Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2846 – Full Episode – 23rd October, 2019

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2846 – Full Episode – 23rd October, 2019

Yes, Sodhi, tell me.
– Mr. Jethalaal I have a good news.
– Is it? What is it? Listen to me carefully.
It’s been so long since we partied. So, I thought of partying today. Anyway, there isn’t much work
at the garage. I will make all the arrangements
at the garage. Hey! What are you doing? You’re listening
to my conversation? Go and get ‘Lassi’. Mr. Jethalaal, what do you think
about the plan? Shall I call everybody
and inform them? No, Sodhi.
I will not be able to come for party.
Sorry. Actually,
I am little stressed. – Stress? Despite having a friend
like me? I will destroy your stress. Tell me,
what’s the problem? This is a different
kind of stress. You will not be able to do
anything about it. Mr. Jethalaal,
that is a different issue. Tell me, what’s the problem?
– What do I say, Sodhi? Actually.. Okay, Mr. Jethalaal,
I’ll come in a minute. No, Sodhi, Bhide is coming.
He’ll talk to the secretary. We’ll get the keys.
Everything will be sorted. Mr. Jethalaal, if Bhide’s plan
does not work then my plan ‘B’ will work. What do you mean?
– Suppose if go with plan ‘A’ and the secretary
of that building does not give the keys
to Bhide then we will activate
plan ‘B’. And for that plan,
we will not need keys at all. The door will open
without a key. How?
– Very simple. A not to the wise
and a rod to the otherwise. I will kick once
and the door will fly open. Hey, no, Sodhi.
We don’t want to break things. That will be illegal. The flat owner
will press charges against us. Fine.
I will not break anything. But I can come to you. If in this difficult situation
I can’t do anything then at least I can give
you moral support. Okay, pal. I am coming. – Sodhi.. Sir, Mr. Bhide
is still not here. – I am here. Popatlaal? Actually, Bhide told me
about your problem so even I got really worried that is why I came along
with him. I thought, the more,
the merrier. – Okay. Second reason is,
I am a journalist. – Yes. And you know about
media’s power. Yes, it’s good that you came. Okay, Bhide. Come on,
speak to him. Speak to the secretary.
Come on. Yes, I will speak to him,
Jethalaal. Before that
can I see the leakage? Sure.
– Let’s go. If we inspect the shop we’ll find out..
– Of course, I’m not refusing. I’ll take you there.
Come on. What’s going on here?
Who are they? These are peoples
from the slum. Mr. Nattu, it’s not peoples,
it’s people. People is when there’s only one. But there are so many
of the,. That is why
I call them peoples. Mr. Bhide,
even if there are more.. Forget it.
Let him say whatever he wants to.
– What sort of English is that? Now what is the point
of teaching. He speaks whatever
he knows. But these people..
– They are just filling water. Leave them. The way when a water
pipeline bursts and people come from everywhere
to fill water the same way since
there’s a leakage in our shop so everybody has come from
different places to fill water. Hey, Popatlaal.
What are you doing? I am clicking a picture.
If this article gets printed in ‘Toofan Express’
then it will become a breaking news.
This is a very strong matter. Will the name on my shop
also be mentioned? Yes, I’ll have to mention that.
– Have you gone crazy? That will bring a bad name
to our shop. Then who will purchase
from us? You delete that. Yes. – Come on,
let’s go inside. I deleted it.
What are you looking at? Come in.
Bhide, look at this. Jethalaal, your shop is
actually in a bad condition. It’s flooding here. Diwali is around the corner.
I don’t understand how I’ll manage. This leakage should be
stopped as soon as possible. That is why
I called Bhide. So that Bhide can talk
to the secretary then he will listen to him
and hand over the keys so that we can have it fixed.
– Come on, let’s go up and convince him..
– Wait, Popatlaal. Hold on. We can’t go like this
to the secretary to talk. Why not? Jethalaal, he is a secretary.
He has a reputed position. We can’t just go
to him like that. But we come to you
whenever we want. – Yes. No. My case is different,
Popatlaal. I am very cooperative.
Everyone is not like me. Anyway, it’s noon. We should
call and take permission before going
to anyone’s house. What permission?
