The Secret Still Silenced

The Secret Still Silenced

1960 was the year the Third Secret was
going to be revealed. Great expectation, great anticipation of this. She has said at the very latest
it had to be revealed by 1960. And when she was asked “Why 1960?”, she said because then it
would become more clear. And we waited, and we waited, and
still nothing and nothing and nothing. I remember the feeling. I can only describe it as a
kind of spiritual desolation
when I learned that the decision had been made and the
Third Secret would not be revealed. So to dismiss the Message of Fatima
is to dismiss prophecy as such. Some of us have figured out what the
Third Secret is – with the help of people who read the Secret. In the year 1917, on a hillside near
the village of Fatima in Portugal, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared six
times in successive months to three shepherd children – Lucia
dos Santos and her cousins, Francisco and Jacinta Marto. The Blessed
Virgin’s message to the children, which was a message to
be given to all mankind, was that man must cease offending God
for He is already too much offended, that great punishments will fall upon
the world if man does not do penance, and that God wants to establish in the
world devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Our Blessed Mother asked at Fatima that
the faithful pray the Rosary every day. On October 13th,
1917, She performed the great Miracle of
the Sun, witnessed by 70,000 people, which over a period of about 10 minutes,
the people saw the sun dance in the sky, plummet to the earth,
and return to its place. Even the anti-Catholic press at the time
reported the details of the miracle. One of the most intriguing aspects of
the Fatima Message is the third part of the Fatima Secret – the
so-called Third Secret, which was given on July 13th,
1917. The first two parts of the Secret Sister
Lucy recorded in her memoirs that she wrote in August 1941. The first part described the vision of
hell that she and her two cousins saw. And the second part of the Secret concerned
devotion to the Immaculate Heart. Sister Lucy would not write down
the third part of the Secret, but subsequently gave what
appears to be the beginning of it. In December 1941 she wrote,
“In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be
preserved etc.” The rest of the Third Secret had yet to be put down on paper. In June 1943 Sister Lucy became very ill. She became so sick that by September the
Bishop of Fatima was worried that she might die. And he was concerned that she might
die and not write down the Secret, the Third Secret.
And so he went to her, and suggested to her
that she write it down, so that the Secret would be
not published at this time, but at least it would
be there for the record. As Sister Lucy became quite concerned, she felt this was a tremendous
responsibility. You see, the bishop had only suggested and the
bishop was not taking responsibility; if she thought it was a good idea is
how he put it – something like that. And so Sister Lucy
thought about it and told the bishop, “If you give me an order, if you give me
a formal written order to write it down, I will obey.” “But, I
cannot do this on my own. I cannot take this initiative by myself.”
So the bishop thought about it for a month and he prayed about it.
And so in October he, in fact, wrote the formal command to tell her to
write down the third part of the Secret – or, as it’s known, the Third Secret.
Sister Lucy, as soon as she got the order, immediately set about to obey. And she tried for all of October (the
rest of the month), all November, and all December to write down the Secret. She could not bring herself to put pen
to paper to write down the third part of the Secret. Finally, on
the 2nd of January 1944, in the chapel in Tuy, Our Lady appeared to her and told her
that indeed it was the will of God that she write down the Secret.
So Sister Lucy wrote down the Secret, and by January the 9th she wrote to
the Bishop of Fatima that “I have now completed the task you
set out for me to do.” In 1957, just before the envelope containing the
Third Secret was sent from Portugal to the Vatican at the request of the Vatican, Auxiliary Bishop Venancio found
himself alone with this envelope. So he held the envelope up to
the light to see what was in it; and holding that envelope to the light, he could see that the Third Secret was
on one sheet of paper and it consisted of about 24 to 25 lines. Sister Lucy wrote the
first part of the Secret, the vision of hell. In her writing
down the first part of the Secret, she tells us that she was so frightened,
and her cousins also, that they trembled with fear; and that she concludes that she herself
would have died of fright had not Our Lady cut the vision short and had not
she been promised to be taken to Heaven. So,
it was a terrifying thing for her to see, and then she could write it down with
apparently relative ease compared to writing down the Third Secret. And she wrote in the second part of the
Secret about the annihilation – that is, she used in other parts of
her writing or speaking, she said that various nations will
disappear from the face of the earth. She understood that the annihilation
of nations is something terrible, and she could describe this
without very much difficulty; but to write down the
third part of the Secret, she could not do it for more than two
months without the intervention of the Blessed Virgin.
It must be something terrible. The two envelopes containing the Secret
were ultimately transferred to the Vatican in 1957. Sister Lucy had written on the outside
of each of the envelopes that the Secret was to be opened and revealed
to the world in 1960. Canon Barthas writes about his
meeting with Sister Lucy in 1946. She was with the Bishop of Fatima, and Canon Barthas asked when will the
third part of the Secret – or the Third Secret – be released? And
they both said, “1960”. He asked,
“Why 1960?” And they both replied, “Because the Blessed Virgin wishes it
so.” Now in 1955 Cardinal Ottoviani met Sister Lucy on May 17th –
after he’d been to Fatima, he went to Coimbra – and there he
asked Sister Lucy, “Why 1960?”; and she answered,
“Because it will be clearer.” In January 1959, Pope John XXIII announced the
forthcoming Second Vatican Council. In August of the same year,
after having read the Secret, he was reported to have said, “The Third Secret does not concern the
years of my pontificate.” Thus 1960 came and went.
And despite the Virgin’s explicit request, the Secret was not revealed – even though
the entire Catholic world was awaiting its publication.
In February 1960, a high Vatican official made an
anonymous report to the press, stating: “It is most likely that the letter in
which Sister Lucy wrote down the words of the Virgin, which Our Lady confided as a secret to
the three little shepherds in the Cova da Iria,
will never be opened. It is most probable that the Secret of
Fatima will remain forever under absolute seal.” Cardinal Cerejeira, the Cardinal
Patriarch of Lisbon at the time, expressed his disappointment: “I affirm categorically that I
was not consulted on this subject. What I did know of its nondisclosure
in 1960 I learned through the papers.” Cardinal Cerejeira,
who was Patriarch of Lisbon, held the most exalted place in the
Catholic Church in Portugal and was well known for his fervent devotion
to the Fatima Message. Yet, even though Pope John XXIII had consulted
a number of prelates regarding the Third Secret, it seems Cardinal
Cerejeira was deliberately shut out. This is particularly troubling since
Cardinal Cerejeira was certainly the most knowledgeable of all the prelates
about the details and events at Fatima. Yet the cardinal learned that
the Secret would not be released, not from anyone in John XXIII’s Vatican, but from the newspapers –
just like everyone else. Like the cardinal, Catholics the world over were stunned
and subsequently disillusioned by this development. We all have this very big
in our consciousness, and
we knew 1960 was coming. 1960 was the year the Third
Secret was going to be revealed. The first time I heard of Fatima,
I was a Protestant boy in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and the year was 1960. I was a school patrol fellow and walked
around with my flag protecting my fellow students.
I was chosen to go to Washington D.C. on a special trip and I was
getting ready going on the bus, driving in the car with my mother and
heard on the radio that the Third Secret of Fatima would not be revealed, that the Pope had read it and it was
decided by the officials in the Vatican that it would not be
announced to the world. And we waited, and we waited,
and still nothing and nothing and nothing. There was an almost
audible silence about the thing; people were disillusioned,
I think eventually. We all had a sense that
perhaps we’ve been had. In fact,
I remember the feeling. I can only describe it as a
kind of spiritual desolation
when I learned that the decision had been made and the
Third Secret would not be revealed. What was written in the Secret that
the whole world was waiting to hear? Was there something to hide? A first clue as to its contents is to
be found in the year of its intended publication,
1960. She has said at the very latest
it had to be revealed by 1960; and when she was asked “Why 1960?”, she said because then it
would become more clear. That was the decade that changed the
face of the world and changed the face of the Church. So it’s not at all surprising
that She [Our Lady] chose that year and [Sister Lucy] said that in that year
things would be clearer – because in a very, very short time-frame disasters would
happen to the world and to the Church, to the families,
to our Christian society. Does the Third Secret indeed predict
disasters throughout the world and in particular portray a crisis within
the Church – a crisis of faith? Sister Lucy herself provided a key clue
when she wrote the following in her fourth memoir:
“In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will
always be preserved etc.” In September of 1952 Pope Pius XII sent
a priest named Father Joseph Schweigl to interview Sister Lucy in Portugal on
the Third Secret – this is a specific interrogation about the Third Secret. And when Father Schweigl came back,
here’s what he said; he said: “I cannot reveal anything of what I
learned at Fatima concerning the Third Secret, but I can say that it has
two parts: one concerns the Pope; the other logically (although I must
say nothing) would have to be the continuation of the words:
‘In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith
will always be preserved.'” When Sister Lucy said that the Faith
was going to be preserved in Portugal, that implies that the Faith is going
to be destroyed in most other places – that’s the clear implication. And I think we’ve seen at least one or
two generations of young people in which the Faith has been totally lost. And we all knew how the Third Secret
began, from Sister Lucy’s writing: In Portugal, the dogmas of the Faith
will always be kept. Obviously, the implication is that outside of
Portugal they might not be kept. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this
one out; anybody can figure that one out. Obviously any investigation into the true
contents of the Third Secret of Fatima would have to begin with the telltale
phrase of the Virgin of Fatima: “In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be
preserved,” to which Sister Lucy added “etc.” Within that “etc.”
is a world of meaning. Within that “etc.” we will probably
find out what happens to dogma in other parts of the world outside of Portugal, and we will also find out the full
contents of the Third Secret of Fatima. So our investigation has
to begin with the question: What is contained in that “etc”? Fatima scholars are in agreement
that within the mysterious “etc.”, one will find the words
