This Is Why FaceApp is Trending on Social Media | Recharge | Market Watch

This Is Why FaceApp is Trending on Social Media | Recharge | Market Watch

Are you using face app? Yes, I am from last 2, 3 days But since I have heard about its privacy issues,.. I am thinking to uninstall it Are you among those 15 crore people.. who want to see themselves as older people when they are still young Than this video is for you As you know face aap is quite famous these days Every-bodies facebook, instagram & timeline has been updated You can see ever-ones older version In today’s episode we are going to talk about face app Its features, privacy issues and why it became so popular and yes is this app is safe or not? Only on Marketwatch Since our celebs started using this app and posted their pictures this app became more famous Let’s do one thing Let’s try this app on our stars and find out who will look good even when they are old Yes, lets start with M. S. Dhoni Isn’t he looking like CM of Uttrakhand Shikhar Dhawan He is looking like Pablo Escobar Arjun Kapoor He is looking good in his old age One more kapoor Kareena Kapoor No comments But you can COMMENT Anil Kapoor, let’s try it on Anil Kapoor Have you read the disclaimer of this app It is written clearly everywhere.. that this app will work everywhere & on everyone except Anil kapoor So, isn’t it awesome Ok, but just tell me how is this app giving accurate results I mean how does it even work Now Daya we will have to go to Dr. Salunkhe for this You are right But then too, this app is based on Artificial intelligence It means that it take input of your old face and current face It changes your face completely That’s great! You just leave about my face now we can use this app completely On this bare land we will do cultivation Look This is beard filter It is good right? and we will add a smile to your resting bitch face I looking like Walter White.. Right? Yes, little bit Can you widen this smile It will charge rupees 1600 all syllabus is complete now and you have left the main chapter That what about it’s safety? Is it safe to use this app? I have heard that you data is not that secure Are you a Raw agent.. because of which you are so concerned about it’s privacy? You have given permission to your facebook and instagram right? You have agreed to their licence agreement also right So, They don’t upload photos on server wire less labs CEO, Wire less lab.. means the one who created face app He himself said that.. whatever data is on server it automatically get’s erased after 48 hours What else do you need? You are not even asked to login, you are safe just like anonymous So, should I use this? No, no Lets wait for priest to find out the correct time to use this you don’t have to worry like him Explore the face app and do tell me your favorite feature in the COMMENT section and yes RECHARGE yourself before getting old How? Just press the SUBSCRIBE button and if you want to be updated press the BELL ICON One second, One second Have you read it’s second disclaimer? No It won’t work on your face too

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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  1. India Is A Bakwas Country…
    India's People Have Many Many Time For Use F**k APP.
    So No Comment.
    What Is Privacy India Ka Kitne % Logo Pata Hai?
    Sorry To Say But Kiya Kahu?
    I M From INDIA.

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