Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2857 – Full Episode – 7th November, 2019

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2857 – Full Episode – 7th November, 2019

Robbery in Gokuldham? Robbery in Gokuldham’s
secretary’s house! Robbery in my buddy,
Bhide’s house.. Mr. Champaklaal,
once they find the thief I won’t spare him! Relax, Sodhi.. We will teach
the thief a lesson. Yeah.
– Yes. Keep calm for now. Oh, God! I’m worried. I don’t know how Ms. Madhavi’s
condition would be. True. Whatever happened
with Mr. Bhide, isn’t right. We couldn’t get
to know anything. Everything happened in a jiffy. Mr. Bhide is our neighbour and still I didn’t get to know. Nothing can be
predicted nowadays. The generation is bad. You are right. We all should stay careful. We can’t predict the place
or timing of a robbery. Absolutely, Dr. Hathi. That’s why, I have made a rule that I keep money
which covers day to day expenses not more than that. Mr. Pandey, what happened? Did you find any clue
regarding the thief? Yes.
– We are investigating. It’s obvious
that the thief is clever and is a known person. I’m also saying the same. Yes, Mr. Champaklaal,
someone.. Someone known.
– Yes, someone known. Tell me, did you see any
stranger entering the society apart from the blue car! I need information
about every person and everything related to it. Bhide, tell me.
Did you take any loan? And since you couldn’t repay it,
so the person is avenging it. No, Mr. Pandey.
I don’t take any credit. Remember properly, Bhide. Mr. Pandey, he doesn’t keep
any credit with me as well. Good. Leave this. Tell me, did you have any
fight with anyone? No, nothing happened. Sure?
– I.. I just had an argument
with Jethalaal this morning. What? Jethalaal.
– Hey.. What.. There wasn’t
any argument, Mr. Pandey. We just had
a normal conversation. What do you mean? I will explain it to you. I was offering water
to the Sun God so I didn’t get to know that he
was standing below my balcony. So, he got drenched
and then got angry. I mean, got furious and started an argument with me but I didn’t do anything. Okay, so you did this
in order to avenge it? What..
Bhide, what are you doing? Tell him, come on!
– Yes.. No, Mr. Pandey.
He can never do this. Yes, this is our daily scene. But Jethalaal, police need
to think from every angle. Now tell me,
apart from the blue car did you see any stranger
in the society from 11-12. I was in office,
but when I returned I asked everyone
if they saw any stranger but none of them saw anyone. Why did you ask them? Why did you? Is it your duty to ask? It’s our work to do the same. I didn’t know that the police
was going to come so I asked,
just for general knowledge. Don’t repeat it again.
– Okay.. Yes, Popatlaal. Did you see any stranger
in the society? The milkman
and newspaperman came. Apart from them,
no one else came. Dr. Hathi.
– Yes. Did any stranger
come to you as a patient? Mr. Pandey, not even a single
patient came since morning. These days my business
is a little down. Around 20-25 patients
used to come on a daily basis and the number used to increase
during the rainy season. I had heard
about shortage of money but shortage of diseases
is something new for me. What will happen
to this country? Mr. Chalu.. I mean, Mr. Pandey,
it’s a good thing, right? What’s good in that, Jethalaal? The slowdown in the illness means fewer people
are falling sick. That implies
people are healthy. That’s a good thing,
isn’t it? So, you mean to say
that slowdown is a good thing. The slowdown is a good thing from the point of view
of illness. But from the point of view
of business slowdown is dangerous. What do I tell you? The business
has come down drastically. I know..
– What’s going on, Jethalaal? Mr. Pandey, have you come here to discuss
the country’s economic system? My house has been robbed,
and Madhavi is missing. I’m sorry..
Jethalaal, don’t mislead us. Stay wherever you are
without making any fuss. Mr. Champaklaal,
did you happen to see anyone? No, Pandey, I didn’t see
any stranger around. Abdul, what about you?
– Many people come to my shop to buy grocery. But I didn’t see anyone
entering the compound. Mr. Aiyar and Ms. Babita,
did you see anyone? No, I didn’t see anyone.
– Yes, he’s right. By the way, we just came back
from outside. Okay, did any salesman
come to anybody’s house? A salesman had come
to my house. Why didn’t you tell me before? I’ve been asking you
from a long time. I’m sorry..