of the Virgin Mary, which predict a great crisis of
faith within the Catholic Church, a loss of dogma outside
of the nation of Portugal, and an apostasy reaching even the
highest levels of the Catholic hierarchy. And this is confirmed by those who have
actually read the text of the Third Secret. Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani was
Prefect of the Holy Office. And at the time, the Holy Office was the
preeminent dicastery of the Roman Curia. He was the one who pronounced on orthodoxy
and also had the jurisdiction over the final approval or
disapproval of apparitions. He stated in an address he gave in 1967
at the Antonianum that the Third Secret of Fatima is set forth
on one sheet of paper. Cardinal Oddi said that the Third
Secret has nothing to do with Gorbachev. Our Lady was warning us against
the apostasy in the Church. Bishop do Amaral of Fatima, in 1984, said the Third Secret has nothing to do
with atomic bombs or Pershing missiles; it concerns the Faith. Cardinal Mario Luigi Ciappi
was a Dominican priest who
had been made a cardinal by Pope Paul VI.
He was papal theologian under Paul VI, John Paul I and early in the
reign of Pope John Paul II. Cardinal Ciappi stated in his letter to
Professor Baumgartner that in the Third Secret it is revealed among other things
that the Great Apostasy in the Church will begin at the top. Father Joaquin Alonso,
who died in 1981, was the official archivist at Fatima
for 16 years and had many conversations with Sister Lucy. Here is what
he had to say about the Secret: “It is therefore completely probable that
the text makes concrete references to the crisis of faith within the Church
and to the negligence of the pastors themselves and the internal struggles
in the very bosom of the Church and of grave pastoral negligence
of the upper hierarchy.” One of the most important testimonies
regarding the contents of the Secret came from an interview given by Joseph
Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI. At the time, he was the Prefect of the
Vatican Congregation for the
Doctrine of the Faith and as such had access to the
Secret and he read it. Cardinal Ratzinger,
in his 1984 interview with Jesus magazine, he said that the Third Secret
concerns the dangers to the Faith, to the life of the Christian and
therefore to the life of the world. Does this crisis of faith identified by
the witnesses who have read the Third Secret have anything to do with
the Second Vatican Council? The Council began scarcely
two years after 1960, the year the Third Secret was
supposed to have been revealed. Given the period of unprecedented upheaval
and scandal in the Catholic Church following the Council, a growing number of Catholics
are convinced of a link
between the Third Secret and the Council and its
aftermath, especially the
changes in the Catholic Mass, which began in the early 1960s. In the 1930s when he was still
Vatican Secretary of State, the future Pope Pius XII made an
astonishing prophecy about the upcoming upheaval in the Church. He predicted with terrific degree of
accuracy just about everything that was going to go wrong in the Church, and his prophecy is recounted in the
biography of Pius XII by Monsignor Roche. Let me read to you from
that prophetic remark. “I am worried by the Blessed
Virgin’s messages to Lucy of Fatima. This persistence of Mary about the dangers
which menace the Church is a divine warning against the suicide of
altering the Faith in her liturgy, her theology and her soul.
… I hear all around me innovators who
wish to dismantle the Sacred Chapel, destroy the universal flame of the Church, reject her ornaments and make her
feel remorse for her historical past. … A day will come when the
civilized world will deny its God, when the Church will
doubt as Peter doubted. She will be tempted to believe that
man has become God. In our churches, Christians will search in vain for
the red lamp where God awaits them. Like Mary Magdalene, weeping before
the empty tomb, they will ask, ‘Where have they taken Him?'” So about 30 years before
the Second Vatican Council, the future Pope Pius XII predicted
everything that would go wrong during and after the Council in the Catholic Church. He predicted drastic
changes to the liturgy, so drastic that people would not even
be able to find the sanctuary lamp in Catholic churches.
He predicted theological changes, even predicted this movement in the Church
to make the Church apologize for her own past as if the Church were to be
ashamed of everything that had gone before and should feel remorse for it. And he linked these predictions
to the Message of Fatima, which is very interesting because none
of the words of the Virgin of Fatima published to date contain any reference
to these catastrophic developments in the Church.
Clearly, Pope Pius XII was referring to a portion
of the Message of Fatima containing words of the Virgin Mary,
which we have yet to see. It’s curious that Pius XII made an
interesting comment when he was still Cardinal Pacelli about Sister
Lucy and the upcoming events. He mentioned that there would be attempts
by people to destroy the Faith by altering her liturgy and Faith and these
other things – but liturgy was first on the list. I remember my mother had
been away from the Church. Well I got her to come to a Mass.
She had a very hard life: her mother died when she was young;
she was put out to foster homes. The first time she saw the New
Mass, she said: “Oh, I know this. I was living with some
Presbyterians for a year once, and this is what they used to take me to.” Cardinal Ratzinger at one time stated
that the new liturgy of Pope Paul VI was a banal on the spot fabrication. So he was rather blunt in his opinion
of what he thought of the new liturgy of Pope Paul VI.
He didn’t think much of it. What’s very clear is that with the changes
that took place in the Church after the Second Vatican Council there
were enormous changes in the liturgy. It is long been stated that the way in
which we pray connects directly with what we believe. If there was an attempt to change the
belief system of Catholics and mainly to open them up to the modern world, to make the modern world more acceptable
to them and to make the modern world more accepting of Catholics themselves, everyone hoped there would be a
great glorious hootenanny. Instead, what happened is Catholics
abandoned their faith, abandoned the Church,
went rushing off to the world. There are lots of dangers
to changing the liturgy, especially in a radical way.
First of all, the sense of stability that people had
from knowing what to expect is gone. In fact, in a period there from
the mid 1950’s onward, not only were the people subjected to
change, but probably more important, the clergy were subjected to change –
to the point where they didn’t know what was coming next themselves, and they kind of stopped caring because
they couldn’t keep up with it; it’s like, okay, this week they want us to do
this, this week they want us to do that; let’s just do whatever. I remember one of the first bizarre
Masses we had in 1965 at my parish church. Afterwards, people were exiting
the church and they were unsettled. But I remember this old woman on my
street saying to another old woman – they lived down at the corner, next to
each other – she was saying, “Well, I guess it’s better now that it’s
in English.” They seemed doubtful; and everyone was saying that,
but everyone was ceasing to go to church. Elements of Protestantism – both in
the symbolism and in the wording of the liturgy – were brought into and mixed
into a Catholic framework to the extent that the makers of the new Rite flatly
stated this is no longer the Roman Rite. It is a new creation. I would sum up the effect of the changes
of the liturgy in the last 40 years on the faithful as:
there’s no more faith in the faithful. Even Cardinal Ratzinger,
who was now Pope Benedict XVI, said that the liturgical changes,
which followed the Second Vatican Council, were a breach in the history of the
liturgy whose consequences could only be tragic. But the crisis in the
Church also includes other changes. In his prophecy in the 1930’s
before the Second Vatican Council, the future Pope Pius XII spoke not only
of the suicide of altering the faith in the Church’s liturgy,
but also in her theology. And here we see emerging in
the post-conciliar period, the theological novelty of the
modern ecumenical movement. The priests began talking differently, using strange language
we never heard before. They started talking about
dialogue and being ecumenical. Vatican II brought in
the new era of ecumenism. The Church always taught that
there was only one true Faith, one true Church outside of
which there is no salvation; and the purpose of Catholic churchmen
and missionaries is to go forth, teach all nations and baptize them in
the name of the Father and the Son, the Holy Ghost, and bring them in to the
one ecclesia that Our Lord established. But with the Second Vatican
Council’s new ecumenism, they set up – they adopted, I should say – a different form of
Church oneness and Church unity, that you can trace it point by point, that came actually from the
Protestant World Council of Churches. The priest that was the
moderator for the Forensic Union, the debate team that I belonged to,
Jumped into this with both feet. He joined something called The
Confraternity of Christians and Jews, which was designed to demonstrate
the irrelevance of dogma in life. Unfortunately,
when we speak of ecumenism, we’re not simply talking
about propositions, doctrines set forth in the documents
of the Second Vatican Council. There are consequences to these teachings because
these are not something that are simply considered in the
classrooms theoretically. The promulgation of the
decrees on ecumenism and
religious liberty have spawned in the Church a new
orientation of the Church, an opening up of inter-religious dialogue, of encouraging Catholics
to become involved with
members of other churches and other religions in such a way that has
caused great confusion and even loss of faith among the Catholic people.
What it leads to, I think is a very good concrete example, is the desecration of the sanctuary of
Our Lady of Fatima that took place a couple of years ago when the rector,
Monsignor Luciano Guerra, invited the Hindus and the Hindu priest
into the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima; and they offered, and the Hindu priest wearing Hindu
vestments performed the pagan idolatrous ceremonies of Hinduism on the Catholic
altar at the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima at the Capelinha, the little chapel,
the place where Our Lady appeared. There are no other churches that Our
Lord would found as a means to salvation. There is only one religion. God cannot reveal different religions
with contradictory ideas about Himself, about how to save one’s soul. So to accept this unity and correlity
means to reject the Catholic Church and Catholic religion – it goes together. The new Church has become ecu-maniacal,
as I call it, and turning anywhere and everywhere
to embrace all other religions. The only thing in the modern Church
that is not acceptable is Tradition. See,
the thing is, all you need to do is look at what
happened to the Church after 1960 and it’s fairly clear what the Third Secret is –
what Our Lady wanted us to know in 1960. It’s clear. The real Secret has to do with
the collapse of the Faith, coming from the upper hierarchy. And we know this also because the two
things that we see from Sister Lucy that bracket the Third Secret: 1957 – the famous interview
with Father Fuentes, when she says God is
about to punish the world; and the way God is going to
punish the world, she says, is there’s going to be a great loss
of faith among priests and religious. Then, after the Third Secret was supposed to
be released around the end of 1960’s, she’s talking about a diabolical
disorientation of the upper hierarchy. So these two messages, these two warnings from Sister
