what’s up everybody? welcome
back to my channel! hi, how are ya? today I have a very special guest all the way from
Dallas Texas we have Cole Cardigan in the building! Hello! hi babe? How are you? You’re here, in the studio! I don’t even believe
okay quick backstory I discovered him on Twitter and Instagram I was looking for
a new artist just to like see and discover to me and this is maybe it’s a
personal opinion I feel like the beauty community is very stagnant there’s the
same 15 people since I started and five people same or that and it’s like the
same top people and this community is not evolving in my opinion so I have
been trying to reach out and meet new people and there are so many not just
boys in beauty but there’s just so many of you guys out there they’re so
talented that aren’t getting a spotlight so we found each other
now you have done some crazy iconic loads yeah I have just got so he is in
town for the anastacio Beverly Hills Halloween party huh
and I said hi do you mind coming over and doing a little somethin’-somethin so
what are we gonna dive into today cuz this is your idea so basically we’re
gonna cut up some Louis Vuitton bags we Jeffrey went to the Louis Store and they
said why the fuck are you buying this ugly-ass bag baby we’re cutting it up
for a video get up so we should we show them the bag right now
might as well okay just we’re already being shady and we’re only one minute in
so this cute little guy right here will be chopped up diced up painted and
applied on my body so we’re gonna do some special effects we’re gonna do some
glam I haven’t I’ve never held one of these before I me either
listen for a wash I know where’s treasure okay so we are going to well
you know you’re gonna do some some cool stuff today yeah I want to get bloody
we’re gonna go out tonight mmm so what do you think is gonna be the biggest
challenge today um my face now mascara
yeah how does my skin look in person for everyone at home that hasn’t your skin
looks flawless so not worried about that I guess just your unique eyes shape it
will be the not even the struggle but just it’ll be fun different yeah it’ll
be different no brows you can see you don’t got to cover a brow yeah yeah I
know proud covering today so we got a lot of room to play
I’m excited okay yeah to use all this makeup there’s a lot here okay so we’re
gonna dive in to the full tee and we’re gonna get into full glam so get ready
alright so what is the first step that we’re gonna do so we’re gonna outline
basically where we’re gonna be putting the leather okay so where my flesh will
be ripped away yeah I love that a lot of people who might want that no miss game
alright cool let’s do it so yours can use any lip liner we just got okay Kay
waw yeah whatever you love not thanks Kim yeah like how many patches on the
face are you gonna do so I was just gonna do one that kind of would outline
your forehead area and then you go right here and then I was gonna do the other
kind of right here and then I was gonna do the other kind of right there
are you done for I love that yeah cool yeah so this will be where the Louie is
and then it’s gonna be ripped up and then yeah so I’m trying to do it on the
flattest parts of your skin because I obviously can’t do this on your cheek oh
so that’s why I’m gonna do like three section whoa
so it’s so those will kind of just be where everything is so good so now I
guess we’ll just cut out the leather to these shapes and then we can start
gluing them on and then molding it in your face oh my god okay so we’re
cutting back up like right now right now right now okay let me go get some
scissors alright so I’ve got this for us to cut up we have a few pairs of
scissors I don’t know what’s gonna work yeah we’ll figure it out we got these
little guys he’s not really deadly and then you texted me and said you
wanted like a really thin bag I got this little so so ugly hideous oh
we love you for watching this the corporate people are turning in their
graves right now so we’re gonna try this one first right it’s probably thinner
and easier head up yeah okay cool this Hey oh my god I’m excited yeah I think
kind of a back in a year that should double a bag right oh it’s actually
right over there so it’s like a knife oh my god is that a yeah oh my god okay
should we just dive right in and get to it so I guess I’ll have to go around the
zipper Oh oh my god working it’s working so good
oh and this leather is so bad oh you’re using Nate scissors those are perfect
this is what Oh with a serial number we don’t need her with this little thing
let the lock q yeah some septum ring Wow okay Oh
sharing this down we have to show this off ASMR moment oh I should go like that
to the thing to the party oh that’s like a dog carrier off my head stuck in my
hair that’s my karma it’s looking super huh is it really
oh my god I love that it literally the zipper got stuck in your and you’re
legit hair no did it this needs like a moment no no it’s like show it show it
oh do you see this do you see this it literally is climate there okay only me
would that happen – I got most of it up perfect got it I don’t have to get
another surgery cuz involved in the back that was funny is okay Wow okay whoa
