Talking is Teaching Community Guide Trailer

Talking is Teaching Community Guide Trailer

We’ve known from decades of research that when parents talk, read, and sing to their children from the moment they’re born they significantly improve their children’s chances to succeed in life and in school Talking is Teaching: Talk, Read, Sing is a campaign that is part of a national initiative Too Small to Fail The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness among parents and caregivers about what they can do to promote healthy brain and language development from the moment their children are born We’re working with pediatricians, hospitals, community-based organizations, faith-based leaders, and other trusted messengers I think the Talking is Teaching campaign is extremely important to our work as pediatricians because it’s our job to assure that children grow to their full potential We are the people that parents go to we are aligned with our families because we want to support and nurture brain development what we found is that many people don’t realize just how ready a baby is to learn the minute they enter the world and maybe even before they’re gonna receive little onesies that talk about counting my toes talk to me, sing to me, and these messages hopefully people will see throughout our community on billboards and here on radio and TV It’s really important and the what you guys are starting. It’s actually a really good thing it is important to read, sing, and talk to your kids We’re really proud of the work that our local communities in Tulsa, Oakland, and Fresno have done already and we really hope that Our pride and that excitement can spread to other communities across the country to meet their specific needs

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