Lucy bracket the Third Secret: the collapse of priests and bishops who
are going to stray from their vocation. And you don’t stray from your
vocation by leaving necessarily. You stray from your vocation also by
staying in and corrupting the Faith from within. And then she talks about precisely
that at the end of 1960 – a diabolical disorientation of the upper hierarchy. These are the things we have from
Sister Lucy that bracket the year 1960. Lucy of Fatima. She described what’s happening in the
world as the effect of a diabolical disorientation. I think this diabolical disorientation
is associated with the Third Secret, basing it on the evidence of knowledgeable
people who’ve written about it, who have some insight into it, who’ve had some experience on the higher
levels of the Church with people who have read the Third Secret. I believe that when the Secret was opened, it was clear that this Secret was
about the apostasy in the Church, and that this would be brought about by
a change in the Mass and by a council. And,
therefore, that was exactly obviously
the plan of John XXIII: to call a council – he had already made
the preparations – and to alter the Mass in some way, in line with these new teachings that
were to be promulgated by the Council. And therefore [it was] a rebuke to the
Pope – a statement that if these things are done, disasters shall come to the world and to
the Church and the Faith shall be lost throughout Europe. I think that’s what was
very shocking for him, and in my mind that explains his stark
response and a response that should not have been given – “This is
not for our time”. Well, it
was precisely for our time. Our Lady had said it was for
our time and it was for him. Besides speaking of the spiritual
crisis within the Catholic Church, does the Third Secret speak of a divine
chastisement of the world at large? None other than the former Cardinal
Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, has confirmed that it does. In the 1984 interview in which Cardinal
Ratzinger spoke of the Third Secret, he said, “the things contained in this
‘Third Secret’ correspond to what has been announced in Scripture and what has
been said again and again in many other Marian apparitions.” Cardinal Ratzinger’s revelation in the
1984 Jesus magazine interview that what is contained in the Third
Secret corresponds to what
has been said again and again in other Marian apparitions is
very significant because in the other Marian apparitions he refers to, there was a reference not only to
a spiritual crisis in the Church, but to a divine punishment
of the entire world. And one of these apparitions approved as
authentic by Church authorities is the apparition of Our Lady at Akita,
Japan in 1973. In this apparition,
Our Lady speaks of a twin chastisement: a chastisement within the
Church consisting of a crisis
in faith and morals and discipline, and a divine
punishment of the whole world. And at Akita She gave some terrifying
details about the nature of that divine punishment of the world. And by choosing to appear at
Akita on October, 13 1973, the very anniversary of the Miracle of
the Sun, Our Lady was sending a message, unmistakably connecting the Akita
apparitions to the Fatima apparitions. In 1973 at Akita in Japan, the Virgin Mary spoke to Sister
Agnes Sasagawa, a deaf nun. While praying in the chapel. Sister Agnes witnessed a great light
surrounding a wooden statue of Our Lady. Sister Agnes then heard a
voice coming from the statue, which delivered three messages to her:
the first in July, the second in August, and the last and most important
message on October 13th, 1973. Our Blessed Mother warned: “The work of the devil will infiltrate
even the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals,
bishops against other bishops. The priests who venerate Me will be
scorned and opposed by their confreres… churches and altars sacked; the Church will be full of those who
accept compromise and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls
to leave the service of the Lord.” In the same message, the Virgin further
warned that not only the Catholic Church, but the whole world will suffer the
consequences of this loss of Faith. She further said: “If men do not
repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible
punishment on all humanity. It will be a punishment
greater than the deluge, such as no one has ever seen before. Fire will fall from the sky and will
wipe out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad,
sparing neither priests nor faithful. The survivors will find themselves so
desolate that they will envy the dead.” After a thorough
investigation by Bishop Ito, the bishop of the diocese
in which Akita is located, the message of Akita was approved
as being worthy of belief. Howard Dee,
the Philippine ambassador to the Vatican, said in an 1998 interview with Inside
the Vatican magazine that “Bishop Ito was certain Akita was an extension of Fatima, and Cardinal Ratzinger personally
confirmed to me that these two messages, of Fatima and Akita,
are essentially the same.” Over a million people from all over
the world came to Fatima on May 13th, 2000 for the beatification ceremony
of Jacinta and Francisco Marto, the two Fatima visionaries.
During his homily, Pope John Paul II referred to the
“great red dragon” in Chapter 12 of the Apocalypse. He said: “The Message
of Fatima is a call to conversion, alerting humanity to have nothing to do
with the ‘dragon’ whose ‘tail swept down a third of the stars of Heaven,
and dragged them to earth.'” Then came the surprise announcement.
Cardinal Sodano, the Vatican Secretary of State, announced to the pilgrims
that in the near future, the Third Secret would
be officially revealed. He then spoke of the Secret containing
the vision of a bishop clothed in white, who shortly after making his way amid
the corpses of victims “falls to the ground,
apparently dead, under a burst of gunfire.” The cardinal
went on to claim that this was a prediction of the 1981 assassination
attempt against Pope John Paul II. Many in the audience applauded,
but some were perplexed. On May 13th, 2000 Pope John Paul II went to Fatima
and there he gave a very short homily, but he referred to Chapter 12 verses one, three and four of the
Apocalypse. And, in fact, he told us that the Message
of Fatima is for our time, and telling us to be on our guard
against the tail of the dragon, which is dragging down a
third of the stars of Heaven. Clearly this language is not found in
the published parts of the Secret that I know of; it must be in the [Third]
Secret. However, Cardinal Sodano, shortly after the Pope finished his talk, gets up and announces that
the Third Secret will be
released in the near future, but he suggests that it refers
to an event in the past. Here we have Pope John Paul II
telling us it’s about our time, it’s a warning for us today, and we
have Cardinal Sodano telling us, well, it’s in the past,
it’s about the assassination attempt. Cardinal Sodano in the year
2000 was the Secretary of State. Now his job is dealing with states,
diplomacy and things like that. The matter of Fatima is a matter that is
really the competence of the office of the Doctrine of the Faith, and that
was Cardinal Ratzinger’s position. Now, I don’t understand why Cardinal Sodano
was the one making this announcement when Cardinal Ratzinger, as far as I
know, was present at the same time. However, it was Cardinal Sodano
that made this announcement. Why was he making this announcement
and what was he preparing us for? On June 26, 2000 the Vatican released what it
claimed was the entire text of the Third Secret of Fatima, which consisted of 62 lines of text
written by Sister Lucy on what appeared to be four sheets of paper.
Those four pages, which contain no words of the Blessed
Virgin Mary, present an ambiguous vision. An Angel is holding a sword that gave
out flames that looked as though they would set the world on fire. The flames are repelled
by the Blessed Virgin. Then a bishop clothed in
white – apparently the Pope
– is seen hobbling through a half-ruined city filled with corpses. The afflicted Pope makes his way to the
top of a hill outside the ruined city and kneeling before the cross he is
“killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him, and in the same way there died one
after another the other Bishops, Priests,
men and women Religious, and various lay people of
different ranks and positions.” Two angels gather up the blood of these
martyrs and sprinkle it on the souls making their way to God. The Vatican commentary on the purported
Secret suggested that this vision pertains to the failed assassination
attempt on John Paul II on May 13th, 1981 in which the Pope was not
killed. Given the lack of any explanation of the
vision by the Blessed Virgin Herself, Catholics were widely skeptical about
the completeness of the Vatican’s disclosure. How could the Virgin Mary have remained
silent on the meaning of the Third Secret of Fatima? According to the Vatican’s interpretation
of the Third Secret of Fatima, which is essentially Cardinal
Sodano’s interpretation, this ambiguous vision of the bishop in
white being killed at the top of a hill before a large wooden cross is basically
all there is to the Third Secret of Fatima, and it relates essentially
to the assassination attempt, the failed assassination attempt in 1981. The only problem with this attempt at
an interpretation is that it fails to mention any of the things
that Fatima scholars, those who read the Third Secret, anyone who had any
knowledge of this matter, knew were involved in the Third Secret:
the loss of faith in the Church, the liturgical changes, all of the things talked about in the
prophecy of Pius XII about the suicide of altering the faith in the Church’s
liturgy, theology and soul, the apostasy in the Church
that begins at the top. There isn’t a single reference to any of
this in the Vatican’s interpretation of the Third Secret.
And why is that? Because what they published in June of
2000 doesn’t contain a single word of the Blessed Virgin Mary to explain
the vision of the bishop in white. She is utterly silent on the contents
of the Third Secret and that doesn’t add up. Sister Lucy said that the Secret should
be opened in 1960 because it will become clearer then. Then we were told in 2000 that the
Third Secret was about an assassination attempt against John Paul II in 1981. Why would an assassination attempt
in 1981 become clearer in 1960? The Vatican put out its interpretation
of the Third Secret of Fatima in the year 2000. If it had been a plebe paper that I had
received from one of my plebes in the freshman English course
at the Naval Academy, I would have flunked it because the
interpretation does not in any way correspond with the facts. I gave a talk one time
on the Third Secret, and I read word for word what
was released in the vision, and then I said to the audience: “and the Vatican’s interpretation of
this is that this is a prediction of an assassination attempt
against Pope John Paul II, and I have the recording.”
The audience laughed. The audience laughed at it, because at face value
it was just nonsense. Does the Vatican’s interpretation
of this vision make any sense? Well, Sister Lucy explains in her own
words how she understood this vision, of what she saw.
She depicted what she saw; this bishop in white who is presumably
the Pope is shot and killed by a band of soldiers. The Vatican’s interpretation that
somehow this refers to the assassination attempt on the life of John Paul II,
of course, there are problems there. John Paul
II was not shot by a band of soldiers. He was shot and wounded
by one lone gunman. I think that alone is enough to dismiss
the Vatican’s interpretation as being nonsensical because it simply does
not add up. It makes no sense. It doesn’t make any sense that there
would be so much fuss and weeping and gnashing of teeth on the part of people
