100 thoughts on “The South Korean Love Industry

  1. Developed 1st world countries population is on the decline, while poor 3rd-4th world countries population is going through the roof! You can see where this is heading and what the world is going to look like in 50 years. Not good

  2. I miss the early days of vice when Shane Smith made it practicly alone, no agendas, just interesting investigative journalism.

  3. I can't imagine abandoning my parents when they are old and retired. it REALLY pisses me off that a bunch of young people in South Korea are doing this. despicable. they take care of you your whole life and love you completely and you just abandon them. i hope they are ashamed

  4. Korean Comfort Women in Taiwan, had to prostitution by himself falsely Japanese the 'Mizusawa Maki' a lie.


  5. HUman will not live till 2100 anyway, my gut tell me.
    And what is so bad about low birthrate? It actually needed to reduce the population, Human population is too much now, and less population means less competitors in business. Thats very good actually

  6. The only thing that will increase fertility is to take women's rights away. But the government would rather force their people into extinction than challenge women

  7. Young people sneaking around….Not too different from the US. I wish we had motels like these. Would have made things a bit easier 😛

  8. Predicts their population will be extinct by 2750. Too many variables. Too many years. A simple ratio equation we learned when we were 12 can’t be used to solve and predict everything. Lost me there. Lmao. 1:20

  9. Okay but talk about Asia thought towards daycare. Once a women a married they want them to stay at home and not continue their career. A lot of women opt out of children because no one can watch them and daycare is usually a two year waitlist.

  10. Don't you feel ashamed of your self?
    You on VICE!
    How can you manipulate a society and transform it towards people that haven't visited that society and country !
    It's all about the money ha !
    I am a truly Greek man that has visited Korea four times..have hanged around with local koreans and know seven korean families until today.
    No shame ?

  11. expat in the Philippines, almost every town has by the hour hotels as here most young adults still live at home and the sex industry is very heavy here, most sex for sale females are bisexual which makes for more fun but hotels charge extra for more then two. Still cheap as even with four people only about $20 for 3+ hours, most places are not very clean so always bring my own towels and TP as no TP in hotels.

  12. Emirates is not from Spain, nor a Spanish country… It's Dubai or the middle east yo.. could hv done a better job like the flag at least? Like you did with England 🤦‍♀️😂

  13. That social worker or whomever they talked to shouldn’t be blaming the older women in prostitution for ruining Korean values and respect for the elderly. Clearly, these women are poor, as I’m sure everyone would prefer to be seen as wise, and respected.

  14. It’s funny how we conveniently ignore the ‘ Bacchus lady’ issues and just focus on how cute or whatever the fuck the camera man did…this comment section is how the world sees issues…

  15. Why a well developed country like South Korea doesn't have social security scheme for elderly and aged people. They have to allocate funds for the same and must help their senior citizens who were building blocks of modern korea.

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