Actually, I forgot. I’m sorry. Who had come? The paperboy had come home
to take the payment. Does the paperboy know
that you’ve lost the house keys? Yes, he does. Because he was
standing at the door when Madhavi and I were talking
about the keys. ‘Mr. Bhide!
– Mr. Dayalu Pandey!’ ‘Tell me..
– Did you lose your keys?’ That means, Pandey is the thief!
– Hey! Mr. Aiyar, what are you saying? Chalu.. Mr. Pandey
is such a well-known inspector. How can you call him a thief? Jethalaal,
you’re deliberately creating a misunderstanding
between us. You know that
the name of the person who distributes newspapers
in our society is Dayalu Pandey, don’t you? You’re talking rubbish despite knowing the fact
that we’re discussing about him! Oh, yes! His name..
His surname is Pandey too. I’m sorry. Apart from the paperboy,
does anyone know that you’ve the lost keys,
Bhide? There’s an electrician
who’s name is Babu Bhai. Actually, I’d asked Madhavi
to search for the keys in his presence. ‘Greetings, Mr. Bhide.
– Greetings, Babu Bhai.’ ‘Who’s at the door?’ ‘Why don’t you
look for the keys?’ Bhide, are you trying
to tell the whole world that you’ve lost the keys? Actually, Mr. Pandey,
these people came home one after the other when we were looking
for the keys. Apart from the paperboy
and the electrician did anyone else come home? Yes, the plumber of the society
had come. His name is Ghansu. Then, you must’ve told
even Ghansu about the keys. I didn’t.
Babu Bhai told him about it. Because he met Babu Bhai
in the compound. ‘I get to know everything, sir.’ ‘I’m not an ordinary person.’ ‘You are telling everyone
about the keys.’ Bhide, is there anyone left
in this area who doesn’t know
that you’ve lost the keys? Bhide,
you should be careful, pal. If you share such information
with the strangers anybody can misuse it, Bhide.
– He’s right. How can you make
such a mistake being a teacher? I made a mistake
as I was tense, Popatlaal. Actually, people get confused
during such situation. What did you just say?
– It’s nothing, leave it. Then why did you say it? Look, Bhide,
he is passing the time. Are we here to kill time? Popatlaal, please be patient. Bhide,
did you go out this morning? Yes, Madhavi and I
had been to the market. Share market?
– No, not the share market. We run poppadoms
and pickle business. So, we’d been
to the vegetable market to buy the raw material. Mr., Chalu..
Mr. Pandey, imagine that Bhide wants to invest
some money in the share market he doesn’t have to go
to the market for it. Everything can be done
online nowadays. You can easily do it
online from home. Did I ask you about it,
Jethalaal? Did I?
– No, I’m sorry. Bhide, won’t you say anything
to Jethalaal for passing the time? Mr. Pandey, look at him.
He is too.. I just said, shut up! I want the two of you
to be quiet now. I was saying that maybe
you lost the keys in the market. And the robber
must’ve found the keys. He must’ve followed you
and robbed your house upon finding an opportunity. No, Mr. Pandey,
the chances of losing thee keys
in the market are nil. The keys
were in Madhavi’s purse and she didn’t open
the purse in the market. I was the one who had paid
for everything. Madhavi opened her purse
once she came home. So, I think the keys
must’ve fallen inside the society. Okay, so you spent
all the money in the market and your wife opened the purse
once she reached home. No.. Actually,
we came back in a rickshaw and I didn’t have any change. So, Madhavi opened her purse
to pay him the change. That’s what rickshaw drivers
usually do. Despite having the change.. Sorry. The rickshaw driver
was here as well. Yes. The rickshaw driver
was very sly, Mr. Pandey. I mean, he was very cunning. He gave me a note
which was damaged. ‘Give the note to someone else,
like the way I gave it to you.’ ‘What do you mean?
Hey!’ ‘Hey, stop!
– Dear..’ ‘MA 02.. MA..
– Dear..’ The key might have fallen
in the autorickshaw. Did you note down the license
number of the rickshaw? I didn’t note down
the registration number but I took a picture
from behind. Did you take a picture
of the rickshaw driver? No. I took a picture
of the rickshaw. You might have captured
the number on the license plate. Yes, I think so.. Just tell me the license number. Why are you beating
around the bush? Sorry.
