This is NOT How a Romance Anime is Done

This is NOT How a Romance Anime is Done

Hey friends, it’s AkiDearest! Since Valentines is right around the corner, I know some of you are looking forward to spending time with your significant other.. While in the meantime a lot of you may be celebrating either forever alone or together alone, and for those people, I figure I Introduce you all to an anime that will at least make you feel… “Well… I may be single, but at least I’m not this desperate.” Maybe others of you will be like; “Haha… This is why I’m single.” And based off a very big handful of reviews, some of you may crucify me for this video because you’re all like; “This is fantastic, this is exactly what I need, I don’t know what you’re talking about.>:(” Ladies and gentlemen, let me put my hand on your shoulder here, I would like to introduce you to an anime called… One Room. This is a currently ongoing anime where each episode averages around 4 minutes, and it is filmed in the “Point Of View” perspective where you finally get to play the protagonist, spending time with three different girls. Each with a different motive, and each one with absolutely no respect for your personal time and just walk into your apartment whenever they feel like it. Alright, so um, let’s just go kick it with this first episode with Hana Saku Yui. This is a girl who shows up at your door and offers you a gift as a first impression, and becoming your new neighbour. The one thing that strikes me about this again, is the point of view perspective Like I know, those shots are intended for aesthetic sense to just bask in the art style of it, but if you’re going to go with Pov Format, I suggest that you stick with it. Now the first episode is quite literally just an introduction to her at your door. You examine her and in the scene It’s quite clear that you’re not being sneaky about it at all, and taking from her expression, I’m guessing she finds it very flattering that you spent a while checking her out. You end up skipping an entire day only to walk back to your place and you basically just end the episode exactly where you started. And what’s weirder Is that 99% of the time you’re going to be sitting there, awkwardly silent as she’s talking to you. But I guess just for the sake of this video, I’m going to try and respond to her I never really asked that, but okay, go ahead. Eh, it’s fine, you know… I’m just pretty much failing every class anyway. Uh… okay?? Oh, well, I mean, I just said I was failing every class so I don’t know if I’m exactly qualified, but I mean if you insist, sure..? What?!! That was the most awkward way to end an episode!! This anime just went south really quickly! All right. Well let’s just check out episode 2… Look, we’re studying together. What problem? The homework, this entire anime, or the fact that you’ve invited yourself into my house?? Sure! It’ll be about twenty dollars every thirty minutes! um… Together? Because I thought we just met… Yeah, no problem, but I didn’t really agree to anything… you sort of just invited yourself, Kind of how like you invited yourself to my house. Fam, when I’m clean, I’m done, and I’m out of there. So uh, you can perfectly go home by yourself. No!! God-damn- This entire anime doesn’t even make me feel like I’m interacting at all, in fact, it makes me feel like I’m watching a more messed up, Dora the Explorer. All right, so on to episode three. It starts off with (Oh look!) There she is again, and Wait, what?? No, don’t you have your own kitchen??- Whatever. I give up. Like, doesn’t this girl have a family that attends to her, or at least just her own place that’s literally right next to mine? I mean like I know she likes me, but I’m just waiting for that yandere scene to happen. Okay, one, you’re in my house. And two, it doesn’t look like you complained earlier when I was blatantly just staring at your breasts It tastes like rat poison… As always. I’ve given you absolutely no permission, but you’re welcome for nothing. Oh no, you found my porn. I guess that means you want to leave don’t you? Wow, this is literally the first positive thing that I found about this anime! in a typical anime, by this point I would have either been punched in the face or she would have been too naive to understand what that magazine was. So the fact that you’re not only understanding, but you’re also knowledgeable in what you’re looking at? That’s a plus for me! Well, yeah That’s what happens when you get tutored by someone who’s failing. What the hell, you studied for like five seconds and you went to sleep? No wonder you didn’t get into the university! Huh, that’s like the first time you’ve apologized since you’ve been here. Oh look at that. I even made you two cups of coffee that yes, you didn’t even drink! This is the last episode where we get to deal with her. And great, look, she decided to mark the date of her exam on MY calendar! You know, just to get my point across, I think I’ll just take this calendar to her place. Oh, hey there you are! Here! I found this thing, it’s supposed to give you luck in academics! No, it’s fine. Like, I figured you’re gonna need all the help you can get, considering of, like, your incredibly shitty studying habits Yeah, no worries. Oh, and by the way, my pubes are in there too, just to add another hint of luck. So, enjoy! Yeah, I’ll just, uh, wait the street just to see how you do on your exam. Hey, how did you do! Oh no, did you fail? Oh, I guess not! Well, good to know that the pubes worked! All right, so she’s gonna start taking me through the park, no worries it’s not like I have a- *sniff* Extreme hay fever or anything! Oh. She stopped. I guess she’s gonna ask us some questions. I would mind actually, and why am I observing you from behind a tree? Uhhh… I’d rather not, considering you kept laughing at my dick size. Absolutely not! …what? So tell me, does this anime make you feel better or have I tainted your mind with something you probably didn’t need to see? Anyway, so I hope you guys enjoyed this video Happy Holiday- no, wait, not holidays, Valentines! I hope I introduced a nice little anime for you to watch on Valentine’s day, I appreciate you guys for watching, subscribe to my channel for more anime and otaku related content, and I will see you guys in the next video. Bye! ( there probably won’t be captions on other videos, but i suggest captioning one for yourself. ) ( unless you’re deaf ) ( lol then good luck finding videos that aren’t shittily captioned ) byeeee

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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  1. So can we take a moment to wonder WHY the girl stares at you so intently when asking a question and then looks SURPRISED when you say yes. I mean gosh, if someone stared that creepily at me, I'd be SCARED to say no.

  2. Funny thing happened in my childhood…
    Dora: what is the best thing you like?
    Me: well I lik-
    Dora: I like that too!
    Me: at least let me finish!!

  3. The PoV animation and the silence of the protagonist is the way viewer may imagine their interaction and expect cliche reaction which happen like 'everytime'. As a loner and weeber, you might as well enjoy it. As for me, I just love the animation lol.

  4. Her: can you help me study
    Me: I’m not the right person you should ask
    Her: okay great we’ll study tomorrow
    Me: wait wtf

  5. Arkaplandaki posterleri çok sevdim gerçekten çok zevkliymişsin büyük ihtimalle bu yorumu anlayamayacaksım ama yinede çok eğlendim ha bu yorumu anlarda bu video yu anlıyorsan neden ingilizce yazmıyorsun dersen ben sadece yazmada kötüyüm

  6. I know that like, this video was probably like a year ago or something but oof……..I never had a valentine…
    Shoutouts too the single pringles ;-;

  7. Feeds burnt cheese with salt//

    Me// what is this piece of sh-

    Me// why does it taste like mud….?

    Really !? Thank goodness!

    Me// im DYING someone help

    Omg let me "help" you


  8. Heya I really need some help finding this new anime I can't remember the name of. The English name is something about love letters or love notes. There's a spooky looking girl who gets walked over by her class but after she meets senpai & he isn't scared of her she decides she's going to try being friends with everyone even though this means telling them she can't talk to ghosts like they think. She becomes fast friends with senpai as does another girl who becomes her rival while she thinks they're close friends. The rival is very Western looking & has loved senpai since primary school. It has a Japanese name & the English name follows it but I can't remember either of them. Please help. Thanks.

  9. Why is it so popular in anime for the girl to look embarresed/blush/worried all the damn time? What normal person looks like this? Do guys actually find it cute?? So many questions lol

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