Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2850 – Full Episode – 29th October, 2019

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2850 – Full Episode – 29th October, 2019

Oh, Lord Ganesha as per the
Vikram Samvat calendar the year 2076 starts today.
A new year. Greetings to you
from all three of us. Oh, Lord. I pray, you always
shower us with your grace. Keep all of us healthy. Hope my husband’s
tuition classes do well and my pickle business
continues to prosper. Bless us, Lord Ganesha. Oh Lord,
bless me so that I study well and make my parents proud. Give me the strength
and composure for this. Say, all hail.. Lord Ganesha! All Hail.. Lord Ganesha. Listen, I wish you both
a very happy new year. Happy new year. Happy new year to you too. Happy new year
to both of you. Yes.
– Bless me. God bless you. Sonu, I hope you
succeed in everything you do. Mom.. May you find all
the happiness in the world. So.. So? Is everything fine? Yes,
everything is fine. Why did you ask that? No reason as such. I’ll go inside.
I have a lot of work. Yes.
– Yes. I think she has forgotten.
– About what? Today is ‘Padwa’.
Your mom forgot about it. Then you remind her about it. No. I won’t remind her. I’ll surprise her later. Sonu!
– I’m coming. Hey..
You don’t remind her. Okay. Yes, Mom. Your dad has forgotten
that today is ‘Padwa’. Mom..
– I called you here to tell you not
to remind him about it. Okay? Then you remind him
about it, Mom. No, I won’t remind him. I’ll give him a surprise. Come with me, Mom. But where?
– Come on. Hey..
– Just come, Mom. What is it?
– Dad, come here. What happened?
– Just come here. Okay. Tell me. Do you both
know who you are? Who are you both? What do you mean by that?
We are your parents, Sonu. Yes.
– Yes, that’s true but before that,
what are you guys? Before that, I’m a teacher and the secretary
of Gokuldham Society. I’m a house wife
and also a businesswoman. That’s not what I’m asking. Then?
– What are you asking? I’ll tell you. Both of you are the cutest and most adorable couple
in this world. Dad, you thought that
mom forgot about today. And mom thought that you
forgot that today is ‘Padwa’. But actually,
both of you remember. And the best part is that both of you want
to surprise each other. That’s why I said that
you’re the cutest couple. Both of you wait,
I’ll be right back. Okay, so you remembered. Even you remembered. I was just waiting
to see if you remembered. So was I. Mom..
– Oh, wow! Very good. Thank you. Have a seat.
– Yes. I should face the west. Hold on.. This moment
needs to be captured. Okay..
– Yes. May Lord
fulfil all your wishes. My wishes were fulfilled
when I found you. What a dialogue, Dad! Hey, it’s not a dialogue.
It’s the truth. Here..
– Mom, pray to God that both of you
are always together. What? My gift. Madhavi, we’ve been married
for so many years It’s so silly of you
to ask for a gift. It’s customary
because today is ‘Padwa’. Oh, it’s a custom.
Okay, hold on.. For the sake of custom,
here is Rs. 21. Rs. 21?
That’s it? Who gives Rs. 21
on the day of Padwa? Yes. It’s a custom, right? So just Rs. 21
as a tradition.. Forget it, I don’t want it..
– Hey! Hold on. Why do you need
to be upset about this? I mean, who gifts Rs. 21? Oh, my God! For me?
– Of course! It’s so beautiful. Wow, Mom. It’s beautiful. Isn’t it nice?
– Look.. Oh!
It’s beautiful, right? It’s very beautiful. Thank you.
– Hey.. It’s okay..
You guys may hug each other. I’ll look away. Oh.. Look at her.
Hey, drama queen. Come here. How about a selfie?
– Yes. Of course..
– Of course. Thank you, Sonu..
– Thank you.. Hey, keep them safe. Yes.
– They are made of gold. Come on! Now that we are
done with our ‘Padwa’ let’s go to Mr.
Jetha’s house and greet Mr. Champaklaal. Sure. I’ll go down and
write on the bulletin board you guys meet me
downstairs. We’ll go together. Okay?
– Yes. Let’s go. Let’s go.