who saw the Third Secret before that, if it was about an assassination
attempt which wouldn’t succeed anyway. it’s so silly; even the New York
Times looked at it and went, “Huh?” The Washington Post said very clearly:
Look, Cardinal Sodano said that the
Pope falls apparently dead. But the vision of the Secret leaves
no doubt of what happens to the Pope; it says he’s killed. So, Your Eminence,
you weren’t being honest with us. You gave us a falsified picture in order
to force fit your interpretation upon it. There are very specific images, and what they claim is the Third Secret
their interpretation does not match it at all. There’s other things the Washington
Post pointed out that doesn’t jive. First of all, that the Pope, in the
vision, is killed by a group of soldiers. But on May 13, 1981, there
was not a group of soldiers; there was a single gunman.
And the Post said, in the vision cardinals, bishops,
priests, lay people are also killed. But on May 13th,
1981, no one else was shot at
except Pope John Paul II. A man in white climbing a hill who is
shot with bullets and arrows and falls dead is not someone who is shot
with a gunshot and recovers. It does not connect. It’s not solid or even
intelligent interpretation. And the idea that this bishop in white
walking through a ruined city through the bodies of his priests and prelates
up to a hill where he is going to be assassinated had nothing whatsoever in
common with Ali Agca taking a couple shots at John Paul II in St.
Peter’s Square. There was nothing, there was no correspondence
between the events. For example, what is the half-deserted
city, the half-desolated city? What does that mean? Does that
mean an atomic war? Does that mean, is that an image of the Church?
That’s not made clear at all or spoken of. There’s just overwhelming circumstantial
evidence to indicate that we’re dealing with a two-part secret,
as Father Schweigl said, involving two distinct texts. It’s so obvious that even
Italian television commentaries
are talking about the theory of “le due buste” (or the two
envelopes), to use the Italian phrase. It is impossible not to notice the
number of discrepancies between what was known about the Secret prior to 2000 and
what was revealed on June 26th of that year. We know that the Vatican said in 1960
that it was not going to reveal the Third Secret of Fatima to the world as expected, and in making that anonymous announcement
through a press agency refers specifically to – and I think I’m quoting
verbatim – “the words of the Virgin which She confided to the three seers.”
So there was a specific reference in 1960 to the words of the Virgin
in the Third Secret of Fatima, and yet the text published by the Vatican
in June of 2000 involves a vision of the Pope in white being
shot down and so forth, in which we find no words whatsoever
uttered by Our Lady of Fatima – none. So already we have a major discrepancy. There must be a text – the one referred
to by the Vatican back in 1960 – that contains words of Our Lady
confided to the seers. There is a discrepancy regarding when
Pope John Paul II first read the Third Secret. This is an amazing discrepancy. It appears that Pope John Paul II read
two different texts of the Secret, one in 1978 and one in 1981; and it was the Washington
Post – the July 1st, 2000 Washington Post – that pointed out
this discrepancy. Here’s what it said: “Contradictory statements from Vatican
officials about when the pope first read the secret added to the confusion. On May 13th Vatican spokesman Joaquin
Navarro-Valls said that the pope first read the secret within days of
assuming the papacy in 1978. On Monday, June 26, 2000, an aide
to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, prefect of the Vatican’s Congregation
for the Doctrine of the Faith, said that the pope first saw it in the
hospital after his attack in 1981.” This is yet more evidence that we appear
to be dealing with two texts. Another discrepancy surfaces from Bishop
Venancio’s 1957 testimony regarding the Secret. We know that when Bishop Venancio held
the sealed envelope containing the Secret up to the light, he saw inside
that envelope, one sheet of paper; but the text produced by the Vatican in
June of 2000 consists of four sheets of paper. So you have two texts: one, a
handwritten single sheet; and the other, four pages of handwriting. Another discrepancy surfaces from Bishop
Venancio’s 1957 testimony regarding the Secret. When the Bishop of Fatima held that
sealed envelope up to the light, he saw what he estimated to be about 25
lines of text on that single sheet of paper. The Vatican’s text produced in June
of 2000 contains 62 lines of text. 25 lines in one, 62 lines
in another. Clearly, we’re dealing with two
different documents. There was also a discrepancy regarding
where the Secret had been stored in the Vatican. We know from press coverage in Paris-Match
magazine that a text of the Third Secret of Fatima ended up in a wooden
safe in the papal apartments in the 1950s. We know this because a picture
was provided in Paris-Match
magazine showing that very papal safe, and yet the Vatican tells us in June of
2000 that the text of the Third Secret they were producing at that time had
been stored in the Holy Office archives, a totally different location. Once
again, we’re looking at two texts. And finally,
the question must be asked: Where is Heaven’s
explanation of the Secret? We know that when Our Lady spoke to the
Fatima seers She explained everything that they saw, even something as obvious
as hell She explained to them. She said, and I quote, “You have seen hell where the souls of
poor sinners go.” Now it was obvious they had seen hell. They saw souls burning in hell and
floating about in the state of agony, and yet She explained that to them. But here we have this ambiguous vision
of the bishop in white with an Angel in Heaven sending fire down toward the earth, the Pope being executed by a band of
soldiers outside a half-ruined city, the Pope processing through the ruins of
the city with dead bodies of clergy and laity alongside him – and absolutely
no explanation of Our Lady. There were a number of things in that
document that gave the appearance of trying to undermine the Fatima Message
itself and even undermine certain doctrinal points regarding Our
Blessed Mother. First of all, all Catholics know that the Immaculate
Heart of Mary is the Heart closest to Christ. There’s only one Immaculate Heart because
Our Lady was the Immaculate Conception – She was born free from Original Sin –
and in Her entire life She was free from actual sin. There’s only one Immaculate
Heart; but the June 26 commentary, when it mentions “Immaculate
Heart,” first of all, it puts it in lower case – lower case
“i,” lower case “h” – something Catholics never do. And, it implies, it basically says that an immaculate
heart is any heart that says “yes” to Christ.
Now, this not only undermines the Fatima
Message but also undermines the Catholic doctrine itself on the
Immaculate Heart of Mary. Second, Our Blessed Mother said at Fatima that
in the end Her Immaculate Heart will triumph.
But, this June 26 commentary implies that
the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart took place 2000 years ago when Our Lady
gave Her fiat to the angel at the Annunciation, when She consented
to be the Mother of God. So, what this commentary does is
it takes a prophecy of Fatima, of Our Lady of Fatima, that is
supposed to take place in the future, it puts it back, it kicks it back 2000
years ago so there’s no longer a prophecy. This is an undermining of the Fatima
Message. Another thing, the June 26, 2000 commentary says,
and I’m going to quote it, that “The concluding part of the ‘secret’
uses images Lucy may have seen in devotional books and which draw their
inspiration from ancient intuitions of faith.” Now, this appears to be a subtle
way of suggesting that the
entire Secret of Fatima was not something that
Lucy received from Heaven, but just they were ideas that came to her
while she was reading devotional books – and this is a bogus argument
that enemies of Fatima
have been using for years to try to discredit Fatima.
And worse, one of the most troubling aspects of
this entire commentary is that the only Fatima expert that is quoted in the
document – so-called Fatima expert – is a priest named Father Edouard Dhanis.
Now, Father Dhanis was a modernist Jesuit who
throughout the entire 1940s and fifties and even beyond that made a veritable
career of trying to discredit Fatima. He cast doubt on any revelation
that Lucy received after 1917, he implied that Lucy
invented the Fatima Secret; and other Fatima scholars at the time
tried to convince Dhanis that his thesis was wrong, that he was mistaken.
And after World War II, they even invited him to come to Fatima,
come to Coimbra, interview Sister Lucy so that he
could check the primary documentation, interview Sister Lucy and
get his facts straight. Father Dhanis refused to go to Fatima.
He refused to go to Coimbra. And he refused to meet Sister Lucy. And during this time a true
scholar named Father Hubert Jongen, talking to Father Dhanis,
he says, “Is this really the mark of a sound
critical mind?” Yet Father Dhanis was the only so-called Fatima scholar quoted
in the June 26 commentary on Fatima. So it’s no wonder that the June 27th Los
Angeles Times – a secular newspaper – said, regarding the Vatican’s
treatment of Fatima, it said “The Vatican’s top theologian
gently debunked the Fatima cult.” Those in the Vatican who are possessed of this
modernist way of thinking, feel greatly threatened
by the Message of Fatima. And since they cannot suppress entirely
what the Church has approved they therefore seek to debunk it by putting
a new spin on the Message to reinterpret the Message, to make the Message appear to be in
agreement with their Modernistic manner of thought. The so-called revelation of the Third
Secret in June 2000 was a disappointment to myself and to many people I know
because it didn’t match the expectation. We were expecting something, a significant statement which would
surprise us in a way and would explain why the Vatican had kept that Secret
under wraps for 40 some odd years. And what they revealed clearly
didn’t meet expectations. Obviously I believe that it
was part of the Third Secret, but there’s something missing.
There’s some explanation that’s missing. The question has been asked: Was the Vatican lying to us when
they released the Secret on June 26, 2000 and said this is the whole thing.
I remember a bishop asking this question
in Brazil and Father Kramer gave the answer to him: “No, Your Excellency, it was by means of mental reservation.”
What does he mean by this? Well, Antonio Socci also deals
with the same question; and he says that when they said
they released the whole thing, they didn’t say they released
it all on June 26, 2000. They released it over
time in other places; and so what happened was Pope John
Paul II, for example, [on] May 13th, 1982 said: “Can the Mother, Who with all the force of the love
that She fosters in the Holy Spirit and desires everyone’s salvation, can She remain silent when She sees the
very bases of Her children’s salvation undermined?” The Pope answers
his own question: “No, She cannot remain silent.” But where
did She speak about the bases of our salvation being undermined?
It’s in the [Third] Secret. He’s telling us that the Faith
is being undermined – that is, from within – and that
it is in the Secret. In 1984 Cardinal Ratzinger himself said
the Secret concerns the dangers to the faith and to the life of the
Christian and therefore the world. He’s telling us that the whole world is
in peril and that Christians – meaning Catholics – are going to go to hell
because they’re going to lose their faith. This is releasing the Secret, but they
didn’t say this exactly is the Secret. You have to take their speeches,
put them together and figure it out. It’s about the Mass, it’s about