yeah let’s try to cut these handles off these scissors are really doing it they
are huh they’re really doing the demo mm whoa Louie like pulls my account like
shop with us again we’re doing it for the art and it’s Halloween baby we got
to do something wild whoa she’s ready for a stroll Oh what
was the hatch oh now it should be just like yeah snip her down a little nip
tuck oh thank you I’m ready for the night for the party I
love your little class right business marketing media Louie clutch like a
handlebar mustache the Vinci’s like walking around I should let him chew on
this no then he might get ideas to chew on my other bad guys no we don’t like
that now you just have to deconstruct and got the pieces right yeah try to get
around easy so what do you do in the first day you’re in LA well Louie with
Jeffrey star hi how are ya this is an iconic moment no it is iconic more
iconic than the Chanel bag whoa it says made in the USA in here I thought these
are all made in Paris look at that no oh my god it’s probably cold cheapest one
of imported materials oh I guess that’s what happens when you get that kind of
bag okay when it wouldn’t know I like oh you can be sure you but you’re also like
I don’t have a feel of that so real My Mind’s living two years from now hey
that was me so I love that literally me ten years ago so hard
I’m oh man Wow think like a fit out of that yeah does it make a little bikini
skirt belts all right so now I’m going to kind of I guess I should cut them up
into four separate pieces okay or three I’m gonna lay it against me again yeah
yeah sure okay this whole thing this is going in the archive if you don’t stand
up for a minute I’m so twisted I’m sitting here like a Hermes head of like
a signature friend kind of a birthday no they’re dead Ben oh my god imagine
whatever the collection I don’t care about them I love them all the Himalayan
oh that just gave me chills I can’t do that whoa okay so this is
whoa okay you know what I’m thinking about like when people have made those
like Jason masks with the Louie and stuff like this is how he had had to do
that’s how they heart would have to if it was really nice uh-huh they probably
never did grow ones whoa so what Cole has cut up all of our pieces for this
look and just quick disclaimer you guys obviously this is for art and this is
for fun last year I saw a Chanel bag in half and the internet went fucking nuts
nuts it’s my money I’m gonna do whatever I want with it I don’t know why people
have to come for me like this look this is the cheapest bag in the Loess or
we’re not seeing comments that someone thought this bag was fake yeah like the
handle looks really fake that red I’m my girl I don’t even know how to buy things
like like here’s the barcode here’s the thing the lot came in I’m like this big
this would be like a good nipple ring okay so anyway we’re about to dive in
you’re gonna so what’s the what’s that what’s our next step so we’re gonna
liquid latex T’s onto your skin so they stick and don’t move okay and then we
will just start gues blending it into your actual school
my god okay so yeah ready yes liquid latex so what is your favorite brand to
use or what or what brand is this this is like a mold builder casting craft I
don’t even know the brand it was like at Michael’s like ten dollars
so that it works pretty good I love covering up this vanity moment you know
we don’t know her anyway don’t know where anymore okay so I want to tell
people of something that I think is really cool because it is very
reminiscent of myself is like you well what did you start doing makeup so I
learned how to do it about a year and a half ago but I started doing my like
posting like looks like January 10th was the first look I posted this year this
year oh my god and I’m already transferring every stars oh my god yeah
so your artistry really stuck out and I think it’s really I think important to
mention that like you don’t have a house full of makeup mm-hmm
no I I before anastacio was so gracious enough to send me like their big box you
know that they send yeah I literally like just my foundation concealer powder
bronzer and then like a few eyeshadow palettes like some morphe I shadow
palettes so so Yura creating all these looks at home that everything that I’ve
seen yeah just not like job you pretty much pretty much all of them that you’ve
seen were with barely any products like I said after Anastacio sent me a bunch
of stuff I was able to like expand my collection and do a lot more cooler
stuff but yeah before it’s so cool it just like goes to show that you really
can hustle and turn it out yeah you don’t need that yeah you don’t need the
most expensive makeup in the world to get the like craft done you know like
you can literally make anything work with anything saying that you don’t have
enough money for makeup is just a poor excuse not to you know just do the damn
thing like I’m here and I’ve only been doing this for nine months I’m on maybe
4pr list right now so all the makeup I have is bye bye so yeah that’s cool I
just love that story it’s very like reminiscent of me like I used to
people used to ask me like how did you first get into makeup I’m like I stole
