Top 10 Scary Hungarian Urban Legends

Top 10 Scary Hungarian Urban Legends

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing
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am talking about the Top 10 Scary Hungary Urban Legends! Hungary it is your time! Have you guys ever been to Hungary? Funny story… I ended up in Budapest over Christmas when
my flight back home got cancelled because of the Drone drama at Gatwick! Then when I got to Hungary there was a bomb
scare at the airport! Anyway, thanks to everyone who helped get
me out of that situation – you know who you are – I would like to go back to Budapest
under less stressful circumstances! Let me know where is next on your bucket list
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– stick around until the end of the video….comments! 10 – The Death Lions
One of Budapests’ most popular landmarks are the iconic stone lions of the chain bridge. The bridge was completed in 1849 and two lions
sit at each end of the bridge, so four lions in total. The sculptor Janos Marschalko was happy with
his work until an apprentice started freaking out that they have no tongues. Don’t lions use their fearsome tongues when
they roar? After people began noticing the tongueless
lions, they started saying that Marschalko had made a mistake. The legend says he was so upset with himself
for his anatomical error that he was driven mad and jumped from the bridge into the watery
depths of the Danube, where he died. Now the lions are said to carry the heavy
burden of their sculptors regret. I love a good Theatre Cat ! It is traditional
for theatre’s to have a cat. Can anyone think of the reason? I will tell you. Theatres tend to be big old buildings. Big old buildings have mice. Having a cat keeps the mice population down
and also provides a furry friend for the theatre staff. At the Hungarian State Opera, it is said that
a mysterious grey cat roams the building. It seems that this cat’s name is Vera and
sometimes she shows as a very real looking cat, sometimes as just an ankle height shadow
slinking round a corner. Some say they have seen a pair of red eyes
watching them from dark corners. The legend has it that Vera once belonged
to an Opera Singer who performed at the theatre. Sadly the cat died at the theatre but in the
afterlife is constantly searching for her owner. That’s kind of sad. I’ll love you, Vera! 8 – The Tribe
This is truly awful, but urban legend has it that back in 1896, The Budapest Zoo exhibited
a tribe of 250 Africans from the Savannah and displayed them as quote un-quote primitive
humans. The exhibition was to said to celebrate 1000
years of the Hungarian nation… which… I am not sure what that had to do with an
African Tribe, but none the less people paid money to go and see them and apparently were
very impressed with their bodies. Creepy. Like… a human zoo is absolutely not okay… I don’t even really think Animal zoos are
okay. Anyway, it turns out that while the story
has been someonewhat embellished over time, this urban legend is actually true. 7 – Wisps
Hungarian Culture, like a lot of Europe, is alive with fairytales. One enduring legend is of the Wisps . The
Wisps are complex creatures, and talk of them became rife in the 20th Century. Wisps are blamed for peoples bad moods or
sicknesses. It seems that wisps are parasites who sit
on peoples chests…which sounds like a familiar urban legend in middle eastern countries who
believe in tha sleep paralysis demon who sits on your chest at night giving you nightmares. Anyway, in Hungary the Wisps spread disease
and cause people to depressed. If you are inexplicably angry – it is likely
the work of Guta, and if you are feeling bitter, it could be Fene. This could well be another type of Wisp up
next, we have the The Nightmare Chicken at number 6
Okay maybe something is a little lost in translation here as I am literally getting Sexy Nightmare
Chicken. The Liderc is said to be hatched from the
first egg laid from a black chicken and kept warm under the arm of a human. Once hatched, the Liderc attaches itself to
a human as a succubus. it becomes vampire like, sucking the blood
of its lover and giving them terrible nightmares. The benefit of having one of these nightmare
chickens is that it will make you rich beyond belief, until it kills you, anyway. The only way to rid yourself of the Liderc
is to lock it in a tree hollow, or by persuading it to perform an impossible task…like counting
the grains of sand on a beach. 5 – The Footprint of The Devil
I love me a good geothermic spa, I really do. These are naturally occurring hot springs
heated by tectonic activity in the earth’s crust. We know that now. Buuut back in the day, people were baffled
by the seemingly magically hot pools! Some did not trust them. The legend has it that the hot thermal path
of Harkany is warm because it preserves the footprint of the devil. The story goes that the devil took a liking
to a local Hungarian girl, who he defiled and then ran away – escaping under the ground
through a lagoon on his return to hell. Through his escape, he boiled the water, which
remains hot today. Lusty devil bath anyone? 4 – Belly Frogs
In Hungary, there is a weird legend that if you drink too much water…so much water that
you hear a sloshing in your tummy, then frogs will start growing in your tummy. Some kids even claimed to be able to feel
them there, swimming around. I mean… this one is a bitttt crazy….. Belly frogs! Ribbit. It seems this tale is told to kids to stop
them drinking too fast when they are thirsty. Is there such a thing as drinking too fast. 3 – The Haunted Labyrinth
Paris has the catacombs and Budapest has the Buda Labyrinth – rumoured to be one of the
most haunted places in the city. The tunnels expand directly beneath Buda Castle
and artefacts discovered in the many caves off the tunnels suggest the space has been
used since ancient times. A torture chamber was also discovered – although
seeing as it is attached to a medieval castle I am not surprised. It seems that many people believe the residual
energy prom tortured souls still haunts the tunnels – and these spirits are pretty damn
angry. Beyond that, some even say the ghost of Vlad
the Impaler haunts the tunnels. He’s only one of history’s biggest killers…
it should be fine.. right 2 – Goliath the CIA Whale
Soooo the 1950s were a weird time. 70 years ago a lot of the Western world was
still kind of obsessed with side shows. So in 1952, three whales were harpooned in
Norway and then taken on tour across Europe – sometimes under the guise of being educational,
sometimes as a freaky side show oddity. This isn’t even the urban legend part – this
is the truth part! So these whales were toured around and displayed
in towns and cities in huge formaldehyde tanks – they smelled awful…apparently. As they went on tour, they were loaded onto
HUGE special transport trucks…on the side they had the name of the whale. Okay. So….here is where the conspiracy theory
slash legend comes in…. a lot of people think that the whole Whale thing was a CIA
coverup and that they were actually testing road routes and road capacities to be able
to transport nuclear missiles across Europe without people knowing. Some say that the whales, including Goliath
who toured Hungary, were kept in storage and nuclear weapons secretly filled the whale
vehicles. SO weird. So wild! 1 – Gloomy Sunday and the Smile Club
Gloomy Sunday is a Hungarian song written in 1933 by a depressed musician Rezs Seress. His sadness clearly translated into the song,
which became his first real success in the music industry. Both he and the girl he wrote the song about
killed themselves… but legend has it that he unleashed a curse in his music that affected
a nation. It seems that the song turned Budapest into
the City of Suicides…many people drowned themselves in the Danube after hearing his
music! People were found dead holding the sheet music
of the song, others wrote lyrics in their suicide notes, and one guy even shot himself
because he couldn’t get the tune out of his head. In response, a group of Hungarians set up
something called The Smile Club to try and encourage people to be happy. This was also quite sinister, though, according
to legend, the club would tape people’s mouths up so they had no choice but to smile! Billie Holiday Gloomy Sunday in 1941, causing
a fresh spate of suicides. The song was so problematic that the BBC banned
it from their airwaves. Is this Hungarian song really cursed?! Legend has it that yeah, it is. So that was the Top 10 Hungarian Urban legends! What did you think to this list? Which legend did you find the scariest? Let me know in the comments section below. Comments from Top 10 Scary Beauty and the
Beast Theories Jebellish provided a bit more insight into
the Jane Theory – they said: Jane’s dad=child/grandchild making Jane Belle’s great granddaughter….cause
Jane is living in the Victorian era and Belle lives in 1700 France?….. Ahhh! Although we think Beauty and the beast was
1750ish… and the Victorian era started in 1837…so yeah….actually granddaughter makes
more sense! Playersass said: Hi Rebecca and other wonderful
people have a fantastic day? Gacha Queen Said: I loved your outfit Rebecca! My favorite characters were the animals, aka
the wolves and the horses. They were my favorites because the horse is
my flight instinct and the wolves are my fight instinct.? A lot of you were saying your favourite character
was Lumiere! Good on you, we all know I’m wardrobe 4 life

