Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2858 – Full Episode – 8th November, 2019

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2858 – Full Episode – 8th November, 2019

I think he’s the thief.
I won’t spare you! Yes, of course..
– Hey, you thief! Hey.. – Sodhi!
– No, Sodhi.. Where have you kept
the jewellery you robbed from Mr. Bhide’s house..
– Just answer him.. Tell me, where’s the jewellery?
– Hey, speak up! – Hold on! Don’t take the law
into your hands. – Hold on. Hang on. Why are you
beating up my driver? I think the entire gang
of cheaters are here. I think they kidnap
the young girls, too. Don’t be silly.
She’s my daughter. Hey, leave him! Why are you taking law
in your hands when we’re here? He’s a mechanic,
I understand. You’re a teacher. You’re taking
law into your hands? Where’s my wife, Madhavi? Aatmaram, I’m here.
– Hey! Hey!
– There’s Ms. Madhavi! Ms. Madhavi! Hey! Ms. Madhavi.. Madhavi!
– Are you Madhu? I’m Madhavi..
– Yes.. – It’s her? – Yes.. Madhavi, a-are you fine?
I hope you’re fine. Yes. Madhavi, what’s going on?
– I have no idea. You know her?
– Yes, she’s my friend, Kanchan. Okay. So, you don’t know
your wife’s friend? No. I did know her
by her name but I’ve never met her
before. Okay.
– Oh, that’s sad. – What? Greetings. Madhavi, I’m so relieved to see
that you’re fine. That’s fine but why have you all
gathered over here? The police is here.
What happened and where?
– A robbery has taken place in our house, Madhavi.
– Ah! – Yes. What!
– Yes. I-I had locked the door.
– Yes, but the thief must’ve found the lost key.
I told you, thieves come without warning. So he came and robbed us. Oh! My new saris, my dresses..
What have been stolen? No.. He didn’t touch
the saris and dresses. He has absconded
with the jewellery. No, how can he take
the jewellery? I have kept them
in the bank locker? What!
– What! You took the jewellery?
– Yes. So, Ms. Madhavi,
you have all the jewellery? Yes. But why are you all
so surprised? I’d just been to keep
the jewellery in bank locker. She’s my friend, Kanchan.
I went with her in her car. What!
– Yes. Oh! While looking for
the jewellery the thief messed up
the entire house and finally, left with
some pickle. What! No.. I took those, too.
– What! Kanchan had placed an order.
That’s why she came here. Hey! That means, the thief
got fooled. He found nothing. Patil.
– Yes, sir. When I stepped in
to Gokuldham Society I felt there’s something wrong. I felt right then
there’s something wrong with the residents
of Gokuldham Society. That’s why, I was asking
repeatedly if the robbery has taken place. Anyway, Ms. Madhavi can you explain this case
in detail? Sure.
What happened is that.. ‘Madhavi, I won’t eat
until I’ve found the key!’ ‘Hey!
– Find the key.’ ‘Oh, God!’ ‘I have to find the key.’ ‘Oh, God!’ ‘Tell me, Mom.’ ‘Do you have
the spare house key with you?’ ‘No, Mom.
I don’t have the key.’ ‘Oh, God!
Even Sonu doesn’t have it.’ ‘Where is it?’ ‘Can I pick up
my order of pickle and ‘Papad’ ‘if it’s ready?’ ‘Yes.
I have kept it ready.’ ‘I am in my car.
‘I’ll be there in five minutes.’ ‘Can you get the parcel
downstairs?’ ‘Come on, Kanchan.’ ‘Come upstairs
and let’s have tea.’ ‘No. I’ve to go to
Lakshmi Bank.’ And we have accounts
in the same bank. I thought, I’d go and put
the jewellery in the bank. ‘You need not be formal.’ ‘Come inside the compound.
I will be there in a while.’ ‘First, I will keep
the jewellery in the bank’ ‘and then clear this mess.’ ‘Hello?
