Top 10 Scary Canadian Urban Legends – Part 2

Top 10 Scary Canadian Urban Legends – Part 2

Welcome back everyone – I thought Id return
to Canada for our latest Urban Legends video. Canada is the 2nd biggest country on Earth
– thats a lot of land – thats a lot of land for some creepy, mysterious and unexplainable
things to happen – there was no way I was gonna be able to fit it all into one video
so Im back today with this – my name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Canadian
Urban Legends Part 2. Starting off at number 10 we have the Tunnel
Monster of Cabbagetown[a]. In August 1978, a man called Ernest had a
run in with a strange creature in Toronto. He and his wife were raising kittens when
one of them escaped. He stumbled into a cave nearby where he saw,
in his own words -A living cnightmare that Ill never forget- … Ernest described the
monster as -long and thin, almost like a monkey, three ft long, large teeth, weighing maybe
30lbs with slate grey fur- … he also said its eyes were orange and red and slanted. Before he even had time to process what was
infront of him, the creature spoke to him. It said -Go away, go away- in a hissing voice. Then, it scurried off down a long tunnel. Ernest was done, he got out of there as fast
as he could, shaking with fear. He never approached the media with his story. He was afraid people would think that he was
drunk or crazy. His story only reached media when people began
to leak it to the local newspaper. He only agreed to talk if his last name was
hidden. The article contained this artists rendition
of the creature. It looks humanoid in nature but out of proportion,
as if it had been deformed by its years scuttling around in the Toronto sewers. Ever since then, people have reported seeing
the Tunnel Monster, still lurking in the shadows … Moving on to number 9 we have the Alien Base[b]. In 2017, media outlets started reporting sightings
of strange lights hovering over Lake Ontario. Within a few days, people were convinced that
this was proof of alien activity. Conspiracy theorists believe that there is
an alien base which causes strange light patterns – these orbs of light have been seen flying
in the general direction of a local power plant. Is there anything behind that? Perhaps. The stories reached such a climax that the
government was forced to issue a statement. They said that the Canadian armed forces were
conducting training operations in the area and those exercises may have caused the visual
phenomenon. Of course, this had done little to quieten
down the conspiracy theorists who are now more certain than ever of the alien base beneath
the lake … Moving on to number 8 we have Lemon Mine[c]. Ever since the 1870s, people in Alberta have
talked about Lemon mine – a rich gold mine that is somewhere out there in the Alberta
Rockies. Nobody has been able to find it but a geologist
Ron Stewart once claimed that he had found it. Skeptics said there was no proof the mine
ever existed at all. According to legend, the mine was first discovered
in 1870 when two prospectors, Frank Jack and Black Jack, stumbled across more gold in a
cave than they had ever seen. Once their joy subsided though, the men began
to argue – they couldn’t agree on whether to stay put or return to the mine in the spring. The argument escalated and in a rage Lemon
grabbed an axe and murdered Blackjack as he slept. He was consumed by guilt and wandered out
into the hills, never able to find the mine again. Ever since then, nobody else has – and the
only clues lie in this murderous story … Coming in at the number 7 spot now we have
Gibraltar Point Lighthouse[d]. This is the oldest remaining lighthouse on
the Great Lakes and the second oldest in Canada. It was built in 1808 and guided ships for
150 years before being decommissioned in 1958. The first lighthouse keeper was man called
J.P Rademuller. He disappeared under mysterious circumstances
on January 2nd 1815. Legend says he was murdered by two soldiers
who had been enjoying his home brewed beer. The killers dismembered him and buried his
body in a few graves near the lighthouse. The brutal death lack of justice is said to
have made the man into a ghost. The story seems like many other ghost stories
but it does seem to have a bit of physical evidence tied to it. One former lighthouse keeper reported digging
up a coffin in the area that I described before – he found a small coffin and inside was a
single human jaw bone … Coming in at the number 6 spot now we have
The Nanabozho[e]. This is an old story from Canadian folklore
that originates among the Ojibwa tribe. The legend goes that long, long ago – a beautiful
woman lived on the moon and watched over the Earth. She was loved by all the people except two
women who were very jealous of her. So, one night, they pushed her off the moon. The woman fell off the moon and fell into
a lake. There, the local tribe greeted her and built
her a wigwam. Eventually, they came to her for advice. They named her Nokomis and after a very long
time – the woman fell pregnant. She gave birth to a daughter – Winona. When she grew up, she was courted by many
of the braves in the surrounding tribes. One day, Winona was walking in the forest
when the wind decided he wanted to steal her, so the wind swept her up and took her out
west to put her in a shack. Nokomis was devastated and tried to use magic