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  1. Hungarians don't believe in such things. Nice video but I didn't heard about these, all except 1, and I know that nobody I know believes in anything like this.

  2. lol belly frogs is just a joke… it's a pun on the noise your tummy makes when there's a lot of liquid in it
    Just to calm you: Gloomy Sunday is a suicide song as long as you are suicidal to begin with. I listened to it a lot and i'm still here(OR AM I!?)

  3. I'm hungarian and I've never heard about the legends from 10th to 2nd, but man the first is so well known and famous, it's insane

  4. I lived in Hungaria I was born in Budapest I am Hungarian….I never heard these……

    Amugy hány Magyar van it?

  5. The Belly Frog thing is actually something that is quite common in Hungary. It may have been an urban legend in the old times but nowadays it's just a saying. My mom used to say it a lot when me and my brother were little and even then we didn't think too much of it

  6. In Portugal there's a rural legend that a cousin of mine told me and talks about a ghost that haunts a road. You go in that road in the middle of the night and all of the sudden you see a ghost to ask you for a lift. You stop the car, he gets inside the car and you start talking with him like a normal person. Then you ask where he lives and he told to stop in the cemitery. You stop, you look beyond and there's nothing there. And you stay there asking like what the hell?

  7. The whales were not cia….they were kgb….I know your channel likes denigrating the USA but atleast get your facts right so the story makes sense….Hungary was part of the Warsaw pact so the moving of nuclear weapons without public knowledge would have been done by the old USSR modern day Russia

  8. the only joke urban legend I heard was like if you stand on a stool of Luca's day you will see a witch lol

  9. Hey im a new subscriber and i was wondering if you have any legends about a town called Winsford in the uk cause i live there?

  10. Gloomy Sunday, the Hungarian version is more moving than the English. It’s truly dark and heavy with despair : the complete loss and absence of hope.

  11. I would have to say really the only places on my bucket list of travel would be Ireland, I hear there's actually a lot of Irish in our family's blood, and maybe a nude beach sometime to just try something risky, fun and sexy

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