The Culture of Capital One

The Culture of Capital One

[Music] (Peter) Time and time again it’s just
been so great to sit in a meeting with very senior people and have
someone senior or junior raise their hand and say “You know what? I gotta run.
I’ve got my son’s school play,” or “I gotta go coach this basketball thing,
you know, I’ll call from the car and stay in the conversation but gotta
get going folks.” And nobody blinks. That is just completely respected.
It’s always about making sure that people have lives and people manage
their commitments and do what they need to do. And that’s something
that’s just been really always very important to me. The people at
Capital One are really one of the best things about being here. It is,
pound for pound, the smartest company I’ve ever been at, by far. (Jackie) One of the best things about
Capital One really is the work/life balance. We all work really hard,
we’re passionate about what we do, but at the end of the day, we all know
that there are other things in life that are important, and whether it
be taking the time for family or things that are our personal passion,
that’s something that’s very unique about Capital One, especially in
the financial services industry. (Marcelo) What I do here
is important, but being a dad is my number one job in life. (Scott) We have some fundamental
beliefs. Everyone has a voice and everyone’s opinions matter, assume
positive intent, and I see it all the time and it really is different than most of
the other places I have ever worked. (Marcelo) Previously I worked at NASA.
I’ve worked at the Pentagon. I’m a former missile engineer. This is the
brightest group of people I have ever worked with. (Satina) The best thing for me for
working at Capital One is the flexibility. Being able to go to my daughter’s
performances and her basketball games make me feel like I am not only
being a provider, but also being the mother that she needs. (Christina) As an associate, I’m able
to have some flexibility, be home when I need to for my son, be able to be there
for those pivotal moments that every mom wants to see. And also, I think, in
large part, be able to be so inspired to attract more people to come to the
company because we do provide those types of services. It’s not just lip service.
It’s something that we really live by. (Fernanda) We set each other to high
standards and we help each other get to those standards. I think I can teach
anybody anything as long as they want to learn. And if they want to learn and
they want to succeed, I am one hundred percent on their team. The values that
come from everywhere are very high, so if we do the right thing for our
customers, we do the right thing for our associates, our business will succeed. [Music}

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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  1. Thank you cottjn for your comment! We hope you have found a career at Capital One. If you are still interested please visit

  2. At the heart of the Capital One® culture are our two shared values: Excellence and Do the Right Thing. These values drive all aspects of our business—how we work together, make decisions, innovate, and better serve our customers.

  3. Gestioné un depósito a plazo fijo en el Capital One Bank a través de la empresa Hills Invest Latinoamerica y resultó ser una estafa. Nunca me pagaron los intereses que pedí me transfieran a mi cuenta en Lima Perú. Dicen ser marca registrada del Capital One Bank. Tengan cuidado con esa empresa. Envié un mail al que indica la website de Capital One sin respuesta a la fecha.

    I managed a fixed-term deposit at Capital One Bank through Hills Invest Latinoamerica and turned out to be a scam. I was never paid the interest that I asked to be transferred to my account in Lima Peru. They are a registered trademark of Capital One Bank. Be careful with that company. I sent an email indicating the Capital One website with no response to the date.

  4. I love my job as a cap one core call center representative. I've been able to coach people off a ledge, hear a few life stories, send gifts and flowers to strangers who became friends for a 15 minute interaction. And they pay very well. I love my cap one job. Bringing humanity to banking is something they live by.

  5. They enticed me to switch from their Quicksilver account to the GM Buy Power one,knowing full well of GM's bait and switch plans to eliminate cars.Now,I'm out the rebates I could have gotten on the Quicksilver card,probably around $350.

  6. Capital One is one of the biggest advertisers on Fox News- America's biggest purveyor of lies and hate. They show lack of character and moral standards being in league with Tucker Carlson and his band of merry ignoramuses. I hope employees will petition them to stop supporting misogyny and bigotry. I'm a current customer, but not for long if they don't come to their senses and stop hiding behind the lies: "we're apolitical" and "we don't get to choose where our advertising money goes." It's not a culture I'd want to be a part of and certainly not how you "change banking for the good."

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