Tapestry (Unboxing)

♪♪ Intro music plays ♪♪ Hello and welcome to another
Tabletop Games Blog unboxing video. Today we’re looking at Tapestry, which is
a civilization game by Stonemaier Games. It plays one to five players in about 90 to 120 minutes. Age apparently 12 plus. A weight of about 3 I’d say probably, maybe a bit lighter. It’s a game that I pre-ordered recently. It’s the first printing of this game.
I’m quite pleased to have received it. So, let’s see what comes in
this game and have a closer look. So have a look at the contents There we go. So here comes the rulebook. This is lovely paper again. It’s, erm, thick… It’s probably the same paper as used in Wingspan. If you’ve played Wingspan and tried the rulebook and this just feels very luxurious this paper. Very nice. Straight away you can see the setup:
global setup, player setup. You know, big picture with all
the different things on there. Erm… I just noticed there’s numbers 1, 2, 3, 4. Errm… which must be the player setup.
I must say, I can’t quite distinguish the colours that well. So to me is it slightly confusing what is 1, 2, 3, 4. I guess because this is the player mat you know, this must be the player setup and then 1 to 6 must be this sort of global setup, but I guess that could have been numbered
just 1 to… erm… 10 and that would have
probably been a bit clearer. But yeah, I mean, as I say, it’s not a major thing. There’s, as always, lots of illustrations in there. Quite a bit of text, but not too bad. Just explaining different symbols and things. Next page. And then on the back… erm… a bit more explanation. The end game. Some important notes here. And yeah, I think overall, it’s relatively easy by the looks of it. So that should be quite straightforward. Then we have a reference guide. Two reference guides. Both look the same. So this is all the different… I don’t know whether this is the Tapestry
cards, I guess. I don’t know. And then the reference guide to the different tracks that you can go along. So… because the board is quite big, you might not be able to see the
track on the other side of the board. So if you have the reference card, you can actually see what the next step is and what you can do. So that’s quite nice. Two of them. Even though it’s a five-player game
potentially. I don’t know. Erm… I would argue maybe
there should be a couple more but I guess you can just share them around.
Two of them are probably enough especially if you have played a few times, you get used to it quite quickly. Then we have the rules for the solo player with the Tapestry Automa. So again, Automa Factory have made these sort of possibility of having a solo mode and I have a feeling you probably
add the Automa into other numbers of players if you wanted to as well. I’m not sure whether that is possible with this, but I would assume you probably can. And again, you know, it’s nice paper. I don’t think this is quite the same as the rulebook. So it’s slightly different. A bit more text because I guess… erm…
the Automa does a few more things, but it’s still enough illustrations. And then on the back of it the different things you can do. Then we come to the Shadow Empire variant. So. It says here you can add more interaction
to a game with two human players. So I guess if you do play a two-player then you can add the Shadow Empire which allows you to make the, I guess, make the the game feel a bit tighter because in a two player it might be a bit too open and you have the Automa for the solo mode. And maybe you can even add both. I don’t know whether you can do like the Automa and
the Shadow Empire to do like a solo game but certainly being able to add more players in, there is nothing on the back, erm… is quite nice as I say. Even the feel
in like a 3 or 4 player game you might want to add something to it just to make the game feel a bit tighter. Oh, and here we come to the core bits. Erm. First of all I’ve got lots of bags. I’m not gonna worry
about those too much, but it’s always nice
to have extra bags delivered and then here… let me take these out, because they’re
in a baggy, should be quite easy to take out. And I presume these are the different… what are they called… factions
in this game? I’m not sure. I just realized, if you turn this over illustrations on the back are upside down. So you want to flip it that way. Not that you
wanted to look at the back anyway but I have a feeling that might be another thing. Finish on here is… erm… some sort of texture. Whereas on the back it’s shiny. So I guess it helps remove some of the glare – and you can see in the camera the back is quite shiny versus the front. Yes, I think these are the different… Well, let’s call them factions. I don’t know
what they’re actually called in this game. Civilization types. Erm… loads of them. I think in the game you’re basically dealt two at random choose one of those and then you play with that and it shows… you can,
you know… lots of different player… erm… game variation, replayability with all those different factions. Then we have a set of cards. Erm. These are sealed up so we
can have look at those later. And I think these are the tapestry cards. So. Yeah, look. There is obviously other
cards in there. Maybe something to with
the Automa or something like that. Then 3 dice I think something to do with the military
and science tracks and things like that.
