Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2849 – Full Episode – 28th October, 2019

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2849 – Full Episode – 28th October, 2019

Hello, sir. I’m Mr. Aiyar. Hello, and I’m his wife. Okay.
– Sir, we are the owners of 102. We had reported regarding theft. We have caught the gang but we doubt
that either one of them must be your relative because in such case of robbery mostly a family member
helps the robbers. I didn’t understand.. Any related member? A member related
to us? Who can it be? Only you can tell us the same. Come with us and identify them. Come. Mr. Aiyar and Ms. Aiyar look carefully. This is the gang. Do you identify anyone? ‘Baga.’ ‘I have seen her somewhere’ ‘but I can’t remember.’ ‘I have seen him’ ‘but I can’t remember.’ Mr. Aiyar, we aren’t thieves. Oh, really? A soon as we landed
to Mumbai from Kerala I saw in the CCTV
application in my mobile. You all were inside my house and all of you claim
that you aren’t thieves! Baga, didn’t you see that they had a CCTV camera
in their house? Sir, we didn’t go there to rob then why should I check it? Hey, stop it! Even after getting
caught red-handed you are still continuing
with your drama. Inspector,
we all aren’t doing any drama. I’m not a thief. Just like you,
I’m also an Aiyar. Are you also an Aiyar?
– Yes! Oh my! Don’t you feel ashamed by robbing another
Aiyar’s house? You’re terrible. I will complain to the Aiyar
community about the same and they will outcast you. Jethalaal!
– Hey.. You have degraded my image in front of another Aiyar. I will never
forgive you for the same. I will make sure all of you
receive strict punishment. No, please don’t do this.. What do you think of us? Mister, please don’t do this. I’m a reputed
scientist of India. I’m not a thief. Yes, and not only him
none of us are thieves. Yes.. If you are talking about me then I have a shop
named Gada electronics below your flat. Yes.
– ‘Baga.’ Gada electronics? Yes, now I remember. I had seen him
in Gada electronics. The photos in my mobile
got deleted so I had gone
to Gada electronics. Yes, now I remember.. Your photos had got deleted and I recovered
the same for you. He’s my staff. He works in my shop. Yes. ‘Baga.’ – I’m the owner
of Gada electronics. Jethalaal Champaklaal Gada. Let me tell you
what happened. Actually,
inside your flat flooring your pipe had burst. Due to that, all of the water
was leaking in my shop. After that, in my shop.. ‘What’s happening in my shop?’ ‘Sir, leakage.’ ‘Leakage isn’t happening
in your shop.’ ‘It’s happening
in the flat upstairs.’ ‘Seeing the shop’s condition’ ‘we should enter
the flat upstairs’ ‘and get the repair done.’ Okay, that’s why I was thinking why were the thieves
digging inside the kitchen. Mister, if the broken pipe
will be under the flooring then we obviously
will have to dig it. After digging the floor I sealed the pipe
in such a manner that there will be no leakage
for the next 100 years. Hundred years?
– I’m just saying so. None of us are going to live
for so long. And Mr. Aiyar, Diwali
is approaching. There were goods
worth lakhs in my shop and the water was leaking
over them. Your phone
was not reachable either. The secretary refused
from giving us the key. So, out of helplessness,
we had to barge inside your flat without your permission
and get the leakage fixed. Right.
– Now, it’s all clear to me. I, too own a lungi shop
in S.P road. Is it?
– There was leakage over there and all our garments
were damaged. I understand your worries.
Whatever you did was out of helplessness.
– Right.. Exactly.. He’s a sensible man.
– Right.. Inspector, I take
my complaint back. Please release all of them. Hey.. Mr. Aiyar, come with me. Let’s complete the formalities.
Come. – Fine.. Take his signatures.
That’s right. Yes, Mr. Aiyar.
Your full name? My full name
is Ramakrishnan Aiyar. Tell me your address.
– 102, Gulmohar Apartment.. Mr. Aiyar, you may sign
over here. Kedar, open the lock-up.
– Hey.. – Come on, open it. Thank you.
Thank you, Mr. Aiyar. Thank you. Thank you. – Thank you..