it all but I’m like I would never want to tell anyone else to steal mm-hmm ever
I have to do yeah it’s just the training baton you didn’t in high school girls
still in makeup and I barely had much looks so crazy alright okay so now that
we got the leather put down we are gonna focus on blending it into the skin okay
so before any glam you got to make sure this is done of course before right mhm
so we can let the glam on top what is this nose and scar wax so that I
might use some of that I just wanted to bring it just in case um just to kind of
really give it the lifted up skin effect apply to to a boney surface my whole
body I haven’t used the stuff in year yeah it’s really hard to work with
that’s why I just brought it just in case so I’m gonna try to just use the
liquid latex and I’m the continence a perfect yeah yeah okay cool I’m excited
let’s do it so you know I’ve actually never done like special-effects makeup I
just I’ve stayed in my lane you’ve never Oh like you’ve never
personal myself yeah why not I don’t know I just I think when I took a long
hiatus from doing makeup I just kind of like did my thing
yeah and now that I’m back I’m like I just love watching other people do it
the art is so cool yeah and it’s so cool how like when I first like started
watching tutorials how to do it like it was strictly tutorials but I didn’t know
how but once you run different techniques you start to build a
knowledge of like what creates like tissue and like bloody gory stuff and
like you can what works best for you yeah you can never lead is kind of
create anything it’s so cool that’s awesome
I died over your sounds of the limbs look the other day my favorite movies
ever such an iconic movie so I wasn’t even gonna do that look it was like so
last-minute and I the album or the movie cover just popped up on my phone I was
like oh my god this would be a good morning yeah that iconic deadly MA
so good mom took me like two and a half hours I don’t know how this is done
everyone so I’m like learning with you guys are like watch yeah so basically
the I’m gonna layer a bunch of tissue and latex you know it’ll the latex turns
and it like clear so it’ll kind of blend into your skin and this way is what
makes that harsh line go away and make it kind of blend oh
okay your skin more is it weird having all these tattoos to work around no it’s
actually really cool I think it’s and it’ll look really dope too coming out of
the tattoo yeah it’s gonna look sick okay so the other day I saw you tweet
something about like bigger artists are always talking about willing to help
smaller influencers and people were attacking me like obviously you’re not
talking about me because you’re sitting here now a few people were like didn’t
know who you’re really talking about but I think it’s a cool like conversation
topic it is there are a lot of people in the community who say things but there’s
no action yeah you know and not that everyone has to put on you know smaller
people like it’s someone’s job but if you’re gonna talk about the beauty
community and it’s being a certain way let’s start changing it yeah I don’t
know I think it is really important for like you guys and just like bigger
influencers to put some other people on the map like that especially since the
beauty industry kind of is not crumbling but it’s going through some shit right
now was a big change there is a huge change and like I feel like all these
big artists these big influencers they want to say to their huge platform hey I
want to bring in smaller artists just to make it seem like they care but didn’t
they never do it and it’s like you’re wondering why the community isn’t
growing and it’s just becoming more toxic and evil well it’s because the
same evil people are running it you know not running it but you know what I mean
are in it part of it and making no effort to bring in these new amazingly
talented artists that are so genuine so kind and deserve it a lot more than some
people it makes me wonder if people love the entertainment of a lot of the
cattiness hmm I don’t know there’s just like so many layers to it and it’s hard
for me to sit here and say something because I’m involved in it a lot whether
I want to or not hmm but it’s it’s hard sometimes to make new friends I’m gonna
read myself a lot of people think I’m involved in drama a lot and I wish that
they realized I’m just usually just chilling at home doing me and working
fucking hard and living my life and I’ll wake up and it’s like this
person made up this lie today and I’m like is this what like Kim and Kylie
deal with every single hour it’s like like you don’t need to go to the grocery
store and you read like the magazine there’s that Khloe was cheating last
night with did adda and she was like at home nursing and who makes these stories
up but they sell their clickable and then add money and it’s all a sick
fucking game it’s sick yeah it’s like I’ve just been
the root of it any I do speak my mind I’ve been very brutally honest in the
past you deserve to that it’s like there’s only so much I guess one human
being can take so it’s like yeah and like I tired of the same mother yeah and
like I feel like everyone on the internet thinks that like you just are