– I have reached your society.’ ‘I am coming down.’
‘Just two minutes.’ ‘I forgot
her parcel.’ ‘And in that haste,
I forgot my mobile at home.’ ‘Hey..’ I see.
This is the same blue car in which Ms. Madhavi was going. I see. But, I had called
her up from your number. I couldn’t reach her. As you know,
the locker is in the basement. There are network issues. And that’s when
you’d have called her. That means, the jewellery
is in the bank locker. There was no theft.
– No. There’s been no robbery. There’s been no robbery! Great. Nothing was stolen. There was no robbery. There was no robbery. Both the jewellery
and Ms. Madhavi are safe. Hail Lord Ganesh! Hail.. On this note,
let’s dance the ‘Garba’. Hey! Nobody will play ‘Garba’.
Move back. Move back. What kind of a joke
if this? Wife keeps jewellery
in the locker and you complain that wife
and jewellery are missing. You make fun of
the police! Are you not ashamed? If we are not dancing
I could recite a couplet? No! You won’t say a couplet. I am just saying
that now you know everything. Let us go. Why are you
holding us up? Patil.. – Sir.
– Let these thieves go. What are you saying? We are not thieves. I am a poet. Okay.
I am sorry. Let these decent
people go. Hold on, Mr. Pandey. Mr. Ghanshu,
Mr. Babu Mr. Pandey,
sir.. I apologise for the
inconvenience I caused you. It’s okay. Hereon, take care
of two things. First, when will you
organise a poet’s gathering? Think about it. Secondly, you shouldn’t
bother an innocent man. Think about it. Yes. God will handle the rest. Greeting. And yes..
Ms. Kanchan, I am sorry. I bothered you. You should have
given a thought before filing
a complaint. – Yes. Driver, let’s go.
– Sir, I am sorry. Ms. Kanchan, my apologies.
It was a misunderstanding. Yes.
I am sorry. I am sorry, everyone. I troubled all of you. Are you crazy?
It’s okay. We’re family.
You needn’t apologise. Are you all done
with apologising? Inspector Pandey, I am sorry. You are amazing,
Mr. Bhide. Your wife went to keep
jewellery in the locker and you called the police
and put them up to work. Mr. Pandey,
I am really sorry. You had to cancel your
movie plan because of me. Do you think
the police is always free at your beck and call? Do we have
a personal life or not? Of course. Inspector Pandey,
that’s not true. We respect your personal life.
In fact, of all the policemen. But it was all
because of a misunderstanding. None of us
intended this. Right.
– Yes. We are very sorry.
– Yes. Sorry. We are sorry. Bhide can do sit ups
as his punishment. Yes.. Actually, Mr. Pandey.. All this happened
because of a key. I had to go to so much trouble
because of your key. What will I tell Basundi? I swear, I’ll never set foot
in Gokuldham society. Oh.
– Please don’t say that.. Please don’t say that, sir.
We like it when you come. I-I mean, no..
You have to come. It happens every time. Either you solve the case
by yourselves or there’s no case at all. Patil.
– Sir. Type my resignation letter. And write in it that I want
to resign this job right now! Commissioner will ask why
I want to resign. Then write that I want to resign
because of the people of Gokuldham. Oh..
– No.. Mr. Pandey.. Please don’t do this..
– Please.. No..
Pandey, what are you saying? No, Mr. Pandey,
please don’t resign. We need a brave
police officer like you. Please..
– Yes.. Please..
– Please.. No, sir.. Don’t resign.. Pandey, your anger
is justified. But for middle class people,
even a little bit of jewellery is a lifetime asset.
– Yes. Just think. What if you had
gone through the same? Whatever has happened
wasn’t done intentionally and it’s not anyone’s fault.