Here it is. Patel, note down the number
of the rickshaw. Take the phone numbers
of the electrician, plumber and the newspaper delivery man. And call everyone over. Mr. Pandey, I would like
to say something. The rest of them come
to the society regularly but the rickshaw driver came
here for the first time. Can I say something, Bhide? When the police
carries out an investigation they need to consider
all the possibilities. Let me inform you you are one of the suspects
as well. – What! Why? My first suspect
is always the person who lodges the complaint.
– What.. Are you implying that I would steal
from my house? Why would anyone steal
from their house? – Yes! People do such things. A husband earns money
by working hard and he gives that money
to his wife. When the husband asks for money
from his wife for his expenses and his wife refuses to give him
any money then the husband steals money
from his wife’s purse. I have dealt with such cases. I meant to say the police suspects everyone. Are you suspecting all of us?
– Of course! No, Mr. Pandey.
We are like a family. I regard everyone from Gokuldham
as my family. You might regard them
as your family but they are suspects
for the police. Bhide, let the police
do their job. Everyone will be questioned. This case
has gotten complicated. The burglar
has not left any clue. Oh, Basundi is calling. I have to answer. Yes, Basundi. I know, the movie has started. But first, I’ve
to solve the case of robbery at Bhide’s house. Until the thief is caught,
I cannot come. Hello..
H-Hello, Basundi.. Please listen to me..
Basundi, hear me out.. Basundi is upset.
It’s all right. Duty is more important
than family. Wow, Mr. Chalu Pandey. You are choosing your duty
over your family. I commend your sense of duty
and dedication to our nation. I salute you!
– Yes.. Thank you.. It is my duty.
I have to serve the public first then comes my family,
followed by duties towards me. Wow! That’s amazing, Mr. Pandey. The Mumbai police
is commendable. I salute your sacrifice. That’s enough. We are here to solve the case. We’re not here
for the compliments. Bhide, if your complaint
turns out to be baseless like Jethalaal’s complaint and
the robbery hasn’t taken place I won’t spare you. I will arrest everyone. Don’t be pessimistic,
Mr. Chalu Pandey. There has been a robbery. Why are you still here? Go find them.
Hunt them down. Go..
Move! Come on, Mr. Shishupal.
Come on, Mr. Patil. Hurry up.. Hey, Jethalaal! They are not your employees. You have ignited
patriotism in me. Sir, these are those
three people who know about Mr. Bhide’s house keys. Hey, what is happening here,
Mr. Bhide? How can the police pick me up
from my poetry event? Why have they brought me here? What happened?
– Why have you brought us here? Because a robbery
took place at Mr. Bhide’s house. I am sorry that you all are facing
this problem because of me. But the police will just
interrogate you all for a while
and they will let you go. Mumbai Police will decide that
and not some teacher. Shut your mouth and keep your finger
on your lips. I said, keep your finger
on your lips. Stick. Oh, I am sorry.
I am so sorry. Mr. Bhide, I requested you
to host a poetry event for me. I asked to hear my poetry. But you rather called me
for interrogation. Hey, you! Keep quiet
and stand where you are. Whoever are the suspects
of this case we will interrogate them. Tell me your name
and what do you do. My name is Babu
and I am an electrician. So, you came
to Bhide’s house in the morning? Yes, sir. Where were you
between 10:30 to 11? I was fixing the light
at Vrindavan Society. Vrindavan Society? That’s what
all the criminals say. They say that
they were never present at the real crime scene. I will find out
everything right now. And who are you? When I arrive,
I arrive in style and I am right here. You arrested me
from my poetry event. I am asking your name.
Tell me your name. I am known for my acts and my name is Ghansu Ghayal. He will get beaten up. Okay.
Ghayal. Did you not recognise me? I fixed the leakage
at Mr. Jetha’s shop. You picked me up
from there. I mean, your friends. You just said
that you are a poet. I mean, from my heart
I am a poet but professionally
I am plumber. I mean to say
that I am a poet first and then a plumber.
– Oh. And otherwise you steal things.
Good hobby. Hey, Mr. Pandey
what are you saying? I have not even stolen
somebody’s poetry till now. And you are accusing me
of theft? How did that happen? Okay, let’s assume
that you did not steal anything. Then what were you doing
at Bhide’s house between 10:30 to 11? I was at the poetry event
in Uttam Nagar. Okay. Dad, do they host poetry events
early in the morning too? How would I know? I was reading my poetry and people were
throwing their money at me. It was going too nicely
and people were praising me. Just before I could
pick up the money you picked me up. When I hit you with this stick you’ll come back to your senses. Hey, Mr. Pandey
I am a poet and I worship poetry.