like some fucking like there’s just some crazy shit going on but like 24/7 and
like there’s not much going on I walked in here and it was so chill like I
literally felt so comfortable right away like yeah it was just like it’s super
like laid-back and chill like I wish more people understood that and like
didn’t see it I was like this like just game that everyone’s trying to play to
like see what tea is hotter than the other like like no but like it doesn’t
matter yes reach-around another thing that we
were talking about earlier off-camera was just like boys and beauty and I when
I came onto YouTube a lot of people were shocked they couldn’t believe like
someone like me was stepping into their world like him in guns blazing yeah you
know didn’t need a code didn’t need a sponsorship didn’t eat shit I was like
yo happies motherfuckers are lying I’m gonna I’m gonna change the shit up
um and it’s made such a big impact I don’t understand and
I would love to get your insight about why more guys in beauty so here’s the
thing a lot of people maybe even last year or even currently you may think
this people think all if you’re a guy in beauty you’re gonna get these like more
recognizable ones yeah like a nun like you figure up quick because you’re a guy
but I don’t think that’s the key in it yeah it’s really not because the top
people in the industry right now our boys so it’s gonna what’s gonna come
with that is gonna be a lot of guys trying to make it and let’s be real the
gays are catty as fuck you know they’re they’re super jealous and they don’t
want to see anybody doing better than them so it it is seen that yeah and the
scenes – yeah it can be harder actually being a boy because you have such high
expectations being a male doing makeup that it’s like you either have to be
fucking amazing and even if you are it’s so hard to get the recognition for it
because everyone is really just in it for themselves and it sucks because me
being a smaller artist like I still see everything like yeah and I notice a lie
and like I can tell that people that I’ve looked up to won’t it even if they
follow me they won’t support me they won’t like my pictures or comment
because and I know it’s because they feel threatened it’s just the truth are
not so more threatened but they just don’t want it they see me doing good and
they don’t want me to like either surpass them or just yeah I would give
them better opportunities and then I love hearing someone else’s perspective
because I think people at home like some insight into this topic because it’s
things that a lot of people don’t like to talk about but here let me can tell
you my pet peeve I hate how people always try to pit the guys against each
other yes whether it’s the way they look or whether it’s like we’re all different
we’re all doing our own thing yeah so I mean it’s like but people in the past
have tried to pay like me and James and Patrick Starr and other people like
against each other and it’s a girl we’re all in our own lane like we’re not
jealous of each other we’re not trying to like up each other like we’re all
doing a home thing mm-hmm you know but people love it’s like why
do they do they can it’s like the female rapper is female singers like why do we
have to pit against each other Itzik so annoying and
trust me I know there’s gonna be few people watching this I don’t like girl
you’re a hypocrite I just stand up for myself you know what I mean and it’s
like I know things have gotten messy since I’m joined YouTube in the last few
years but it’s like I’m just over here trying to live my life seriously there’s
no way it seemed that there’s always somebody trying to comfort that and ruin
not because they see you thriving doing so well and the thing is
if they realize it if they were nice and supportive they could actually use you
as a friend yeah and you could benefit them in a
positive way but instead they want to vote on you and try to and try to do it
the wrong way by getting inside your head so you don’t do great things it’s
in fact that you’ve articulated that from just watching from afar and I don’t
know anything you know I just mining like The Exorcist laid this down whoa
yes now we’re gonna move on to the face yes now I did tell him off-camera that I
did have a hair of surgery so we’re not gonna douse my hairline in liquid latex
not today my doctor is like oh no I love the fog machine we have going on here on
camera yeah it’s really foggy Halloweeny so little me in like seventh and eighth
grade like would have beauty killer on repeat okay I remember you were
literally the only guy that had pink hair was wearing makeup and this is when
I was really discovering who I was and realizing that I liked boys and I
remember you were living for that moment yeah yeah you’re weird you’re like is
and it’s just not yeah you’re like this is it right I’ll just ignore it I’ll run
from it and like over time things get so much easier and better and like I wish a
lot of people like understood that it literally time is the only thing that
heals from a situation from that like it’s just you have to get used to it you
literally like inspired me to like help me find myself like 100% like no
seriously I we’re getting deep I love this knowing God no seriously like I