– It’s all right. Misunderstandings do happen. Right. Jai Hind, sir! – Jai Hind.. Hey! – Mr.
Chalu.. Mr. Pandey.. Greetings.
– Greetings, Mr. Pandey.. What are they doing here?
– Sir, you know all of them? Yes. I know them very well.
They’re the residents of Gokuldham Society.
– Did you hear that? I told you, Mr. Chalu..
Mr. Pandey knows us. We told him several times
to call up Mr. Chalu.. To call you here
but he never agreed. – Hang on.. But why are they here? They’re the flat owners,
Mr. and Mrs. Aiyar. But what are they doing here?
– Right. Sir, they’re the same people
who were caught in their flat. Then, why are you
calling them, people? Don’t call them, people. Call them thieves.
Thieves! You should say,
they’re the same thieves who were caught red-handed. Yes, sir.
They’re the same thieves who were caught red-handed. Have you all started
a new business of robbing the houses?
– Hey, no.. Mr. Chalu.. Mr. Pandey,
we’re not the thieves who rob the houses. Okay.
So, you’re just the thieves. Hey.. Inspector, what are you
just listening? Why don’t you tell Mr. Chalu..
I mean, to Mr. Pandey what’s exactly the truth.
– Right. Sir, we caught them
thinking they’re the thieves. But they’re not actually
the thieves. You caught them assuming
they’re the thieves. But they’re not the thieves.
I’m not getting it. Mr. Chalu..
Mr. Pandey, let me explain. You know my shop,
Gada Electronics. So, it’s exactly below
Mr. and Mrs. Aiyar’s flat. Okay.
– Right and this morning there was a heavy leakage
from Mr. Aiyar’s flat into our shop. And Mr. Pandey, as you know there are electronic goods
worth lakhs in our Gada Electronics.
– Yes, of course. So, it was important to stop
the leakage at the earliest. Or else, Jethalaal would face
a heavy loss worth lakhs. Right. – Right.
– So, he called me to fix the leakage in the flat. Because I’m also a plumber. You’re also a plumber? So, what are you
apart from this? Well, I’m a poet, gentleman. I mean, I’m a poet first
and then, a plumber. Really?
– My name is Ghansu Ghayal. Ghayal is my pen-name.
– Well, Mr. Ghansu don’t start your poetry, now.
Tell him about the leakage. That’s why, they called me
to fix the leakage. But how could I fix the leakage?
They were not at home. They had been on a vacation
to Canada. Right and.. And Mr. Aiyar’s neighbour
is Mr. Thappi. We learnt from him
that their flat’s extra key is with the building’s
secretary. Right.
That’s why, this morning I, Mr. Jetha and the plumber
went to the secretary
to ask him for the key. We asked him to give us the key.
We will open the flat get the leakage fixed quickly
and return him the key. But he just didn’t agree. He didn’t agree to give us
the key. He said, without
the flat owner’s consent he can’t give us the key. He is right, Jethalaal. Without the flat owner’s
permission how can he give you the key? You are right, Mr. Pandey. But the situation was so
dangerous that hadn’t we fixed a major leakage as that,
there could have been a major accident.
– Right. So, we were forced to barge
into their house. Actually, we had gone there
to fix the leakage. But Mr. Aiyar thought that
thieves have barged into their house. So, he complained to the police
and they arrested us and brought us here. What are we supposed to do now?
– Mr. and Mrs. Aiyar have withdrawn their complaint, sir. Sir, you said you aren’t
coming today. And that you were going for
a movie with your wife. – Right. You’d gone for a movie,
Mr. Chalu.. Mr. Pandey?
– Yes. Which movie?
– I don’t know. Why is that?
You went for a movie and you don’t know
the name of the movie! Mr. Sodhi, I didn’t even
reach the theatre. I returned halfway.