the Council, it’s about the Faith. That’s what the Secret is about.
But they dare not say it directly, but they did say it here and there; and you piece it together and you
get to know the Secret. And so, strictly speaking, “Well, we did tell
you the whole Secret, but not on June 26, 2000.
We told you pieces here and there, but we didn’t identify it to you when we
gave you these other pieces that it was the Secret.” We have another piece
of that which we find, for example, when the Pope spoke on May 13th,
2000 when he said, “the tail of the dragon dragging down
a third of the stars of Heaven.” Well, when you know the reference, the stars of Heaven referred to are the
Catholic clergy – that’s Pope, cardinals, bishops and priests. And when you have a third of those
stars – a third of the cardinals, a third of the bishops,
a third of the priests, or whatever actual combination to make
a third – dragging down and working at the service of the devil, that’s
powerful stuff; that’s in the Secret, and the Pope makes a reference to that. Now I won’t be surprised if the actual
text of that – when it finally does get released – does make reference to
the actual passage of Chapter 12, verses one to four. In fact, Paul
VI, when he went to Fatima in 1967, again referred to that same chapter
– Chapter 12 of the Apocalypse. Why that passage? Every time they
go there they talk about that. It’s gotta be in the Secret; and that’s
why they can say it’s been released. But it’s really not exactly what
should be said because Our Lord said in Scripture, He said: Let your words
be ‘yes’ for yes and ‘no’ for no, anything else comes from the Evil One. In his book, “The Fourth Secret
of Fatima,” Antonio Socci, the leading Italian journalist
and television host, concludes: “There exists a fourth secret of Fatima, or rather a part of the
Third Secret – evidently, what follows the words of the
Madonna interrupted by ‘etc.’.” Socci’s book is a bombshell. This is a
leading public intellectual in Italy. He has his own television show. He has personally hosted press conferences
for both Cardinal Ratzinger and Archbishop Bertone, who at the time was no less than the
Secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. This is a witness
of unimpeachable integrity. Furthermore, Socci admits in his book that
when he began his investigation, he totally accepted the Vatican party
line on the meaning of the Third Secret, only to be totally convinced that there
was in fact a text that has yet to be published.
As he puts it in the book, “I had to surrender to the evidence.”
Once he began to study the case, he had no choice but to conclude,
as others have concluded, that there is indeed a missing text. And this is a tremendously favorable
development for the effort to discover the truth in this matter. But Socci’s book goes even further. His investigation has uncovered the
direct testimony of the personal secretary of Pope John XXIII,
Archbishop Loris F. Capovilla. According to Capovilla, Pope
John’s successor, Paul VI, called for and read the contents
of this envelope on June 27th, 1963.
However, the Vatican commentary on the vision
published in June 2000 states that Paul VI read a text pertaining to the
Secret on March 27th, 1965, nearly two years later. Socci recounts
that when an Italian journalist, Solideo Paolini, asked Capovilla whether this meant that
there were two envelopes containing two different texts pertaining to the Secret, Archbishop Capovilla replied in Italian, “Per l’appunto,” which translated
means: “Precisely, so!” In
his book, Il Quarto Segreto di Fatima
(“The Fourth Secret of Fatima”), Antonio Socci, a great Italian journalist who has never
been polemical against the Vatican in his previous positions and who is
personally known by the currently reigning Pope and esteemed by the
current Secretary of State, Tarcisio Bertone, reports in a perfect and absolute
literal and exact manner the personal confirmation that Archbishop Capovilla, emeritas confidential
secretary of Pope John XXIII, gave to me about the existence of two
different texts of the Third Secret of Fatima. On May 10th, 2007 Cardinal Bertone published
his response to Socci in
a book-length interview entitled “The Last Seer of Fatima”. Rather than directly responding to
the challenges posed by Dr. Socci, the cardinal instead resorted to
personal attacks against the man himself. Throughout the writing of
his book until the present, Cardinal Bertone has
refused to speak with Socci, despite the fact that Socci and Bertone
previously had been on friendly terms. Dr. Socci easily refuted
Cardinal Bertone’s book in
a newspaper article dated May 12, 2007. Unable
to let the matter rest, on May 31st,
2007, Cardinal Bertone appeared on the popular
Italian television program “Porta a Porta” to deny the
premise of Socci’s book, but Socci was not allowed on the program
even though other journalists who knew far less about Fatima appeared on
the set to interview the cardinal. Socci later learned from the television
station that Bertone made it clear that he wanted no challenges to
his position on the broadcast. Dr. Socci refuted Cardinal Bertone’s
TV presentation on June 2nd, just two days later in a
second newspaper article On September 21st,
2007, Cardinal Bertone held another event for
the official presentation of his book, “The Last Seer of Fatima,” held here at
the Pontifical Urbaniana University in Rome.
We are here in front of its entrance. This event was attended by government
dignitaries, bankers, Vatican prelates, and members of the press. In an attempt to once again have his
questions answered by the cardinal, [referring to] Antonio Socci,
I was with him here that day, attended the event. After he learned from the director of the
Vatican press office that the cardinal would not allow any
questions to be asked of him, Socci and I proceeded to the
main entrance of the auditorium, hoping to ask a question of the cardinal
on his way in before he would enter inside the aula magna
for the presentation. On the arrival of the cardinal, seeing
Socci at the entrance of the aula magna, Bertone changed his route and
darted in another entrance. When the journalists present saw what
had happened and Bertone’s behavior, they immediately questioned
Socci about the controversy. At this moment, Vatican security
quickly descended upon us, demanding Socci to stop
speaking with the press. Socci replied that he was a journalist
and was not causing a problem for anyone. It was a public venue and he had every
right to be there and to talk with his colleagues. But the security then drove us
by force from the university. They scratched one of my fingers while
taking my cell phone by force from me. They demanded that I not record anything,
something I wasn’t doing anyway. Perhaps they were thinking of the
cassette recording of my last conversation that I had with Archbishop Capovilla. That tape was in Socci’s
briefcase and on that tape, the secretary of Pope John XXIII confirmed
explicitly that there is or there was an attachment to the Secret published
in 2000 and that attachment is still unpublished to this day. So why is the Vatican doing this?
Why would the Vatican? First of all, the amount of intellectual degeneration
that had occurred to allow them to even present this as a plausible
scenario is absolutely shocking, but why would they do it? Forget why
they think they can get away with it; why would they do it? Because if the Third Secret is about
diabolical disorientation among the hierarchy, which is going to endanger the
dogmas of the faith in many countries, this is obviously an indictment
against the hierarchy, who’s allowed this to happen. If the Third Secret was
warning the faithful that we
were going to see a massive destruction of doctrine, a massive destruction of our liturgical
practices so that the great majority of Catholics would really lose the Faith
– if that’s what the Third Secret was about, and if it added in the fact that perhaps
the hierarchy was going to be involved in actually doing this – well, if you were the Pope and you
were part of the whole situation, I don’t think you’d want it revealed
because immediately fingers would be pointed at you:
“Aha! Are you one of those people that
Our Lady’s warning us about?” I wouldn’t be surprised at all if there
were specifics about how this general apostasy and loss of
faith would come about, would be very damning for the people in
charge now because they’re carrying it out. We can be very impatient with them. There
are times we may feel anger with them, but do remember this, that the churchmen in Rome right now are
reluctant to reveal the fullness of the Third Secret in the same way that those
of us who are sinners would be reluctant to go into the town square
and broadcast our own sins. We have made mistakes.
Fortunately, we do not have the same burden on us
and no more than we would like to reveal something that told the world what
terrible sinners we are, the Third Secret, I think, is being withheld by
these men for that same reason. Now Our Lady came to Fatima as an emissary
from God, as an ambassador from God, so it’s not Our Lady’s message,
really, it is God sending Our Lady to
us with these dire warnings. If She is giving us dire warnings,
we not only have the right to know, we have to know for our own good. The world at large have a right to know
the Third Secret of Fatima because it is very clear when the world goes off
track severely – not just Catholics, but the entire world – and the entire
world was created by God and oriented to the end of being with God, so it concerns every
soul born into the world. Then God will, through a messenger,
tell the world what it needs to know. The situation is at once so ludicrous and
so tragic and so overwhelming that the ordinary Catholic trying to do the right
thing looks at the Church and is almost tempted to throw up his arms
in despair and say: “Who am I? What can I do?” Well,
if the problem, as Sister Lucy has pointed out,
is a diabolical disorientation, obviously the solution is
a heavenly orientation. We have to turn away from the devil’s
direction and turn back to the direction of God, turn back to the
direction of Heaven. Now, obviously that direction is the one that
has been pointed out by the Catholic Church through 2000 years of our history. What every individual Catholic has to
do is they have to more or less take a refresher course in the basic doctrine. Go back to the catechisms. Our Lady of Fatima, on October 13th, said: “I’ve come to warn the faithful to amend
their lives and ask pardon for their sins. They must not continue to offend Our Lord
any more because He’s already too much offended.” Certainly what we must
do is amend our lives. Of course, we need to pray the Rosary to get the
graces we need to amend our lives and to stay on the right course,
but we must amend [our] lives. That means avoiding the occasions of sin.
That means doing our daily duty. Those are things Our Lady insists
that we do. She also on that same day, October 13th,
held out the Brown Scapular, and Sister Lucy tells us the Rosary
and the Scapular go together. She wants all of us to wear the Scapular
as well as pray the Rosary every day. And then She gave us a plan of following
the First Saturdays – do certain things on the first Saturday of the month.
That’s all She asks of us, the lay people. She asked of the Pope and the bishops
to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, all of them together at
one time, specifically Russia. Various consecrations have been done. This has been very garbled by people
trying to protect the hierarchy. Various consecrations have been done
that have never followed what She said. Many believe that with the
consecration ceremony of 1984, the Pope had finally acceded
to the request of Heaven, of Our Lady, that he consecrate
Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. It’s very curious if that is the