used to watch all your videos like as I remember you posted videos Alya my mold
little blogs in my little yes your and your icing on I like on baby crack no
but yeah you you were it’s crazy because we were like who are you who’s your
biggest inspiration and it’s literally you and the fact that I like my god no
it’s a circle moment for me like obviously anyone at home watching just
know that I always felt alone when I was your age like has a guy that wore makeup
there was really no one doing what I was doing there was not a community of
people nobody and I always felt so alone so to hear that is that’s so cool yeah
thank you for sharing and like you and that’s not only me that’s like millions
of people that you have inspired and like it’s crazy because it was before
jeffree star cosmetics it was before YouTube it was before anything you were
still such an icon and legend to me and I just aspired to be like you and your
confidence was just like through the roof and it literally helped me with my
confidence today like I I’m as confident as I am wearing makeup because I see you
know you are just filling it and that’s all I hope for like yeah I wanted people
that embrace it like be a what you know weirdo yeah so normal hmm and like no
tea no shade but like dad asks 100 percent you should have literally been
on that Forbes cover because you’re no I mean it’s true like you’re the
definition of self-made you know like you literally started from the bottom
literally nothing and now look where you’re at so it’s really enlightening
I got a lot of that and I can Oh shade too you know this thing was on it
obviously but the term self-made was used very loosely this year just on a
real you know level mm-hmm I wasn’t born into anything I was really born into
dirt yep and I transformed it and I just stuck to my guns
never let and you never let anybody like change you look and and so many people
tried from the record executives to the my old managers to the agents to
everyone I was like this is who I am like I’m not gonna ever sell out you
know mm-hmm so that’s so cool to hear you share that yeah I love that yeah okay so now what happening we are
cutting up the latex so it kind of gives the like lifted skin effect so in the
latex is super easy to rip off if you don’t have fucking here alright we just
mixed up my favorite lemare foundation you’ve never used this before I have
never used that I’m excited yay and what are you about to do with it
so we’re just gonna kind of put the foundation over the liquid latex to kind
of blend it into the skin of course it’s not gonna look exactly smooth but when
we go in and bruise it up and blood it up it’ll be come on morphe sponge work Cole is about to set this with what a
little I’m a little laura mercier setting powder
the only Laura that we puck with in this house tea period all right
set me down I need a little brush moment okay so now I’m gonna use this Ben Nye
bruise wheel it’s good for like Oh a bruise wheel yeah I love that good for
really getting the bruises and it has a really good like red color that you want
to do before you add like blood on top of it okay
so learning right now yeah so what do you do lift up my flaps yeah we’re gonna
lift up your flap mm-hmm my skin claps that’s so sick no your strike alright so you’re gonna
do eyes first yes gonna do the eyes first and do the
rest of the face after so okay we have any fallout we can just wipe it right
away cool all right so we’re gonna describe
some shape shape tape yeah okay a little contrived okay just grab whatever you
want eyelid space yeah we don’t have any eyebrows that we need to conceal so
that’s no purple glitter than Yaga new oh hi all right so off-camera cold it
some eyes foundation contour a little bit of highlighting and now we’re gonna
do the rest under eye mm-hmm we are almost late to the
Anastasi as Halloween Friday so we had to cut the camera and shut our mouths so
we are getting fucking so cool yeah and the blow just top it off it’ll be
amazing I still can’t get over that you started doing makeup this year yeah I
know what the fuck isn’t that crazy it’s so cool how like how good you can be if
you just stay consistent you know a lot of people think that this kind of stuff
can just happen overnight or if you just like barely you know half-ass it
it’ll just like you really have to hide you really have to hustle like
especially this month I’ve been working so hard to put out looks every day for
like the series and I’m doing and it’s hard to consistently think of new ideas
and yeah no one’s done and make it your own and make it original not only that
but every single day is like insane there’s like a full month of Halloween
legs yeah and I feel like I should post this for today and be like day 27 okay
we are bad lashes are on yeah so we did a little lovely lashes in style Carmel
love them they’re so luscious and full and what do you want to do next I think
it’s time for lip okay lips and then blood yes let’s um bad for
the blood so we pulled out all the liquid lips we’re not sure what I’m good
flavor we’re not sure what shade to do what do you think I don’t know I’m
loving a birthday suit moment okay how about this is also cute