– Yes. Happy new year. Wow! After a wonderful night
filled with fireworks enjoy this beautiful morning,
my beloved Gokuldham Society. Amazing. I’ll write a greeting
on the notice board. Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide! Happy new year
on behalf of the Sodhi family! Happy new year to you too! Happy new year, Mr. Bhide! Happy new year.. Stop it..
– Yes! – Stop it now or you will strain your back. Bhide, Punjabi folks wish
in this manner. He won’t strain his back.
This will strengthen your bond. Enough.. – It’ll strengthen
our bond. Yes..
– Happy new year.. What is this?
– What? It’s still 2019. You have written greetings
for the year 2076. Read it properly, Gogi. Vikram Savant.. It’s not Vikram Savant.
I have written ‘Vikram Samvat’. Oh! ‘Vikram Samvat’..
What does it mean? I’ll tell you. In India,
people from different regions celebrate the new year
on different days. Marathis celebrate new year
as ‘Gudi Padwa’ in the month of March. Mr. Aiyar celebrates ‘Puthandu’
in the month of April. Bengalis celebrate new year
in the month of April. Your mother celebrates Parsi
new year in the month of August which is called as ‘Navroz’. So, for Jethalaal and his family
the new year begins from the day
after Diwali. ‘Vikram Samvat’, 2076.
Did you get it? Yes, I got it. Before we belong
to any community we are the residents
of Gokuldham Society which is a mini India.
– Yes. That’s true. I agree.
– Yes, Bhide. We Punjabis celebrate
our new year, ‘Baisakhi’ in the month of April. But the unique thing
about Gokuldham Society is that everyone celebrates
all the festivals, together. Indeed, Sodhi. Come on, let’s go
and greet Mr. Champaklaal. Yes, let’s go.. Happy new year..
– Happy new year.. Happy new year.. I have special wishes
on behalf of my family. I hope your year is sweet like ‘Ras malai’, ‘Gulab Jamun’
and ‘Jalebi’. Happy new year to everyone!
– Happy new year.. Wow.. I hope your upcoming year
is spicy like ‘Samosa’ ‘Kachori’ and ‘Papri Chaat’! Happy new year! Happy new year..
– Happy new year.. Goli, are you wishing us or are you marketing
a snack shop? They are his special wishes. Gogi, wish Dr. Hathi
the same way you wished me. Yes, dear.
– What.. Come on, do it.
– How did you wish him, Gogi? I’ll show you.
Dr. Hathi! Happy new year.
– Hey.. – Hey.. Happy new year..
– Happy new year.. What was special about it?
– Yes. – Yes. He lifted me
and he swirled me around. That was Gogi’s special way
of wishing me. Did Gogi lift you?
– Yes, he did. What’s the matter, Gogi? Why didn’t you wish Dr. Hathi
in that manner? Mr. Bhide, you said I might strain
my back so I didn’t do it.
– I see. That was a clever retort.
– Witty boy.. You can take painkillers
if you strain your back. Dad, what can I do? I am talking
about medicines. Come on, Hans. Why are you talking about
medicines on new year? Yes! – If you guys are done
exchanging pleasantries shall we go to Mr. Jetha’s
house? – Yes, let’s go. Let’s greet Mr. Champaklaal.
– Yes.. Let’s go.. I hope we are always graced
with your blessings. Grandpa!
Grandpa, happy new year! Happy new year, Tapu.
Happy new year to you! Happy new year! I want to kiss you too. Grandpa, give me blessings
so that I study well and make you
and my parents proud. Dear, you always
have my blessings. Just study with sincerity
and dedication. You will surely
make your family proud. Thank you, Grandpa!
Thank you! Grandpa, hold on.
– What happened? Grandpa, look at this. I’ve arranged sweets
and dry fruits on a tray to greet the guests with.
– Okay, keep it here. Tapu, where is Jetha?
– I think, dad is getting ready. Is he still getting ready? That means he woke up late
even on first day of the year. Let him come.
– Dad, don’t worry, I’m here and I got ready long ago. I even went to your room,
but you were asleep so I decided
not to disturb you. When? Last night?
– No, this morning. What I mean to say
is that I was ready even before
you woke up this morning. Oh..
– Shut up, liar. Father, this kurta
and waistcoat.. You look awesome. By the way, Dad, this shirt
really suits you. You look smart.
– You look smarter, my dear. Lovely kurta!
