The culture of courage

The culture of courage

– [Announcer] The 2019
football season is here, the pride of the Valley
your Fresno State Bulldogs taking on the USC Trojans. – I’m going to appreciate the moment of being a football player. I’m going to let everything else
that’s outside my control, just let it be, but when I’m there, I’m
giving 110% of my focus straight on winning the game. Being there for my teammates and being the leader
that they need me to be. I’ve always had a tough journey. My journey’s never been easy. My family life, football life, academics, but I just wanted to show
you guys that I could fight. I’m gonna keep on fighting
no matter what happens. – [Announcer] Reyna back to throw, looking for Rivers on the wheel, Ronnie has it taken
away, was it picked off? Intercepted by USC. USC goes to 1-0 with a 31-23 victory over coach Jeff Tedford’s
Fresno State Bulldogs. – [Coach] You do know that every game there’s gonna be adversity
in some way, shape or form, and how we deal with it is up to us, but I think the best way
to deal with adversity is trying to stay calm and poise and learn from it and
move on to the next thing. – I’m getting it because my family, we’ve been through all of it
and it was tough at first. We’ve got stronger through my adversity and throughout all my challenges. So this is a shout out to
all the men in my family. – He always had a hard work ethic, but now his mindset is
on a different level. The point where we always try to build that mindset through confidence. Now that he has the confidence, he’s gonna be unstoppable this year. His offseason was probably
one of the best offseasons I’ve ever seen from an athlete. – [Coach] How many have you done? – 15. (clapping) He thinks it’s funny. I’m not really motivated, I’m more determined to
have this small opportunity to maximize what I’ve been working for. It gets me going. Being a Mexican, we don’t have the same
opportunities as everyone, but we’re not gonna be out
here complaining about it. We’re gonna put our head
down and go to work for it. Go get what we want and make sure we have
family as our backbone. – [Male] It wasn’t until high school that I think everything changed for us. – [Female] Yeah. – Then we started seeing, why
are people cheering for him? (laughter) – [Female] What’s so great about him? – Yeah, what’s so good about him? He just knows how to throw a ball. – I’m learning Spanish
and I watch novelas, and in novelas the handsome
guy that girls like, you have to have long hair. I’m their little kid, each
single person here has raised me. This is my village and I just
want to spend time with them, be normal again as I would say. By normal I mean, just be a kid. – We used to call him “The Natural,” because anything sports he picked up it was always natural for him. He’s always been really athletic, picks up after his dad and his
grandpa, he’s a workaholic. – My grandfather, he was an immigrant, he came into the states. He was a janitor and he
worked his way up to a sculpturer at Disney. He instilled
that in all of us, having pride in the last name,
working, just go, go, go. – You see a lot of kids come
through, a lot of athletes, not so much with a great
foundation like he has. So you can tell that he’s
been raised correctly. His mindset, his loyalty, just the type of kid is
in general is awesome, and that’s how all these
kids gravitate to him. He’s a natural born leader. Especially being a quarterback. – At the end of the day I’ve
seen him mature as a grown man, and that’s the best gift
I could get as a father, and thank Fresno State and coach Tedford for the opportunity they have given him. – I’ll be one of the
few Mexican quarterbacks to take a snap at Fresno
State, and for that, that’s just a huge honor,
it’s a huge responsibility, as a quarterback the position
you love the limelight, you love the pressure, you love all that. I love it. Everybody’s watching. The whole city of Fresno is watching. The Hispanic community, I
have young kids from Texas that hit me up telling me, I’m so proud, you make me want to become a quarterback. So I have a lot of people
of the culture to represent so I gotta make sure I’m giving
everything I’ve got to them, because I know they’re giving everything, all their support, their love to me.

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