It was just a misunderstanding. Yes. – Yes, no one can help
when the situation is like that. Yes.. How should I handle
this villain now? M-Mr. Pandey, do you call
your wife a villain? No! He’s the my wife’s
brother, Laddu. My brother-in-law. I think my wife will never
talk to me. Mr. Pandey, don’t worry. If you want, I can come
to convince her. Are you married?
– No. So, do you want me to stay
alone forever like you? No.. Sorry.
Okay. I don’t know how many days
my wife will not talk to me for. Sorry, sir..
– Sorry.. Nobody will say sorry!
– Okay.. Sorry. Mr. Aiyar, why are you joking?
It’s not the right time. Jethalaal, I am not joking. I am saying sorry
for saying sorry. Nobody will apologise
for saying sorry either. Sunglasses!
– Sorry, sir. Give me the sunglasses.
– Oh, sorry.. Come on, move.. Where’s the driver! Sir, this isn’t ours. That’s our vehicle. Correct! The people of Gokuldham
will drive me crazy! Patil.
– Sir. I want to resign from this job
now and today! Come on, move! Okay, Bhide. All’s well
that ends well. Bhide, we should celebrate.
– Yes.. That’s right, Bhide.
We should celebrate. Of course.. I’ll definitely
throw a party. But before that, I apologise
to everyone that you all were troubled
because of me. What’s this, Bhide? I am very proud of all of you. Gokuldham society..
– Just a minute, Bhide.. You’re trying to say, victory
to Gokuldham society, right? Yes.
– Yes. Say it.. Then why have you stopped him?
– I was just checking whether my guess
is right or not. It’s right. Hey..
– Hey.. Victory to..
– Gokuldham society.. Victory.. We’re done with the slogan now. Jethalaal, Sodhi and Mr. Mehta
have left their work to come here for you. So, please drop all of them
to their respective work places on your scooter.
– Sure! Why not? Popatlaal, we’ll manage.
Why are you worried? He’s been worried since morning,
let him take some rest. I was concerned for you guys,
that’s why I said. Oh, okay..
Sorry.. No.. Thank you, Popatlaal. But if you’re so worried for us,
then do one thing. Just book an AC taxi and drop us all
to our respective work places. Very good. And then wait till the evening,
and then pick us up in the same taxi and drop us
back to Gokuldham at night. Very good idea, Jethalaal. You guys just manage
by yourselves, I don’t care. Why will they manage?
I have my vehicle. Whoever wants to come
can come with me. I’ll drop them first
and then will go to garage. Yes..
– Yes.. – Come on.. Okay, I shall go. Didn’t I tell you? Whenever
there’s a problem in Gokuldham
I have to come early. Oh.. I’m so tired.. Oh, God. Madhavi!
I’m tired, Madhavi. I’m tired.. Both physically and mentally. It was so much
of running around, today. But everything is fine
by the grace of God. I was actually scared, Madhavi. I seriously thought
you got abducted. No one would dare
abduct me. Who would mess up
with the secretary? That’s true.
– Lord, we’re grateful to You that our home and our jewellery
are totally safe. No! Our house isn’t safe.
We haven’t found the key yet. You’re after the key again?
So much happened because of the key
and you’re still after the key? Of course, Madhavi.
We haven’t found the key yet. Listen, dear, I did look for
the key but I didn’t find it. I think you’ve dropped
the key somewhere. What! Madhavi, you’re blaming me?
– Of course, I am. You’re always
in such a hurry. You must have
dropped it somewhere. That’s so strange of you,
Madhavi. What happened, Dad?
What did mom do? I’ll surely tell you
what happened today. Wow!
You find this funny, Sonu? But only I know
what I went through. Moreover, your mom is saying,
it’s my fault. Of course, it is. Not just this time.
It’s always your fault. because
you’re so stubborn. It’s my fault, always?
When did I act stubborn? You’re so stubborn.. No, I’m not. – Hey!
– It’s your fault. It’s always your fault.
– Hold on, Mom and Dad! Relax!
Enough now. It’s okay.