case that he never mentioned Russia, it is as if I were to make beef stew
using a recipe that never mentions beef. The ultimate solution will be when the
Pope enjoins the bishops of the world to consecrate Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate
Heart with him in a specific ceremony. That will be the ultimate, but the means to regaining the faith and
getting the grace for the Holy Father to eventually do that is
for as many people to be
worshiping in a truly Catholic manner as possible. Now,
good liturgy drives out bad liturgy. For those who have the Catholic
Faith and those who are given, through the gifts of the Holy Ghost, Catholic piety and have
a sense for what is holy, they embrace the traditional liturgy; and when the traditional liturgy is made
available to them, people flock to that. As Catholics,
what can we do? The simple things we have always been
told to do: hold close to the Faith, stay close to the sacraments and pray,
pray, pray. “In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be
preserved etc.” By all indications, contained within that “etc.” are to be
found great and terrible truths of utmost concern,
not only to Catholics but to all humanity. The whole truth is in the possession of
those in the Vatican who have read the text of Our Lady’s words and is being
held there under lock and key since 1957. Clearly, in this time of unparalleled crisis in
the Church and the world with apocalyptic dangers looming over the whole human race,
“etc.” is not enough. It is very clear that
currently the officials in
Rome are covering up the truth about the Third Secret of Fatima. The simple fact that those who should
be proclaiming the Message are hiding it means that they themselves are going to
be led into a desperate condition – what that is,
we do not know, but they will certainly suffer. They will be punished. We have been told nations
will be annihilated. There is a time of
great suffering at hand. And if the clergy go steer
in the wrong direction, especially if they’re
heading towards heresy, we have no obligation to
follow them in that deviation. And we do have an obligation to adhere
to the Faith and pass that down as we’ve received it. And therefore we have to do what
Saint Vincent of Lerins said, that when the whole Church would
fall into apostasy at the same time, we must hang on to Tradition –
traditional faith, traditional practices. The Church
is Catholic, not just because it’s universal – that is, all over the space of the whole world –
but it’s Catholic because it’s universal in time.
It’s the same Faith, the same practices from the time
of Christ to the end of time. And when everyone around us goes wrong, at least if we look to what
our forefathers have done, we know that we’re on the
safe and solid ground. If you look at the history of the Rosary, it was given to the Church at a time when
the Church was threatened with another diabolical disorientation,
with the Albigensian heresy. It was the spiritual weapon in a crusade
which actually took up real weapons, but this was the spiritual weapon Mary
gave to again save us from another diabolical disorientation
such as we’re facing now. Sister Lucy points out that Our Lady
has given even greater efficacy to the Rosary in our times. So if it has been so singularly
potent in previous ages, we have the promise of Our Lady that
it’s going to be even more powerful and more potent against evil, and sustaining our life
of grace in our own age. All this knowing about the liturgy,
the changes, the apostasy, the Third Secret of Fatima would be
nothing if it had nothing to do with the average person.
If there were nothing we could do, then it would be nothing
more than a story, something we’d read in The National
Enquirer or something like that. But it’s not. The average person
is not helpless. Remember, we’re saved by faith and good works, and I apply this to everything in the
Church. The faith, on the one hand, I apply to prayer,
prayer and sacrifice, the Rosary – most especially the Rosary. Here’s a prescription:
pray your Rosary every day. Only Our Lady of the Rosary can help you.
We need to pray the Rosary. Now in the face of all this
evidence of a cover-up, one might conclude that
the situation is hopeless. The Vatican has apparently determined
– or at least certain elements of the Vatican apparatus have determined – to
suppress part of the Third Secret of Fatima, the part containing
the words of the Virgin. And we have no way of knowing how to
avert this disaster that’s coming, so we should just sit
there and wait for the end. But that isn’t the case because the
Fatima prophecies are conditional. Yes, the annihilation of nations that Our
Lady speaks of is predicted in the Third Secret of Fatima. But the Third Secret undoubtedly predicts
the consequences of failing to do what the Virgin requested. And She said,
“If My requests are not granted, various nations will be annihilated.”
But if they are granted, what is predicted in The Third
Secret can still be averted. So what that means is, it’s still within the power of the
faithful to avoid disaster by simply doing what the Virgin requests of us. And that would be honoring and obeying
the Fatima Message by practicing the First Saturday devotion,
praying the Rosary daily, seeking always the Consecration of Russia, which will be the pivotal
event which when it occurs, as Socci points out in his book, will avert disaster and
transform the entire world. So there remains hope because the
Fatima prophecies are conditional. You have a right to know
what that prophecy is and
the Pope has an obligation to give it to you, and you have a right to
petition him. If you don’t petition him, you have not done your duty to ask for
it when you know you can – because you need that information. You need it in order to save your soul
from the apostasy that’s so insidious around us right now. It is very clear that the Third Secret
has something to do with that immense punishment which is coming,
which draws nearer every day. The world must know what’s in the Third
Secret of Fatima because the world needs the opportunity to change its evil ways,
to repent, to fall on its knees
and beg for God’s mercy. Our Lady warned at Fatima that
if Her requests are not heeded, then various nations will be annihilated. So whether someone’s Catholic or not, they should have a very keen interest
in the Fatima Message and also a keen interest that it’d be obeyed, because the ramifications of not obeying
the Message is not just a Catholic issue.
It has ramifications throughout the world. What nation can we say, can
any one of us say, “Well, my nation’s not going to be annihilated”?
It concerns everybody. The Catholic churchmen have a duty to tell
the Catholic faithful what is contained in the Third Secret without smoke screen, without obfuscation, without
gimmicks, without games, without the nonsense that has
gone on in the previous years. The time has come and the Third Secret
must be revealed in its fullness. We have been warned.
All of the evidence, including revelations by the
highest Catholic churchmen, tells us that the Third Secret of Fatima
prophesizes an unprecedented crisis in the Church and a divine punishment
of the whole world. The current Pope, when he was then Cardinal Ratzinger, admitted that the Secret concerns the
dangers to the Faith and the life of the Christian and therefore the world. If the Message of Fatima is to be
believed – and the Church itself says the Message is worthy of belief –
unless we alter our present course, millions will lose the Faith
and millions more will die. “I have come to warn the faithful to
amend their lives and ask pardon for their sins. They must not continue to offend Our
Lord Who is already deeply offended.” In the final vision on October 13th,
1917 Our Lady silently held out the Scapular, a gesture which indicates that
She wants everyone to wear it. The Blessed Virgin gave us a message
[of] how to have world peace – that only She can help us. But perhaps we don’t get enough
perspective; we say, “Well, nothing dramatic has happened.” And it’s because our commentators,
our newspapers, our editor writers, the people that we
really pay attention to, the people that speak on television
in the mainstream press and so forth – people who are under the pay of the
enemy often – have yet to point out to us that since we have despised Our Lady’s
Message – as a human family, we have despised it –
there have been 1 billion, 686 million, 570 thousand violent deaths as a direct
result of ignoring Our Lady of Fatima. That is again,
1 billion – that is, one with nine zeros after it – plus
another 686 million people who have died violently for the one simple reason
that we’ve ignored Our Lady of Fatima. We could point out,
perhaps another time, that if this is not enough perspective
to give us, that in these 95 years of ignoring Our Lady of Fatima
we have paid a tremendous price. But,
as bad as that is, that price will be doubled or
tripled in the next couple of years, if we ignore Her much longer. Just a few months ago, the world’s population
passed 7 billion people, 7 billion people.
Scripture tells us, and other prophecies tell us, that one-third to two-thirds of the
entire population of mankind will be wiped out in this war to come. I don’t know what it takes to wake us up. Maybe we have to find it on NBC or CBS
or some commentator in the New York Times before we finally take this seriously. And maybe we say to ourselves,
we take it seriously, but I think we don’t
take it seriously enough. We have many priorities. Sometimes I wonder how I get through
my day between what I’m supposed to do today – between getting
up and doing my reading, doing my other work, talking to people that God wants
me to talk to and so forth. And we only all have 24 hours a day, and I’m sure that my life is not as
busy as the bishops and the Pope. But we must make this priority number one. There is nothing more serious,
nothing more important, nothing more urgent than Our
Lady’s Message of Fatima; and this is something that
I don’t know how to say. I remember getting a letter from an older
bishop many years ago – I think he was in Ottawa – and he said to me basically
in his letter, “Father Gruner, if you would not raise your voice so much,
if you would not yell at us, we might start paying attention to you.”
And I wrote back to him and I said: “I appreciate very much your interest
and your concern and your advice. Now, if you can tell me how I can do that any better than what I’m
doing and get the attention, I would be very happy to do it.
I hate yelling at people. I hate raising my voice and I hate
trying to draw attention to myself.” But there’s no other way
around on this message. If there’s something more important –
and certainly yesterday we were in this March for Life here in Rome, and the number of people that were
killed by abortion since about 1975, by the statistics we looked up, is
about 1 million, 300 thousand people. And by war there’s
another 78 million people. And then by government murder
– not only in Russia and China, but other parts of the world – 238 million people.
These are catastrophic, and they lead us to think that we are, as Pope St.
Pius X said, that we are in the days just before
the coming of the Antichrist. These things that are happening to us, which Pope Benedict,
when he was Cardinal Ratzinger, said that refer to the Fatima Message is
found in Sacred Scripture – that we are living in the times of the Apocalypse. And although we can be distracted with
everything from daily newspapers to new movies or whatever else
it is that entertains us, these things are happening around
us and they’re happening every day, and they’re happening in such a way that
how can we deny that we’re living in, if it’s not the Apocalypse, if it is not the time coming
before the Antichrist, it is the best, shall we say, preview or event which the
world’s never seen before.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

