21 thoughts on “This Sure is a Long Emergency – Civilization 6 Gathering Storm Deity Part 11

  1. Marbs you should consider switching your green policy card to gold per envoy for a while.  Doesn't seem like any civ is challenging you for the city states.

  2. I observed in part 10 that a crossbowman on the encampment had disappeared.  It never reappeared and you later moved another crossbowman into the encampment.  As I recall, that missing crossbowman was quite experienced.  Haven't seen this glitch before.

  3. That Great Zimbabwe is going to be insane, get some more commercial hubs to maximize the very, very high gold it will yield

  4. You know what – I actually like these shorter videos, especially when you reliably post one every day.
    – You are almost always sure that you can see entire video no mater how busy your schedule is.
    – There is no day or two waiting periods between the two "episodes".
    – When you are late with a serial (like I am with Mali) it is much easier to fit amounts of episodes in amount of time you have.
    So if I have hour and half, I'll simply watch 4-5 of them. If I have an hour I'll watch 3.
    – I really hate when I have to pause a video in half, especially because sometimes I can return to it only few days later.

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