Good Morning R Men My name is Robert but you can call me Professor R. This is the R school for young, gifted people Uh cool, but I’m curious… I don’t see a lot of young gifted overweight people around here There are also no girls in here Hi, my name is Walter and I couldn’t find the class schedule anywhere First of all, Walter, your name is Cherub now And you couldn’t find the schedule because this is not that type of school Any more questions? What type of school is this? Ok look, you’re gonna spend your time here excercising at the gym and at that training room and I’ll be watching everything behind the fake mirror on the wall Is it really necessary for us to wear these leotards? They’re just really tight We could consider body painting if you find the leotard extremely uncomfortable but I reallt think naked is a little too much No no, I meant the opposite. Maybe we can wear more clothes? All I have here are som leather clothes Brian has prepared for you You know what? Nevermind Are all the R’s mandatory? YES!! Professor R, my mother really expects me to go to Harvard was she informed about how this school works Cuz she’s the one paying the tuition which is really expensive, right? It’s better if this is our little secret Not everyone out there understands what were doing here Oh no! R. men, they are trying to break into the school again! Looks like it’s the police It’s the bad guys with hidden heads that want to end what I do here in thius school! Quick! Go beat the shit out of them and I’ll just sit here Sure sure, we don’t mind beating the shit out of police officers of course but maybe we can ask if they have a warrant or or we could hear what they have to say Maybe they could tell us why there’s only one teacher here to teach all the classes Or maybe they know why theres a place called “Danger Room” in a school

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

84 thoughts on “THE R-MEN – SOCIETY OF VIRTUE

  1. Parabéns pra essa glra! C legendas agora, meu sobrinho aprende a ler melhor e explico as criticas e situações; realmente inspirador!!!

  2. Don't mean to be a dick but, the X in Xmen stands for eXtra power, not Xavier, so the R shouldn't stand for a name.

  3. I subbed after seeing an ad on Oni chan's channel, this is hilarious! can't wait to see what y'all have in stored for the future!

  4. A Danger Room is the opposite to a Safe Space, yet neither have any business being in a school.

    Go figure …

  5. Okay I get what you're saying about the gay undertones about the x men butttttt Xavier did provide classes

  6. This sounds awfully realistic to what recently happened in Malaysia. Some principal of a Muslim school who is also the school's only teacher raped a bunch of students.

  7. Some leather clothes that Brian has prepared for you

    That's a shot at Brian singer with his leather costumes in the xmen movies right? Lol

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