100 thoughts on “The Secret Still Silenced

  1. Anyone else notice pictures of sister Lucy from earlier times look much different than the pictures of her later on in life. There are many differences if you look closely. Photos of her before 1950 are different then photos of her taken later on. The sister Lucy which participated in the revealing of the Third Secret with the Vatican in the year 2000 is not the real sister Lucy. Look into it if you don't believe me

  2. They probably destroyed the third secret.There's something very disturbing about all this.Too many dishonest and sneaky people.

  3. ALL three Fatima survivors had to be promised by our HOLY MOTHER to go to heaven or THEY would die of fear after the vision. The 3rd. Revelation is a choke. No ONE in their right mind would be so terrified and wanted to have HEAVEN promised them unless THEIR is something so horrific a human being would die of fear. The Vatican and anyone who knows the real truth is responsible for the death of MANY in body, or WORSE loose THEIR soul. Are you kidding ???? There worry about THEIR sin ???…Their responsibility is saving SOULS and LIVES and STARTING, BY RESPECTING AND OBEYING OUR HOLY MOTHER.

  4. Please pray 15 decades of the Rosary everyday. Wear the scapular. Make the five first Saturday devotions. Make sacrificies and be very very good. You must really put your mind, heart and soul into your salvation now and the salvatiion of others. We can mitigate the chastisement. We must. If nothing else do this to save your own soul which is becoming increasing difficult.

  5. I think that we can look to calamities within the Church on the larger scale, such as Vatican II, and we can look at the subtler loses, which may indeed prove the greater. If we are talking here about a loss of faith, even the smallest loss can have enormous effects. With even a small loss of faith, we can easily lose sight of our direction, lose sight of what love is and of how to be apart of it; we can lose our bearings in truths that change rather than receiving the grace of the light of the truth that doesn't. We can lose the ability to recognize the Holy Spirit working in our lives, with the result that we fail to recognize opportunities and the greater meanings of our lives. The loss of faith in one person can lead to the loss of faith in many. The loss in one weakens and divides the many. Any loss of faith means stagnation when the nature of our lives and of all life is to develop. When we don't develop we remain incomplete. It is something like playing a video game and never advancing beyond the first level.

  6. Holy Roman Catholic Church and world are in existential crisis.
    Bergoglio is not the pope. Not even Catholic anymore. He is the 'False Prophet' from Revelations. Why? On several counts he is automatically excommunicated. Bergoglio was not canonically elected (voting not after canonic 15 days after abdication, but after 13 days). Coz he is a closet free mason. Coz he lobbyed before the last two conclaves, which is punished by the Church (canon law written by John Paul II) with automatic excommunication (Bergoglio is part of the rebellic Sankt Gallen Group who plotted Bergoglio's election). Coz Bergoglio gave a Church medal to a 10.000 (!) times Italian abortionist and he hailed a Dutch abortionist (Lilian Ploumen). Supporting mortal sin is, according to Church teachings, the same as commiting it. Coz of Bergoglio's endless twisting and denying of 2000 year old fundamental Church teachings ('Christ was just a man.', 'Atheists go to Heaven.' Allowing public adulterers to Holy Communion. And much more.) This means that anything Bergoglio writes or says or decides, including holy Communion for public adulterers, has no value whatsoever. Not worth the paper its written on. Saint Franciscus called Bergoglio the 'destroyer'. And in the chilling Malachy Prophecy Bergoglio is the last on the throne of Saint Peter, but not a pope. Being afraid of their careers, most clergy however cowardly continue to support this heretic. And most laity is Catholic in name only and dont care as long as Holy Mass, if they go at all, is cosy.

    Act now! Do as Our Lady Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ, asked in Fatima in 1917. Start wearing a blessed Brown Scapular and pray daily the mighty Rosary and/or Rosary of Seven Sorrows of Our Lady! In return, by the power of Christ, Our Lady Mary promised help, special protection, and eternal life with Her Son!!
    Our Lady is not a McDonalds. Pray with humility, trust and patience please. God bless!

  7. Just follow whatever Our Lady instructs us, do good, pray, pray the rosary.
    I believe…the 3rd secret states the decay at the core of Vatican itself. That’s why these prelates disobeyed the Blessed Mother to reveal it in 1960.

  8. Changes in doctrine is due to Jewish infiltration and subversion of Holly Mother Church through Vatican II. Laity saved the Church numerous times in history and that’s gonnna be the case this time. In a year, five, ten of fifty. When I see comments here I am sure of it. Christ is the king

  9. Amazing to see what is happening today. How important to simply pray the rosary today and everyday starting with the pronouncement of faith.

  10. why do you show the false sister lucy when you can SEE that she is a fake!!! How can we trust you when you can't even see the evidence as it slaps you in the face?!?!?

  11. The sister Lucy presented by the Church is clearly an impostor!!! The real sister Lucia was hidden away by them and probably have already died earlier than the official said date!!!

  12. Cardinal Pell, apparently the third highest ranking vatican official, was found guilty on child sex charges last week in Australia. The Aust media is not allowed to report on it, yet? There is another second trial upcoming..

  13. Satan knows how to destroy humanity and thru the church, the bride of Christ, will be silently destroyed from within. He already got all the antipopes inside the church. If the good cardinals, bishops and priests don't publicly denounce what's going on then we are all doomed as the Blessed Mother warned!

  14. Thank you for a very informative video. It had opened my eyes to what is going on in the church. We need to share it so more people are aware and maybe do the right decision to save their souls. May the Good Lord have mercy on us all and forgive us who are dragged into this abomination!

  15. Give to ceasar what's ceasar's and give to God what's God's. Everything will pass away, but His words are forever. Ascertain yourselves, circumcise your fleshful desires, repent and turn away from sin, and commune in your heart to the Father through our Lord. Your immaculate Mother is connected to your heart and knows what you pray for. She intercedes. Pray the rosary daily.

  16. The 3rd secret is to reveal Solomon’s Gold is owned by the Philippines and for Humanity!!!! Philippines is the “poor” country being referred to bring about the revelation that Philipines is the biblical land of creation. HAVILA, OPHIR, SHEBA & TARSHISH. Philippines will ressurect YAWEH GOD ministry. The churches will remain as houses of worship but without statues & monuments!!!! The Vatican clergy will be reorganized and prayers to YAWEH will be the way to pray to only one YAWEH GOD.

  17. “Rome Sweet Home” by Protestant Scott Hahn, by Jew Roy Schoeman, & “School of darkness” by communists William Z. Foster f Dr.,Bella V. Dodd for truth and answers, latter 2 for scandals.

  18. God send this delussion… Because we are now so far away from His true teaching… We are become the lukewarm hearts… 😢😢 what happened to our church..??? What happened to the priests??? Wake up people we are the church.. The people is the church…you and me…some of the priest was into that transhumanism… Modernism… God is not the new and old God… God is not the change…. People is…. And I was so crushed I wanted God to come now… We all perish…there is some abominations going on….. 😢😢😢 God wants us to repent he is coming..

  19. Brothers and Sisters: Please do not loose your faith in God’s Church. Yes by all means the leaders of the Church made a VERY BAD DECISION. How dare we think we know better than our Mother. God does not just send Her to say just checking in to see how your doing!!!! I love our Holy Church don’t get me wrong please. But you could say that Vatican 2 killed us in a way. On the other hand I’m sure this is God’s way to tell the sheeps from the goats. Hold on to our faith it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Teach our children how important our Church really is. Remind them and your selves that only a priest can bring us Christ body blood soul and divinity in the most holy Eurchrist there is not other way to receive Jesus. The only place you can receive this is through The Holy Catholic Church. All the other “churches” Can Not give that to even if they tried. Let us pull together and weather the storm. Yes the secret is still secret. But I don’t think you need to be a scholar to figure this out. Pray your rosary faithfully. Remember Jesus promised the gates of hell will never prevail over His Church. However He Never said satan would not try. Also a house divided against itself can not stand!!!!!! Let us pull together and stand up with heads held high and proclaim our faith from the roof tops. Amen and God Bless.

  20. i think the enemy is so powerful that the church doesn't want to confront for the fear of retribution… 2 enemies of the church are relentless in conquering the vatican and the whole world, namely: Islam and Freemasonry…… Freemasons have already gained high ranks in the Vatican and Islam is creeping fast in Europe. The biggest mosque outside of the Middle East is in Rome, and the muslims are always saying they will not stop until they conquer the Vatican… would these 2 enemies be the 2 beasts of Revelation?

  21. I pray for people who are living extremely impure lives, as OUR LADY told St. Theresa that more people go to hell becuz of sins of impurity than any other sin! And there is SO SO SO much VILENESS in the world today, its EPIDEMIC!! If everyone would remember these people with just a little prayer each night, it may help them to FEEL how they NEED to stop, repent, and SEE how beautiful purity really is!! AVE MARIA..BLESSED BE THE HOLY NAME OF JESUS!!

  22. Hi… anyone could identify the background piano piece being played at about 44:40 please. I am interested in knowing its name as I heard it on AM Radio when I was young way back ago, thanks.