Neither of you are at fault. Dad, call up the locksmith.
He’ll come and put a new lock. We’ll have to
replace the lock now. Okay.
– You want to check? Let me check it
from outside once. – Fine. Yes.
Perfect.. There will be extra keys,
right? Yes, I have two more.
– Thank you.. Madhavi, here’s your key.
For God’s sake.. Keep it carefully.
Sonu, keep this for you, okay? How much is it, sir?
– Rs. 4,200. It’s 4,200.
– Look at him.. – Hang on. Just a minute..
Oh, Lord! Hey! Hey!
– W-What happened? Hey.. I found the key! I found the key!
I found the key.. We found the key!
It was over there.. I told you, the key will be
somewhere in the house. But you were just not ready
to listen. Come on, Madhavi. You messed up the entire house
looking for the key. Couldn’t you check
under the sofa? No, I did check
but I couldn’t see it then. Did you bend and look
underneath? You should’ve bent down
and looked. But no.
She doesn’t want to bend. Come what may, she won’t bend!
– Hey! Why are you exaggerating
the matter? And if it’s about bending,
even you could have bent. Why didn’t you bend and check?
– It’s I who bent finally. And that’s how,
we found the key. Very smart. You bent down
for your coin and not for the key.
– Sir, may I leave? Yes, of course.
– My payment. – Sure.. Well, I was thinking
now that we have found our old key, can you put
the old lock again? Sure. It’ll cost you
another Rs. 2,000. Never mind. Did you see that? We’ve had to bear a loss
of Rs. 4200 because of you. What did I do?
What’s my fault? I told you in the morning,
the keys must be at home. I asked you to be patient
and calm. Had we searched patiently
we’d have found them. But no!
You’re always in a hurry. Mom, Dad, please calm down. Dad, we’ve not borne any loss. There was no robbery
and we found the keys. Let’s look at the positive side. I am very hungry.
Let’s eat now. Oh, dear.
I didn’t cook anything. I never got time to cook in all this chaos. Please be seated.
I’ll fix something up. Hold on, Madhavi.
Let’s go out and eat. Let’s celebrate because we have
got a new lock now. That’s a great idea. Oh, really? What about the money we spent on the new lock?
You want to party. No, it’s ready.
I have mailed it. Let me know
if there are any corrections. Okay..
Hey. Bhide! Yes, Popatlaal!
What’s up? Did you find the keys?
– Yes, we found the keys. That’s great. We found the keys
after we got a new lock. We had to spend Rs. 4200
on the new lock though. It’s all right, Bhide. You got a reason
to buy something new during this Diwali. Look at him! Where are you guys going?
– We’re going out. What do you mean? We’re going to a restaurant. Okay.
– I have already eaten. I said, goodbye. Stop it, Bhide. Just joking! Of course, you are!
– Goodbye.. Bye!
– Remember to throw us a party! Okay! How strange. A while ago,
Bhide was so distressed. Now, he’s relaxed and
he’s going out with his family. Gokuldham society
is so amazing. There are moments of distress
and joy happening in here. Lord,
please get me married soon so that I can go out
with my wife too. There’s an old saying ‘A big fuss over a trifle.’ There’s a saying in Gujarati,
‘Much ado about nothing’. There must surely be
a similar proverb in every language
in the world which is apt for this situation. Think about a proverb
in your mother tongue which is applicable
to this situation. There must be many proverbs but one proverb is common
in every language. All’s well that ends well. In Gokuldham Society, before a
problem is solved, the residents have to struggle a lot. It’s like a roller coaster
over here. Full of ups and downs. Before a happy ending the residents of Gokuldham
have to face many ordeals and that’s what entertains you. And that’s what we’re here for.
To entertain you. To find out more about the
hilarious ordeals we go through to bring laughter to your homes you’ll have to watch
the next episode of ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah
Chashmah’. Keep watching and keep laughing.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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