54 thoughts on “The King Of Fighters Lore ► The Story Of Athena Asamiya

  1. I really appreciate your work, no one cared about talking about the great indeep stories that every character on the king of fighters saga has. Thanks for that

  2. Athena Asamiya has some amazing fighting skills and powers =)
    on the other note : I thought Bao was a girl =O
    i was wrong then XO

  3. This had quite a bit on Kensou aswell. I didn't know Athena knew web design…that's just really out there? Oh also At some point she had multiple ways of posing for the strength of her psycho ball.

  4. Some sources refer to classic Athena's heavenly kingdom as Kingdom of Victory.
    Athena also seems to summon/embody the classic version of the character in a super in SNK Vs Capcom: Match of the Millennium for the NGPC.
    Also, both the KoF: KYO manga and the animated KoF Destiny series, (and maybe the Athena – Awakening from the Ordinary Life game) depict her as having some ability to read minds… which added to everything else kinda makes her seriously overpowered.

  5. Man, I really hope Momoko makes a return. She was so cute and I enjoyed her visual move set. She looked like a little ferret and her giant fluffy seal plush was my favourite part.

  6. AWESOME video! I was always a little confused about Athena's origins so this video was perfect for me.
    If you haven't already, a video like this on Billy Kane would be great. 🙂

  7. Maybe she uses psychic powers to make others view her still very young. ala Emma frost from the old man Logan comic

  8. That God of War segment caught me totally of guard lol. Also thanks for clearing that mystery of the bikini Athena. Never knew she's implied to be Athena Asamiya's past life.

    Also yeah I'm gonna agree with you on her pretending to not notice Kensou's feelings. Heck in SNK Heroines Luong straight calls her out on it for not trying to be honest with him and possibly not being honest with her own feelings. Sure in a franchise with no aging there's no pressure, but she's gotta be honest with Kensou sometime in the future.

    you did made lore video of a Psycho Soldier but i didn't expected it's Athena and you also made an brief explanation on her trademark move"Psycho Medley 13" and also what was Ron's connection on every ending of the Psycho Soldiers team from N.E.S.T. saga onwards like it always make me wonder how powerful is Kensou actually that makes Ron interested in him, and its bummer because Ron never appeared again after KOF 11, i hope they will bring him back again in KOF XV or even as a playable character if possible,

    But enough of that, as always i really appreciated this because i never thought you'd actually give time and effort to actually do a lore of her, i'm amazed!,

    Well it's good to have you back again, by the way, i still those who hacked your channel but don't worry, we'll find them, eventually.

    P.S. i'm not pressuring you but i'm still patiently waiting for a Benimaru Nikaido and Terry Bogard Lore but worry i'm not in hurry, i'm just really excited for it; now that your channel's back i can finally have more training materials for training new aspiring fighting game players today who wants to become professionals and also become champions, and also enjoy watching videos on YouTube that has sense rather watching memes and ridiculous useless 5 min crafts that until now if not use if there's at least one of it that i find useful to me.
    So, just keep up the good work and enjoy!

  10. About time someone made a video with my favorite girl, Athena is one of the best cuties in fighting game history, I really wish she deserves more fame in the KOF Community.

  11. Once again, round of applause for the great vid. I always wondered why Athena changed her clothes like that and why she changed her clothes into that armour and sword (and bikini😋). First impressions of Athena: Teenage pop idol with cool glowing powers using KOF to increase her popularity. Current impression of Athena: Psycho soldier gifted with psycho powers to put an end to psycho reincarnated evil. Honestly never knew just how important her role was. She had a crush on KYO! Imagine the changes if she had become his girlfriend.I can already feel those fan fiction romances bubbling in my head. (Speaking of romances, has anyone ever wondered my Mai has such a obvious crush on Andy…hint hint Mister KOF video maker) Your videos are really well structured. You can see just how much time and effort you put into them. With hope, I cling to more future videos👍.

  12. Ah this video was awesome!!! I love athena (one of my favorite characters ever) so even though I don't know lore too well it's awesome to learn some! This video was also structured very well and I can't wait to watch more of your content!

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