  23. The secret was about the fall of the Catholic Church.The demonic seepage steadily infiltration the church has ruined many families. I know where people lost faith and became atheist. Who drummed up the fake Lucia. The original died in 1959 There are more videos out there that dig deeper.

  24. The reason the Catholic Church didn’t want to say anything is it would have hurt them financially. Look at the abuse that went on etc. research YouTube community the education we are getting on everything is amazing. 🤓


  26. Please, please, Pray, pray, and pray the Holy Rosaries; and do Fasting!" We are all already in the Diabolical Des-orientation, in these Era Now—in our Times.

  27. Just look at our present WORLD to decipher 3rd Secret …. 1) Within Church …. Corruption, greed, cover ups of atrocities from HIGH up, Opulence whilst Our Creator's Children are starving to death, forced to live in poverty, disease, wars, genocide, etc. 2) The Gospel as taught by Our Master has been replaced by man made doctrine, example, running Catholic Schools Worldwide as businesses, rejecting students and suing parents for being unable to pay school fees (some families loosing family homes) whilst CATHOLIC CHURCH is worth TRILLIONS of dollars (approx. 33 Trillion dollars in Australia alone AND that's what THEY have revealed!) Where is the charity, the "LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS I HAVE LOVED YOU" … "LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF" (Catholic Church has failed us, guilty of betraying Our Lord, His Mother and Us). 3) There's an EPIC battle between Good V Evil within the walls of the Church in Rome/Worldwide. 4) Our Lady's commandment to Her Devotees/Earthly Children would be to pray non-stop for Our Souls and and the Souls of our brothers and sisters to turn to Jesus, Praying for victory within the Church to prevail otherwise the Sacred Blood of Her Beloved Son, Our Saviour will have been in vain. 5) Our Lady's Warning, in my opinion is to return to Our True Nature which is "PURE LOVE" as Only Love is Real and Only Love can uplift, erase the atrocities committed over the centuries on our Planet esp. ceasing all hatred, wars, genocide "IN THE MOMENT" as we are supposed to be "People Of Reason" (we have been given sufficient time to learn from past mistakes) OR Calamities beyond our nightmares will take place …. Ignorance is not an excuse any longer!!!!! TEAM JESUS …. TEAM BLESSED MOTHER MARY …. PEACE!

  28. The flock hasn't been given permission nor any guidance to break the power that Tabu has over them. First when we speak out in a normal way on the street level will we change , but it's tabu, DOH!!

  29. if you look today Europe has lost its faith,even Pope Francis ever had any to begin with.the scandals have rock the church,Ireland churches are a shadow of its self.People in power are after Christian's across the globe.NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD SEE RELIGIOUS PROSECUTION IN MY LIFE,BUT IT HAS STARTED IN THE LAND OF THE FREE

  30. Why are the church leaders treating the souls of the faithful like this ? Please our Lady never abandon me and my whole households , I don't want to miss heaven at all

  31. Sr. Lucy said the third letter should be released in 1960. Why? Because it would have been easily understood then. Can it be referring to the election of Cardinal Siri as pope? He was known to have been threatened severely that is why he backed down. Cardinal Siri was probably the one being referred to as the one to be killed. Pope John 23 was elected pope two days later. That was in 1958.

  32. Could the third letter have actually referred to what would happen to Cardinal Siri if he proceed to be the pope after his election? Pope John xviii was the one elected two days later.

  33. Our Lady of Fatima appeared in Portugal. In Portuguese she is called Our Lady of the Rosario. Rosario means 15 Decades, not 5. The 5 decades is called Terco in Portuguese. Unfortunately the English only have 1 word which is Rosary which sounds similar to Rosario but means Terco instead. St Pope John Paul II added 5 more decades making it 20 decades, which we certainly need. I started with the Terco last year and began the 15 on the 1st of the year. Last week I began the 20 decades, I can definitely say it makes a big big difference praying the full 20 decades. It has been over 100 years since Our Lady asked for the 15 decades and Christians sadly haven't been doing so. We now need the 20 decades badly. For our families especially and for the world. So much evil and misery can be prevented with the Mass, Rosario and Divine Mercy chaplet. Without it so much tragedy and sorrow instead.

  34. The false post-Vatican II “church” is being run by Freemasons. They had to choose whether to read the real secret and create chaos or to rewrite the secret to elevate one of their freemasonic antipope infiltrators. They chose the latter and John Paul II literally put in himself IN PLACE of the truth contained in the secret. Christ is the Truth. If put yourself in the place of the Truth, you replace Christ, and you become the Antichrist. Thus John Paul II was the Antichrist and Benedict was the False Prophet.

  35. apostasy means not believing in God. The Dogma is about Chastity not the Mass.
    Pedophilia and sodomy will bring down the Catholic Church.
    I'm frankly amazed that these so called scholars are blind to the corruption and decimation of faith that has occurred in the last 30 years. Repent! repent! Repent!!!!

  36. Faith in church dogma, for many seeking meaning in life, is reduced to gleaning direction from proven holy men and women from any and everywhere.
    Catholic Church inaction, by word and deed, towards Global Corporatocracy should sound alarm bells among people of good faith. There appears to be little concern.
    In 2018 the Vatican was represented, for the first time ever, at the Bilderberg Conference by one Cardinal Perolin.
    One World Government and depopulation through Agenda 21 is very much part of the Catholic Church's vision of the future.
    Testing times for those of us raised in Western society who, whether aware of it or not, live by the fruits of deception and military conquest.
    Venezuela is now in the cross hairs of U.S. and Zionist Imperialism and no mention of this in any 'visions' of the future. No mention either, of imminent 5G technology roll out or the desecration of the atmosphere through Geo Engineering.

  37. All this has occurred and worse because of the church hierarchy as well as the pope of refusing to obey gods commands through our lady of fatima as well as the queen of peace in medjugorje. We must humble ourselves before the lord god and leave the ego behind. You are only given titles because of the ego of men. Fall down on your knees and pray forgiveness from god.

  38. As a non-church going person I would like to know why the loss of dogma in the RC Church would be such a bad thing. After all dogma divides. If the Church has over 33 thousand denominations, the only thing between all of these
    "churches" is their dogmas. Get rid of the dogmas and people should be able to come together more easily.

  39. "Behold, even we who have heard of Your miracles and teachings are still lukewarm; what would happen if we did not have such light to follow You?" Bk 3 Ch18 The Imitation of Christ. Amen…

  40. Diabolical influences have corrupted almost thoroughly this "Roman Catholic Church". As a Roman Catholic, I follow Christ and his Holy Mother. The Pope is an evil man and so are all those enablers who defile children and cover it up. Blood sacrifices of innocent children, etc. let's not even go there. The third secret has yet to happen. Could it be that the people will WAKE UP to how "evil" the church is? I wonder. For example, Ratzinger was involved in human hunting parties? If you didn't know this already, do your own research. Heaven knows ALL THE DIRTY LAUNDRY INVOLVING THE CHURCH.

  41. Pope John XXIII was a liberal worldly un-saintly man who should not have convened Vatican II, he refused to reveal the 3rd secret since it would offend the Russian Communists. His Vatican II brought in reforms that allowed pedophiles to enter the priesthood. He has gone to the second death for his destruction of the Catholic Church, Saint/Pope John Paul II with the help of Mother Mary saved the Church and stopped Communism.

  42. Our Faith remains a mystery….maybe that's why I'm so thrilled to believe in it…
    In simple terms its like holding a winning lottery ticket,
    which the total amount of winnings won't be disclosed until the final day…

  43. I think Pope Francis is a freemason and is and apostate. His words and actions do not reflect traditional Catholic teachings. He is a destructive force that is damaging the the Church. What can we do other than pray the rosary. Help me out please.

  44. The one thing I kept thinking throughout this video was ARE YOU STUPID OR ANTI-CHRISTIAN? Where it comes to matters of Faith the Pope is infallible as he is speaking as St Peter and Jesus. We cannot question the Holy Pope(s) lest we border on sacrilege and heresy!

  45. Maybe, the Person in White in the vision was referring to JFK!! Killed by a gun in 1963, trying to expose the SECRET SOCIETY'S!!! Many People have been killed, like the Genocide of Humankind, from ENDLESS WAR!!!
    JFK was a person of the Catholic Church that would have been able to influence the People of the WORLD!!!
    The CIA was the Army, that didn't want any one to understand the True conflict within the Vatican!!!

  46. It’s about Ascension, not destruction.
    It’s not revealed because you interpret everything with fear.
    p.s. it is being revealed


  48. The Oligarchs don t want peace on EarthThink of the Priest who died betrayed in Russia during the cold war under paul vi.

  49. And what crises could be more worse than mass pedophilia against Gods children..?.?? Our Lord is pissed and rightly so!!

  50. God is not pleased. At all. From 1960. It's more than the collapse of the faith. Its a world death. Look at padre pios letter you silly man. Its not ending in religion its a prelude to the end of time. The earth will spin on its axis. Explain the flaming sword. Listen to father Malachi. . Are you all deaf.

  51. This may seem a bit odd, but if you subtract 1960 (the year the third secret was supposed to be revealed) from 2013 (the year Benedict XVI "resigned" and Francis became pope), you get 53 (the number of Ave Maria beads on the five-decade rosary).

  52. Catholic Church will be punished the same as Jews were punished. Just like Jews treating religion like contract and trying to push God to do what their rabbis define, Church's hierarchy attempts to redefine God's teachings today.

  53. This is shocking. Think of all the poor souls being led into hell by bad clergy & bishops. It makes the Fatima prayer even more pressing.

  54. God will punish those corrupt Popes and Cardinals. Let’s start with Pope John XXIII (you committed two mistakes mister! Overtaking Cardinal Siri’s Papacy and not revealing the 3rd Secret) Shame on you!

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