but FIVE alien abduction cases that took place
in Genoa. After each time he was regressed hypnotically
and even voluntarily took truth serum in order to give a detailed and true account of the
events. The abductions would always involve a group
of aliens known as the Dragos who were from the planet Teetonia. The first time, Zanfretta claimed to have
seen four lights moving around in the garden of the house he was commissioned to guard. Suddenly, the engine, radio and lights of
his vehicle all went out. He saw four lights moving around the garden
and presumed it was thieves. He crept through gate and just as he was about
to confront the trespassers, he felt something touch his shoulder. He spun around and in his own words, he described
what he saw as -An enormous green, ugly and frightful creature with undulating skin … as
though he were very fat or dressed in a loose, gray tunic, no less than 10ft tall- … in
later interviews he would also describe the creatures as hairy, with points on the sides
of their faces, rounded fingertips and monstrous yellow triangular eyes. As I said in the beginning, this encounter
was not the last he had. It would go on to become the stuff of legend
in Italy and for the paranormal community worldwide. Next up at number 8 we have The Mouth of Truth[a]. In the Paleochristian church of Santa Maria
in Rome lies a statue called The Mouth of Truth. It was built by the Romans during the classical
period and represents a river god with an open mouth, wide eyes and a folowing mane
of hair. Legend says that if a liar puts their hand
in the statues mouth and says a lie, they will lose your hand. The story goes that the rich wife of a Roman
noble was accused of adultery. She denied the accusations but her husband
wanted to put her to the test – so he told her to put her hand inside the statues mouth. The wife had thought ahead of time – she knew
this was going to happen – in front of the crowd at the statue, the man who was her secret
lover embraced and kisser her. She pretended that she didnt know him, accused
him of being a madman and the crowd chased him away. When she put her hand into the mouth, she
declared she had never kissed anyone except her husband and the madman who had just kissed
her. Her hand was saved but those who still suspected
her believed that the hand had lost its power. Many people still believe in its powers though,
risking their entire hands to see if the legend still remains … Next up at number 7 we have The Crushing[b]. The Ca Delle Anime is a house in Genoa that
has been linked to a number of dissapearances over the years. Some say that many years ago, it served as
an inn for travelers on the road between Lombardy and Piedmont. According to the story, the innkeeper there
would always warmly greet travelers there. He would give them hearty drinks and then
when tiredness overcame them, he would suggest they sleep in a particularly secluded room
in the inn. Once the travelers would fall asleep, the
ceiling would slowly begin to fall, by the time they woke up, they were being crushed
against the ceiling. Once the travelers were dead, the innkeeper
would dispose of the remains and gather whatever belongings they had to cell. For many years, these evil claims were dismissed,
but they reemerged when a bag of bones dating back to the 19th century were found near the
house. Despite the creepy past, the house is still
inhabited today, with supernatural occurrences happening on a regular basis … Next up at the number 6 spot we have we have
Monastero Santa Radegonda[c]. This old monastry in Milan sticks in the mind
of anyone who visits it. Its a place that not only known for its ghostly
sightings, but also its ghostly sounds – specifically, screams of torment. The story goes that in the late 14th century,
Bernarda, daughter of Bernabo Visconti, was locked in the Rocchetta di Porta Nuova. How am I doing with my pronunciations by the
way? I feel bad for my editor, you guys don’t have
to see how many attempts this is taking me. Anyway, Bernarda, the daughter was locked
away because she was accused of adultery – a claim which even her Father believed. Her confinement took its toll on her and she
began to fade away, dying just a few months after being locked up. Now, they say her spirit roams the haunted
church nearby. Many say they have seen her, some even say
they hear her anguished screams in the light, echoes of the pain she felt in the pitiful
last few months of her life … Moving on to number 5 we have The Beautiful
Woman[d]. There is an old legend surrounding the Villa
di Corliano near Pisa. You may recognise the name Pisa from the leaning
tower of Pisa – if you intend of going, perhaps stop by this place before you leave. According to legend, the house is home to
the ghost of Teresa della Seta Bcca Gaetani. In life, she was a beautiful woman from an