You can ask Mr. Bhide. Isn’t it, Mr. Bhide? Just because he didn’t accept
the request to hear your poetry you robbed his house! You are all setting me
into this trap. Whenever I come close
to you all the police comes closer to me. That day too he picked me up.
Today also he picked me up. How did the police reach in
the middle of my poetry event? I don’t understand this.
I swear. Poet, you talk too much.
Stand there quietly. Or else, I will put you
in jail straightaway. I am standing quietly. Who are you? Sir, I am Dayalu Pandey.
I am the newspaper guy. Pandey?
Where are you from? I am from Banaras.
– I am from Banaras too. You’re from Banaras too?
– Yes. – Where in Banaras? My village’s name is Jegapur. Wow! He is from my village.
– Keep quiet. You’re from Banaras
and you steal things? No, sir.
I did not do anything. Mr. Mehta,
look at the ‘iron’ here. ‘Iron?’ It’s irony.
– Sorry, yes, it’s irony. The person whose name is Chalu
is an inspector and the person
whose name is Dayalu is a thief.
– Tell me honestly. Did you go to Bhide’s house
between 10:30 to 11? Sir, I had gone to Golden Plaza
to collect money for the newspaper. I will find it out right now as to where were you all
really were and what were you all doing. Hey, Mr. Pandey,
what are you saying? I’ll make you talk
to the secretary of Uttam Nagar right now and you can ask him
where I was. Hey, you sly poet. Talk only
when you’re asked to do so. Stand there quietly. May the God forgive you
that’s what I want to say. You’re not letting a poet
say his poetry. Quiet! Patil, the autorickshaw
driver is still not here. Sir, he is here. Sir, I found the driver. Is this
the autorickshaw driver? Yes.
I found him at Teli Gali. Why have you called me? I have called you here..
What’s wrong with my language? We have called you here because a robbery
has taken place at Mr. Bhide’s house.
And you’re one of the suspects. But, sir,
I have not stolen anything. Bhide, is he the same
autorickshaw guy? Bhide, I’m asking you, is he
the same autorickshaw driver! Oh! Good, master. Because of your good behaviour you can remove your finger
from your lips. Good.
Learn from him. Is he the same
autorickshaw driver? Yes, Mr. Pandey, he’s the same
autorickshaw driver. You! – I’ve heard
you tape the torn notes and give them to others. Sir, the notes may be invalid
but not my integrity. I didn’t do any robbery. Wow! One is reciting
a poetry after the other and the other one is saying
a dialogue after the other. ‘The note may be invalid,
but not my integrity.’ Patil, they won’t listen
so easily. We should apply third degree
on them. Sir, I didn’t do anything.
– Put all of them in the jeep and take them.
– What’s going on, Mr. Bhide? First degree, second degree,
third degree, four degree.. I don’t know about any degree
other than poetry and plumbing. Are you only hearing my poetry?
Why don’t you say something? Mr. Pandey, they..
– Bhide just let us do our job
in our own way or else, once again.. Mr. Bhide has trapped all of us. I’ll never deliver newspaper
to his house, anymore. What’s this, sir?
Just for a taped note you trapped me
into a robbery case? You can’t do this.
We’re not thieves.. Quiet! Take all of them along! Mr. Pandey, none of these
can be a thief. Do this, Mr. Bhide.
Solve this case, yourself. You anyway have your team ready. Mr. Pandey, don’t mind. None of us have the intention
of solving the case. Bhide said so as they come
to our society often. We know them.
– Right. Till we find the blue car all of them will be
in our custody. Mr. Pandey the blue car!
It’s the same car that came to the society
the other day. Friends,
just as the residents of Delhi are worried
because of the pollution the residents of Gokuldham
are equally worried. The problem of robbery
is hovering around them. Assume you’re in a closed room
which is locked and you find the key
all of a sudden you will feel both happy
and anxious at the same time. You’ll be happy
for having found the key. You’ll be anxious to find out
if the door can be unlocked. That’s something
the residents of Gokuldham are going through right now.
The blue car which Abdul saw has come to Gokuldham. But the matter of concern is,
is it the same blue car which had the thieves? After all,
whose is this blue car? Are the thieves in the car? This dilemma
is troubling us, a lot. The question is if this dilemma
will be solved. To find out how this dilemma
will be cleared you’ll have to watch ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep thinking, keep watching
and keep laughing. ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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