He’s such an idiot. There’s no need of permission.
Let’s just go. What do you mean? A secretary can’t be idiot,
no matter who he is. It’s a reputed position. No.. We have to call
and take permission. I don’t have his number. How..
Mr. Nattu! You keep going to give him
the cheque for maintenance! You should’ve taken his number.
You don’t have his number! Sir, why are you shouting?
Calm down, please. I have his number. T-Then give it Bhide,
come on. You call him.
– Okay, just give me. Tell me. Dial.. Nine, eight.. Jethalaal, put it on speaker.
I want to hear him. I’ll be able to judge
his attitude from the conversation, right? That’ll make it easier
to explain. Okay. Hello.
– Hello, sir. I am Jethalaal Gada
from Gada Electronics. Oh, the one with
birth number eight? Y-Yes.. How dare you call me? Sir, please don’t be angry.
Sir.. I-I agree that I went a little
over the top out of anger. B-But I regret that.
Forgive me, please. This is strange, because people
with number eight do not admit their faults
so easily. Okay, tell me.
What do you want? Yes. Actually, I have a friend
called Mr. Bhide. He wants to meet you. Why does he want to meet?
– I live in Gokuldham Society. Mr. Bhide is the secretary
of that society. If one secretary talks
to another secretary then maybe we can find
a solution for this problem. Listen, Mr. Jethalaal.
I won’t be able to meet now. Because I’ve already left
from home. Where are you going?
– A-Actually.. Actually, Mr. Jethalaal,
I am still a bachelor and Sage Ankeshwar has
brought a marriage proposal from a girl whose birth number
is six. I am going to meet that girl. And today’s date and the time
is auspicious for negotiating
marriage proposals. H-Hello.
Sir, this is Popatlaal. I am Jethalaal’s friend. I live in Gokuldham Society
and I am a journalist. Actually, even I am still
a bachelor. And my birth number is six.
– God! Can you please tell me
which girl I should meet to get married. I can’t tell anything to the
people with number six today. Why? Because if I tell anything to
anyone with number six today then they will never
get married. But if you still want to know..
– No.. I don’t want to talk,
you just talk to Jethalaal. Bhide..
Bhide, talk. Yes. Hello.
What’s his name? Babu Rao.
– Is he a Maharashtrian? No, he’s not a Maharashtrian.
Sorry, it’s Babu Kumar.. Oh, okay. Hello, Mr. Babu Kumar. I am Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide,
Secretary of Gokuldham Society. Actually, I want to talk to you. Whatever you want to say,
you can say it later. You just tell me
your date of birth first. It’s 17. Oh! That means, your
birth number is also eight? That’s a problem. Actually, I can’t help anyone
with birth number eight today. And yes, I told this
to Mr. Jethalaal. Even you’re number eight?
– Yes. W-Why did you have to
tell him that? You should’ve said
another number. I didn’t.. I didn’t know
that he has a problem with it. Mr. Babu Kumar, the matter
is very serious here. You have to help us. I am going to Dombivili. What?
Dombivli? Then you won’t return
before tonight. No.
Next morning. What? I am going so far,
so I won’t come back tonight. My uncle lives there.
His birth number is two. I’ll stay back with him.
– Oh, God! If you stay there,
then how will the leakage at Jethalaal’s shop stop? Listen. You’re a secretary
and even I am a secretary. That’s why I request you
that if you’ve not gone very far then please come back. Give us the key. We’ll fix
the leakage in front of you. Even you have number eight
and I can’t help you even if I want. And you called me
when I’ve already left. Mr. Babu Kumar, please
come back and give us the key. I promise you that we won’t
waste your time and we’ll fix it quickly. Even the plumber is ready.
– Yes.. Sir, there are three things. I can’t postpone my meeting
with the prospective bride. It concerns my marriage. Right. Secondly, I can’t give you
the keys without the permission
of the owner of the flat. Third and the most
important point. Both Mr. Jethalaal and you
are of birth number eight. Your work will not
be done, today. I will hang up.
I sympathise with you. But, I am helpless. I don’t need
your sympathy. And you are going
to meet the girl, right? It’s my curse to you that you will remain single all
your life, just like Popatlaal. What did you say? Why drag me into this? What have I done? Why did you say
that I will remain single? Did I say that? Why are you asking him? You just said
that he will remain single all his life
just like me. No.