to bring her daughter back but nothing work. An eagle visited her and told her what the
wind did to her and said that the wind beat Winona. The tale continues and follows Nokomis and
her attempts to bring her daughter back, fighting through the elements and brutal tragedy – its
a legend that has stood the test of time … Moving on to number 5 we have The Lady In
Red[f]. The Lower Bay Subway Station is Toronto is
famous among paranormal investigators. Many people have claimed it is haunted – specifically
– by the lady in red. People say she had black holes for eyes. Her legs are nowhere to be seen as she floats
along the railway tracks. Even subway workers have reported seeing the
Lady in Red. Some have said they experience unusually cold
drafts blowing down the tracks in areas where cold drafts should be physically impossible. Of course, the next question is who is the
Lady in Red? Well, some believe that she was a woman who
either jumped or was pushed into the tracks when a train came by. Some of the subway staff believes that her
ghost came to reside in the old pump room and uses that as her base to head out and
haunt the tracks. Despite the many stories about the Lady in
Red, nobody has reported making contact with her and hearing the story from the horses
mouth … Moving on to number 4 now we have The Sasquatch[g]. I was surprised I didnt mention this one in
the first video but here we are! The sasquatch is said to be a large ape like
creature that lives along the West Coast of British Columbia and Northern California. Its often described as a bipedal creature
– 2.75m in height and 360kg in weight. Theyre covered in long dark hair and leave
large 50 cm footprints that amount to most of the proof provided by believers. The sightings are not a recent thing either
– going way back to 1884 there was an article that described the capture of a half man half
beast near Yale British Columbia. The people who found the creature described
is as -something of a gorilla type- that resembled a human covered in thick, glossy black hair. The creature was said to be found unconscious
on some railway tracks. When it awoke it was chased away by a group
of men. In the years since then, evidence for the
Sasquatch had amounted to first hand accounts, tracks and bits of fur left behind – not enough
for scientific confirmation – but enough to keep the legend alive … Moving on to number 3 now we have The Soldiers
Tower[h]. Students at the University of Toronto are
well aware of the many ghost tales that surround the almost 200 year old establishment. One of the most famous is perhaps the Soldiers
Tower. Its a memorial to the fallen Canadian soldiers
of WW1. However, the bell tower is also known for
a grizzly tale. Legend says that in the 1930s, a worker went
to polish the bells at the top of the tower. In a freak accident, he fell to his tragic
death on the sidewalk directly under the tower. In the years since then, people claim they
have seen the mans ghost repeat this tragedy over and over again, spiraling down and landing
on the pavement before disappearing into thin air. Ive saved the most disturbing part till the
end – some witnesses have described the apparition as having the flesh and blood of a human being
before he disappears into the ground. I don’t know why but that makes any ghost
about 5 times scarier. Gross. Moving on to number 2 now we have The [i]Rom. The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto is over
100 years old and full of fascinating artifacts. Among the many ghostly inhabitants – two are
always talked about. One of them is Charles Trick Currelly – he
was the original director of the museum. People say theyve seen him wearing a nightshirt
and wandering through the East Asiatic collections. Staff have reported strange occurrences in
this gallery and have even seen the director on occasion. Why is there? Does he have unfinished work? It has to be something serious to haunt your
place of work for eternity … the other ghost is said to be of a little girl called Celeste. Staff and visitors alike have reported seeing
her tiny apparition sitting in the McLaughlin Planetarium watching the shows. The planetarium has been closed for years
since the last sightings and nobody is quite sure if she still wanders among the seats
there, waiting for one more show … And finally at number 1 we have The Bashful
Monster.[j] Thats the name given to this creature that some say is like the Canadian cousin
of the loch ness monster. For over a century, locals of Okanagan Lake
in British Columbia have talked about a monster that they refer to simply as Ogopogo. There have been over a thousand sightings. The native americans in the area speak of
the monster. They refer to it as Naitaka or Lake Devil. According to their own legend, when their
tribe arrived in the area, they had to try and distract the fearsome monster by throwing
a small animal into the lake so that they could cross! Descriptions of the creature are varied but
some people have said it looks like a frog from the front and a dinosaur from the back. If youre struggling to picture that – don’t
worry – everyone does – only the people who have seen Ogopogo will ever know what it truly
likes … And that is that! A while since urban legends Back on that? No? Why? Where to next? In the mean time …