– Why is that, sir? Why? Once an inspector
always an inspector. I couldn’t digest the fact that
the criminals were getting caught and I was going
for a movie. As soon as you informed me that
the thieves have been caught I was thinking
only about them. I thought that I should rush here and teach them a lesson that they will remember
all their lives. But these Gokuldham residents,
I am sure will never give me the pleasure
of solving the case. Don’t get disappointed,
Mr. Pandey. There is always a next time. You know how bad my luck is,
Mr. Chalu.. Mr. Pandey. Every day, I keep running
into troubles. Yes, Mr. Pandey. As long as Jethalaal is around,
you have the chance of solving the case.
– Right.. – Fine. I’ll wait for the golden moment. But make it soon please.
– What! Even we shall take your leave.
– Fine. Thank you.
– Thank you.. Sorry. – Thank you.
Thank you, Mr. Aiyar. Thank you. Inspector, will we get
our mobiles or should we buy new ones? Silly guy, ask him directly.
He’s a nice person. Even Mr. Chalu..
Mr. Pandey is here now. Right.. They catch innocent people. What’s this..
Our time is precious. You all here!
What’s the matter? You called us here saying
that the robbers’ gang has been caught. You’d caught innocent people. You wasted our time,
Inspector Pandey. I am really sorry for wasting your precious time. I am sorry.
I won’t repeat it. Here are Rs. 5,000.
All right? Thank you. This is all fine.
You had promised me about holding my poetry
recitation in your society. Yes, we’ll hold it.
We surely will. Here’s what we’ll do. This is Mr. Bhide, the secretary
of our society. He’s the one who decides
about the programmes held in our society. I’ll text his number to you.
Speak to him directly. All right? – Fine.
I’ll call you a few times in the day.
All right? I shall make a move. Thank you.
Thank you.. Let’s go.
– Hold on. Why did you speak about
giving my number to him? I haven’t given it to him. You better not give it.
– He’s a nice guy. He can prove to be useful
in the future. I’ll tell you what.
Team him up Mr. Mehta. They are in the same field. Mr. Mehta is into poetry writing
and recitation. So, they will get along well. Fine. You guys go home.
I’ll be right back. Where are you going?
– I’ve parked Sakharam near your shop.
I’ll go bring it. Right, Bhide.
Even my vehicle is parked over there.
Even I’ll come with you. Let’s go. – Why do you want
to bring it now? Take it in the morning. Let’s go home now.
Everyone must be worried. I’ll bring it quickly.
– Leave it, Bhide. Let’s go in the morning
and get it. Right.
– Fine. Before we leave, let me call up
Madhavi and inform her that we are coming. – Fine..
– Everyone must be worried. It’s my husband’s call! Answer it.
Answer it fast. Put it on speaker mode.
– Fine. Hello.
Where are you? Why has your phone been
switched off since a long time? Sorry, Madhavi.
I am very sorry. I am really sorry. Oh, no! He has never apologised
so many times. I am not going to spare him. Ask him where the others are.
– Yes. Tell me. Where are Mr. Jetha,
Mr. Aiyar, Mr. Sodhi, Mr. Hathi and Mr. Popat? They are all with me.
Don’t bombard me with questions. I am feeling dizzy. He’s feeling dizzy. I am sure he’s drunk. Why are you feeling dizzy?
What has happened to you? A-Are you all right? None of us are all right. What happened?
– Don’t ask me anything now. We’re coming home,
and then we’ll talk, okay? And yes, I won’t bring
the vehicle now. I parked it outside Jetha’s shop
and will bring it tomorrow. Ask him if he’s coming
in Roshan’s vehicle. – Yes. Will you come
in Mr. Sodhi’s vehicle? No, even Sodhi has parked
his vehicle there itself. Even he’ll bring it tomorrow. Okay..
– We’re coming now. Okay. Okay, listen.
– Yes. You all just come directly
to Mr. Jetha’s house, okay? We’re with Mr. Champaklaal
and are worried for you people. We’ll go home together
from here itself, okay? Okay.. She asked to go to your house.
I don’t know why. Let’s go. Let’s go..
– Let’s go.. They are feeling dizzy,
they’re out of their minds and they can’t drive. They definitely
went for party. I think they’re too drunk.
– You guys just don’t worry. We’ll teach them such a lesson
that they’ll never drink again. Yes.