there’s so many kind I know if someone should we do like an ombre or just one
hi talk to you King I know I’m not sure
maybe little maybe that little I’m nude in the center I’m always down for that
do you like use a brush or just go like straight on just go straight in okay all right you want to do a little I’m
nude in the center yay excused absence but I’ll of doing I’m
like off-the-shoulder it’s a little off the shoulder moment there’s a color looking guy oh okay
love that love hmm those two together hello it’s a good combo hmm all right
it’s the time you’ve all been waiting for
let’s get bloody now what is your preferred brand of blood so this is just
like Ben Nye I like I’ll use banana for all of them yeah um they’re consistent
amazing brand yeah no they’re amazing um but I know a lot of people that just
that custom make their own blood Wow they use like chocolates and I’m just
like yeah just weird shit to make it really thick and mm-hmm okay how long
does this blood take sorry tango how long is this blood to the dry quick um
yeah it dries fairly quick but it whenever it does dry adults like stay on
there guys there it’s not going anywhere come on steepling sniffling sniffling
steepling people that church girl hell yeah okay so something I’ve been dying
to ask you okay is what’s like the best advice you would give me as like a
smaller influencer trying to make it like mainstream and really big howhow
you have and you’ve like built your own empire so yeah it looks like the best
advice you could give me I guess I would ask you like what is the all-time goal
you know what I mean like there’s some people I just want to like be famous and
be on a pair list yeah I feel like you’re all about the art and that’s not
your goal yeah but I think what you’re doing is great because you’re being
consistent mhm so when I get these questions sometimes like when I meet
people are at me and greats or store openings I get asked that a lot
and it’s all about being consistent and just doing you and sticking like pick
something that you really love you love crazy makeup yeah you do you love gore
like do that you don’t like try to be a wedding makeup artist and then like do a
pencil in your eye yeah like just honing what you’re looking love and just be
really consistent obviously you are yeah you’re uploading a look every day for
the month of October and you’re very consistent so and the cool thing is hi
social media network which has brought me here yeah all right now we’re here
we’ve met and we’re friends and it’s just so cool and it’s so cool just to be
able to share other people’s art that I believe in and then I live for mm-hmm
so yeah do you and don’t ever like I mean learn from other people’s mistakes
or learn from what you’ve seen yeah other people go who you know hi I’m
a good book yeah definitely a good example of that but I think out of
anyone you’ve shown that no matter who is gonna try to take you down like
you’re unstoppable no matter that being this year or you know four years ago
when you were kind of start rebuilding and starting back from scratch you know
you didn’t let anybody tell you know when there were a lot of times where you
probably thought this is the end like what’s the point
I really did tell me like it’s it all your music career didn’t didn’t pan out
I wanted to oh wow like people would love to like they love to see people
fall they really do it’s really is what sick yeah not everyone obviously there’s
so many people don’t know that love joy and like success and love celebrating
anyone success whether like you said early like whether you get like a raise
at your job or you any like you do an accomplishment there’s always gonna be
someone whether it’s your family maybe it’s your cousin maybe it’s your friend
or not and they don’t end up fucking with you yeah don’t fuck with them if
people don’t support you fuck them you you can’t have people around you and
your life like that you know though people don’t want to be supportive by
all right you guys BAM here is the final look it looks so good wow I can’t
believe it I’m like I so I throw on this jacket it’s hard because I don’t want to
cover up all the stunning work so we’re throwing on a little bomb on moment to
cover these chitti’s yeah and I’m feeling so good I can’t believe it yeah
it looks amazing it turned out way better than I even expected thank you so
much for doing this so excited like I can’t I never leave the house or the
fact I’m going to a Halloween party and you’re going already I call it’s gonna
be everything and you did the look for it I hope you’re fuckin proud because
I’m so proud amazing thank you so much for having me on your channel of course
is then wow did literally the best day ever
and I thought what you love it because it looks amazing it’s unreal alright you
guys thank you so much for watching today’s video if you guys are not
already check out Kol everything will be linked down below Instagram Twitter
bitches on social media don’t try her alright miss Texas thank
you so much for coming over today you for having me I will be in Dallas
very soon will have to hang out in Kiki again yes all right guys we’re off to
the Halloween party we’re about to hop in the car so we will see you on the
next one mwah bye guys