You roll them at different times to tell you what you get as a reward.
Again we look at those closer. Then… Ooh, it’s all shrinkwrapped in here. Well. We will have to open that. Lots of player mat and I think the game board in there as well. I’ll open that up shortly then, but let’s put that to one side for now. [boards thump] and then under [sighs] a lovely casing, which is actually sellotaped in – and
there nothing underneath. I might as well
check for little Easter eggs… [laughs] …which there might have been. Let’s open this up. I get the box out of the way. [box clatters] [box thumps on the table] Have a look… ooh… More sticky tape and really tightly packed. Normally I have these sort of things ready,
but this game certainly has been packed much more than other games. So let’s have a look and get that one off. [box rattles] Lift that off and get the last sticky tape off
[box rattles] which now sticks to my hands, I’m sure,
but you can already see all the different buildings and they are pre-painted. I will do close-ups of them. Actually, let’s do them. So, yeah, let’s look at some of these… There you go. Lots of detail. There’s lots of different ones, erm…. I’m going to show you as many as I can I. I mean the detailing is… is pretty… pretty amazing. And I got the spaceship. Is it the Space Shuttle? Is it something else? There’s lots of detail. As I say, they’re all pre-painted. These are the sort of futuristic ones. Just the sculpt themselves are really detailed. And I’m sure, if you wanted to,
you could paint over them. Even closer now. there we go. And some of the smaller buildings. Yes, it’s… I mean they are… and they feel very nice. They’re quite a good weight as well. There’s a few more. We’re not quite finished yet. The camera’s trying to keep up. Couple more. See if we can do them in pairs to go through them a bit more quickly. Well this is a lovely little farm house. I mean this is… this is a really lovely detail. Here’s one of those. That’s futuristic again. And then we got a few smaller buildings coming up. Let’s do that one still. Yeah, I mean.. [sighs] …just… gorgeous. Well, the product… component quality it is great. Actually, I’m taking three now. No, let’s do this as two. These are much smaller. But even they have a lot of detail. There is, yeah… [sighs] I mean… The amount of money you pay for this game you think you’re going to get something and you do, as I say. This is gorgeous. Absolutely wonderful. Okay, so let’s look [rustling] at some of these. So these will be the pieces [rustling] that… [rustling] I don’t know whether this… I don’t think this is per… [rustling] No these are not the player colours. There are just the different types of buildings you build up on your player mat, I believe. [rustling] And then you’ve got 1, 2, [rustling] 3, [rustling] 4, [rustling] 5 different colours here. So these will be your player pieces and you can see there’s cubes in there and your little, erm, towers that show
which area you control. And again, I will open those up and look at those more closely and then finally, you get your resource tokens/ Every player gets one of these. Well, no, there’s four different ones and then put them on their track to indicate how much food and various things they’ve got, and again, we’ll have a closer look. And then I just unpacked those. So these are parts of the player boards.
And again, we’ve got the printing on the back. So we’ll have to flip it over that way. Oh no, you don’t this one. No you do. So, there you go. That way around and you flip it that way to see it which, as I say, isn’t a problem. I think
it’s been noted though as… as something that’s unusual and then
I think on this side you have your, erm… different technologies where they can move up. And you’re trying to fill this board to get points and there’s mountains, wetland, tropical, desert, grassland and the forest. And then I’m not too sure what this is. Oh, yeah. Sorry.