I am sorry. I would never want
you to get married. What! I mean, I would always
want you to be single. What! What do you want to hear? That I get married
at the earliest. Yes.
You get married at the earliest. And you keep getting married. What!
What are you saying? Let it be.
He is upset. Sir.. The secretary did not agree. And you have already called
Ghansuk Ghayal. Sir, when he learns
that we haven’t got the keys and he will have to go back. He will be even more upset. Yes, sir. And Ghansuk getting upset is the
last thing we want right now. I will call up Ghansuk. I am sitting at the back
and you are riding. I am sitting at the back
and you are riding. Chilman,
don’t break the signal RTO is charging
a huge fine. Wow, Ghansuk. I an not saying
a couplet. I am warning you. Whose phone is ringing? Mr. Jethalaal is calling up! Yes.
Hello. Mr. Jethalaal, I am in a
rickshaw, not in an aeroplane. Have patience. I’ll be there in sometime. I have called up
to tell you the same. You need not come here. The problem is still
not solved. So you can go back. I will call you up
when I get the key. Then you can come here.
– What are you saying? The fair is Rs. 80 already and you are telling me
to go back. And you are wasting my time. I’m asking you to back so that
you don’t waste more time. You don’t understand. I have to participate in the poet’s gathering
in the evening. No.
You will be free before that. All right. If you insist,
I’ll go back. But who will pay the fair? You can add in the account.
I will pay the bill. All right.
But don’t be late. Because, I cannot
miss my program. I don’t care about
anything else. Just understand this. ‘What is he saying?’ Are you listening to me
or not? I am listening. I will
call you when I get the key. Be ready. You must leave immediately. Okay?
Don’t be late, okay? All right.
Fine. Hello.. Which marriage bureau? Hello.. The balance got over? It’s an incoming call. The battery got drained. Baga, where is the socket? Do you have the charger?
– Yes, I have it. I always carry it. Please come.
It’s this way. What should I do? What should I do
about the leakage? Mr. Jethalaal, I have an idea. Tell me, Sodhi. If you don’t mind,
I will meet the secretary. and request him
to give the keys. And if he refuses
to give the key I will punch him hard. He will give me the keys
of his house as well. No.. Sodhi.. You will beat up
the secretary? Yes, Bhide. I’ll have to,
if he doesn’t give the key. No. You won’t beat
the secretary up. Sorry, Bhide.
Why won’t I beat him up? I surely will. I will get angry on myself
if I don’t beat him up. I won’t spare myself. I will beat myself up. Let’s go.
– Sodhi, hold on. Sit down. Listen to me. We can beat him up
even if we want to. Why? He is single. He has gone to Dombivili
to meet a suit. He will come back
tomorrow morning. Friends let’s pray to God
that his alliance gets fixed. What! I can understand
his pain well. Forget about your marriage
and focus on my leakage. I mean, the leakage
in my shop. Jethalaal, leakage problems
are very complicated. Sir, I have an idea. I’m listening.
– Ask Mr. Aiyar. He’s a scientist. It’s possible that he might have
a modern scientific solution to stop the leakage in our shop. Mr. Nattu, he specialises
in building rockets. How is it related to a leakage? But there must be leakage
in the rocket as well. Call him once and ask. It is better to task
than not to. What?
– Sorry.. Since we are talking
about leakage so I had a slip of tongue. It is better to ask
than not to. Yes, sir.
Call him once. Yes, Mr. Jethalaal.
– Yes, ask him. You may find a solution. Ask..
– Yes, right. ‘Fafda’? Hello. May I please
speak to Mr. Aiyar? Sorry, Mr. Fafda.
He’s not at home. He’s stepped outside and left his phone here. Ms. Babita? Mr. Jethalaal, you?
– Yes, it’s me. Oh, hi! Actually, Aiyar has
gone outside for some work so he forgot his phone at home. Is this urgent? Yes, sort of but what
did you call me before? Mr. Fafda? That means,
Mr. Aiyar has saved my name as Mr. Fafda in his mobile? Yes.. Mr. Aiyar has become
very mischievous these days. Sorry, Mr. Jethalaal.