ancient Pisan family. She was married to Count Cosimo Baldassarre
Agostini in 1755. They say that something happened to tie her
spirit not just to this mortal plain but to the very house itself. Those familiar with the house have reported
seeing her move noble tapestries and ornaments or slamming doors and windows. On nights with a full moon, the lady has been
known to appear on the avenues of the grounds driving a spectral horse drawn cart. The current owners say that although shes
been sighted outside of the house, that doesnt mean any peace for them, as they themselves
claim to have heard her laughing in the cellar … Next up at number 4 we have Devils Monk Monastery[e]. This monastery can be found in Salerno. Legend says that a desperate wanderer stopped
by the entrance of the monastery asking for help one day. The monks did and the wanderer wanted to repay
them by working for them. He stayed with them for a long time and decided
to become a monk for himself. He was happy for a while but eventually he
fell in love with a local woman. The other monks claimed that she was a witch
and warned him she was a temptation sent by the devil. They tortured her to try and get a confession,
she never did and eventually died. Due to the loss of his love, the wanderer
lost his mind and vowed to take revenge on the monks and locals. People started disappearing around the village. One day, a couple arrived at the monastery
asking for help just like the wanderer did all those years ago. The woman was never seen again and the man
was found dead with a broken skull – the wanderer was the one who welcomes then in. When the king learned what was happening,
he sent soldiers to capture the madman. They hanged the demonic monk – and locals
say his evil presence can still be felt in the monastery today. Coming in at number 3 now we have The Mummies
of Ferentillo[f]. Below the church of Santo Stefano in Ferentillo
lie buried bodies that have been preserved. Normally when I talk about preserved bodies
in a video like this, its due to humans using an embalming technique, usually for religious
reasons. These bodies though were preserved by a rare
microfungus that attacked corpses and turned them into mummies. Some of the mummies still have beards, teeth
and hair. Among the dead are elderly people, a napoleonic
soldier, a murder victim, a mother with her child and even two Chinese lover pilgrims
who died during their travels around Italy. Despite the preservation being explained by
natural causes, some say the place is very much unnatural – and the preservation is a
sign of an aura that exists below the church, one which people like to avoid – especially
if they hear whispers down there at night … Moving on to number 2 we have Ospedale Montecatone. This hospital was designed by famous fascist
Mussolini in 1930. It was initially a hospital that specizlized
in the treatment of tuberculosis. Try as they might, they couldn’t save everyone. Locals began to believe that the old hospital
was filling up with the spirits of those who died there. As the hospital aged and its capabilities
waned, a wing of the hospital was abandoned out of necessity. Naturally this has become a hotspot for paranormal
investigators from all over the world. Some ghost hunting teams have already explored
the remains of the hospital and claim to have seen a little girl running down the halls
– they say this is one of the tuberculosis victims we talked about earlier. Along with the sightings, the hospital has
also been talked about in conversations about why it hasnt been renovated yet. Some people believe the authorities know more
about its aura than they are letting on … And finally at number 1 we have Villa Clarra. This villa in Ferrara is often held up as
perhaps the creepiest and most haunted place in Italy. The first thing many people notice when visiting
is that because of its location and unique positioning, it is almost always shrouded
in darkness and a natural fog – even on the brightest of days. This alone is enough to stop some locals from
even walking past the hosue – but theres more. One story says that a girl called Clara was
buried alive in the house by her father – nobody alive today knows the exact reason. Some say she was a clairvoyant and that her
powers scared her father so much that he decided to end her life. Some who here this feel compelled to visit
Villa Clarra, knowing there is a chance they will hear Clara crying out for help across
the ages … Alright guys, I think Ive now done a part
2 to over half of the countries weve looked at so now its time to look at whats left or
start requesting your part 3s. Thanks for all your continued support of the
urban legends videos, Im so glad you guys all like them – thanks as always for watching,
my name is Danny Burke and Ill see you all in the next video!

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