Author: Kennedi Daugherty


  1. Honestly I Love Jeffree He Always Gives Me That Vibe That He Would Be Your Biggest Friend , Biggest Motivator & Ally But He Just Screwed Over By Horrible People Who Don't & Didn't Deserve His Time !
    I Can Relate Because I Am A Scorpio Too & I've The Same Experiences 🙄

  2. I’ve done that look before for Halloween three years ago but instead of it being on my chest, neck and face I did a slit wrist for my first year and a slit wrist with a slit throat last year. It’s honestly a really easy look and even easier if you have someone to preform it on so if you are low and on a budget but you want to look cool for your Halloween party or your kids want to beat their friends costume, I highly recommend. The first year I went as a suicide victim and the second as a murder victim. It’s pretty awesome and even looks good without foundation to blend it in with your skin. The only thing I will say it buy the blood gell and liquid for more of a dried up but still runny effect

  3. I don’t like Cole, no offense or anything, the look he did here was okay but anyone could do it with a couple of dollars and a YouTube video. Nothing special and no, I’m not saying this because of the Jake Paul crap, I just learned about it because I’m not into drama and I don’t care for it but Cole gives me the wrong type of vibes. Love you a Jeffree but he’s going to be a pesty problem in the future, I can tell from just 30 minutes of watching. No good vibes here

  4. Love seen this over and over…Cole is an amazing emerging artist and Jeffrey's at the top of his game!

    Cole is back from "team ten" now more videos, please!

  5. I do not know Jeff can read this message or not, but I will literally cry if I can meet him. My lips will be shaking

  6. At the beginning of the video I was like why does that look like real leather then I was like oh bitch of course they cut up a Louie bag duh😂

  7. Jeffree you're amazing. I just love your attitude and how genuine and real you are. I just love ya! I don't even wear makeup but I adore watching you. You're so much fun! 🤗❤️

  8. Oh my freaking girlness!!!! This has been THE BEST look I have ever seen, plus it's absolutely Jeffree all the way!! Amazeballs!!

  9. omg these people are exhausting, hiw n the hell i ended here? wtf kudos to the people could finish the vid

  10. Love you ! Omygooshness love this look is sick and flawless !!! Amazing look babes lot of love for you from oahu hawaii 🤙🌺😘

  11. Cole is handsome. Can't wait to see the more mature version of him. He's one of the best MUA in this platform, he's amazing.

