The Joker DRAMA In The Smash Bros Community

The Joker DRAMA In The Smash Bros Community

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Author: Kennedi Daugherty

100 thoughts on “The Joker DRAMA In The Smash Bros Community


  2. I think, once a new character is added to any game. It's easier to learn how to master that character, quicker than mastering the counters to that character

  3. OMG I'm just immagining MKLeo picking fucking YLink. If Joker's "the best character in smash" then YLink is God? OR VENOSAUR? OR INKLING?

  4. So people are upset that someone is good with a character?

    Jesus Fucking Christ. The Smash Bros. Community is toxic af.

  5. joker isnt op, joker doesnt carry leo. leo is either just in a league of his own with his control joker OR he sold his soul for his skill. or joker is literally leo's persono

  6. MK Leo starts dominating pretty much every tourney with a character who just recently came out

    Some of the best players in the world: “we feel that Joker is too overpowered right now because he has good matchups against pretty much every character which allows Leo to solo main entire tournaments which makes it unfair to us other players who are required to play multiple characters in the same day to remain viable. The game was incredibly balanced when it came out and considering that was one of the most appealing aspects of the game we would prefer if Joker would be nerfed a bit.”

    Random YouTube commenters who only play online: “LOL you just don’t get it, MKLeo is GOOD at the game.”

  7. still hate joker and will always hate him every time i have to play against him it is no longer fun and it's just frustrating

  8. The reason i dont like joker is because those type of characters change the whole dynamic of the game almost. Why are you giving characters a regular moveset then an additional super saiyan mode plus a broken ass counter? It turns into more of a puzzle game instead of a fighting game.

  9. Watch Alpharad's videos playing against and as Joker, and he'll prove anyone both right and wrong, since it solely depends on how good of a player "you" are. I don't have anything to say on the matter since I don't really know or own Joker myself; I'm just stating that it all (eventually) comes down to skill. I once pummeled my friend without him being able to touch me, and knocked him out within 10 seconds. My Peach vs. his Falco – both at 0%. Is Peach OP? No, because because that was a 1/1000000000.00 situation on my part as my friend is objectively better at this than I. Were at the time, anyways. I'm not saying characters can never be unbalanced – it should be extrmely easy to make it so for the devs – I'm just saying that it is possible to beat virtually anyone dpending on your own skill.

  10. Im sure theirs some skill to joker but i can believe joker is carrying mkleo, joker is fucking broken with most of his attacks

  11. So in other words a portion of the Smash community is being assholes again. Thanks for for raising awareness on this though man.

  12. Playing online, I definitely feel like a lot of people are carried by Joker. Leo is a very talented smash player, but Joker has a lot of strong and powerful tools in his kit. Joker is very much a top tier and a very solid candidate for the best character, so I really can't blame Leo for playing him. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  13. Joker was released at the same time for everyone, players had the same amount of time to practice with it and yet the nag about the one that practiced the most and learned how to use it better. People jealous about MKLeo's hardwork, dedication and commitment, he could have gone back to one of his other mains but he didn't.

  14. And MkLeo just won CEO 2019 using only a solo Joker. That's the third S-Tier super major SSBU tournament he as won in a row. I know Joker is no where close to brokeness of SSB4 Bayo or Brawl's Meta Knight, so how does he compare to previous SSB characters like 4's Diddy or Sheik?

  15. My uneducated guess which doesn't know anything about comp smash:
    MKLeo just might be a really fast learner. Joker is probably really good, but also he's only 2-3 months in to release. People don't know and can't know the matchup that well. My guess is people will eventually catch up to MKLeo and this whole "char broken becus he win >:(" will end.

  16. My first impression of Joker is "Ugh we got another character whose godly in the air" this game needs more "Smash" characters and less characters with gimmicks unique to them. Many of these gimmicks have no downsides like Shulk's arts, its just, wait, get beat up, get buffs. I always hated lucario players for this reason. no weaknesses, only strengths.

  17. The only people who say joker is broken are casuals who have 0 knowledge in the game but I think that also applies to people who disregard jokers contention for best in the game simply because MKLeo plays him. Its widely acknowledged by so many high ranking pros that joker is top 5 and top 10 at worst. Many people in this comment section think hes high tier at best and disregard any notion of Joker being s tier only because the one who plays him is MKLeo. I really think that is stupid, because a lot of the currently top tier characters like peach and the two rats have representation from only one player, does that mean that they are not among the best in the game?

  18. The guy has won more tournaments than most and some people dared to say he was carried by a character? Op or not, don't be so pathetic lmao.

  19. Good video it was very informative and I'm very happy you cover this topic it sort of hits me when people say oh you're a tier whore because all I ever do is argue with people saying play who you want and stop saying a tier whore because it doesnt exist and wont until there arent any more characters or updates left and we all know we're far off from that

  20. You mean to tell me I was 3 stocked by you .. twice and your not number 1 in world ewww

    Jk haven’t been against you before

  21. My friend he got sooo mad because I have persona 5 but I only played a bit of it and forgot about playing the rest, and he told me to go play it all in the next week. Bruh I don’t have that much time on ma hands. Although I did play as joker in smash and he’s pretttty good, not my favorite, but I think his design is cool.

  22. Joker Carries Leo. Simple logic.

    If Leo picked any other character his results would suffer. Even if he still won they wouldn't be consistent 3 stocks. When I saw Joker's toolkit I automatically knew he would be broken. literally compare him to any other character and you will see he has most tools without the weaknesses.

