The National Lottery Community Fund: This is us

The National Lottery Community Fund: This is us

As soon as you talk to groups who are
funded by the National Lottery you see the difference that they’re making. Organizations like ourselves who are
really passionate about their community can help them to really show the
strength that they have. It’s getting down to grassroots and actually making a difference to individual people’s lives. Things aren’t just about material needs,
they’re about things that bring people joy Everyone working for the
National Lottery Community Fund is passionate about helping
their own communities to thrive. When we remember what we do,
we will go home really proud. National Lottery Community Fund advice line. It’s an online application process and we had lots of good discussion about the project and I’m really happy to say we are
awarding the funding for the next three years. It’s ideas that come from the people
themselves, not us swooping in and saying we’ve looked at what’s wrong with you
and we’re gonna tell you how to fix it. It’s about giving people the power and
the opportunities to make a difference and take control of things that are
important to them. We always make sure that
no matter what we apply for it goes through young people
and they always have a say. When we talk to those young
people and hear their story and hear the barriers that they face,
we really work hard to change those things. My perspective as well is that it’s more
enjoyable getting out and meeting groups. Every single job and activity that happens here is with local people at the
front and centre of delivering that. We’ve tried to create a space where everyone is welcome. Without funding from the National Lottery Community Fund this project wouldn’t have happened. It’s a nice feeling knowing that we have funded communities and groups out there that might not have been able to
set up or start up without us. The course was designed for them
to realize the talents they have and not to look at the disability
but actually their abilities. It was young people who are involved
right from the beginning stages of the funding which we had never seen before. It’s really opened my eyes to all the volunteer work. It will affect you quite emotionally when
they tell you the reason behind their project. The project was set up to
support parents to improve their well-being it’s not about giving them information, it’s also about enabling them to share their experiences. The villagers are mostly made up of elderly residents for many of them this is their only social activity. Being able to provide the grants that we do, it is really pleasing to see the results of that as well. You know we are as an organization
making a big difference. We work with government who are thinking about
what are the key, priority issues of the day. If you don’t know what all the challenges are
you’ll never solve the problem so working together allows us
to do that more effectively. We work with whoever we need to work with
the digital comms team, branding team in order for us to tell the project’s story
in the best possible way. So we all help each other out so
we’re all very supportive of each other. And that’s why it’s such a great place to work because everyone here at the National Lottery Community Fund is just really proud. The most rewarding part of this role is supporting those funding officers to actually do that and to deliver. Being able to go in and help another department and really make a difference to their day-to-day work and speed something up, or improve a process that was really frustrating and difficult for them is a really rewarding thing to do It makes me feel really proud
of people that I’m working with. I just feel really inspired
I’m just so excited to come into work. I’ve been here 10 years nearly now,
and what’s struck me within that time is people are really passionate about coming here, making a difference, supporting and helping communities. And I think that’s why
people come to work here. Talking to people about their projects,
their ideas, hearing what they want to do and I just want to help them
as much as I can do. National Lottery Community Fund in one word… Approachable. Human. Community?
No that’s too easy. I can’t say community can I? Inspiring. Compassionate. Hopeful. You could have gave me three words! Diverse. Supportive. Purpose. Let me think about it. Challenging ourselves and others. That’s not one word! I could think of a couple of sentences. Fantastic customer service. It’s a privilege to work here. Collective approach. Rewarding. Welcoming. Empowerment. Impactful. Opportunity. Exciting! Proud. Passion. People. Inclusive, and for

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