This is obviously for the different buildings that we just was in the close-ups. They all go on here, so you can see where they go. Nice to have a little place. I mean,
they probably don’t really need it, but obviously helps which ones which and then… I think again this is for your different factions. I think they’re basically all the same for the players. Yeah, because this is just your base player mat and
then you add your sort of faction and your, erm… the area – the grassland or whatever to make combinations of different,
you know, abilities and what you’re doing which, as I say, creates a huge amount of combinations for your replayability, but… yeah, these are basically all the same. Erm. So we got… let me just check. You got five of those obviously, for five different players and then… I’m not too sure what this is for… Is this for the Automa? I guess so. And then [sighs] as you would expect punch boards… oops. Something’s already coming out. That’s a good sign. Erm. So these are the different
areas you’re going to control. I’m still going to punch one out. Always punch them from the back. You can see they are double-sided. Erm. But I mean, they’re already coming out. They’re probably actually better a punching them from the front. They come out really easily. So, yeah, we got those, erm… And again, let me just see if we can get a bit closer. Yes, so… Very nice detail. Nice thickness as well. So they feel… feel good. They should last a long time. And then… we got a few of those. So, 1, 2, 3 punch boards. And then finally, we got the big game board, which does not even fit in the frame, but you can see you got the tracks around the outside. And because it’s so big, as I said earlier,
you have the reference cards obviously to show what’s actually on those track. So if you can’t see across the board what’s happening you can have it next to you and you can decide… and it’s two different sides. So
depending on player count… [game board clutters on the table] Oop! You have a larger map… or smaller map. One more thing I actually wanted to show you, erm… On this side of the box you got the playtesters all listed which is lovely. There’s lots of names on there. I wish I was on there, but I’m not. Proof-readers as well… I mean the box artwork on the outside is nice. As always, it shows you where the different figures go. That’s what I like about Stonemaier, it tells you… you know, how to put it all back. The insert itself is actually inside is nice as well to have the lovely different buildings sort of set out, you know, in a display way. Okay, beautiful, and then on the back, erm, again sort of some of the buildings shown and the setup… Yeah really lovely, but really what I want to show you now are the cards that come in the game. So there’s loads of these and they’re all… double-sided. And these are the sort of technologies
I think they’re called that you can sort of upgrade and that give you different bonuses and things. Quite a few of those. And then… I think this has to do with the Automa. I think, if I remember correctly, you actually combine two cards… Is this upside down?
I’m showing this upside down. Erm… combined two cards like that and then really it’s the stuff that happens in the middle I think decide what actually happens, so the combination there.
So as you… play these cards… and there are numbers. I don’t know whether they stay in sequence, they probably do but it’s the combinations… So you’re not quite sure… If you’re just looking at one card by itself doesn’t mean anything. It’s a combination of two cards… I don’t know which way round they go… that tells you what actually happens. So that’s nice… These are… These are the Automa cards by the looks of it, and then… there’s some… Are these sort of…? …player cards, sort of, you know, erm… So player aids maybe? I don’t know. We’ll see. And then here… …level 4, level 1, engineers… I don’t know if they’re additional cards for different things… Ah, here we go. I think these are the player aids. They’ll tell you what happens… which is great… And then we got… as I say, I think these are the Tapestry cards. There’s lots of details on these. I mean the illustrations generally in this whole game are really lovely. Let’s just show you a handful of those. As I say, double-sided. And all these cars actually feel very nice. The finish is… erm… linen finish. So it’s not quite as shiny. It doesn’t slip in your hands, so you can hold them in your hand. I don’t know whether you actually need to in this game, and they should shuffle very nicely. And a few more close-ups then.
So these are the different… buildings, that I think you put on your player mat. They are tin. I don’t know whether you can actually see, but again very detailed. I don’t know which one I’ve shown you now,
but these are the four different types. And I think, basically, all the players share them and put them on their board. I’m not 100% sure about the rules. Then look at some of the tokens that you get,
erm, as a player. So this is the green player. So these are one of those things that you put on a map to indicate control and then these are just plastic tokens.
They feel quite light actually. I was hoping they may be a little bit heavier,
I don’t know why, but it doesn’t really matter as long as they don’t fly around too much. We then have the different resource tokens here. so again, you can indicate how much
food and different things you’ve got and everyone will basically get one of these… well, four – one per different type. And finally, we have the dice. And they’re lovely. Erm, custom-made, with the ink straight in the middle.
I don’t know what the process is called. Again, they feel a bit light for dice, personally. But again, it doesn’t matter. I just I guess I like chunkier dice that roll really nicely. So… This is really all, erm. As I say, this was the unboxing for Tapestry, first printing. Erm. I’m already looking forward to playing this. I have to try the rules, obviously read the rules first and try it out. Maybe we’ll just cover more videos, but I think this will be great for the games group and I can’t wait to play with them and see what they think. It’ll be quite exciting. But yeah, that’s all really. Thank you very much for watching. As always, please like, subscribe and comment below. I’d really appreciate it. It would all really help. Other than that, check out the links
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and I hope to see you again soon. Bye!

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