– Right. Sir. Sir, the arrangement that you
asked for is done. Wow!
Great, Abdul.. We’ll teach them all
a proper lesson today. There’s no one here.
Father! Madhavi!
– Komal! There..
– Oh, okay.. Has everyone arrived?
– Yes, Father, we’ve come.. What happened, Madhavi?
Why have you called us here? Yes.
– They’ve come. – Yes. You idiots!
– Stop right there.. Beat them up..
– Don’t spare them.. Catch him..
– Don’t spare.. Will somebody tell us
what has happened? Why have you guys
suddenly attacked us? Yes.. Why are you asking me! You guys tell! Where did you guys go
for the party! Party and all? Party? – We didn’t go
for any party, Father. Yes, sir..
– Yes.. Happy told me everything
how you planned the party over a phone call.
– Yes! Yes. Happy, I won’t spare you! S-Sweetheart, I didn’t go
for any party and all. Even my friends didn’t. What’s going on? God knows whose face
I saw first in the morning! Mr. Jetha, you met me
in the morning. No..
I met you later, Ms. Babita. Before that, I met
father and Tapu. What!
– I-I mean.. It’s not..
Oh.. I mean, I met you but before that.. Yes, right. When I went to the balcony
to greet the sun then a crow flew by. So, I saw the crow first
in the morning. So, where are you guys
coming from right now? From police station.
– What! What! – Oh, my God!
– Police station? You guys don’t have any idea
how the day was for us today and what all happened. But we’ll get to know only if
somebody will tell, right? Yes.. I-I’ll tell you, Father..
This day was so.. Jetha, all this has happened
and you didn’t even call me. Sorry, Father, I couldn’t think
of calling you in the chaos of fixing
the leakage. Sorry, Roshan. No problem, sweetheart.
I felt good that you still chase me. Listen, we’re very sorry.
– Sorry, everyone. – Sorry. You suspected on me that
I have gone out to party! Sorry! I already have
apologised to you for that. But, Babita, even you too! Sorry, Aiyar! Come on, guys,
forget whatever happened. Return to your respective homes,
have food and go to sleep
peacefully. Okay.
– Okay. One more thing. I know that whatever
you guys did it was purely
out of compulsion. But the way you guys had
adopted was completely wrong. So take care in
future that either you or others don’t
face problems because of your doing. Yes, absolutely.
– Sorry, Komal. Sorry.
– Sorry. Roshan, sorry. Come on, go to your
respective homes now and go to bed.
– Dad, one moment. Let me thank my friends.
– Okay. They helped me a lot
the entire day today. Let me start from here. Mr. Abdul told me
that you all are here. Is there any issue?
Is any meeting going on? Hey, no.
Tapu, nothing of that sort. No meeting is going on here. Everyone have gathered
here casually. So, they are all
having a chit chat. Come on, go to your respective
homes and go to bed. But, Grandpa, please.. – Tapu,
dear, I already said, right? Go to your respective
homes and go to bed. Tapu, you, too,
go to bed now. Okay, Grandpa.
– Bye, baby, good night. Bye.
– Bye. – Good night. – Bye, Mom. Come on, guys, you, too,
go to your homes have dinner and go to bed. Diwali is round the corner. We have to
start preparations for Diwali from
tomorrow onwards. Right.
– Yes. Yes. When we tried
to resolve one problem we got into another. When we solved that,
another problem came up. This continued like a sequence. That has been our experience when we tried to fix the seepage
issue in Jethalaal’s shop. But there is one
thing I have to mention. Whenever Jethalaal
gets into some trouble you guys go on
a laughter riot. But this incident was
entirely different. Because we men of Gokuldham
had some good time away from our wives,
Mr. Champak, media, police. But in this entire episode, you
people went on a laughter riot. Because you people
enjoyed a lot and to celebrate
new year eat a lot of sweets. But be prepared to go
on laughter riots. Because, new funny
incidents will be coming up. To know what those
funny incidents are and how much you people
are going to enjoy them keep watching ‘Taarak
Mehta ka ooltah chashmah’. Keep watching, keep laughing.

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