  23. Joker: What, they want to nerf me because I'm good?! That's not fair!

    Bayonetta: Welcome to the club, kid.

  24. I only played joker once bc my friend had him as dlc and we played his switch on the last day of school and he was… Alright :V

  25. This is off topic but no one knows how to use P-plant right, I’ve had amazing success with him and I’ve even found a few 0-60ish combos with him, while there’s only 2 or 3 combos past 70%, like dair, into neutral special which is only good in certain situations but deals about 30 percent, but watching tourneys where P-plant is used everyone uses him so wrong, even when they win, he’s been dubbed low tier but I think he deserves an A or S tier if you figure out how to use him, I have almost 70 hours in him online, and he’s honestly incredible overpowered and there’s a ledge trap that makes someone roll almost everytime utilizing the neutral special and the poison cloud on the ledge, yet people still call him low tier

  26. A smash character being called op/broken because a player is winning consistently with that particular character. Now, where have I seen this before…..

  27. For all you “pros” in the comments please, stfu. Obviously mkleo is really good, but joker needs a fucking nerf, yes there’s some people saying that just because mkleo is winning but many others say that because we actually know what we’re talking about.

  28. I think Leo was just so good even before joker and then joker clicked with him better than his other characters, I do not in any way think joker is carrying him I just think he's a fantastic player who is incredible with his main. The only reason I think people see it that way is because they're frustrated by how good he is

  29. i dont feel like joker is top tier cuz mofockas suck huge dicks with him bro. I seen people spam down b for that counter 4 times in a row cuz he just got nothing else to do or something lol

  30. This is why many in the FGC dont respect the smash community. They are "Pro-casuals" masquerading as "Pro Fighting Game Players". Smash community is always bitching and talking nerfs moreso than any other "fighting game" fanbase. Also saying Joker is a top tier (not best be even to allude he's top tier) is like saying UMVC3 She-hulk was top teir because 1 dude (Combofiend) was beasting with her. Joker is barely online and he barely does anything in tournaments outside of literally 1 guy

    Just imagine if the babies didnt get Luigi, Sheik, Diddy, Roselina, etc nerfed in smash 4. Theres no way Bayo and Cloud dominate the way they did had the other great characters in the game not have gotten nerfed.

    The problem with the smash community is that THEY ARENT FIGHTING GAME PLAYERS! They are simply Smash Bros Players. 90% of Smashers dont play other fighters Thats why even "pro" smashsers have no idea what a good tier list looks like. 90% of dudes who play even a single fighter like DBFZ/Tekken/SF/etc. plays other fighters as well even if its just on a casual non tourney level.

    Smash players need to play other fighting games inorder to get proper perspective

  31. Leo can be beaten you just need to download his habits. No matter the skill if you know what the player is gonna do and how to punish, it'll be there last surprise

  32. no one is saying MK wasn't an elite smash player before joker. They are saying he has reached ridiculous heights with the character, which would make looking at the balance of joker justified.

  33. One of the few things that has made Ultimate my favorite smash, is that there isn’t just one or 2 dominant characters that get overused. There, for the time being, are a variety of characters being used in tournaments. I understand that the game isn’t even a year old yet, so that could possibly change, but It keeps the game interesting and refreshing. It’s more fun to watch in my opinion. I love Meiee, but watching the same 2-3 characters over and over again got old. In melees defense though, you had a limited roster, and of course pro players are playing to win. No need to play a character that doesn’t produce results. But still, I love the variety that Ultimate brings.

    So I love that the current meta is filled with many characters.

  34. I love your point of view about MKLeo and his Joker (and the another players who plays with Joker). Thanks for up your voice about this theme!, you're so amazing and certain for explain this cases in base of your experience in the competitive scene, and we really apreciate this… THANKS!

    I want to see you again in the tournaments, ZeRo

  35. I know how the developers should rebalance the game… buff captain falcon. For example, give him the sliding grab back. Boom, meta fixed

  36. I think everyone forgets its the psychological components of Leo. He destroys he’s oponente mentally. The he wins.

  37. Thanks for making this video. I’m a link main, and I duel with my friend who plays joker and I have yet to win. I was getting angry that I couldn’t win and jealous that he was doing better than me. This puts things back into perspective and helps me deal with my salt.

  38. You can have all the tools in the world to fix a car but if you don't have the knowledge, you wont be able to do anything with it. Mkleo understands the mechanism and how to manipulate it to his understanding. That is what makes him good just as a mechanic who completely understands the operation and systems of a vehicle will be able to repair a vehicle (mkleo) instead of slapping on parts(all the other people).

  39. Leo and Joker are like cereal and milk, Leo is the milk. Sure, cereal goes best with the milk, but that doesn't mean that milk is bad with some cookies either.

    Leo carries the characters he plays, that's as simple as it gets. Sure, Arsene/joker can use a slight rework, but not a nerf. Perhaps make some moves have slightly higher kill power and reduce the kill power boost of Arsene, maybe shorten counter a tad as well. And boom, if people complain after that then their salty about a player being number 1.

  40. I hate the fact that I love Persona 5 to death but holy Shi t I hate Joker is a fucking prick spammy with a boring aaa counter….

  41. I don't care what anyone says, Joker is broken cuz any character that can make me look halfway decent at smash has to be broken

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