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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    here are facts about Canada:
    ~Some of us don't always say eh?
    ~We aren't all cowboys and farmgirls and there are some big modern cities!!!
    ~We have some gory stuff that happened in our history like the Cypress Hills Massacre
    ~We are not all nice!!!
    ~We have a lot of American things like McDonald's but we also have British and French culture which makes us different
    ~We have a lot of different ethnic backgrounds and are not all Europeans, making ours a diverse culture

    So take it from a Canadian: not all of the stereotypes are true!!!

  2. I have seen the royal Ontario museum in my dream and the creepiest part is that I haven't seen it in real life! 😱

  3. When i was little … i believe grade 8… i went to Toronto island for a few day sleep over trip for school. Anyways we were at the lighthouse and the story was told… we went to the top and everyone was looking out ….i saw this tiny holy in the wooden plank ground and i looked through it and you see the steps… i saw a white mist figure walking up…. 1/like 100 stories of paranormal things that have happened to me… fyi back then i had no idea what a ghost was…..

  4. I’m Canadian and Okanagan is pronounced oak-a-nau-gan. And I loved the video on Canada, it was awesome! Of course I love all of your scary videos! Thank you..

  5. When did you start using that closing theme, anyway? Much more appropriate for spooky videos, than the upbeat guitar riff

  6. O Canada… Our home and native land…. True patriot love… In all of us command….. With glowing hearts… We see the rise… Our true North strong and free… From far and wide O canada we stand on guard for thee…. God save our land… Okay I'll Stop..

  7. here's an urban legend. If you live in pei or nova scotia you might know this. basically there is a ghost ship that is on fire going down the northumberland strait. you can see it if your in PEI or something. I live out west so i dont know much about this one lmao

  8. Who else is scared for their own life and maybe others? Don't like or dislike, but comment down…. I don't know. Anything I guess

  9. Scariest urban legend I heard about my country (Mountieland aka Canada) was a Mountie drinking dunkin doughnuts eating McDonald’s and not saying eh instead of drinking Tim’s and eating Swiss chalet and saying eh

  10. Hay I have a story it’s a town in British Columbia my aunties town Vernon and the monster is called Hogo Pogo so like if you want to here about the that it is really cool and weird

  11. A real weird creepy thing to see in the sky is the northern lights and stick people dancing by a fire in the sky. I won’t ever forget that day as a kid. Most beautiful scary thing to see. I still wonder how those stick ppl dancing by a fire up in the sky with the northern lights, but I seen it and I’ll take that to my grave.

  12. Talking about Canadian legends I'm surprised you never mentioned the wendigo in either of your videos. Probably one of the scariest legends we have around here

  13. What about the rugaru and mermaids or as my people called them halfway people. There's the little people serpents on almost every reservation. Or skinny man he's scary af

  14. I’m proudly Canadian and I’ve heard of the Sasquatch (which is actually believed to be a species) and The Lady In Red

  15. I have anouther one for you, underneath the parlament building in toronto there is a tunnel conecting the parlament building to anouther piece of the parlament building. It is said that some of the people who use the tunnel see a girl that hung her self when they are walking alone, i think thats creepy.

  16. The Black Donnellys, and the Roman Line should be included. Lucan, Ontario. 1800's. Murder, mayhem, mob justice. Ghost lights from a stage coach. Even if you don't believe in the ghost lights, it's a fascinating and tragic story of early Canadian settlers.

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