I apologise on his behalf. No, Ms. Babita.
You don’t have to apologise. I will call his office.
Thank you. No, he has taken
a leave from office and has gone out
for some work. Oh, so any idea
when will he return? No, I don’t know
but is there any problem? Did something happen? Yes, Ms. Babita.
It’s a huge problem. There’s a leakage
in my shop. Now, I don’t know
what to do so we thought
Mr. Aiyar is a scientist so maybe he would have
a lotion to stop the leakage. Not lotion, sir. Solution.
– Yes.. Sorry.. Not lotion. I’m talking about a solution by which the leakage
could be stopped. That’s why, I called to ask him. Okay. Mr. Jethalaal,
I’ll send him over as soon as he’s back,
okay? And don’t worry.
Everything will be all right. Thank you, Ms. Babita. Thank you.
– Okay, bye. Mr. Aiyar is not at home. Sir, I have an idea.
– Yes. Shall we go
and complain to the police? No, Baga.. It’s no use
going to the police. They will also work
according to the laws. They will say that
they can’t go inside in the owner’s absence. Instead, we will waste time. Friends, now there’s
just one way. – What? – What? Now, we will go upstairs
and kick the door.. Mr. Sodhi.. Sorry, Jethalaal.
I will sit and demonstrate. We should go up
and kick the door.. Hey!
– Oh! Sodhi, what are you doing? Not there, you will kick the TV. It will break.
It’s inside the box.. Do it here. I will fall back.
– Yes. This is fine.
Okay. We will go upstairs,
break the door by kicking it have the leakage repaired And then we will come down
and quietly sit here. Sodhi, what kind
of a solution is this? It’s illegal to barge
inside a house without the owner’s permission. It’s illegal if anyone
will get to know. We will go inside,
repair the leakage and quietly come outside. Sodhi, this is wrong.
We will land in trouble. There’s already enough of it. It’s literally pouring
inside the shop. What else is needed? He’s right. According to the situation,
I also think that he’s right. What are you saying?
Popatlaal, you are a journalist and you are
supporting illegal work! The situation is like this.. Bhide, now’s not the time to think about legal or illegal under the current situation. Looking at the situation
in the shop we should enter the flat above and get the work done. Yes, absolutely. I don’t think we should do it. What are you saying? We got an electric shock
due to the leakage. Me too. Yes, even Baga and Sodhi
got a shock. The flat owner is not there. The secretary is not
giving the keys. If something goes wrong,
who’ll take blame? – Yes. Fine. But what if someone
sees us entering? If someone sees,
then we will tell the truth. Yes.
– If we explain the situation that person will also understand that we aren’t doing
anything wrong. Being the secretary
of Gokuldham society I won’t support you
in this. All right. Then leave.
We will do it together. No, Sodhi.
You didn’t understand. I’m saying that I won’t
support you as a secretary but as Jethalaal’s neighbour
and friend I will always support him. Bhide!
That was amazing. Great. Give me a hug, pal!
There, Jethalaal. What are you doing, Bhide? Jethalaal,
I’m not doing anything. He’s operating me since then. Baga, go.. Go and get the locksmith. Jethalaal,
what’s the use of keys? The door will break
by a single kick. No, Sodhi.
If you kick the door open it will make sound
and due to that the neighbours will gather and we just have
to secretly go inside get the repairs done,
and leave quietly. Go, Baga.
Get the locksmith. But Jethalaal the locksmith also
won’t make the keys in the owner’s absence. But Mr. Bhide,
we don’t need a locksmith. What? Why? – Baga knows
how to open the locks. What? Not all sorts of locks. I can open a few types
of locks. So you must have seen the lock
which is upstairs, right? Will you be able to open that? Yes, sir.
I can open that lock. Wow.
– Let’s not waste time. Let’s take Baga upstairs
and stop the leakage. Yes, come. – Yes, let’s go..
– One minute, sir. First, call Ghansuk plumber and tell him to come here.
– Oh, yes. But sir he said that
if we enter the flat in the owner’s absence,
he won’t work. But he won’t get to know
that we entered illegally. When he arrives, we’ll
be inside the flat already. I will call him. Yes.