– Thank you, Dad. After all, I am his grandson.
– Yes, that’s right. Dad, bless me. – Hey.. My dear,
touch dad’s feet first. I’ve already taken
grandpa’s blessings, Dad. Have you taken?
– Yes. Okay.
– Bless me. Yes..
– Happy new year, Dad! Happy new year..
– Happy new year.. On this day, I’ll give you
only one blessing. Dear, spend your life
in such a way that no one in the
whole of Gokuldham society complains about you. What!- What’s this, Dad?
– Jetha, stop it. Father, he didn’t touch
my feet properly. He just touched my knees.
– Oh. Dad, bless me. Yes! – Happy new year!
– This was correct.. Happy new year, dear.. Study well, become successful
and glorify the name of my father and our family in the society. On this note, have some sweets.
– Offer dad first. Yes..
– Yes. Here, Grandpa. Yes, give..
– Yes. Here.
– Oh.. You first.. Here. Father, it’s my turn
to greet you. Yes, come.. Sir, happy new year.. Jetha, what a lovely shirt
you’re wearing! It’s shining!
Wonderful! You made me happy!
– Thank you, Sodhi.. Tell me one thing. The shop
must be closed today, right? No. Today, I must make
at least one transaction. Mr. Jetha..
– Just a minute, Sodhi. Actually, I haven’t taken
dad’s blessings yet. I’ll be right back.
– Sir. Hathi, come.
– Happy new year! Go, Mr. Jetha. Take his blessings.
– Yes. What? You haven’t taken
your father’s blessings yet? No, I was about to greet him
when you arrived so I couldn’t.
– Happy new year! – See. Mr. Jetha, now just go
and take his blessings quickly. Yes. – Jethalaal, you haven’t
taken his blessings yet? No, Mr. Mehta. He’s been trying
to do it for a long time. Every time he makes a go for it
someone turn up. I see. – You should’ve
woken up early today, Jethalaal. See, Ms. Madhavi. He’s making fun of me
even on this day. Don’t do that.
– Go and take blessings. Go.. Sir.
– Oh, not again.. Happy new year..
– Happy new year.. Bless me so that I may get
married by next year. – Yes. Jethalaal. – Yes..
– Where are you going? I am here. – Okay.
– Happy new year. Happy new year, Popatlaal. Dad, please bless..
– Mr. Champaklaal! Happy new year.
– Oh, Ms. Babita! Please come. Jethalaal,
now greet your father. Jethalaal didn’t greet
from his father yet? No.
– Why? It’s a long story. Leave it. Why leave it? I didn’t get it. We came all the way to greet Mr. Champaklaal but despite living in the
same house, Jethalaal didn’t. Popatlaal today is an auspicious day. Keep calm. I will give you the details
later, okay? Keep calm for now. Sure, all right. Dad! Mr. Champaklaal..
– Abdul! Happy New year.. Happy New year.. Now, I’m going
to greet dad. Yes.. Is everyone here.
Anyone left? Check if anyone is yet to come. Check if anyone is coming. No, no one’s coming. Fine, go ahead. Dad, bless me. Two minute.. Yes.
– Okay. Jethalaal. He’s back.
– He’s back.. Dad, bless me.
– Yes. God bless you, Jetha. Done with it.. I pray to God that you
always be happy. May your business prosper and may all your wishes
come true. Thank you, Dad..
– Yes. The season of festivals brings with it
togetherness, love and warmth.
The joy is something else. It is said that blessings
of elders are powerful. When they are with you you can accomplish
any task. The residents of Gokuldham sought blessings from
the elderly Mr. Champaklaal and welcomed the
‘Vikram Samvat’ year 2076. and the important things is
that today is ‘Bhai Dooj’. From ‘Taarak Mehta Ka
Ooltah Chashmah’s’ team we wish you
a very happy ‘Bhai Dooj’. We hope you all have
a wonderful year ahead. Now we have to see,
what does the year 2076 bring to Gokuldham society. We shall see
what more fortunes the upcoming festivals
shower us with. Tomorrow,
Jethalaal will go to his shop. There will be new troubles
waiting for him there. In order to see what happens,
keep watching ‘Taarak Mehta Ka
Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep watching,
keep laughing.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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