  12. I love you just restart I don't know when I would do I watch your channel every single day I do believe you there are fucken masters in this world but whenever they do they're focusing on getting a point you could they come to your house bit they gone in a fricken peace at you in any way they can speak all the drama but it's OK boys that make up its OK because they're living their life they think they're pretty there just like woman there just like woman and there they are women and near very pretty and your preside flocking believe you would they are 2nd clocking believe youfuking

  13. Yeah they're dumb a** think they don't know what you are you don't know what Then on yourself in the fucky you are going through because and you don't have experience would you have in so many looking things that I've always fuking cute

  14. I’m trying to start my makeup career I’m from a small town so I finally grew the courage to do makeup so I love what you said in the beginning! I just got to save for my camera and lighting and it’s off to the races!

  15. you and Cole should do a smoking weed type video , like doing make up hella high or something for your one year reunion!<3

  16. ! complaint : Cole's bronzer looks fucked up

    ! compliment He created the best BEST "fantasy" make up look EVER imo

    and Jeffrey holy fuck that intro~!!!!

    RIP That louie bag LOL

  17. Hi Jeffrey I find you so amazing and I am 61 years old you go babe you got the world by the ass I have a 22-year-old daughter who is back-and-forth telling her a few years your heart was broken she wanted to get into hair designSpecial effects but she put the special effects on hold even when she’s amazing at spy doing with the guys tell me right now things that she around the house but she is into the hair she does The bright neon colors and I told her just keep coming for it you’re good at what you do and one day someone will notice your talent but she still goes special-effects around Halloween for friends and at school but I have watched your past videos and baby like I said please stay just the way you are and you should be so so proud yourself I hope you get this can you read it because the world should have more people like you❤️💐🐶

  18. Ngl AT ALL the final look in the beginning of this video its like my favorite i love it idk why its just very intriguing to me and i love it is awesome

  19. Omg I didint know there make up artist in Dallas texas omg I about fall over jeffer star as inspired me to try new things make up all kinds of stuff I rember going to the movies and hunted house as chiled and teenager like how the hell.there doing that I fill this is me like no joke love your videos 100% hooked

  20. Jefree .talet scout is the right evolution
    You have the right experience and immense beauty products' culture to catch new talent….great!

  21. I wish I was as confident as Jeffree is about his boney body, cause I fkn hate mine! I eat and eat and eat but cannot gain weight for shit. I haaatteeeee it!! 😭

  22. Goes to show you that you don’t need to spend a fuck-ton of money. Jeffree only buys all this stuff just because he can. There’s no reason for it my husband and I are on a financial plan to retire at an early age with a couple millions to make the rest of our lives amazing and we don’t make a ton of money but if you really want to live a debt free life and enjoy it you can do it. Jeffree did it until he got money he saved and hustled his way to the top where he is now.

  23. I know that Jeffree can absolutely afford the LV bag, but if they were going to destroy it, I personally would have just used a counterfeit bag instead of a baby speedy. I am bag whore and to see those shears start in on that real LV bag just made me tear up. 😢😢😢 Jeffree did look stunning though. ❤

  24. I’ve always had a passing interest in beauty, as someone with acne it was always just something that was an appreciated interest!

    You and Shane have lit the fire of beauty interest in me! I can’t wait to appreciate and play round with as many of your line as I can 😍

  25. Did anyone notice that Cole's Instagram like in the description box is wrong! It's another Cole Carigann! And the funny thing is that the account is PRIVATE!! 🤣

  26. Hes so fine and his voice and they way his mouth is when he talks reminds me of hannah Montana btw this isn't my youtube account imma girl so it's not gay 😂💕

  27. I’m so glad I got to see this I absolutely love Jeffery Starr n Cole is very talented n beautiful as well so jealous though I wish I had friends who gave a damn but i don’t I have my husband n kids that’s it n that’s all I need but sometimes I just wish I had a gf or a friend period to hang out w n do crazy makeup looks w n on I just don’t so y’all r extremely lucky 🍀 to have one another especially having Jeffery in ur corner

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