– Yes. Hello, Mr. Jethalaal.
– Hello, Ghansuk. Come. The arrangement is done
to enter the flat. How did it happen so fast? It just did. Just come!
Why are you asking questions? No, it’s very important to know because one can know
about the situation from it. Are you entering
the house forcefully? What? I mean, illegally
because I do the work fast not illegal. Not just you,
we also don’t do such things. The owner of the flat
happened to come by. After seeing the situation,
he himself advised us to get the work done
right away. So, come soon, all right?
– How can I come right away? You knew I have
a poets’ gathering to attend. So, it’s time
for the gathering and I’m leaving.
– Mister, my entire shop is destroyed
because of the leakage and you’re attending
a gathering to recite poetry? Are you coming here right away or shall I complain
to the police? Are you threatening me?
– Yes. Fine, I’m scared. I’m coming.
– Okay. – But sir you’ll have to listen
to my poetry. Fine, we will.
We will listen to all of them. Just come over.
– Fine, I’m coming. Hey, listen. Come straight
to flat number 102, all right? We’ll be waiting there.
– Fine. – Okay, see you. Jethalaal, is he a plumber
or a poet? He’s both of those.
– What! Abdul said he’s the best plumber
for leakage problems. That’s why, we have
to tolerate him. We’re helpless. He will irritate you guys, too.
But please tolerate him. Wow! Baga, go and open the lock.
Hurry up. Fine.
– But Jethalaal how is Baga going
to open the lock? Mr. Popatlaal, look at this. With this one. Can this open the lock?
– Yes, it can, sir. Wonderful. Then, go quickly
and open the lock. Go inside and give us a call.
Then, we will come to the flat secretly, one by one.
– Right. – Fine.. That’s a funny one! Yes, Baga, tell me.
– Sir, I have come to this flat number 102. All of you can come
one by one. Fine, I’m coming.
I’m coming.. Okay. Baga has reached.
Even I’ll go there. I’ll call you up
after reaching there. Come one by one, all right?
– Fine. Okay, Mr. Jethalaal.
– Mr. Nattu you don’t come. Stay here.
– Of course, sir. Not everyone is needed there. No, you’re needed. Hey, strange!
You just asked me not to come and stay right here. And the very next second,
you’re saying, I’m needed there. It’s very confusing. No, don’t be confused.
Let me explain. Listen. Once all of us reach there,
I’ll give you a call. You come there only then. You come there and lock the flat
from outside. So that the passers by
don’t get suspicious if someone has broken in.
Am I right? Okay, sir.
– Wow, Jethalaal. Your mind seems to work
like a professional thief. Do you have
any past experience? – What? What!
– No.. Nothing. What.. What did you just say?
– No.. Nothing.. What do you mean by experience?
You think I was a thief previously? No.. Nothing. Go quickly.
Baga is waiting for you. Fine, I’m going. Mr. Nattu, have you got
what you have to do? Yes, of course.
– Fine, I’m leaving. – Okay. Mr. Jethalaal, all the best.
– Thank you. All the best..
– Thank you. Fine. Jethalaal. – Yes.
– Be careful and for God’s sake don’t get caught.
– Hey! God forbid, if you’re caught,
you can call up Sodhi among us. Yes, Mr. Jethalaal.
You can call me up. Go! Fine.
– All the best. Yes.
– Nothing. Be seated. Friends, my friend, Jethalaal
is stuck with the leaking water and the electricity is flowing
inside the shop. Moreover, some weird friends. That’s why, Jethalaal
has lost his patience. Friends, when a person gets
into a trouble if there’s any kind of problem he is forced to think
whatever possible. The line between the right
and the wrong disappears. That’s what is happening
to Jethalaal. Breaking into someone’s house
without the owner’s permission is definitely wrong.
But nothing can be done. The leakage has to be repaired.
It remains to be seen whether the leakage is repaired. What more twists we can expect
in this story? I hope there won’t be
a new problem while getting
the leakage repaired. But friends, do remember this.
Whether the leakage is repaired or not
you won’t fall short of laughs. You’ll surely be in splits when you’ll watch, ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep watching, keep laughing.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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