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  1. This is electromagnetic distortion caused by the magnetic pole shift. This natural and extraordinary event has already appended 780 000 years ago.

  2. Here's a thought. When the whole story is about a sound…………….maybe you could shut the hell up while you play back a recording of said sound. It would be nice to actually hear it. During this whole thing there's either background music or narration while the Hum sound is played back.

  3. Horny fish. That's funny.
    1991 = nineteen ninety one
    2012 = twenty twelve
    2015 = twenty fifteen
    Wright Bros. first flight 1903, nineteen oh three
    Titanic sank 1912, nineteen twelve
    WW1 was from 1914 to 1918, nineteen fourteen to nineteen eighteen
    Prince partied like it was 1999, nineteen ninety nine
    Let's stop saying "two thousand" for the year.
    Thank you.

  4. ..have heard it..puzzling and disturbing..western N.Y. state ( rural) and Pittsburgh Pa.( city)
    Interesting that others have heard it..had no idea till u tube came along. Thought it was just me

  5. The hybred drones called airships sounds like a hum from a distance and closer to an aircraft the closer you are to it. Most places where folks complain have airships.

  6. well that doesn't explain places like Tucson Arizona having the hell we have it too we've recorded it people of videos of this thing. Because we're pretty f**** far away from the ocean so that I can't be it

  7. Let's Repent Jesus Is Coming! Angels of a great orchestra are tuning their instruments. I pray to be counted and read my Bible and I love it!

  8. Listening to it as i type this. South africa. In NO way is this tinnitus, it IS external, and it's getting louder every day. Mostly heard at night

  9. ulf frequewncy weapons that cause depression and imsomnia fuck off fish swib bladders!!!! YES HARP and the other thousands of doppler radar!!!!!!

  10. I believe without a shadow of a doubt, the end times truly are near. But what exactly is "near" when comparing the man-made concepts we use to track "time" to that if a higher extra dimensional being such as a God? 10 years? 100 years? 10,000 years? Or a million?

  11. it makes sense that only certain people can hear it. I have heard that the hum is about a frequency of 35hz, which if your hearing is at its best, you should be able to hear from 20hz to 20000hz, but all of those lower frequencies are still pretty hard to hear under normal circumstances.

  12. It's not rocket science… It's an echo , little islands like where I live wouldn't hear it but a country like America where is landlocked that echo will bounce around leaving that hum.

  13. The hum is from the Blood of JESUS that penetrated the earth as HE hung on the Cross for atonement of all our sins a n d the hum is also from the of all aborted babies❤️🍼🍼🍼

  14. It ain’t in your Brain it’s in your ear. Can’t record a thought yet. How bout Shuman resonance or a low frec from the planet hitting the solar wind. Could be a radio frec generated and picked up by our multi frequency receiver. Known as the human mind
    Need to ask an elephant

  15. I have a theory for why we hear sound

    It must be a Midge which is a animal that when its in a swarm it makes humming noise

  16. I hate how people have to try to make sense out of everything. For the wonders of god are unknown. They just try so hard to decieve themselve and decieve you. So that you believer or unbeliever are kept contempt. My people jesus is coming soon. Remember you will have no Excuse.

  17. It is the sound refraction of the giant drills underground coming back from the sky. They have been drilling for a long time. This is why the
    Powers that be want to tax use to pay for them to have underground chambers. They know the cycle of the sun and know that it will happen. Again in life, the ones that pay will be left above.

  18. 3:55 FUCK YOU ITS NOT! Ive heard it and was never told by anyone. I searched it myself and found this video.

  19. Guys what if it’s a sign that’s this is the ending of the world you can’t prove different reasons and come out with it’s the fault of people what if this is where the world is done

  20. I LITERALLY JUST HEARD ABOUT 30 seconds ago but it went by so fast I had no way to catch it I would have posted it on TikTok but seriously I heard it it’s really loud and I did see something come up it was a long antenna and at the end was this almost horn shaped tip as it blew its sound for maybe 10 seconds and then everything went silent I almost thought I was crazy but I know what I saw and o know what I heard

  21. though it could be psychological, they said maybe, hinting that this is just a theory, I want to believe that it's physological or mental but who knows

  22. um this may be a personal question, but if you’ve heard the hum. can you please tell me your religion and beliefs. please.

  23. My mom says ~hes~ coming and she said read the bible AND sayed JESUS or GOD is coming ik alot of people think im lying but all of there excuses are fake PLEASE dont hate this is my theory and ive been searching it up and i do trully believe hes coming.

  24. what if this is the government trying to tell us that it isnt a big deal/covering it up and making excuses for this

  25. This is the result of FRACKING. What the hell else could it be? It's about the ways in which Governments in developed countries drill underground to fuel the energy mill. Much of the long-term damage of Fracking – or Hydraulic Frackturing – is as yet unquantified. To drill, they use high powered water-drills, unnamed chemicals, and grit/sand. If this gets into YOUR water supply, you'll know which rock to look under.
    Why else are roads collapsing in developed countries?


  27. I’ve heard this before and developed a severe headache, But when I asked my friend what the sound was she claimed she had heard nothing, It’s bone chilling.

  28. Ok so this is just a theory I made up. And I don’t have much evidence to support it but hear me out. We’ve only explored around 5% of oceans right. That leaves 95% unexplored. Parts of the ocean are miles deep and hundreds of miles long. Well what if it’s some type of new whale that’s not been discovered or a new species or even animal that is either a hybrid and the only one of its kind or there are only a few of these animals, which is why is might not have been discovered. Or even if it’s some type of “titan”. And maybe they’ve been in “hibernation” and we never noticed them or discovered them because they haven’t done anything until recently. Until recently, when what has increased, pollution. Destroying our oceans and environment which woke them. Now they’re awakening and could possibly be very dangerous. I know it sounds crazy but it’s a theory and no one knows for sure. So you never know it could be right. And if you read this far thanks.

  29. It's like laurel and yanny thing if your ears pick up low frequency than you would hear it if it high frequency than you went hear it

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