The Sisterhood Of The Long Nail Goddesses | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

The Sisterhood Of The Long Nail Goddesses | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

MARIA ORTIZ: These are my nails and it’s not bothering me. Why should it bother you? MARIA ORTIZ: Long nails are sexy, of course, look at me! MARIA ORTIZ: Your nails are looking great, everybody. MARIA ORTIZ: Welcome to the Long Nail Goddesses, for the new ones. MARIA ORTIZ: My name is Maria and I am a Long Nail Goddess. I started doing long nails over
fifteen years ago. MARIA ORTIZ: I started growing my nail because of my clients. I see how happy they was and
I was like, you know I see them all the time. I was like I want to try it myself. And I
tried it and I have been growing them since. WOMAN: I went to scratch my head and this nail broke in two spots at the same time.
You know what? Maria is the best. I know if I break one, she can fix it. She is definitely
the best. WOMAN: I am from Kenya. WOMAN: I just started coming to Maria in November. She just always kept saying, ‘You need to
come see my lady.’ You need to come see my lady.’ And one day I just was like,  ‘Okay!’ She came and she said, ‘Welcome to the Long Nail Goddesses.’ MARIA ORTIZ: We are not aiming for a group with the longest nails. It’s just a small
community and it’s a sisterhood. Some girls like short nails, some girls like the real
nails, some girls like their artificial nails – it’s no competition. It’s different categories
to each and one of them. LA RUE DRUMMON: You know, we said we have functions and we talk, we are like one, you
know, and the world is against us. They don’t understand. We understand each other. VANESSA SCOTT: Is it an obsession? Yes! I break this nail, I will probably cry. I will cry. INTERVIEWER: How much do you think you have spent on your nails? VANESSA SCOTT:  I can’t even give you a figure. If I come every two weeks, that’s
a $100. Okay! So, multiply a $100 for twelve months. But I spend a good piece. INTERVIEWER: I mean that’s like? VANESSA SCOTT: That’s a mortgage. MARIA ORTIZ: The longest nails I have done, it’s 19 inches, my client, La Rue Drummon. This long. Long, long. Yeah! That takes me approximately six to seven hours. LA RUE DRUMMON: Well, I started growing them at the age of 13. It’s been well over thirty,
forty years, probably more. I won’t tell you my age. MARIA ORTIZ: It is a fetish thing for some people. And those fetish guys, they love them.
They love from them drumming of the nails to, just me holding a cigar or a pen, playing with something, anything. I am pretty sure we all do, right girls? MARIA ORTIZ: Long nails have affected my love life a bit because there are some guys that
don’t like it. But it comes with me, it comes as part of my personality. So eventually
if you can’t accept me with long nails then I don’t want you. LA RUE DRUMMON: We are like a package deal like, so get used to it. If you don’t like
it, you will learn to or it’s bye-bye. VANESSA SCOTT: How do you clean yourself? How do you cook? How do you drive? How do
you put your clothes on? Do you tie your shoe? Those are the question they ask you. LA RUE DRUMMON: Only one issue is really like tying a shoe. But everything else I have mastered
like, like I am not going to actually tie the shoe, but it just would take a long, a
long time. VANESSA SCOTT: You have to learn how to work with them. It’s just like anything else.
Just learn how to function. MARIA ORTIZ: Rudeness, how people could be sometimes towards that. They don’t even
know you and they want to ask you how do you wipe your heinie’ and stuff like that. Tissue,
with tissue, I am tired of saying ‘with tissue’, with tissue. This is like family
to me you know. When it was rough out there I needed somebody to talk to, one of you was
out there and vice-versa, there is stuff that is so intimate between us that y’all don’t
even share with your partners and that bond I was like, you know I am going to make a
group out of this. We got to get together one day and that’s exactly what I did and
from the beginning, this is exactly where I wanted to be at. You know, the sky’s the
limit but one step at a time. LADY: I was into drug use back in the day and this is what I do in my recovery. Instead
of spending money on drugs, I spend money on getting my nails done. And I pay for myself
and this is what I love to do. VANESSA SCOTT: Until they put me in the ground, I will continue to have long nail. Whoever
doesn’t like them, get at the end of the line, because I am going to keep my long nails. MARIA ORTIZ: We are here to stay whether you like it or not. We are taking over the world
one day at a time. LADIES: Long Nail Goddesses.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

100 thoughts on “The Sisterhood Of The Long Nail Goddesses | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

  1. The first and only question I have is….. how do they wipe their butts? Like how?! It seems like it would be so hard with really really long nails! Edit: Oof nevermind I commented too early.

  2. I wore not that long fake nails even if they are not that long its still so so so so hard to do things like eating cake playing on the ps4 and eating french fries they are literally so so hard and one fake nail even fell into my cake

  3. 5:23 cant really expect anyone to not have questions like that. This is the problem with today, they definitely have the right to have long nails, but not everyone has to bow to them and believe what they want to believe in. If you dont want/like that attention, then don't do what attracts it.

  4. I admire there effort with those nails but personality I wouldn’t even be able to function with them like how do you wipe when you go to the bathroom how do you tie your shoes, how do you eat, how do you press a button these girls should do one on what daily life is like

  5. Did you notice that none of them sounded confident when they talked about hygiene…? I mean! one of them broke a nail just trying to scratch her head! Imagine wiping their butt😱🤢🤮.
    Also, did you notice that they’re all obese? Of course! they cannot do anything but to stay still or they’ll break a nail! When eating, they look impeded…🤦🏻‍♀️
    Excuse my frankness but that’s part of youtube videos so, don't be mad🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. How are you gonna type?
    How are you gonna brush your hair? Actually, don't answer that.
    Are you legit gonna bath with that?
    Is it uncomfortable sleeping with long nails?
    If I had long nails, I'd be at detention at school.

  7. It honestly seems painful to have to consistently hold your hands a certain way all the time. They can’t close their fists or curl their fingers at all. Their fingers are always straight. That seems uncomfortable or like it’d cause arthritis or other joint issues….

  8. I say it again , they are not the only longers nails on the world i see a man that have The longer nails , and they put that the longer ;-;

  9. My nails are really short, about 1 inch long, not done like that and I still get the same questions. Rn I only have my ring and little finger nails long because the other ones broke and are about half the size of the other 4.

  10. I myself have real long nails, not as long as that, but maybe one and a half inches (max before one breaks). I like how their nails look, but I do not think they are practical. They are cool, but it's just not very practical unless you want to either be dirty or have someone else do stuff for you.

  11. Uhm She has her Pointer finger short.. uhmm am i the only one who's thinking she uses it for.. uhmm nevermind o.o
    pardon my corrupted mind

  12. I can`t stand my nails more than a quarter inch past my fingertips. I have to cut them, they just get in my way, and I can`t close my hand all the way. These ladies love that look and it`s great for them. They are done beautifully, and I`m sure they can get out of doing certain chores because of them, lol. Good luck to you all, and may the manicure fairy treat you well! Peace

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